Best 13+ Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba’s Forest

Babyloonz Baba’s Forest

Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

Join the friendly Dragon Papa on funny and amazing adventures hidden in the magical forest! Let your child explore the forest on his own or sit with your child and make up stories about what Papa is doing. With over 60 animations, Baba’s Forest will keep you entertained for hours! Baba’s Forest is a very intuitive and easy to use app suitable for the youngest members of the family. Just tap or drag to make Papa fly. The app also includes a jungle restaurant and a Babyloonz cinema where Papa can watch a fun music video with the Babyloonz kids! Babyloonz apps do not contain any in-app purchases or third party advertisements. Baba’s world is endless and the game has no real beginning or end. It lets your child explore the game in her own time and with her…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Grow Forest

    Ah, the forest, such a magical place! In this very forest, Banya and her friends are waiting for you to help them build a wonderful and healthy forest community. Plant and cut trees to create wood that you can use to build homes, roads, and renovate buildings. You can

  2. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  3. Papa’s Sushiria To Go!

    Slice and serve delicious sushi at Papa’s Sushiria To Go! – ABOUT THE GAME – Your tour of Papa Louie’s new restaurant is skewed when you break the lucky cat figurine outside the store. Is this the reason for the disappointing opening day of the restaurant? When

  4. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  5. Tiny Mini Forest: free games f

    Meet the cute characters of Tiny Mini Forest in twelve engaging, educational and fun-to-learn mini-games for young children! Let your child learn about animals, seasons, hour, day and night in this toddler game for 2 3 4 year olds. The game has been tested with young

  6. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  7. Nighty Night Forest

    “Nighty Night Forest” is a sequel to the popular bedtime apps “Nighty Night” and “Nighty Night Circus”. More than 8 million parents around the world are getting their kids to sleep with Good Night apps. The third “Nighty Night” app is all about the forest and its wonderful inhabitants.

  8. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  9. Papa’s Bakeria To Go!

    Bake and decorate delicious pies at Papa’s Bakeria To Go! – ABOUT THE GAME – After losing your dream job, Papa Louie helps you out by hiring you to run Papa’s Bakeria, a brand new restaurant located in the Whiskview Mall! This large bakery serves the most sought-after

  10. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  11. Papa’s Pancakeria To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – While searching for your missing pet, you suddenly receive a call from Papa Louie with some good news: Your pet has been found at Papa’s Pancakeria in Maple Mountain, and since your pet loves the restaurant very much, Papa Louie has decided to let you

  12. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  13. Smurfs Magic Match

    Welcome to the adventure of the magical smurfs game! The evil wizard Gargamel discovered the hidden village in the depths of the forest and captured all the Smurfs! He left a stormy chaos in the once peaceful village. Help Clumsy and Papa Smurf save the Smurfs in this

  14. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  15. Sago Mini Forest Adventure

    Try before you buy! * Play Forest Adventure for free 6 times, no restrictions, and the fun begins at Robin’s Birdhouse. Ring the doorbell and invite your new feathered friend to play. Discover the magical forest together as you soar through the sky, swim in the pond,

  16. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  17. Papa’s Scooperia To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – You lost your money and belongings during a sightseeing trip to the big city, but Papa Louie is here to help: he just offered you a job at his new ice cream shop in Oniontown! You will need to make and bake warm, sticky

  18. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  19. Papa’s Cheeseria To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – Papa Cheeseria kicks off its grand opening with a special performance from the high-energy band, Scarlett and the Shakers! Unfortunately, the concert was canceled when all the musical equipment was stolen, and you’ll need to get a job to buy new instruments for the

  20. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  21. Papa’s Burgeria To Go!

    Papa’s Burgeria is now available to play on the go, reimagining the gameplay and controls for Android phones. Grill, stack and serve burgers in a whole new way! You’re left in charge of Papa Louie’s famous burgers, where you’ll learn how to take orders, grill pies, add toppings,

  22. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  23. Papa – The Horror Game

    A totally unpredictable horror game – you can’t predict the path of Freddy (Papa). The enemy is completely unpredictable horror game designed for players who want to experience the same game with different experiences. This game contains a game where any player will face different type of

  24. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  25. Smurfs and the Magical Meadow

    One day, the Smurfs discover a rare and wonderful magical meadow in the forest. Since there is no better location for Smurfs than a magical meadow, Papa Smurf collects all the Smurfs and transports them to the new magical land. Exciting adventures await Smurfs as they rebuild

  26. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  27. Horror forest creepy escape

    Long description: Are you a fan of horror games? Let’s play as the ghost who is chasing the evil nun in the jungle to make your head scared and united with Scary Neighbors Head Forest Survival- Scary Horror Escape. Are you one of those players who love Scary

  28. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  29. Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!

    Place pizza on top, bake and serve at Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! This all-new version of the classic restaurant sim features updated gameplay and all-new controls reimagined for smaller screens. You’ll need to multitask between each area of ​​the pizzeria, with new controls designed to work in the

  30. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  31. Papa’s Taco Mia To Go!

