6 Best Home Buying Apps Like Zillow

The Zillow app is one of the best real estate apps available for mobile phones. Not only does this home buyers app let you find nearby houses for sale and for rent while also being able to list your own properties for sale, but you can even get precise property valuations. This makes apps like Zillow precious tools for all home buyers, whether you’re purchasing your very first starter home or even if you’re a seasoned housed flipper.

Apartment for rent apps and realty apps like Zillow can come in extremely handy. They let you find the best deals and they ensure that you never overspend on a property. While the official Zillow app has a ton of listings for your to browse and provides highly accurate house valuations, there are a ton of Zillow alternatives worth browsing as well. We have put together a solid list of apps like Zillow that can provide you with similar, if not better results. These are also sites like Zillow, so you can either choose to use them from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Start exploring our list of best home buying apps right now to find a Zillow alternative that is free, simple to use and very precise with their information. If you’re not totally satisfied with our list of the best real estate apps, we encourage you to leave a comment below. Nonetheless, we have personally tested each one of these platforms and vouch for all of them. Find the home of your dreams or sell your own home today!


redfin app

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The Redfin app is one of the best real estate apps like Zillow available for Android and iOS devices. Their platform allows you to place your properties for sale for a slim 1.5% listing fee. This amazing discount fee still provides you with all of the excellent perks that you would expect from a premium realtor listing. One of the interesting facts about Redfin is that roughly 74.8% of homes listed on their platform sell within 90 days or less. On the flip side, if you’re looking to buy a home, Redfin agents are always available to help locate the best home for your needs. The Redfin app also allows you to find highly accurate home valuations, making it one of the best home buying apps available for mobile devices.

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homesnap app

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Homesnap is another one of the top rated real estate apps that is also a huge Zillow alternative. As one of the best places to buy and sell homes online, you will quickly be able to find tons of properties or locate multiple interested buyers in your local area. The Homesnap app features over 90 million homes across North America, making it one of the most complete home buying apps on the market. One of the best things about this app, which is better than Zillow, is that you can enjoy a premium user interface that provides you with crucial home details all wrapped into a stunning GUI. Download the Homesnap app for free now to see why it’s among the best real estate apps on the market.

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xome app

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Another one of the great alternatives to Zillow app is the Xome app. Not only is this platform available on mobile devices, but you can also access their website for complete online information. Xome is a quick and simple search engine allowing you to find information about houses for sale, for rent or even up for auction. You can also place your own property for sale on the Xome app in order to reach millions of monthly potential buyers. One of the really impressive features for home buyers is that this real estate app allows you to place bids on houses that are up for auction without having to leave the comfort of your home. Install the Xome real estate app on your phone or tablet right now for free!

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trulia app

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Trulia is another one of the great apps similar to Zillow that brings you a wonderful experience combining a visually stunning user interface powered by a state-of-the-art backend. More than just a simple home buying app, Trulia lets you explore the neighbourhood by discovering local schools, crime rates, activities and more. They bring you a premium interface with millions of active listings all available for free on Android or iOS devices. What to find out how much your home is worth before listing it on the Trulia app? Not a problem – they also have a free to use home valuation tool that allows you to quickly determine the potential dollar amount that you can make by selling your home on their platform. Explore Trulia today for a truly amazing option when searching for sites like Zillow.

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realtor.com app

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When searching for better than Zillow apps on the internet, nothing seems to come as close as the official Realtor.com app. This environment is one of the oldest and best real estate apps that allows you to browse through one of the most impressive databases of homes for sale in North America. One of the best things about Realtor.com is that you can actually see properties that recently sold, allowing you to easily compare selling prices, features and see how much a house in a specific area is actually worth. Get a home value estimate, explore mortgage loan options, find interested buyers or browse through millions of home listings. Realtor.com is definitely among the top rated Zillow alternatives online and available on Android & iOS devices.

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loopnet app

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Last but not least is the LoopNet platform, which allows you to quickly find commercial properties for sale. Whether you want to open a bakery or even if you want to sell your factory, LoopNet is the number one place to visit. As one of the best home buying apps like Zillow for commercial properties, LoopNet reaches over 5 million monthly visitors and they have an average of 800,000+ active listings at all times. LoopNet can provide you with additional resources such as helping you find a broker in your area, advertise your listing on their platform or even locate the ideal commercial property for your needs. If you’re buying or selling commercial properties, you won’t want to miss out on the LoopNet app.

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