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Best 12+ Alternative Games Like Rummy – offline card game

Rummy – offline card game

Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

Rummy Free Card from LITE Games – one of the most popular mobile card games worldwide finally comes to Android! The game is also known in other countries around the world, for example as Remi (Turkish), Romme (German) and Rami (French). Rummy has an excellent design and an easy to use interface. The most common rules are set by default but can be customized with many options. Download our free Ramino app and finally play without the need for a partner: Rummy by LITE Games lets you play whenever and wherever you want Features: You can play for 🆓 ♤ Up to three challenging opponents ♤ Customizable difficulty ♤ Unlock awesome achievements 🏆 ♤ Can be played in Portrait and landscape mode The popular game is available with high-quality translations for the following languages: …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Gin Rummy – Offline Card Games

    Gin Rummy is now available for mobile phones and tablets with high quality graphics and game play. Download now and play for free. You can play Gin Rummy – Offline anywhere you want. There is no need for internet connection. You can win millions

  2. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  3. Rummy Club

    Rummy has the right mix of luck, skill, and intelligence while still maintaining that magical feeling! If you enjoy playing Rummycube, Okey 101, Canasta, Belote or Gin Rummy, you will find that Rummy Club combines and improves the best elements of them all. Rummy Club is the best board game

  4. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  5. Grand Gin Rummy: Card Game

    Join us at the luxurious Grand Gin Rummy Hotel for a free spin on the classic multiplayer card game you grew up loving. Play Gin Rummy online with hundreds of thousands of real players from all over the world. THE ULTIMATE RUMMY EXPERIENCE: Play with your friends

  6. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  7. Rummy

    Rummy Palace – your community to play the popular card game on your smartphone and tablet.Enjoy a fun classic deck of cards online and with real opponents! Compared to games like Stage 10, Bridge or Kalooki, Rummy above all requires tactical brains and skill. You can now try it online for

  8. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  9. Rummy

    Play the popular Rummy card game on your Android smartphone or tablet!! Play rummy with 2, 3 or 4 players against simulated opponents who play with high-level artificial intelligence. There are a number of rules that can be modified, which makes this game very faithful to the original. *** Many

  10. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  11. Rummy 500

    Now with a brand new online multiplayer mode! Compete for weekly prizes and enjoy all your favorite game modes with players from all over the world! Rummy 500 is the best Rummy game made for Android. Rummy 500 offers four levels of difficulty, 6 unique game modes as well

  12. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  13. Gin Rummy

    Welcome to the classic, interesting and special Gin Rummy! Gin Rummy is a world-famous card game for two players, the objective of which is to form homogeneous combinations and reach an agreed number of points before the opponent does. From real players around the world. You will be amazed

  14. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  15. Rummy Royale

    Play Rummy like never before! Put together your melds, steal the Joker team from the table lineup and win the game! Rummy Royale offers four difficulty levels, 3 unique game modes as well as extensive statistical tracking. It’s an unparalleled gaming experience! Customize your game to your liking

  16. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  17. Phase 10: World Tour

    Take 10 in the latest rummy-inspired game from the creators of UNO! Mobile application. Stage 10 is the classic card game that has brought friends and families together for over 40 years, and now Stage 10 is taking you around the world! Take 10 minutes for yourself

  18. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  19. Business Card Maker

    Do you want to create your own business card? If yes, then this is the app for you. Create your own business card in few seconds, just enter your details and choose from multiple created business cards. Necessary. Visiting/Business Card is a unique marketing strategy used to

  20. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  21. Business Card Maker, Visiting

    More than 300 business card templates and 100+ logos for your business Create business card like a professional business card designer and print easily Digital business card is very useful for sharing contacts. You may want to change your business or visit card design often, so simply fill out

  22. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  23. Spades Masters – Card Game

    Play the #1 spades game out there! Spades Masters – Spades Card Game is the newest and fastest growing Miniclip card game in the online card game space. Join the growing community of competitive and casual Spades players in this epic, feature-packed multiplayer game of Spades as

