Best 13+ Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy – Learn Piano

Piano Academy – Learn Piano

Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

The Piano Academy is for anyone looking to learn piano from the beginning or those who have prior knowledge and want to continue learning by practicing with their favorite songs. Piano Academy offers an on-screen touch keyboard so you can start playing right away. The app also supports MIDI communication, and it can even detect the notes you’re playing if you have an acoustic or electronic piano. Key Features – Watch educational videos brought to you by your private tutor, which teach you theoretical topics such as notes, staff, strings, and much more. – The app listens to every note you play and gives you instant feedback, so you know how to improve. – Practice playing loads of great melodies by reading real sheet music. – Play fun games to train your musical hearing, hand coordination, and sensation…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Baby Piano and Sounds for Kids

    Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs and develop musical skills. It is a great educational activity for kids piano for kids to help them with their music

  2. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  3. Kids Piano

    Kids Piano is a free app for kids. Kids can learn to play piano and musical instruments through this app. Including instruments suitable for children: piano, organ, xylophone, liking, teacher singer, cat, dog, animals, drum sounds and many more piano songs for kids… Features: – Complete piano keyboards, color keys

  4. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  5. TunyStones Piano – read music

    TunyStones Piano app was created by piano educators for piano teachers and their students (kids, but also adults!). – Works with any piano or keyboard – Supports music lessons and piano teachers – Motivates piano pupils in their home practice time (especially kids love it!) – Teaches to

  6. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  7. Piano Game: Kids Music & Songs

    Piano Game for Kids is a full-featured app in the era of fun games specially designed for music game lovers. With the help of piano games, your kids will learn to play musical instruments and interesting sounds that will develop their musical skills. The intuitive interface

  8. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  9. Baby Piano

    This is a 100% free colorful piano designed for kids. It is a very simple piano which makes it very easy to use for kids. Features: – Happy notes will appear with every keystroke. The keys will light up while they are pressed. – Compatible with multi-touch!

  10. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  11. Kids Piano: Animal Sounds

    🎹 Kids piano designed for kids, 100% free piano game and without any ads. Your kids can play the piano safely without worrying about clicking any ads or being tracked by any tracker software. Piano sounds with 7 animal sounds and 3 instrument sounds. List of piano

  12. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  13. Piano by Yousician

    Piano by Yousician is your personal piano teacher for the digital age! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real musical instrument with clear and instant feedback while the app listens Finish the first lesson in just 15 minutes Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere you want.

  14. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  15. Piano Music Go-EDM Piano Games

    piano music Go! It is an amazing piano game that makes music fun! It is an easy music game that everyone can play. Come to challenge yourself while enjoying the music. We have updated the songs in the game! If you like animation, come

  16. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  17. My Colorful Litle Pony Instrument – Piano

    Musical instruments that will make people of all ages play with colorful ponies and make learning fun. ♪ Various guitar sounds. Xyliphone Sounds. ♪ piano sounds. . It’s the best of both worlds: learning through play. Who knows – Pony Piano

  18. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  19. Bimi Boo Kids Learning Academy

    Bimi Boo Kids Learning Academy is a comprehensive educational app for preschool development. The Learning Academy features over 1,500 games and fun activities suitable for boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years old. The app covers the core curriculum for preschoolers: letter and number recognition, reading,

  20. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  21. Adventure Academy

    Welcome to the Adventure Academy’s 8- to 13-year-old education program, start your free 30-day trial of Adventure Academy now! Monthly payments are available, or get 49% off with an annual subscription. You can cancel at any time. Works best with: Android Google: Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL, Pixel

  22. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  23. ABC Piano for Kids: Learn&Play

    ABC Piano is a musical game for children from 1 to 6 years old. The application has two modes: instruments and songs, all young children simply adore different musical instruments, and many of them dream of learning to play the piano. But not all parents have the

  24. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  25. flowkey: Learn piano

    With flowkey, you learn to play beautiful piano music from the beginning. Choose your favorite piano pieces from over 1,500 songs and learn all about notes, chords, note reading and proper technique. Works with real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as digital. Perfect for beginners and advanced

