Best 11+ Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

Seek by iNaturalist

Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals around you. Earn badges to see different types of plants, birds, fungi and more! • Go out and point the search camera at the living creatures • Identify wildlife, plants and fungi and learn about the living things around you • Get badges to observe different species and participate in challenges Open the camera and start searching! Found a mushroom, flower or insect, and not sure what it is? Open Seek Cam to see if she knows! Drawing on the millions of wildlife observations on iNaturalist, Seek shows you lists of insects, birds, plants, and amphibians commonly recorded in your area. Scan the environment with Seek Camera to identify organisms with the Tree of Life. Add…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. PlantApp – Plant Identifier

    PlantApp helps you become great plant parents so you can take care of your plants with confidence. Identify plants better than most human experts with our extensive plant identification base and grow plants with confidence Have you just come across a flower, grass or weed you don’t know?

  2. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  3. tower defense viking vs plants

    In this strategy game, your duty is calling, plants are attacking your empires and as a commander it is your duty to summon your troops to defend empires, if you defeat plants you will be remembered as the fiercest viking of your era. This is a tower defense

  4. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  5. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

    Play the action-adventure and hit strategy where you meet, revive and defeat hordes of hilarious zombies from the dawn of history to the end of days. Gather an army of amazing plants, charge them with plant food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain. Discover hundreds

  6. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  7. Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes

    From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies 2, Plants vs. Collect heroes with incredible massive superpowers and build the ultimate battle team. Embark on a journey to discover new characters and face powerful opponents along the way. And for the first time on mobile, play as

  8. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  9. Blossom – Plant Identification

    Discover the Blossom App – your trusted plant care guide and pocket plant identifier! Identify plants, flowers, succulents and trees with pictures and get helpful tips and advice for plant care. Set timely reminders to water your greenery on time without flooding it. Discover the best way

  10. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  11. LeafSnap Plant Identification

    When you spot a beautiful wildflower or shrub of unusual appearance, you struggle to distinguish its gender. Instead of wasting time searching for websites or asking gardener friends, why not take a simple shot and ask for an app that does the work for you? Leafsnap can currently identify

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  13. Numberblocks: Hide and Seek

    From multi-award winning animators and BAFTA-nominated producers of preschool favorites Alphablocks and Numberblocks, we bring you Numberblocks Hide and Seek. Number skills. Find the hidden Numberblocks, add them together and see what happens. ● Every time you reach Ten, you win something new to play with.

  14. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  15. PlantSnap plant identification

    Instantly identify over 600,000 plant species: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more with PlantSnap! Learn how to care for plants: PlantSnap now teaches you how to grow and care for your plants. We’ve added gardening tips and advice for tens of thousands of plant species. With the

  16. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  17. Plants vs. Zombies

    Get ready to water your plants as a group of fun-loving zombies are about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie plants – pea launchers, nuts, cherry bombs and more – to recruit 26 types of zombies before they break your door. This app offers in-app

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  19. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

    Identify plants immediately. Accurate, fast and rich in content! In addition to the description and plant care tips, enjoy beautiful pictures of plants around the world. This program helps more than 70,000,000 users to learn about, learn and enjoy all kinds of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, cacti

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  21. Pango Hide & Seek: Fairy Tales

    A game of hide and seek about fairy tales. Find characters and objects to advance in the story! Specially designed for girls and boys aged 2-5.1% with a secure interface without ads. Search and find characters and objects to enhance the story across 15 images.

  22. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  23. Peekaboo: Hide and Seek — Prop Hunt Online Game

    Hide and Seek players are divided into two teams: Props and Hunters (Prop Hunt), who are able to form any object and adopt its physical properties, and in each map a lot of unique elements: from small items such as cakes and fruits, to large

  24. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  25. Flora Incognita

    FLORA INCOGNITA – Discover Nature’s Diversity What blooms? With the Flora Incognita app, this question is quickly answered. Take a picture of a plant, find out what it is called and learn everything you want to know with the help of the fact sheet. High-resolution AI-based algorithms identify wild

  26. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  27. Reactor – Energy Sector Tycoon