  24. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  25. Skip-Bo

    Skip-Bo™ is a fun and competitive card game for all card game lovers, now officially available on mobile. This new game of classic solitaire and rummy card games will make you addicted to it and you won’t be able to stop playing it! Whether you are new to Skip-Bo ™ or

  26. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  27. Solitaire Farm: Card Games

    Solitaire Farm: Card Game is the favorite Tripeaks Solitaire game for Solitaire card game lovers. Do you like classic card games? Do you like to enjoy the leisure and comfortable life on the farm? Farm Solitaire: Card Game will be your best choice. Train your brain

  28. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  29. Crystal Soul – TCG Card Battle

    Crystal Soul is a TCG Card Battle strategy game with real-time and simultaneous PvP Anime! You will also decide that Strategy TCG Card Battle content with developers on Discord: Nerf or Buffs, Create and design new PvP Anime Games, new factions, game modes… It all depends on

  30. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  31. Biz Card Scanner & PDF Reader

    Are you looking for a powerful business card application and document scanner? Biz Card Scanner & PDF Reader is one of the cool and useful scanner apps that allows you to scan business cards and pdf documents anytime anywhere If you are looking for business card scanner

  32. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  33. Onmyoji: The Card Game

    Onmyoji: The Card Game, part of Onmyoji, is a dueling mobile card game. Hundreds of top animators and voice actors have joined the development team to create Yokai Heaven. Enter Shinkiro, the mysterious ship tower city, and explore the promised land of Yokai. Here you will get

  34. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  35. Solitaire Card Games, Klondike

    The most relaxing and addictive classic solitaire card games, Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is just for you! Enjoy the world’s best free and popular solitaire card games for free anytime and anywhere! It’s time to train your brain, challenge yourself and be a master of Solitaire Klondike or

  36. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  37. Solitaire – Classic Card Games

    Solitaire – Classic Solitaire Card Games by Beetles is an addictive and challenging classic card game for all true card game lovers. Like spider solitaire, solitaire, klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, this solitaire card game is more fun! An all-new classic solitaire experience with the original solitaire games!

  38. Best 12 Alternative Games Like Rummy 8211 offline card game

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  39. Canasta

    Canasta Palace – Play a fun game from Canasta directly against real players. Canasta, the team-based tactical arcade game with loads of fun! Compared to games like Rummy, Bridge or Phase 10, Canasta requires above all brains and tactical skill. You can now try it online for free and without

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  41. Fairway Solitaire – Card Game

    Set a course for the course in the world, but don’t expect an easy lie or an improvement in how you play golf! Get ready to play solitaire with Fairway Solitaire, the golf card game that’s easy to pick up, but impossible to put down. Fairway Solitaire

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  43. Digimon Card Game Tutorial App

    An educational application that allows you to experience the “Digimon Card Game” trading card game that will be released in 2020! Enjoy Digimon Card Game on your smartphone or tablet! ● Learn how to play Digimon Card Game! Basic rules and “Free Battle Mode” to play

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  45. Triple Fantasy – Card Master

    Three cards, triple fun! Enjoy the tactical RPG arcade game recommended by Google! ■ Free welcome gifts for new users waiting! – 1 Legendary Card awarded instantly just by logging in! – Brave Nine 6 Devils Legend card awarded at account level 10 Reached!

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  47. How To Play

    Don’t remember the rules? Need a quick refresh? Don’t know what games you can play with 5 people? The Bicycle® Brand is proud to present the gameplay. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the complete rules for over 75 card games, new and old, written step-by-step.

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  49. Tongits Offline

    Tongits Offline (Tong-its) is a rummy game for 3 players and is the most popular game in the Philippines. It was first shown in Pangaisan in the mid-1980s which they called Tung-it. The rules of the game and the name can be linked to the American card game, Tonk, as

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  51. Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG

    Duel Heroes: Magic TCG card battle game is a simple online TCG (Trading Card Game) game designed for card game lovers. Collect cards and build your deck strategically to dominate Blizzard’s ever-changing battlefield. Innovative gameplay allows you to start a card war with players from all

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  53. Card Heroes: TCG/CCG deck Wars

    Welcome to the fantasy world of legendary deck heroes! The TCG multiplayer card wars are about to begin. Card Heroes is an online card collecting game where deck building, turn based strategy, pvp deck duels and fantasy role playing battles are blended together. Collect epic deck

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  55. Solitaire – Card Game

    Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is a beautiful, relaxing, fun and easy to play single player card game that helps you keep your mind sharp. Test your skills in this free solitaire card game. Earn crowns by completing daily challenges and become the king!

