4 Best Apps to Enhance your Music Experience

Even though you have an expensive headphone and a premium phone, you might feel like the music you listen on your phone isn’t that great and you wonder why ?  Well it is simply because your phone is not a Hi-Fi device.  Little disappointing yes but the good news is that there are some apps for this ! Here are the top 5 best apps to give your music that extra boost you want.  Not only in terms of bass, you will be able to fully customize your preferences.  Why not 5 suggestions ?  There is simply not 5 apps worthy for this post, we give you the best, nothing less.




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To instantly boost your iTunes library content, push on absolute 3D, then adjust the sound the the EQ.  Very interesting mix, the Absolute 3D offers a new variable to sound modifying apps.  The free version offers a lot of functionalities.  You are not limit in a number of days to use the free version.  If you find your perfect sound in the free version, use it ! Or if the free version got you interested but want a little more, buy the full version.

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This one is by far my favorite.  It has it all, it is a player (and a good one, not a sketchy one), sound booster (preamp setting), bass/treble customization, sound customization from 31 to 16k.  If all of that doesn’t get you the sound you want, well activate the stereoX feature and make it even more powerful.  You can save presets so you can customize sound for your headphones, home speakers and car speakers.  This app will not disappoint you totally worth 3.99$.  This app is only available on android


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This one is easy yet will give you powerful results.  It can modify the music to make it sound like if you were in a live venue, simulate a surround system, lots of presets (rock, jazz…) and yes, an EQ ! Simply set it to your preferences and enjoy it !


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One of the best app to enhance your music experience, ONKYO HF Player is the perfect app for fine music tuning. This app gives you an excellent high-precision equalizer, and the upsampler and crossfader will make it even more precise.

The equalizer is particularly impressive. I was really surprise that it gives a range from 32 to 32 000 hertz to modify.   You can make your own preset or select ones that was already optimized by professionals.  Simple to build your EQ, simply drag your finger up or down on each Hz sections to customize your sound and be sure to save the preset afterward.


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