    Become an idle industrial tycoon by running your own nuclear power sector company and your idle profits! Give your idle economy a nuclear boost with specialized power plants. Take up the challenge, discover the best strategy and earn as much money as possible! Build power plants,

  28. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  29. NatureID- Plant Identification

    Identify and care for plants! Discover the plants around you, have you ever seen a plant and wondered what it is? Would you like to hire a personal plant expert when needed? Here’s your factory ID! Plant our plant disease identifier. ● You can also use

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  31. Dinosaur Coding School Games

    Drive cars and explore the world together with T-Rex! Embark on fun adventures as you help the T-Rex solve puzzles. Help plants thrive in the wasteland; pollution cleaning in the factory; Escape from fire. Hunting for treasure under the sea. repair machines at the missile

  32. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  33. PlantIn: Plant Identification

    PlantIn features that help your garden thrive: • Plant identification, perhaps not sure which plant you have? You can just take a picture of it and we will tell you right away. With the extensive text search, you can search for air purifier or non-toxic plants. Just write

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  35. Halloween Farm: Monster Family

    Hi! Happy Halloween and welcome to Monster Farm Mansion in our mystical city. a look! Witch, zombie, vampire, alien, spider, ghost and werewolf! Create your own fantasy Halloween farm: harvest magical plants, feed animals, trade with friends, craft sweets and costumes, renovate the house, and build

  36. Best 11 Alternative Apps Like Seek by iNaturalist

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  37. Solitaire Farm: Card Games

    Solitaire Farm: Card Game is the favorite Tripeaks Solitaire game for Solitaire card game lovers. Do you like classic card games? Do you like to enjoy the leisure and comfortable life on the farm? Farm Solitaire: Card Game will be your best choice. Train your brain

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  39. NASA Science Investigations: Plant Growth

    Welcome to NASA’s International Space Station! As the newest member of the International Space Station crew, your job is to learn about the station and help experience plant growth. Trying to move in weightlessness will be different from what you’re used to on Earth! Spend some

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  41. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes | MMO

    The date you know isn’t necessarily true. In 1944, the Allied forces landed in Normandy, now referred to as D-Day, and evil scientists used weapons that could alter the weather, resulting in the failure of the D-Day battles in Normandy. In 1945, the Nazis launched

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  43. Toca Life: Town

    You rule this city, the gaming world where anything and everyone is welcome! With different locations and many classic Toca Boca characters, the daily adventures in Town are endless. EXPLOREM: Roam the city! Visit the store to buy groceries, stop by the restaurant to cook lunch, and come

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  45. Grimlight

    Wake up to a new beginning in the world of dreams and fairy tales. [Grimlight]The world of Phantasia is full of mystery and wonder but has been eroded away by mysterious, dreamless entities that seek to corrupt all living things and consume the world in the infinite void. They lost their mind

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  47. Camping Adventure Game – Family Road Trip Planner

    Do you like road trips? Let’s plan a fun family trip in this winter vacation, enjoy the adventure of camping and traveling with your family. Wash and fix a car on a road trip and discover all the fun activities waiting for you!

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  49. Faithful Counseling – Christian Based Therapy

    Faithful Counseling provides affordable access to high-quality mental health care from loyal Christians. We bring therapy into your life on your terms through direct messages, phone and video chats with licensed professionals. —————————- ————— False Counseling – Features — —————————- ———— Expert Consultation from a Practicing

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  51. Kuzbass: Horror Story Game

    The best horror game with an interesting story that will make you afraid to get out of bed at night, play the scary game of hide and seek with the crazy granny, where the reward will be survival and the chance to learn the secret of the village, Salvik and

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  53. Hidden Through Time

    Hidden Through Time is a hide and seek game with objects spread throughout the wonderful history of our world. Use hidden hints to discover each secret as you explore the colorful hand-drawn levels. Find enough objects to advance to the next stage, and work your way through all four

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  55. Play Together

    Meet your friends from all over the world! Here comes the metaverse where friends from all over the world can gather around it! Interested in playing together? A Metaverse Playground! Enjoy unforgettable moments in our virtual playground with your friends! Meet new friends in the plaza, go