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  57. Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

    Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is a collectible card game and part turn-based fighter based on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai Choose your way and choose your dojo in the official mobile game packed with turn-based strategy and fast-paced collectible card game Fight! Are you Cobra Kai or Miyagi

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  59. Card Thief

    In Card Thief, you move through a deck of playing cards as a stealth thief. Sneak in the shadows, turn off torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. In your thief’s lair, you can use stolen goods to unlock powerful equipment cards. For every robbery you

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  61. Solitaire – Classic Card Games

    The classic Solitaire game you played on PC, you can now play it on your phone! Solitaire, also known as Klondike/Patience or Soli, is the most popular single player card game in the world. If you like classic Solitary, you will love this crystal clear solitaire game

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  63. Hearts: Card Game

    Hearts Free is a classic competitive card game, MobilityWare AI in this free Hearts card game ensures that your game has a competitive edge, Hearts card master! To play these games, don’t worry – this free hearts game will teach you how to play with intuitive AI. In addition,

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  65. Sports Card Investor

    Welcome to the world of sports cards – reimagined. With the all-new Sports Card Investor app, you can search by trend cards and search by player, price, year and sport. From there, you can scroll through all the options to buy now on eBay, view the latest sale prices,

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  67. Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon

    Dreamsky: Just be happy! Dark Dungeon Survival – Lophis Fate Card Roguelike We’ve combined card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player ever. Design a unique deck, encounter strange creatures, and discover traces of awesome power, Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis Fate Card Rougelike is

  68. Screen image

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  69. Solitaire Card Game

    If you like classic Solitaire, you will love this beautiful Solitaire card game! Train your brain with a new Solitaire experience every day. Download now to play the best classic solitaire card game for free! It is an offline game where you can play solitaire anytime and anywhere.

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  71. Solitaire – Classic Card Games

    ❤️‍ FREE SOLITAIRE is a popular classic card game with hundreds of millions of players around the world! 🤩 ✈️🌏 The most fun solitaire card game! Experience the all-new Classic Solitaire Tripeaks with the original Solitaire games! Solitaire – Classic Solitaire Card Games is well designed

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  73. Solitaire Ocean

    🐠 NEW WAY TO SOLITAIRE Klondike! ♣ Play card games and create your dream aquarium! ✨ Shuffle the cards and get ready to have fun with Solitaire Ocean! Solitaire – Klondike free, offline, classic and fun card games! Play card deals and unlock cute fish, decorations and aquariums

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  75. WILD & Friends: Online Cards

    Play fun card games with friends online! Are your wild friends busy? Enjoy tons of offline games for free too! Then, win coins in WILD games online with players from all over the world. You don’t have to unlock any features to play card games

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  77. Solitaire – Classic Card Game

    ♠️ ♣ ️ ♥️ ♦ Klondike Solitaire is the world’s most classic patience card game. With themes and daily challenges, have more fun playing Solitaire. ♠️ ♣ ️ ♥ ️ ♦ ️ Feature: ♥ Solvable decks make games easier ♥ Draw 1 card (easy) ♥ Draw 3

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  79. Solitaire

    Solitaire by Brainium presents the fun and challenging classic Solitaire card game you know and love, with a beautiful and modern design perfect for all card game lovers. Classic Solitaire – Relax and play your favorite version of the timeless game enjoyed by millions of players around the world. Try this

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  81. Spades – Card Game

    Spades is definitely one of the most famous card games in the world. Play and plan with your partner and take the number of tricks you show before the round. Be the first to reach 250 points to win! Accuracy, strategy and good planning will be the

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  83. BrightWay Credit Card Mobile

