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Best 10+ Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV: Songs & Stories

Baby Shark TV: Songs & Stories

Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

Watch over 4000 high quality Baby Shark and Pinkfong videos, songs and other animated content for kids without ads. Why should I download and subscribe to the Baby Shark TV app? HIGH QUALITY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT – The app provides educational videos suitable for children – carefully created by our team of children’s education experts. – Discover our different learning topics, including ABC, Math (numbers), animal words, healthy habits and more. Our videos encourage children to have fun learning new topics. – New content is updated weekly. Sing and play with Baby Shark – You can watch all the different versions of Baby Shark videos without ads or wi-fi. – Sing and dance along with the fun versions of Baby Shark and other songs. – Discover our other friends too, including Peppa the pig, wonder balls and more 3 ….
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Little Panda: Shark Family

    In a crisis-ridden sea world, animals may get into trouble at any time! The cute shark family is always ready to help the animals. Come join them now! Meet the Shark Family All family members have their own experiences: Grandma shark is good at cooking, Grandpa shark

  2. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  3. Baby Shark: Wash Your Hands

    Washing your hands is so much fun with Baby Shark! Watch videos, play with Baby Shark and learn the importance of good personal hygiene! Follow Baby Shark and learn how to properly wash your hands and brush your teeth. Remember to keep it clean and sterile

  4. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  5. Baby Shark Run Away

    Most Viewed Video on YouTube: Baby Sharks🏆 The story of Baby Shark’s new adventure “Baby Shark Runaway!” A mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends. Be the main character in an exciting story with friends from everyone around the world. ==================================== == The wonderful and

  6. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  7. Baby Shark World for Kids

    Baby Shark World for Kids welcomes all kids into a creative world of characters, videos, games and activities. The app is safe and ad-free, covers popular Pinkfong Baby Shark videos and games, all for kids. Play and learn with kids’ favorite characters, including Baby Shark, Pinkfong, dinosaurs

  8. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  9. Sea Invaders – Shoot ‘Em Up

    Fan of classic arcade game ups? Join thousands of shark games fans and respond with attacking force to underwater swamp attack! Hungry Shark Invader Shooter is a Galaga style space invaders shooter game where you have to fight against hordes of shark enemies. How many

  10. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  11. Baby Shark Pizza Game

    Ding dong! We have a request! You are the master chef of Baby Shark’s Fin-tastic restaurant! Make your own colorful pizza and decorate it with cute and delicious toppings like gingerbread, egg, marshmallow and cheesecake, safely deliver the pizza to Shark Family fish

  12. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  13. Hungry Shark World

    The official game of Shark Week! *** The Sharks are back in the bigger and more dangerous sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution! *** Control a shark in a feeding frenzy and eat your way across many oceans feeding on everything from bite-sized fish and birds to delicious whales and

  14. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  15. Hungry Shark Evolution

    We are the official game of Shark Week – live every week like it’s Shark Week! Control a super hungry shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way! Explore a beautiful underwater world and develop famous

  16. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  17. Chic Babysitter Care Kids Game

    Take care of the baby in our game Chic Babysitter Nursery Care Have fun with the adorable baby while caring for the baby. It will fulfill all the basic needs of the baby in the baby nursery and make the baby happy. Feed the baby after buying

  18. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  19. Baby Shark Car Town

    Welcome to Baby Shark Car Town! Meet all your favorite cars, including school bus, police car, helicopter, ambulance, firetruck and many more! The app includes videos about cars, racing games, coloring and other educational activities. Fun Key Features: 1. Watch 18 different cars videos! – Discover

  20. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  21. Baby Shark ABC Phonics

    Learn the alphabet and vocabulary with cute animals! ‘Baby Shark ABC Phonics’ is an educational app for preschoolers featuring exciting nursery rhymes, easy writing activities and interactive alphabet games. You can also take pictures with cute frames and stickers! Develop your skills in reading, writing, speaking and

  22. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  23. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

    The new OCEARCH Shark Tracker lets you explore the migrations of sharks and other marine animals that have been marked with the latest satellite tracking technology. OCEARCH is on a mission to ensure the abundance of the oceans for future generations and you are invited to learn alongside our science