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  57. Reigns: Her Majesty

    *** Reigns: Her Majesty has just been crowned the new transformation update with over 200 new cards, new characters and new ways for her majesty to face her death! *** Reigns: Her Majesty is the revolutionary follow-up to the smash hit Reigns. A cultural renaissance has given the world

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  59. Elmo Loves ABCs

    This is an app full of games, activities and videos, which will help teach your child letters, sounds and words. Letters A, B and C included. Upgrade to unlock letters D through Z. Elmo loves this app! Contains songs and videos about letters. Contains coloring pages and games

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  61. Elmo Loves 123s

    This is an app full of games, activities and videos, which will help teach your child about numbers and counting. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are included. Upgrade to unlock numbers from 4 to 20, Elmo loves to explore numbers! This app contains songs and videos about numbers.

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  63. Baby Panda Care

    Do you want to know how to take care of a child? Try baby panda care to learn! Take care of babies in different stages (swaddling – crawling – learning to walk) and help them grow up healthy. Feeding children What types of baby food are available?

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  65. Puzzle Magic – Games for kids 1-5 years old

    – A game for children 1-5 years old! Puzzle Magic is a fun game for kids aged 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old! The game contains 8 games and 8 jigsaw puzzles – all in one app and optimized for both boys

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  67. Fan of Guns

    Play for free with your friends an online pixel shooter game. A large number of maps, skins and weapons! Shoot from tank, AWP, Clash, Multi-barrel shotgun, shotgun and other weapons. Dynamic shooter in popular action games in the style of more than 40 types of modern weapons.

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  69. Sago Mini Daycare

    * Try before you buy! * Play Daycare for free 6 times, with no restrictions. Between circuit time, afternoon snacks, and plenty of activities to try, it’s going to be a busy day. DISCOVER ACTIVITY CENTERS Get creative in the drawing center and make some masterpieces to hang

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  71. Hide from Zombies: ONLINE

    * Trial * Are you tired of playing with something stupid and hiding under the table in other games? Do you want an interesting game of hide and seek? Then hide from the zombies: online for you! As a result of biological contamination, one in ten players

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  73. Religion Inc. God Simulator

    Humanity will always experience a compulsive need to believe in something greater than ourselves. They will seek comfort in the dark: the light that lights their way in the shadows of thousands of years. For millions of people at all times, this light has been and remains the

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  75. Mitosis: The Game

    Eat cells or you die trying! Warning: The multiplayer game is incredibly addictive! ** Delay: If you have high latency, please open the settings menu and change the server location ** You are a hive that roams in search of smaller cells to accommodate and grow. Likewise, larger

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  77. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

    Explore a time when the wild west was a new frontier, cowboys, bandits and more… were roaming the unnatural enemies with the huge and open space in this action shooting adventure game. , but now an outlaw who had to pretend he was dead and flee to Arizona to seek

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  79. Myers Horror Escape Scary Game

    Horror games bring you a scary escape from Myers Haunted House Horror game with haunted mansion mode to have an exciting escape adventure from best Michael horror games. You are in Scary Michael scary hide and seek from escape room with spooky ghost escape stories with scary twists

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  81. GTA: Chinatown Wars

    Left for dead in America’s worst place after his father’s murder, Huang Lee has a simple task: deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny to ensure his family retains control of the Triad gangs in Liberty City. Huang is a spoiled rich kid who expects everything to go smoothly,

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  83. Hat Monkey by Chris Haughton

    Hat Monkey is a little monkey who wears a hat and needs our help around the house. Young children will find the goals satisfying because they help Monkey do everyday things they can’t do themselves, such as turning off the lights, opening the door for him, turning the

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  85. Asylum77 – Multiplayer Horror

    Play the online survival horror game Asylum 77. You can play with others online or play the single player mode. Don’t get caught up in the lunatics of the asylum, you find yourself in an abandoned asylum called Asylum 77. You must find many keys and items to escape

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  87. Endless Nightmare 1: Home

    Test your courage, overcome your fear, the excitement begins, scream! You’re James, a police officer, your wife and daughter murdered at home. While on your quest for the truth at home, something scary happened. What will happen next in this scary house will be an endless nightmare

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  89. Goosebumps Night of Scares