    Activate your card in seconds Log in and scan to activate your card in seconds Start using your card instantly TRACK REWARDS Unlock rewards like more credit or lower rates with on-time payments Earn 1% on every purchase and watch your savings add up * Never miss a payment again

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  85. Plato – Games & Group Chats

    I just found Plato! We are the best place for you to chat and play over 45 games with friends or with someone new. Lots of people near you use Plato to find fun and make new friends, so you’ll be in good company. Over

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  87. Solitaire

    Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is the most popular single player card game in the world. If you like classic Solitaire, you will love this crisp and clear Solitaire game! Game Features: – Beautiful graphics – Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card – Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards –

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  89. Exoty Tarot online at 3, 4, 5

    Tarot Exoty is the reference free tarot app for fans of the French Tarot and card game. It is the best free online tarot game dedicated to competing against the popular card game! Every day, offers thousands of French Tarot players to compete for

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  91. Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Game

    Still playing Spider Solitaire or Klondike? Try some different solitaire puzzles – TriPeaks Solitaire for free! This is a free solitaire card game applicable to any age. If you love to play and win a game of Klondike, FreeCell or Pyramid, Tripeaks Solitaire is the card

  92. Screen image

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  93. Solitaire Tripeaks Diary

    Take a solitaire tripeaks card journey in Solitaire Tripeaks Diary, the best free offline tripeaks solitaire card game in 2022! And train your brain. – Have fun collecting all the gold cards and try to complete each addictive level with 3 stars! Are you ready to explore the

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  95. Lophis Roguelike-Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon

    Dreamsky: Just Be Happy, we’ve combined card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player ever. Design a unique deck, encounter strange creatures, and discover traces of awesome power, Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis Fate Card Rougelike is a single player RPG card game. The game

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  97. Solitaire Card Game

    Solitaire is the most famous classic card game in the world, known as Klondike Solitaire either Patience. Making you feel comfortable is the main reason Solitaire has been popular all over the world for years! Play Solitaire to wake up your mind in the morning and clear your mind

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  99. Pinochle

    Pinochle Palace – Try the traditional card game live and play for free against real players. Compared to games like Whist, Spades or Euchre, Pinochle requires good brains and memory. You can now try it online for free and without ads in one of the largest online card game communities.

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  101. memory®

    The Family Memory® game has impressed gamers of all ages around the world for over 60 years. The Ravensburger memory® app offers many new and classic card combinations. New collections are added regularly and can be tried for free. Variations with sound and images, for example, make you think outside the

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  103. Horus Heresy: Legions TCG

    Choose your legion, build your deck and fight to become legendary warm! Collect your favorite characters from The Horus Heresy, the main setting of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and fight in fast and brutal matches. An epic card game (TCG / CCG) with a growing deck of over

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  105. Panini Direct

    Panini America Direct – Sports Trading Card & Souvenirs The Panini Direct app brings the trading card and sports memorabilia directly to sports fans around the world. With over 100 trading card products available annually – there is something for everyone. Available at any time. Open 24/7. on

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  107. Credit Card Wallet

    With Credit Card Wallet, you can access all your credit cards, wherever you are. Did you know that credit card cake that you keep in your wallet? Keep it all in one place. over here! • Security All data stored on your device and in the database

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  109. Solitaire Cruise: Card Games

    Take a solitaire cruise and enjoy a free classic solitaire cruise! Train your brain and patience with tripeaks solitaire card game offline! Relax with the most exciting and challenging classic solitaire games from Tri Towers, Tiki Solitaire and Tri Peaks Solitaire for free. The clean cards and

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  111. MaxRewards–Credit Card Rewards, Cashback, Benefits

    MaxRewards helps you earn free money from your credit cards with automated rewards, cashback, and benefits. Features • Automatic activation of Amex offers, BankAmeriDeals, Citi Merchant offers, Chase offers and more • Automatic activation of quarterly reward tiers on cards like Chase Freedom and Discover It’s • Best

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  113. Shadow Era – Trading Card Game

    Shadow Era is the massively collectible trading card game you’ve been looking for, with the most generous free-to-play system out there! Start your campaign by choosing a Human Hero, and get a free start on the deck. Battle with AI opponents or other players in real-time