  24. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  25. PatPat – Kids & Baby Clothing

    Are you looking for the perfect clothes for your child? PatPat’s mission is to provide the most beautiful and stylish baby and baby clothes for working moms. From baby clothes shopping to baby clothes online shopping, you can really find trendy and beautiful baby clothes online. No matter if it’s

  26. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  27. The Baby in Dark Yellow House

    This is the time to avoid a child’s nightmare adventure. In this yellow kids game you act as a little helper of the kid but this is not an ordinary horror game or scary game like other traditional horror survival games or other kids simulator games in

  28. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  29. Baby care game & Dress up

    Chic baby 2 is a fun baby care and dress up game – help take care of our babies! Many fun activities with the adorable babies: Bathing – Wash the baby with some soap and shampoo and gently wipe it with a towel, and have some fun

  30. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  31. Baby Doctor – Hospital Game

    Welcome to Baby Doctor – Hospital Game My baby is crying for a long time, not feeling well? Let’s check her with a thermometer, oh no… She has a fever and also difficulty breathing because of the cold, so I have to call the hospital now and get

  32. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  33. Kids Nursery Rhymes – Baby TV

    Very convenient nursery rhyme app with offline play mode for kids! This is a professional baby nursery rhymes app, which is easy to operate and contains many videos of baby nursery rhymes. Your child can enjoy the popular videos of nursery rhymes and children’s music and

  34. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  35. Baby Puzzle Game

    💡 Baby Puzzles for 2-3 year olds! Are you looking for a kids puzzle or educational game for a 3-year-old? Do you like wooden puzzles? Welcome to the free Baby Puzzles game for 2-3 year olds Baby Puzzles – Learn and have fun with this free offline Wooden

  36. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  37. Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone

    Entertain your child for hours with “Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words”, a fun, simple, colorful and free educational phone game designed for kids and toddlers! Learning is fun with kids games, and there are plenty of mini games and educational activities here to keep

  38. Best 10 Alternative Apps Like Baby Shark TV Songs 038 Stories

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  39. Dinosaur Aquarium: kids games

    The animals have escaped from the aquarium! Dinosaur Aqua Adventure combines fun tasks with educational concepts, making rich knowledge of natural sciences and biology accessible and sharing. Undersea adventure! Become a baby turtle, shark, jellyfish and penguin. Explore the world of marine life from the perspective

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  41. Baby Piano and Sounds for Kids

    Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs and develop musical skills. It is a great educational activity for kids piano for kids to help them with their music

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  43. Baby Hazel Eye Care

    Play Baby Hazel Eye Care game for free, help Hazel take her eyes, Baby Hazel has itchy and painful eyes! Be with Hazel in her hour of need. Help the little princess follow the doctor’s advice and use the prescribed antibiotic eye drops. Take good care of

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  45. Baby Animals Pet Vet Care

    Pet vet vet care for pets vet clinic for baby care, cute pets and daycare nursery. Gentle puppies need health and fitness. Pet Fluffy Chic is an educational and fun treat game perfect for cute and adorable baby animals. A puppy, a fluffy rabbit and a

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  47. Baby Panda World

    Baby Panda’s World is a collection of all the popular BabyBus apps! All your favorite content can be found here! Can’t wait to explore a world of your own? Let’s create your own story! EXPLORE 100 AREAS There are 100 fun zones in Baby Panda’s World!