  26. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  27. Minimal Piano

    Minimal Piano is a beautiful piano app without ads, in-app purchases, or premium versions. Focus fully on playing the piano in full screen size with state-of-the-art keys. Features: 🎉 No ads No premium purchases Beautiful buttons Multi-touch support One simple piano sound made with love. Dave / contact
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  28. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  29. Erich Sann: Scary academy

    If you like zombie games with dangerous enemy, you will be afraid of this scary story. The new free game 2021 may be right for you, if you want to play against dead games like death in the light of day or indetity v, you should take a break

  30. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  31. Piano Kids – Music & Songs

    Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs, explore different sounds and develop musical skills. Use your fingers to play colorful instruments like children’s xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone,

  32. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  33. Skoove: Learn to Play Piano

    It is never too late to start learning to play the piano. Join over 1 million Skoove users enjoying interactive piano lessons. Skoove is available to everyone, from beginners to advanced players. Fall in love with music – you will soon feel in harmony with each

  34. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  35. DUOTONE Kiteboarding Academy

    The Duotone Academy app is designed for aspiring kite surfers who want to take it to the next level. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Duotone Academy app will show you what’s next in your progression. From beginner lessons to advanced freestyle moves, surfing

  36. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  37. Khan Academy

    You can learn anything. Free, spend an afternoon looking at the stats. Find out how the Krebs cycle works. Get a head start on engineering next semester. Prepare for the upcoming exams. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, learn how scorching farming is changing Australia’s landscape.

  38. Best 13 Alternative Apps Like Piano Academy 8211 Learn Piano

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  39. Simple Piano for Kids

    Simple piano for kids Cute and colorful design for kids * Real piano key sounds 8 musical notes * Clear animal sounds 7 different animals – Cow sound – Booster sound – Duck sound – Sheep sound – Horse sound – Dog sound – Cat sound
    Category : #Simple #Piano #Kids

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  41. Animal Piano For Kids

    Animal Piano is a free app, created in collaboration with PuFu Kids, where you can play CDEFGABC piano keys with animal sounds. We have the sounds of cats, sheep, rabbits, cows, pandas, dogs, pigs and monkeys. Also, there are other clickable animals on each page. You can

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  43. PJ Masks™: Hero Academy

    It’s time to take control of the epic adventures of PJ Masks! Hero Academy teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) to learn through the basics of coding, setting it apart from other learning apps through fun and exciting gameplay, stories, and animated action for kids aged 4-7.

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  45. LeapFrog Academy™ Educational Games & Activities

    Embark on an educational adventure and sign up to receive over 2,000 ad-free learning activities Help your child build essential developmental and cognitive learning skills through interactive units and games. LeapFrog Academy is an educational app designed by educators and built by the leading children’s education brand

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  47. Khan Academy Kids

    Our award-winning app has been carefully designed by experts in early childhood education to guide young learners on an enjoyable journey through essential skills in math, reading, phonics, writing, social and emotional development, and more. Includes thousands of age-appropriate lessons, activities, books and games for preschool through second grade.

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  49. My 1st Xylophone and Piano – made for kids

    +++ This app does not contain ads (and never will). +++ With this application your child will be able to play with a lot of traditional nursery rhymes on a colorful and beautifully designed musical instrument. You can choose to play either the

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  51. Simple Piano [ NO ADS ]

    Simple piano simulator without any ads. Please let us know if there is anything that needs improvement
    Category : #Simple #Piano #ADS

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  53. Children Piano – Instruments

    Each instrument has clear sound, colorful graphics, and animals can be moved around to further entertain the kids. The best musical instrument app for kids who can play real musical instruments, there are two types: playing the piano keyboard and playing different percussion instruments. Freely or play with

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  55. Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone

    Entertain your child for hours with “Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words”, a fun, simple, colorful and free educational phone game designed for kids and toddlers! Learning is fun with kids games, and there are plenty of mini games and educational activities here to keep

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  57. JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

    An interactive math and reading program for kids that covers basic kindergarten skills such as letter sounds, blending, writing, sight words, counting and arithmetic. Lessons are created by teachers and early childhood experts to ensure your child remains engaged while learning. Along the way, your child will begin to

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  59. Sky Academy: Learn Astronomy