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  115. Solitaire Tripeaks – Farm Trip

    It’s time to take a break! Let’s play Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire for fun! Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire is the best casual game for killing time! While the rule is very simple – just tap on any card above or below the card in the pile

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  117. Solitaire Grand Harvest

    Welcome to Solitaire Grand Harvest! Play this fun and free game of Tripeaks Solitaire made for fans of online card games and discover a new world of Solitaire! Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun and challenging solitaire card game for all types of players. Play challenging online card games

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  119. Solitaire Collection

    Solitaire Collection is a collection of classic solitaire card games with Classic Solitaire (known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience Solitaire), Spider solitaire, FreeCell solitaire, TriPeaks Solitaire and Pyramid solitaire all in one game. Solitaire set is a popular solitaire game in the world. If you love to play classic solitaire

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  121. Pokémon TCG Card Dex

    Pokémon Trading Card players, rejoice! Pokémon TCG Card Dex is the official app for managing your Pokémon TCG collection. With the ever-growing world of cards, this will be one place to browse, manage and set goals for your deck. Pokémon TCG Card Dex contains several useful key

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  123. CollX: Sports Card Scanner

    CollX (pronounced “to collect”) answers the question every collector asks: “What is it worth?” The app allows you to instantly scan and select any baseball, football or basketball card and get the average market cap. Once you scan your cards, add them to your collection and keep track

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  125. NBA Dunk – Play Basketball Trading Card Games

    Collect, trade, play and dominate the league with NBA Dunk! The only exclusive, officially licensed NBA trading card and collecting app! NBA DUNK by Panini is the exclusive, officially licensed trading card and collecting app for the National Basketball Association. Panini, the leading

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  127. Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG

    Welcome to the world of Valentia! Build your deck and prepare for strategic CCG battles against monsters and Guardians of Chaos. Download *Card Guardians: Deck Builder for free and embark on a great adventure game to save Valentia from the magic of chaos. The land of

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  129. DUO & Friends – Uno Cards

    DUO With Online Friends is a challenging card game with unlimited entertainment. It’s an advanced version of UNO with new tournaments, rules, game modes, special cards, and more. It’s almost identical to UNO cards, but offers room for up to 8 players. So, you can

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  131. Solitaire : TriPeaks Farm

    Enjoy the fun of Solitaire and explore the farm adventure in the great card game of 2022 – Solitaire TriPeaks: Farm Adventure! Compete with millions of solitaire players and prove that you are the master of solitaire in this amazing solitaire tour! Guaranteed to satisfy all your solitaire

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  133. Eternal Card Game

    Raise a banner with spells, swords, six guns and gimmicks, heroes clash in their struggle for the eternal throne. Where will you stand? Join the battle in Eternal, the new strategy card game with unlimited options and incredible fun. The best of both worlds combines the endless possibilities

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  135. Card Talk

    Card Talk supports communicating with cards for children who have difficulties with verbal communication, you can indicate your feelings/intent, learn vocabulary and grammar at the same time, this app is developed from actual cards used in LITALICO classes. Now everyone can use these special cards to learn to communicate anywhere and

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  137. Solitaire

    Solitaire-Palace Enjoy the classic Klondike Solitaire experience for free live and face real opponents, a must for every Solitaire fan: classic solitaire with multiplayer fun and a large online community. Above all, Klondike Solitaire requires intellect and competence. Join one of the largest ad-free card game communities for free, then dissolve

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  139. Cards, Universe & Everything

    Cards, Universe, Everything (CUE) is the ultimate CCG where you collect cards, battle decks, and trade thousands of powerful cards to earn game rewards. The CUE Universe has new releases every day – it’s time to fight in the CUE Arenas in the ultimate TCG! Card decks will

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  141. Solitaire TriPeaks & Klondike

    Play Solitaire & Design Your Aquarium! Solitaire card game is a puzzle game that trains your brain to play classic and special solitaire. Join an exciting underwater journey. Create your own aquarium with different styles by solving challenging solitaire puzzles. Choose adorable fish and adorable decorations.