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  49. Baby Panda’s Home Stories

    Welcome to baby panda’s home. Here, you will work with Baby Panda to help each family member and create a harmonious family environment. Prepare breakfast for dad, make cake for mom, clean the aquarium… Create beautiful home stories together! In Baby Panda’s House, you can play freely

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  51. Baby Panda’s Summer: Café

    Have you ever dreamed of being a cafe host? Have you ever wanted to be a chef and prepare coffee, flower tea, delicious ice cream, delicious cake and more by yourself? Bring your imagination to life with delicious coffee at Baby Panda’s Café! Baby Panda’s Café will

  52. Screen image

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  53. Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Town! Here, you can experience the life of your dreams with fun city buildings, delicious food, fun games, friendly neighbors and friends… My Dream 8 has provided you with different jobs: flight attendant, chef, teacher, archaeologist, astronaut, policeman, firefighter and doctor. My dears,

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  55. Baby Panda’s Airport

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Baby Panda’s Airport! MiuMiu and her friends are going on vacation and you can join them! Traveling is fun and exciting in Baby Panda’s Airport! Come join us for a great flying fun! Everything Airplane: You love airplanes, and

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  57. Baby Panda’s Ice Cream Shop

    Summer is the most popular and hottest season. Kids really love the ice cream, lollipops, smoothies…in the summer – especially at the beach. Baby Panda’s Ice Cream Shop is now open in a beautiful seaside resort. Spend the summer at the beach with baby panda Miumiu

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  59. Bimi Boo Baby Games for Kids

    Baby Poo Kids Games includes 15 educational games for 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds with 4 free games for preschoolers! Kids games provide a fun educational and entertaining experience for boys and girls. Games for kids that are easy to play and learn. Young

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  61. Baby Rattle – Giggles & Lullaby Sounds for infants

    Make your child laugh with joy! Let your baby play with cute and interactive rattle toys, just select the rattle character your little one or girl likes and shake the phone for delightful sounds, tap on it for more animations and effects! ►

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  63. Pinkfong Shapes & Colors

    Learn about different colors, shapes, and sizes with baby’s best friend, Pinkfong Baby Shark! Watching educational videos and playing games will help your kids learn colors, shapes and sizes in a fun way! An interactive app featuring fun activities and videos for toddlers and preschoolers. Learn how

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  65. Baby Hazel Musical Classes

    Enjoy playing different types of musical instruments together with Baby Hazel! Kids can choose any instrument of their choice and have fun playing it. Also, put your brain to work and solve interesting music puzzles and quizzes to earn rewards. Come with Baby Hazel to her music

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  67. Baby Coloring Games

    ⛱️ Baby Coloring Games is fun educational games for kids, Toddlers love fun educational and coloring games and this Baby Coloring game is one of the best free coloring games for kids! This is a free coloring game 🦄 that will develop your child’s creativity, imagination and drawing skills.

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  69. Amy Care – My Leopard Baby

    Welcome to Amy’s home! Cute jungle baby needs your love, care and attention! Raise your new tiger friend from a cute little girl to a beautiful girl – feed her, bathe her, dress her up and take care of her! Take care of your little

  70. Screen image

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  71. Pregnant Mommy Birth Triplets

    Mother gives birth to three stylish babies Game Maternity care for girls. Mom and Dads are excited about the arrival of their newborn triplets. Pregnancy with triplets is not easy so carefully check ultrasound, blood pressure, oxygen mask, temperature and drink of the expectant mother in the hospital

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  73. Baby Panda’s Car World

    In baby panda’s car world, you can drive bus and navigate through city streets, operate trucks to build a city, drive farming vehicles, or even drive a police car and keep the city safe, are you ready? Let’s move to Baby Panda’s world of cars! Car customization In

  74. Screen image

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  75. Baby Manor: Home Design Dreams

    🍼👼 Welcome to Baby Manor! Baby Manor is an exciting free offline game that is perfect for all parents or lovers of home and garden design! Help apprentice Bobby renovate and design an old mansion to get his stepfather’s approval! A brand new manor transformation story

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  77. Baby Panda’s Carnival

    Baby Panda’s Theme Park has reopened! There are many interesting attractions in the amusement park. Join baby pandas Kiki and Miumiu in the amusement park and have a nice day! Gravity experience What would you like to try? In addition to the classic whack-a-mole and claw machine,

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  79. Super JoJo: Baby Care

    My mom and dad were working hard. Can you help them take care of JoJo’s baby? By doing this, you will learn how to take care of others and be a responsible kid! In the morning, baby Jojo gets up. Please come and play with him!