    Features: – 123 levels teach, practice and test your knowledge of all 88 constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union. – 180 levels that teach, train and test your knowledge of more than 150 shining stars in the sky. – new! Create your own list of constellations

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  61. iNaturalist

    One of the world’s most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helps you learn about the plants and animals around you. Connect with a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature! Furthermore, by recording and sharing your observations, you will generate high-quality research data for

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  63. Memhack

    Join thousands of students and memorize words, sentences, expressions and grammar in a simple and intuitive way! Memhack is an app that uses the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) algorithm to help you fix content: No more forgetting everything within days after you study! All flashcards have been created by teachers to

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  65. Soul Land – Douluo Continent

    Soul Land is a unique RPG that offers exciting adventures and epic real-time battles where players can show their strategic thinking, tactical skills, and fighting styles. Start your adventure now and explore a wonderful world like no other! Tang San is one of the most talented disciples

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  67. codeSpark – Coding for Kids

    CodeSpark Academy is the #1 app for learning programming for kids aged 5-10. With hundreds of games, activities and kids learning games designed to teach the basics of computer science. Introduce them to the world of children’s programming and STEM. The LEGO Corporation – Pioneer Reimagining

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  69. Little Fox Animal Doctor

    We received a ‘Tech with Kids’ Best Pick Award’ for exceptional design of a children’s app. Little Fox caught a cold. Can you help find a cure for it? The bat broke its wing. Do you know what to do? Whether it’s head bumps, stomach

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  71. Labyrinthos Tarot

    Explore the rich world of Labyrinthos Academy, the world’s premier magical school, while learning the ancient art of tarot reading. **Note** We are currently experiencing an issue with the Google Play Store auto-updating to an outdated alpha version from years ago. Please delete and reinstall the app to get the

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  73. ChatterPix Kids by Duck Duck Moose

    Create ChatterPix with friends and family as silly greetings, fun messages, creative cards or even fancy book reports. Simply take a picture, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. And best of all, it’s free! Ages: 5 to 12 Category: Creative

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  75. Doodle Halloween

    Press play to pass spells, rescue your friends, and help restore calm at Magic Cat Academy. Draw a ghost symbol to defeat it. Enjoy….!!!!
    Category : #Doodle #Halloween

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  77. School girls house cleaning

    Every day we can have fun while we are cleaning the house and with this house cleaning game for kids you will be able to have a very big house that is very dirty and messy too. All rooms should be cleaned well and then you have to use

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  79. Montessori Nature

    This app provides a very realistic environment where kids have to grow, care, harvest and sell their crops (paid app, no additional purchase after downloading) Nowadays it’s easy for kids to disconnect from nature in bustling cityscapes. . What if technology could help cultivate an interaction with nature that inspires

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  81. Sdorica: Gacha RPG

    ▼ Fantasy Tactical RPG games Legend has it that the world was once black in color, and all that existed was one giant dragon. The giant dragon gave immortality to humans, but their freedom was denied… Those enslaved people finally woke up. They went in search of hope, and

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  83. Preparing To School Eating Breakfast

    Hello my little friend. Today you will feel that the first day of school adventure is very magical to prepare for an important event and you will be very happy to follow all the steps. Its very funny to try some recipes and you can start preparing

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  85. Bebi Toddlers: Learning Games

    Have you ever noticed how your child sucks an activity he or she enjoys? You may even wish they were as attentive to their homework or preschool as with games. They can’t help her. Play is an integral part of development for children aged 2, 3 and

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    Math and Reading for Kids 2-8 ABCmouse is an award-winning educational program that covers reading, math, art, music, and more for kids ages 2-8. At all academic levels. Key Features ABCmouse Early Learning Academy is a research-validated program that kids 2 to 8 love to play with as they learn: •

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  89. ABA English – Learn English

    Do you want to learn English with the help of the most complete and effective method? ABA English, the digital academy of English, has a plan for you that includes everything you need to learn and speak English successfully: full course + live lessons + mentorship from native

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  91. Busy Shapes & Colors

    A fun, stimulating and very intuitive playground for learning the names of 11 shapes and 11 colors, specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Surprise! Cute penguins entertain the kids as they progress through the levels. What’s more, we as teachers know that some children need more time

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  93. NCSA Athletic Recruiting