    Featuring Jack Black as the voice of RL Stine *** THE GREATEST GOOSEBUMPS MONSTER COMES TO STORYPLAY! Will you survive? *** The bestselling horror series is coming to the world of mobile and virtual reality for the first time and featuring Goosebumps the most fearsome monsters, including Slappy

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  91. Garena Free Fire MAX

    Free Fire MAX is exclusively designed to deliver an outstanding Battle Royale gaming experience. Enjoy a variety of exciting game modes with all Free Fire players via exclusive Firelink technology. Experience combat like never before with Ultra HD resolution and breathtaking effects. ambush, snipe, and survive;

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  93. Dead by Daylight Mobile

    Inspired by the classic slasher movies, Dead by Daylight™ is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game where a ruthless Killer pursues four survivors trying to evade a horrific death. Play with Friends Players can experience the thrill of both Killer and Survivor in this deadly hide and seek

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  95. Death Park : Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

    Enjoy one of the best and very scary horror games! In this scary game you have to explore a huge deserted amusement park with creepy circus. Are you ready to face the real evil – the scary killer clown? Will you be able

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  97. Super JoJo: My Home

    Wondering how Super JoJo is spending his day? Come join the JoJo family and have a great day with them! Create fun family stories together! Get ready in the morning! Brother and sister have already started brushing their teeth. Now it’s your turn to teach

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  99. being: my mental health friend

    Are you fighting your mental health problems alone? Problems with your partner that make you need mental support? Does your work cause stress and anxiety, making each day more difficult? Tired of mental health apps that focus only on meditation? You seek psychological relief and

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  101. Instant Cash Advance: Loan App

    This loan app helps you to get cash advance online at almost instant speed in the form of payday loans, all you need is your smartphone, and you can be approved for instant cash within minutes! People usually seek a cash advance because you have bad credit and

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  103. Imagerie ferme Interactive

    This app works with the children’s book “Farm Pictures”, published by Fleurus Editions (September 2016 edition). With a circular menu, this app brings the cover and the nine pages to life. The last pages of the book, by enriching the content of the pages containing interactive edutainment activities, games

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  105. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

    Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is a relaxing butterfly game created for nature lovers! Embark on an expedition to breed butterflies and create a haven for butterflies in a serene jungle environment. Sit back and enjoy feeding realistic butterflies through their amazing life cycle, from adorable caterpillars to majestic butterflies.

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  107. Transformers Rescue Bots

    The Transformers Rescue Bots have finally landed… in their first ever interactive story app! Are you ready to join them on the rescue mission? When a new Sky Forest tower is constructed in Griffin Rock, the city finds itself under attack from predatory plants! It’s time for him

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  109. iNaturalist

    One of the world’s most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helps you learn about the plants and animals around you. Connect with a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature! Furthermore, by recording and sharing your observations, you will generate high-quality research data for

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  111. Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a whole new level of fast-paced and charming gameplay that has made Kingdom Rush the award-winning Tower Defense game. In this strategy game, you’ll defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and horrific residents of the underworld – all with flashy towers, levels, heroes, and

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  113. Dr. Panda in Space

    EXPLORE SPACE: Once you customize your spaceship and set off, set your path the way you want! Explore space and discover new asteroids, planets and maybe even a black hole! Where should you and Dr. Panda go next? It is up to you! As you explore

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  115. Racing Xtreme: Rally Driver 3D

    Get the respect you deserve from your unstoppable opponents and race in your deserted homeland! Download Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D now! Features: – Choose from 30 extreme post-apocalyptic cars! – Discover different classes of cars: buggies, 4×4 SUVs, SUVs, jeeps, sports cars, funny cars,

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  117. Toca Life: Neighborhood

    Welcome to your new neighborhood full of friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new group, where you can explore cafes and shops and meet a new set of characters. And imagine what? Toca Life has never had so many homes before! Move into your new

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  119. Toca Life: Office

    Have you ever wondered what adults really do at work all day? In Toca Life: Office, you can tell stories about office life the way you imagine! Toca Life: The office is a lot like a regular office – you can have fun using laptops, printers and copiers every

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  121. Tropical Merge: Merge game

    Welcome to Tropical Merge! Prepare yourself for a family farm adventure filled with puzzles and unusual characters. Help the locals save their city while renovating the island and growing your merge farm. Go on expeditions to explore other lands and solve more puzzles. Don’t miss your

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  123. Peggle Blast

    POPCAP PEGGLE BLAST presents PopCap, the legendary game studio that made Bejeweled and Plants vs.Zombies, presents Peggle Blast – a magical game full of character, magic and fun. Clear the orange pegs while collecting bonus points and hitting pinball style shots that will leave you with bubbles of joy.