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  81. Mozart for Babies Brain Development Lullabies

    Lullabies Baby Mozart app is a free offline app that helps your baby fall asleep faster. The application contains the most famous and popular Mozart’s lullabies collection: Why download the free Baby Lullabies Sleep Music app: – High quality sound – The application can be played offline

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  83. Baby Panda Care

    Do you want to know how to take care of a child? Try baby panda care to learn! Take care of babies in different stages (swaddling – crawling – learning to walk) and help them grow up healthy. Feeding children What types of baby food are available?

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  85. Baby Panda Home Safety

    Home is a special place. It is a place for exploration and adventure and also the most common place for young children to be hit. We never know when an injury will occur. But most infections are predictable and preventable. Worried that your child will touch

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  87. Baby Einstein

    Cultivate your child’s curiosity and unleash discovery – all Baby Einstein Classics videos are available on the Baby Einstein app. Go on adventures with friendly characters, discover numbers and letters, and develop your appreciation for classic lullabies and nursery rhymes.
    Category : #Baby #Einstein

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  89. Toddler Puzzles for Girls

    “Cute Animals Puzzles for Kids” is an educational game for girls and boys from 2 years old and for children aged 3-5 years. It is a simple puzzle game for little girls who are expected to assemble cute little animal puzzle pieces and pop. Balloons, all accompanied by

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  91. Twins Baby Care – Newborn Feeding and Dress up

    This game is perfect to play now, you can just enjoy using this app. Your free time is very important and you will love to surprise us and you will enjoy our surprise especially if you love kids. If you have younger siblings,

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  93. Little Panda’s Jewel Adventure

    Hey kids, welcome to this new and challenging adventure of your summer vacation! In this jewel adventure you will need your courage and brains! Baby Panda’s Jewel Adventure is a ‘gem hunt’ puzzle game that helps you train your logical thinking. From triangles, squares, trapezoids… Select the

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  95. Baby Panda’s Party Fun

    Panda Party is coming soon! Help Kiki prepare and host various parties! Come join the baby panda theme party! Kids play as the party host, and take part in the festivities! Go shopping for party decorations, food and drinks, and get ready for fun activities! BEACH PARTY

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  97. Miga Baby: Music For Toddlers

    The new MIGA Baby series, designed exclusively for children aged 1-4 years, MIGA Music Games helps children understand and gain knowledge about sounds in a step-by-step way MIGA Music Games helps children understand and gain knowledge about sounds step by step, enhancing their ability to focus, and enables them

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  99. 핑크퐁 TV : 아기상어 동요동화

    Solve all children’s favorite songs and cartoons in one game! You can meet all the different characters like Pinkfong, Baby Shark, Wonder Star Hogi, Bebepin, Kongsooni and Octonut! Have fun and learn while watching different nursery rhymes and fairy tales, find the same time. It provides

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  101. Awesome Golf Simulator

    ****Supported Launch Screens**** – Garmin Approach R10.Golf is really cool! Using one of the supported launch screens, Awesome Golf takes shot tracking and golfing to a cool new level. Step on a tee to play unique golf courses, swim in shark-infested pools, face the closest pin and long drive

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  103. Pinkfong Tracing World

    Learn how to write the alphabet, numbers and shapes with Pinkfong! Follow it up with cute illustrations that kids love, including jellybeans, a spaceship, and cake! The app includes a step-by-step learning process about tracking using fun games and videos! Kids master the alphabet, numbers, shapes and patterns

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  105. Super Simple

    Super simple songs make learning fun and simple for preschoolers! Used in homes and classrooms all over the world, our educational songs and shows are among the most trusted and loved songs and shows on the internet. This app features our library of songs and series, as well as exclusive

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  107. Pinkfong Super Phonics

    Learn your own alphabet and phonics with Pinkfong Super Phonics! Pinkfong Super Phonics – a sequel to “Baby Shark ABC Phonics” – is an educational application that helps children develop English reading and writing skills. Learn how to connect the alphabet and create and pronounce

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  109. Baby Learning Toddler Games