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  143. Cribbage JD

    Play online the classic card game Cribbage also known as Crib, Cribble and Noddy. A traditional card game for two players, which involves playing and grouping cards into groups that earn points. Cribbage has several distinctive features: a cribbage board used to save points, a crib, chest, or kitty, separate

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  145. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

    Join the favorite card game of the The Witcher universe – available for free! Mixing the CCG and TCG genres, GWENT sees you clash in fast-paced online PvP duels that combine deception with on-the-fly decision-making and carefully crafted deck building. Collect and lead Geralt, Yennefer and other

  146. Screen image

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  147. Crazy 8s – Mau Mau

    Mau-Mau Palace – your living community of Crazy Eights’ German cousin. Mau-Mau is one of the most popular card games in the world, and has close ties to UNO and Crazy Eights. You always need to ditch smartly and quickly adjust your gameplay! We bring you the

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  149. Skat

    Skat Palace – Play the fun Skat game live against real players. Skat is the clever classic with German roots – for solo professionals! Compared to games like Pinochle, Spades, and Doppelkopf, Skat requires tactical and deductive skills. You can now try the popular card game online for free and

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  151. Solitaire Mystery Card Game

    Take time to rest! Let’s play Solitaire Mystery for fun! Enjoy the wonderful stories full of suspense and mystery just like Mahjong puzzle, while enjoying your favorite free mystery solitaire card game! Solitaire Mystery is an amazing yet challenging solitaire card game applicable to all ages, the

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  153. World War II: TCG – WW2 Strategy Card Game

    🎖 If you are looking for ww2 games, you have found it! 👨‍✈️ “World War II: TCG” is a free-to-play collectible card game based on the events of World War II. Create army combos with ww2 cards – tanks, infantry, planes, ships, submarines,

  154. Screen image

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  155. WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards

    From the creators of NBA 2K, WWE 2K and WWE 2K Battlegrounds, WWE SuperCard is the longest-running WWE game where deck building and card battles are combined! Step into the ring with WWE Champions and Superstars and work your way to victory. New classes, card designs, new

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  157. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

    Finally, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” The digital card game you’ve been waiting for! The ultimate version of the competitive card game that has been in development for over 20 years! Duel at the highest level against duelists from all over the world. Get ready: It’s duel time! ————————————————- –

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  159. Vanguard ZERO

    Cardfight appeared!! The famous Vanguard TCG in the form of Card Battle RPG on mobile! Experience the new world of Vanguard with “Vanguard ZERO Rules” optimized for mobile ▼ STORY Aichi Sendou, the protagonist of the story, is just another shy and inconspicuous high school boy. In his boring

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  161. Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks

    Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks: The classic Solitaire TriPeaks card game! With more than 3000 levels to play around and win free coins! Train your brain to play along with Tiki in this free solitaire game! ♠️ Card games. Play the classic GSN Solitaire puzzle game alone or play

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  163. GiftYa – Virtual Gift Cards

    The important idea! Virtual Gifts From the makers of, gift sharing has been reinvented to be easier, more personalized and more thought-provoking than ever before! Introducing GiftYa, the gift app that allows you to send a gift card in a new way. Gift card apps

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  165. MONOPOLY Solitaire: Card Games

    Classic Solitaire meets Monopoly in this mix brought to you by Hasbro and the original creators of Solitaire! Now is your chance to play these two classic games and become a Monopoly Millionaire. Easy to play but impossible to put down, MONOPOLY Solitaire is a relaxing card game

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  167. Spider Solitaire Classic

    Spider Solitaire Classic is the original spider solitaire card game that is free to play. Solitaire Spider is a famous classic card game that everyone loves. Solitaire Spider is also known for its version of Patience solitaire. If you love to play Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell

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  169. Spades – Offline Card Games

    The most popular card game Spades is now ready for free in its high quality. Download Spades now and play the free classic Spades game. You can play Spades for free anywhere you want. The main contribution of our game is the offline gameplay as well