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  125. Dashboard.Earth

    Dashboard: Earth makes it easy and rewarding to take climate action in Los Angeles. In the app you will find personal business plans local in your area, discover discounts, freebies and prizes that enable you to increase your impact. Choose one of our climate tracks to connect to resources, procedures, and

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  127. Dinosaur Farm – Games for kids

    Help your friends on the farm! Choose your tractor, add the right attachment, and head to the field to plow. Kids can choose from different seeds, plant their crops, and watch them grow. No more time to rest in the pool. Get Flying: Time

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  129. Mergical-Fun Match Island Game

    Welcome to the wonderful Mergical Island! This is a mysterious land full of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world, as well as build and design the island based on your preference! The perfect merging and building game! Because of a spell cast by

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  131. Детские ребусы

    One of the most exciting games is the game “Children’s Puzzle”. This is a game with many puzzles, puzzles, color pictures, letters, numbers and punctuation marks. This game, of course, will captivate the child very much, there are 4 sections in the game “Children’s Puzzles”: animals, fruits and vegetables, plants,

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  133. CannaFarm: Idle Weed Farming

    🌱 Combine over 120 popular cannabis strains with millions of possible hybrids, trade, breed and grow them! Build and decorate your very own CannaFarm to become a CannaMogul! Candy, more types of food and extracts! Complete CannaPedia, a collection of cannabis strains and knowledge! Sell ​​sprouts,

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  135. Golden Farm

    If you ever dreamed of escaping the routine of daily life and spending some idle time playing farm in a quiet town or village – this farm life simulator is for you. Imagine yourself starting the day on a beautiful farm: haystacks, fruitful fields and prosperity. The garden feels like

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  137. Idle World – Build The Planet

    What does it feel like to create the world in a few days? Recreate Planet Earth from scratch and tell us. Your mission is “simple”… Use energy and manage the natural elements to create life on Earth again. Generate earth, trees, air, seas, lakes, rivers,

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  139. Vikings and Dragon Island Farm

    Hi Viking! Welcome to Dragon Island! Vikings, dragons, ships and a little bit of magic are waiting for you here. Build and develop your own Viking farm in the northern lands! Earn coins, harvest crops, feed animals and even grow up a cute little dragon

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  141. Nadurines

    You can take care of your baby Nella, Neil, Petra or Malik! Now with this baby care game, learn how to save the planet, the kids are hungry, feed them the porridge you will bring in the kitchen. But first you have to go to the garden to grow your own

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  143. Pango Kumo – weather game kids

    Be Kumo: Little Cloud of Pango’s World, Use your power of water and fire, everything is gray and sad, but with Kumo’s magic you can bring life and color back to Pango’s world! Use a little rain to make trees grow and plants bloom. Use snow

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  145. Survivalcraft

    You are stranded on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, hand tools and weapons, make traps and plant plants. Tailor clothes and hunt animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive the cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or

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  147. Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft

    ★ Welcome to PlanetCraft. Mine, block craft with survival and creative online games. ★ Play now alone or with friends in the multiplayer exploration and building industry. Create a mini 3D world. Features: ★ OPEN MULTIPLAYER WORLD WITH SURVIVAL BLOCK CRAFT AND CREATIVE. BUILD

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  149. Exploration Lite Craft

    An amazing blocky and amazing open world to build, craft and explore. Exploration Craft allows you to be the God who creates reality! As a miner and adventurer, you need to create constructions from woven cubes in this 3D block world. You may also need to fight evil

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  151. Little Panda’s Farm

    Baby Panda’s Farm Available! You can cook, raise animals, grow fruits and vegetables, and enjoy nature. what are you waiting for? Join the busy farm life! Growing Fruits and Vegetables There are many kinds of fruit and vegetable seeds in the farmland: apples, oranges, corn, tomatoes, etc.