    Your child is old enough and you want your toddler to learn basic math like 1,2,3, basic ABC, name colors and identify shapes for kindergarten. You are using the right child learning app that you can use for the early education of your child 2 3 4 5 years

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  111. Baby Panda: Dental Care

    Is being a dentist your dream job? Then you should not miss this game! Come play in Baby Panda’s Dental Salon! Try a dentist job, run a dental salon to clean and take care of little animals’ teeth! Be an excellent dentist! Content: Teeth Cleaning

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  113. Baby’s First App

    Baby’s First is the first mobile app of its kind designed specifically for children aged 5 years and under. This new kids app offers exciting, engaging and interactive educational games that help keep your child interested every step of the way! Besides language development, our educational games are designed

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  115. Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon 3

    Play the best girl salon games and be the best beauty stylist in the world! Stylize hair, do nails and have the best spa day with your best friends! Run your own hair salon and help the girls look perfect! Do star nail art for

  116. Screen image

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  117. Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop

    Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop is open this hot summer! What kind of refreshing desserts are available here? How are these sweets made? Let’s check that fruit smoothie what do you prefer, blueberry smoothie, mango smoothie or strawberry smoothie? You can also mix and match. Simply

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  119. Kpopsies – Hatch Baby Unicorns

    Collect virtual pets Hatch colorful eggs and collect each cute baby unicorn pet. Combine them to get new surprise eggs, take care of him, feed him and fill the house with cute little horses! Feed a bottle to help your cute pet grow, bathe, feed, play and

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  121. Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2

    Play the best summer vacation games for girls and boys! Spend the summer at the beach by the ocean with Sweet Baby Girl and her friends. Here every day a beach party! From animal care and ocean cleaning to cooking and beauty parlor, these girls

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  123. Baby Panda’s Town: Life

    Hello! Here’s the good news: Baby Panda’s Town has taken a new look! Come and visit the new city. Play 6 different roles and test different professions! Do you want to be a fashion designer? Come into town and make your dreams come true!

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  125. Baby Panda’s Juice Shop

    Looking for some fresh juice to quench your thirst during the long, hot summer days? Come to Baby Panda’s juice shop to enjoy the fun juice. The delicious and cold fruit juice will make you feel happy and refreshed during the summer season! Endless Fruits Choose from

  126. Screen image

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  127. Baby Panda’s Town: Supermarket

    From now on, you are the supermarket manager in Baby Panda’s Town! You can run your own supermarket, sell all kinds of products, serve customers and upgrade the supermarket! Selling 36 kinds of products A busy day has begun! Let’s start by replenishing the stock: snacks, fruits,

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  129. Little Panda’s Restaurant

    Chocolate crunchy cookies have attracted many diners to Baby Panda’s Restaurant. One bite they will never forget! Do you want to be a world class chef? Start here! Be creative and cook the most delicious desserts and dishes that you don’t usually see every day! International

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  131. Big Baby – horror game

    ■ Playing time: Depends on the person. Warning This game is available in both Japanese and English. Please note that if the app’s language setting is Japanese, then Japanese will be used, and English will be the languages ​​other than Japanese. !! No special report

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  133. Bimi Boo Baby Phone for Kids

    Baby phone is an educational game for toddlers from 1-5 years old that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. Boys and girls will be able to learn numbers with correct pronunciation and enjoy different sounds. Call cute animals and talk to them in

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  135. Baby Panda’s Playhouse

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Playhouse! Explore The Playhouse for endless surprises! Try role-playing, cooking, surfing, and creative crafts and make your dreams come true! Role playing What do you want to be? Chef, babysitter, farm owner… As a farm owner, you will grow crops and run your

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  137. Nanit

    Nanette talking baby. Understand your child’s days and nights. Nanette’s camera uses something called computer vision. Nanette learns how your baby is moving, and tells you if he is upset, awake or asleep like a dream. Understand his night and conquer his sleep. Insights Nanette helps you identify

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  139. Racing Xtreme: Rally Driver 3D

    Get the respect you deserve from your unstoppable opponents and race in your deserted homeland! Download Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D now! Features: – Choose from 30 extreme post-apocalyptic cars! – Discover different classes of cars: buggies, 4×4 SUVs, SUVs, jeeps, sports cars, funny cars,

