5 Best Apps Like Uber

Nowadays, taxi aren’t the only way to get mobility without a car and Uber is a very well known affordable alternative to taxi.  But did you know that Uber aren’t the only one that offers you an alternative to taxi.  And if Uber isn’t offer in your city, well you might find an answer here.  There is a lot of services available out there, especially local service for a particular region.  We will filter those out and provide you with apps that are available by countries.


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Location: USA

Lyft gives you a ride at 2$USD per miles.  You can book up 2 weeks in advance and get where you want.  A little bit like Uber, drivers use their own car and decide their schedule.  Not sure which car is your ride once at the said location ?  Lyft users have a logo on their car to identify them.

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Didi Chuxing

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Location: China.  Soon in Brazil

Looking to expend out of China, Didi chuxing is one serious competitor to Uber.  Currently only available in Chinese, an English version is set to be out soon.  Uber and Didi Chuxing was previously in war over the Chinese territory and with surprise, Didi Chuxing won the war forcing Uber out of China.  The main reason is that Didi Chuxing was there first and already famous before Uber.  If you are in China, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Easy Taxi

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Locations: 30 countries including: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and much more.  Total of 420 different cities

Concentrated mainly in North and South America, Easy Taxi locates your address using your GPS.  They put customer service in front and really care about your opinion and experience you had with your driver.  All their drivers are trained by them.  You can pay directly from the app.

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Ola Cabs

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Location: India

They have more than 300 000 drivers ready to travel across 100+ cities in India.  And they still don’t stop expending !  You won’t have to wait long before they arrive to you as they focus on having a quick service.  They are not only a ”taxi” business, you can also rent cars with them.

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Locations: UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, India, Mexico and more

This app offers car pooling service meaning that anyone can subscribe and become a driver for BlaBlaCar.  You are going out ? why not fill your car and split the price !  It is known to be a community-minded business, making the perfect balance between a good price for the ones that takes the ride and profits for the driver.

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