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  153. Happy Daycare Stories – School playhouse baby care

    You are in charge of this daycare, a small and fully interactive world where everyone is welcome and the only rule is to use your imagination to create amazing stories. Explore 7 different rooms, with loads of games and thousands of different interactions, and play

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  155. Background Eraser – Remove BG

    Automatic, simple and accurate. Try hard to be your own background eraser! This is the most user-friendly background eraser which helps you to cut images automatically with AI tools, remove background and create transparent background PNG images with high quality. With background eraser, your life will

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  157. Moy 2 – Virtual Pet Game

    Moy 2 – Virtual Pet Game is one of the best pet games, with over 20 million downloads! Moy 2 Filled with tons of new ways to take care and love your virtual pet, Moy 2 will keep you entertained for hours. The game is full

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  159. Real Dinosaur Hunter 3D

    A game is an activity or sport that you can take advantage of with your skills, knowledge or opportunity, as you follow fixed rules and try to win a particular challenge. We all play games and we all enjoy the time we spend in the game. Welcome to

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  161. Zombie Catchers

    Catching zombies has never been so much fun! Zombie Catchers is a casual adventure game set in a futuristic world full of zombie invasion! Planet Earth is full of zombies. But we are lucky! AJ and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, decide to build a business empire! They

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  163. Farm games offline: Village

    It’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and play by your own rules. Build the farm of your dreams, a pastoral paradise that will make your neighbors turn green with envy! You can become a humble gardener or a successful trader

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  165. Sandbox – Physics Simulator

    Curious about what happened when the lights hit fireworks powder? Do you want to mix gas with gun powder and let them explode? Do you want to create a sandbox world, plant trees and flowers and watch them grow? Let download the game Sandbox to enjoy a

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  167. The Sandbox: Craft Play Share

    Play God & Create Worlds with Life or destroy everything with just a tap of your finger! – Press Notes – “Sandbox is a fantastically innovative mobile game that encourages players to create entire worlds and works of art!” – Game view – – Imagine creating your

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  169. Block World 3D : Craft & Build

    Block World 3D is a sandbox game with crafting and building, where you can explore, craft, survive, build and more with other players. From a small house to a huge castle. You are only limited by your own imagination. Exploration Explore an endless world,

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  171. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

    Slice, bake, stew… Cook delicious meals with easy touch controls! Try this unique cooking game, the delicious food you will make will definitely make you hungry! Cook food by playing fun mini games. More than 30 kinds of recipes are waiting for you. Do your best

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  173. Mystera Legacy – MMORPG Sandbox

    Mystera Legacy is a completely free online RPG. There are no ads and no paid content to win. Join now and help us make this the best free MMORPG ever! It features 2D graphics with a large sandbox world so you can build your own homes

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  175. Melon Clicker – Tap and idle to victory

    Stuck on an alien planet? What’s better than conquering the predatory space watermelon world! Click, smash, and blast your way across the galaxy. Click game with a twist – use your wits to blast planets or meticulously cover the entire surface of the

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  177. Animal Farm for Kids (12m+)

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Kristen “Kids LOVE IT INCREDIBLY” A large sustainable farm full of friendly animals and organic plants is waiting to be discovered. Learn how bees make honey, how chickens lay their eggs, and how to get fresh milk from happy cows 🐄. Find the horses 🐎

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  179. Lux Light Meter Pro

    ★ High precision light measurement ★ Lux and Foot-candle units ★ Measures minimum, average and maximum possible brightness ★ Calibrate the measurement with easy controls ★ Store measurement in memory with address, date and time ★ Retrieve your measurements from memory ★ Export and share Your measurements as a list

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  181. Google Lens

    Google Lens lets you search for what you see, get things done faster, and understand the world around you – using just your camera or photo. Scan and translate text Translate the words you see, save a business card to your contacts, add events to your calendar from a sticker, and

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  183. FailArmy

    The official Android app of FailArmy, the world leader in funny fail videos and compilations. FailArmy is like your older brother who warns you what not to do but also laughs at you at your most embarrassing moment. From failures and banter to life’s embarrassing moments, FailArmy is a comic brand

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