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  141. Dinosaur Airport:Game for kids

    Time to start a busy day at the airport! You will be able to explore all the exciting things that happen at the airport and fly planes around the world! Find out about the airport by checking the x-ray machine to make sure only acceptable items are brought

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  143. Fishing Season :River To Ocean

    ◎ Realistic 3D Fishing Game.Have a realistic fishing experience in the fishing season, you can learn to fish in a minute! ☞ From fishing in the Amazon River to the Pacific Ocean! – You can have different fishing experiences, from the famous rivers of the world to

  144. Screen image

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  145. Hot Wheels Unlimited

    Fasten seat belts! Get ready for a full blast around the islands of Hot Wheels™! We are talking about cool cars, fun racing games, crazy challenges and building the coolest racing tracks. Head to Hot Wheels™ City to test your skills with fun puzzle challenges or car races.

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  147. Melon Clicker – Tap and idle to victory

    Stuck on an alien planet? What’s better than conquering the predatory space watermelon world! Click, smash, and blast your way across the galaxy. Click game with a twist – use your wits to blast planets or meticulously cover the entire surface of the

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  149. Draw, baby!

    Draw my love! Very easy and absorbing drawing for kids. Your child can draw, color or draw the letters. Luck in the little details, soothing cool colors, and an easy interface! This allows the child to cope with the tasks on his own and will not tire him.

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  151. Baby Puzzles – Animals, Fruits

    These puzzles are designed for kids and babies with lots of pictures from the children’s world: Animals: wild animals and farm animals ✔ Tools: working tools for different professions ✔ Vehicles: cars, planes, trains, ships and more ✔ Games: different cars and toys from the world of young children

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  153. Baby Piano

    This is a 100% free colorful piano designed for kids. It is a very simple piano which makes it very easy to use for kids. Features: – Happy notes will appear with every keystroke. The keys will light up while they are pressed. – Compatible with multi-touch!

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  155. Bubble Shooter 8 – Panda

    In this Bubble Shooter game, Panda Mom has to save the baby from bubbles by shooting the bubble with the same color. Bubble Shooter 8: Panda has many levels and each level is very fun, so what are you waiting for? Let’s play the game and help

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  157. Baby Panda Car Racing

    Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip while staying in your comfort zone? 【Little Panda’s Car Race】 We’ll be starting one soon! Sophisticated truck, valiant armored vehicle, beautiful banana car…. Find a car that expresses you! Choose the car you want and start

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  159. Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

    Enjoy playing free bubble shooters? Get ready to pop bubbles and beat level after level in Panda Pop – a fun bubble popping game that will challenge you at every turn. Match 3 to pop bubbles of the same color and rescue baby pandas in an addictive bubble

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  161. Baby Karaoke

    An animated karaoke-style game that enables the user to sing along with their children popular nursery rhymes and songs.
    Category : #Baby #Karaoke

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  163. Baby Princess Phone Rapunzel

    Exciting Rapunzel game experience for kids, let’s use her magic phone to play mini games! You can call on the phone so you can talk and chat with the princess. Use your imagination! Features: – Stylish hairstyles of your choice. – Fun and colorful interactive game.

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  165. Baby Panda’s Fire Safety

    Have you ever wondered how firefighters operate when there is a danger? Do you want to go on a firefighting trip with the firefighters? Come and try their work! Learn how to put out fires, stay safe from floods, and become a firefighting champion! Ready to

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  167. Baby Game”Limited Express” GO!

    Limited express trains mental training game. The newest trains and famous trains met last year! Heaps of limited express trains are very popular with kids! Fun for kids, babies and kids. Kids just touch the shinkansen along with the music and listen to the different sounds.

