5 Digital Task Board Apps Like Trello

Keeping your stuff organized is always harder than it seems. Whether you’re trying to keep your personal grocery lists in order or even if you’re managing a team of 20 employees and need to keep track of what they’re up to, apps like Trello can make it easier to accomplish. Simple and easy to use kanban board tools allow you to keep track of notes, lists and tasks that you have to complete all in one simple area. Trello is a digital task board app that makes this possible, but there are a ton of Trello competitors and you may actually prefer using one of the alternatives to Trello that we found. Take a look at our list right now and we guarantee that you will find a project management app that you absolutely love!


apps like basecamp

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Basecamp is one of the most complete project management apps on the market. It’s available for most platforms including Android and iOS. You can quickly set up a team of members who can all share access to the same messaging system, share files, read notes, explore tasks and much more. One of the great things about the Basecamp app is that you can access all of the information and files from mobile phones, tablets or even on your computer. Check it out now to see why Basecamp is considered one of the best apps like Trello!

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apps like asana

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One of the awesome things about Asana is their calendar feature, which allows all of the uploaded tasks to easily be integrated into the calendar. This allows you to get notified when tasks are due within a few days and you can also keep track of a full team of employees with great simplicity. As one of the top Trello competitors, it has a great user interface that is very simple to use. Asana is free to use, so give it a test try right now.

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Probably the most popular and well-known project management app online, Slack is very huge and used by millions of monthly users. They excel with one of the most organized and easy to use messaging platforms. You can quickly share documents or files of all genres, you can pin messages or files to the sidebar and you can invite as many team members as you like into any conversation. You can also use Slack to have private messages with other users of your choice, making it one of the best alternatives to Trello available for Android and iOS.

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meistertask app

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MeisterTask is only available on the Apple App Store, but it certainly deserves to be mentioned in this list. It features a free kanban board tool that allows you to easily add sticky notes, spread out tasks and share files or documents with others. The best thing about MeisterTask is certainly the way that it looks and feels. It doesn’t get any more intuitive than this, so check it out and you’re sure to fall in love with this project management tool.

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evernote app

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If you’re a fan of taking notes, you’re going to love using Evernote. This app is extremely simple to use and best of all, the notes synchronize on your computer and tablet as well. You can write by hand, type, upload images, files, videos and so much more. Evernote make it easy for you to organize many different notes and you can also set up shared notes to share them with other project collaborators. Make sure to also browse our list of apps like Evernote.

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