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  171. Match The Dinosaur

    Match The Dinosaur is a free memory game where you match the same dinosaur card to win. This game will help to develop your brain power. Increase your memory ability and skills with this cute dinosaur card. The game contains a set of colorful dinosaur cards. It

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  173. Credit Karma

    • Check Your Free Credit Score – Find out what affects your credit score and how you can take control. • Credit Karma Money™ Spend – Checking experience* with Early Payday and daily chance to win Instant Karma™ cash for debit card purchases. ** • Credit Karma Money™ Save –

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  175. Drop: Cash Back Shopping App

    Save on all your everyday purchases, from morning coffee to late night food delivery. Shop and earn rewards today with Drop! Drop is the new type of rewards program created so you can redeem cash back and gift card rewards on everything. The cashback rewards can

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  177. QuickThoughts: Take Surveys Earn Gift Card Rewards

    QuickThoughts rewards you with free iTunes gift cards for sharing your thoughts via quick surveys and local survey events! Earn rewards on the go and redeem them for free $10 gift cards! Choose from thousands of surveys right on your phone, or check in at

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  179. Avant Credit

    Manage your loan or credit card wherever you are! The Avant app makes it easy to manage your loan: See your upcoming payments and view your payment history Receive instant notifications about your account Manage your payments, including adjusting dates, pay a loan and manage your Avant credit card: Schedule or

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  181. Plus for Trello

    Free – no ads – open source. “Plus for Trello” Chrome Extension Companion This is a much lighter version of Trello intended for “Plus for Trello” users, but also good as a lightweight way to display panels, menus, and cards (title and description only), using less memory than The

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  183. Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Card Battles

    Mighty Heroes is an original fantasy card game built from the ground up for mobile. Collect cool cards, create your deck and duel other players online in exciting 1on1 battles! Features: – More than 180 cards – Collect and learn to use them all – 10

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  185. Solitaire: Fishing Go!

    🐠 Solitaire: catch fish! Klondike Card Game is a new free and fun solitaire game with a cool fish theme. Enjoy solitaire games, collect dozens of cute ocean fish, decorate unique aquariums and win huge rewards in Klondike Ocean Tour! Train your brain and become the ultimate Klondike

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  187. Hayya to Qatar 2022

    Hayya to Qatar 22 gives you the best fan experience during the FIFA World Cup 2022 – all at your fingertips. – Find and book the best accommodation in Doha through the official accommodation agency website, with quick access to manage it – Explore the amazing sights and sound

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  189. Solitaire Collection Fun

    Solitaire Collection Fun is a unique solitaire card game, including classic solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike), Spider, FreeCell, etc. You can enjoy this amazing solitaire card game and keep challenging yourself. It will bring you great fun and help you keep your mind smart and sharp.

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  191. Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor

    Are you looking for a free tripeaks solitaire card game to relax and unwind with puzzles, mystery and a romantic love story? Solitaire Story: Ava’s Manor has got you covered! The fun begins on your own farm as you renovate and decorate everything while solving challenging tripeaks

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  193. Garbage Pail Kids : The Game

    Kids trash pail here! Grit your teeth as the icons of the naughty 80s get ready to fight in this highly entertaining RPG. Build the ultimate team of your favorite cards with original characters released by Topps in the 80s and beyond. Fully animated like

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  195. HiHello Digital Business Card

    With HiHello, you can create and share digital business cards, scan physical business cards, and manage your contacts. *** HiHello Featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Slate and Axios *** Create Contactless Digital Business Cards • Digital Environmentally Friendly Business Cards. It’s always available on your mobile

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  197. Timesheet – Time Card – Work Hours – Work Log

    Timesheet is easy to keep track of working time and keep as work log. The timesheet is perfect for self-employed, self-employed workers, contractors, hourly workers and employees to use as a time card, see your working hours, calculate earnings automatically, send time sheet

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  199. Spider Solitaire

    The world’s #1 spider solitaire card game is now available on Android! Come and try the best Spider Solitaire (also known as Patience solitaire version), full of fresh and new challenges! Download the beautiful classic Spider Solitaire game now for the best guaranteed experience of playing spider solitaire! Get

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