    NCSA Sports Recruitment helps student-athletes connect with college coaches. Our Android app allows you to control the hiring process wherever you are, right from your device with a full suite of tools you won’t find anywhere else. And there’s more: – Create a profile, add your movie, and describe

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  95. Graves Golf On-Demand

    Graves Golf On-Demand is the official online instruction platform for Graves Golf and Single Plane Academy. Users can watch or subscribe for content on Single Plane Swing, short game basics, tournament management, and more. Users can save videos to a quick access library, download them for offline viewing, and

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  97. Finhabits: mi dinero

    We believe that financial services should be more inclusive. The Finhabits app allows you to invest for your future, take video lessons on healthy financial habits, and sign up for affordable health insurance. Join our community and perfect your financial habits! • Invest Like a Pro • We

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  99. Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest.

    Commission-free investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, banking and all the tools you need to become a great investor. Join the Invstr community and take charge of your financial future today. Get $30 in BTC when you join and fund your Invstr+ account with $100 or more! OR MONTHLY

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  101. Montessori Preschool

    Are you looking for an app that covers phonics, numbers, colours, shapes, nursery rhymes, coloring, and even coding? Designed by certified Montessori teachers with years of classroom experience, this is a fun, kid-focused app, perfect for kids ages 3-7. An introduction to addition and subtraction using Montessori materials is also

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  103. 123 Kids Fun Music Games

    Beautiful and easy music app for toddlers and preschoolers – this app inspires and encourages kids to create their own melodies. A great introduction to exploring the world of sounds and tones. This elementary game features activities that boost children’s creativity, motor skills, and appreciation of music

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  105. Baby Hazel Musical Classes

    Enjoy playing different types of musical instruments together with Baby Hazel! Kids can choose any instrument of their choice and have fun playing it. Also, put your brain to work and solve interesting music puzzles and quizzes to earn rewards. Come with Baby Hazel to her music

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  107. Electrophone

    Turn your phone or tablet into an electronic instrument with xylophone, piano, guitar, vibraphone, drums and special effects.
    Category : #Electrophone

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  109. Beat Fire – Edm Gun Music Game

    Special game in different types of piano games with great gameplay! Beat Fire creates a musical feast just right for you, totally innovative with gun sounds that feel good to you. Play it at home to de-stress! You can find world epic masterpieces, such

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  111. Antistress – Relaxing games

    Have you ever thought about a relaxing game against stress to get rid of stress in minutes? If your answer is yes! You are in the right forum of endless calming games and relaxing games. You have been through many anti stress games 2021 but let us

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  113. BOKU BOKU

    BOKU BOKU is a block building game, you can use blocks to create your own world, a unique playground just for you. – Block building game, create freely! – Many interactive objects to play. – Kid, family and girl friendly. – Multiplayer mode support. – Continuous development!

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  115. Learn Music & Songs Xylophone

    “Learn Music & Songs Xylophone” is an entertaining game where children and adults can play music easily and simply. At the same time, they can learn together to play familiar songs by playing each one of them with different musical instruments such as xylophone, piano, flute and guitar.

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  117. Bubbu School – My Virtual Pets

    Welcome to the amazing world of Bubbu School! Do you like school or not? Don’t worry, you are in control of this animal school game! Play cute animal games, meet your favorite virtual pet and make learning in animal school so cool. Dress up

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  119. Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog

    Let us introduce you to Dodo, our new dog! He is a very cute dog who lives in a wonderful world full of fun and adventure. Be a part of Duddu’s daily life and build true friendship with your new virtual pet. • As a

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  121. Sago Mini Puppy Daycare

    Try before you buy! Introduce little ones to numbers, shape recognition, matching and fun music with adorable dogs. Join Harvey and friends in four interactive activities designed to encourage learning through play. Dive 10 fun-loving puppies in a giant outdoor bathtub to develop counting skills! Match

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  123. Tuner – gStrings

    gStrings is a chromatic tuner app that measures pitch and intensity of sound. This is the ad-supported version, and it will let you tune any musical instrument (violin, violin, violin, violin, guitar, piano, woodwind, your voice/singing). Features include: 1. Multiple built-in widgets and tunings, 2. Support for user defined

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