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  169. Baby Balloons pop

    Fun and educational game with balloons and bubbles for kids. With this entertaining game, kids can learn numbers, letters, animals, colors and shapes in different languages, while popping balloons. How to play kids balloons Kids can choose the balloons they like the most from among several categories: – Letters

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  171. Baby Panda’s Breakfast Cooking

    Be a little chef, run a restaurant and cook delicious food for guests! Make coffee and hot milk. Cook fried chicken and bake egg pancakes. It’s breakfast time! what are you waiting for? Start your cooking journey and discover your cooking talent! Make mashed

  172. Screen image

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  173. Mom Cooking Breakfast

    Today we need your help to take care of a cute little baby, we are home alone and we need you. We should go to work and only you can take care of our child. He is very cute and you will love spending your free time with him,

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  175. Star QBaby Happy World Game

    A good partner for the baby’s development, accompany the baby to have a happy realization! What profession do you want to be when you grow up? bakers? Supermarket shopping guide? Or a makeup artist? Or open an auto repair shop or restaurant? Become

  176. Screen image

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  177. Kids Baby Puzzles for toddlers

    Zoo Puzzles is a fun educational app for kids from 2 to 5 years old! The game includes more than 60 colorful puzzles with bright images of animals. Since the interactive interface is specially designed for young children, your child will be able to move the puzzle

  178. Screen image

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  179. My Baby Panda Chef

    The kitchen can be an unsafe place for young children, but that will not stop them from exploring all the things in this cunning place. Have them play in BabyBus kitchen and try all the fun activities like food preparation, cooking and juice in a less dangerous way Fun

  180. Screen image

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  181. Kids Puzzles

    “Funny Animals” puzzles for kids is an educational game for children from 1 year of age and for children from 2 to 4 years old. It is a funny puzzle game for young children who are expected to assemble animal puzzle pieces listening to animal sounds, and pop balloons. All

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  183. Nadurines

    You can take care of your baby Nella, Neil, Petra or Malik! Now with this baby care game, learn how to save the planet, the kids are hungry, feed them the porridge you will bring in the kitchen. But first you have to go to the garden to grow your own

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  185. Little Panda’s Bakery Story

    Baby Panda’s Bread Shop is now open! Come and create your own bakery story, a variety of ingredients including dough, milk and chocolate spreads are at your disposal. Bake what you want! Baby Panda’s Baking Shop has a great experience of baking equipment and utensils, where you

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  187. Baby Panda’s City

    Want to own a city? Now you have a chance to become the owner of a city where everything is decided. Explore cities, manage stores, and create fun stories! Explore 9 different and vibrant cities where you can have endless fun! In this city, you can take

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  189. Baby Panda Learns Numbers

    Show your knowledge of numbers! You will catch a lot of cute fish and even strange sea creatures! Help Kiki and his friends learn numbers in new scenarios and join the fun! Easy to play and fun to learn! Fun Features: – Giant fish to catch

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  191. Little Panda: Star Restaurants

    Baby Panda’s Town Food Street is open! Many star restaurants from all over the world are available here: Japanese restaurant, Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant and more! Kids, let’s visit star restaurants and enjoy international cuisine with baby panda! First stop: Japanese restaurant Japanese restaurant is a paradise

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  193. Baby Panda’s Dream Job

    What do you want to be when you grow up? If you’ve ever thought about this before [Baby Panda’s Dream Job] It is the perfect game for you! Not sure which is your favorite game? Not a problem! You can play them all! Enjoy and

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  195. Baby Panda’s School Bus

    Hello, young drivers. Come and drive different cars! Great trips and stories are waiting for you! Let’s discover the fun of cars! Car Driving Are you ready to go? You can drive a school bus or a police car! Sit behind the wheel, grab

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  197. Old MacDonald’s Farm – Baby Training Games

    There are 6 different games for kids 1) Listen to the music and choose the animals when the sound stops with which animal 2) Flip the animals and learn the animal sounds 3) Animal memory cards 4) Catch the cat and improve its reflexes 5) Click on

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  199. Baby Puzzles for Kids

    Kids Puzzles “Funny Animals” for kids is a free jigsaw puzzle game that helps your kids develop cognitive, tactile and fine motor skills while playing different animal puzzles. An educational game where the child will be able to put wooden animal puzzles together in order to create many cute

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