    It’s a great feast in this new version of Papa’s Taco Mia, with gameplay and controls reimagined for phones and smaller screens! You’ll need to multitask between four areas of the taco shop, with new controls designed to work in the palm of your hand. your hand.

  32. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  33. Papa’s Wingeria To Go!

    Fry and throw tons of wings and saucy stuff in Wingeria To Go! – ABOUT THE GAME – It’s your lucky day! After winning a trip to the magical and wonderful Starlight City, seize the chance to play the Mega Prize and win the grand prize: a new

  34. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  35. Papa’s Cupcakeria To Go!

    Bake and decorate delicious cupcakes on the go with this all-new version of Papa’s Cupcakeria, reimagining gameplay and controls for smaller screens! You’ll need to multitask between four areas of the Cupcake Shop, with new controls designed to work right in the palm of your hand. Head to

  36. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  37. Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go!

    Serve seasonal stadium favorites on the go in this new edition of Papa’s Hot Doggeria, reimagining the gameplay and controls for phones and smaller screens! You’ll need to multitask between the four areas of the sausage stand, with new controls designed to work right in the palm of

  38. Best 13 Alternative Games Like Babyloonz Baba 8217 s Forest

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  39. The Fox in the Forest

    Once upon a time, a lumberjack and his daughter lived in a small village on the border of the forest. I traveled with him and saw him talking to the jungle animals… Go on your adventure in the jungle! The Queen decreed that whoever defeats monsters will

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  41. Night of the Full Moon

    Night of the Full Moon is a standalone card game. There is no mandatory guide for beginners, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes. The plot will be played out in a card battle. Each NPC and BOSS are given a mission and a

  42. Screen image

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  43. Horror Forest | Horror Game

    Be prepared to be afraid! Deep in the calm and scary jungle to escape from the horrible creatures roaming in the jungle to find the hidden clues that you only have one chance. how to play? The aim of the game, the creatures dodging the forests

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  45. Forest Survival Hunting

    Have you thought about spending a night in the woods? of course not! Play the horror game that will give you a realistic experience of the best offline monster hunter games now on your Android phone. The real challenge of playing witch hunt horror game and finding the

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  47. SCP Pipe Head Forest survival

    Welcome to challenging pipe head jungle survival games and SCP jungle survival games where I will tell you a very interesting story related to siren head jungle survival. With this SCP jungle survival issue I met my friend Jason (professional photographer) this weekend who has been missing for

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  49. Transformers Rescue Bots

    The Transformers Rescue Bots have finally landed… in their first ever interactive story app! Are you ready to join them on the rescue mission? When a new Sky Forest tower is constructed in Griffin Rock, the city finds itself under attack from predatory plants! It’s time for him

  50. Screen image

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  51. Papo World Forest Friends

    Give gifts to friends in the woods with Purple Pink the Bunny! Choose from many cool vehicles and start your adventure! Solve problems and help friends on your way! Cool cars, bathtub car, carrot car, sleigh car and unicorn car! The vehicles in this game are

  52. Screen image

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  53. Forest Golf Planner

    Somewhere in the suburbs is an unspoiled patch of green, a little piece of heaven… and starting today, it’s your golf course! No golf or business experience? Not a problem! It’s easy to start building new outfits and attract your first clients, rise through the ranks and you’ll

  54. Screen image

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  55. Forest Folks: Pet Shop Spa

    Jungle folks can wait to visit the new sensation everyone’s been talking about: Pet Resort! Relieve them of stress while having loads of fun! The big challenge is managing your time while offering fun to your dear pets! Super cute bunnies, bears, dogs and cats will

  56. Screen image

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  57. Secret Cat Forest

    Nowadays playing games is often more stressful than relaxing… so why not play this when you feel like relaxing and making friends with cats? Make them one by one, and the most adorable kittens will appear…maybe… Relax, relax and enjoy the game! And then, once you become friends with

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  59. Scary Doll:Horror in the wood

    Try to save your daughter and solve all the puzzles that will lead you to her, the evil is inside emily and you must be brave and help them, go on a great adventure of excitement and suspense in a lost house in a forest and find out what

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  61. Sago Mini Train Adventure

    Join Jinja, Harvey, Robin and Jack on a magical train adventure across three different worlds – a mysterious forest, a bustling city and a winter wonderland. Take passengers and cargo along the way, avoiding special surprises like the rainbow bridge! CHOO-CHOO- CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE – Choose Jinja,

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  63. Yasa Pets Island

    Welcome to an island full of adventures…Play in the sea with dolphins or visit the monkeys in the jungle!! There are wonderful animals hiding near the waterfall… and a magical wedding party on top of the mountain!! Yasa Pets Island is absolutely FREE with no in app purchases!!

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  65. Forest of facial horror

    ■ Playing time: Depends on the person. Is it a little more difficult? Maybe about 30 minutes. Warning This game is available in both Japanese and English, please note that if the language of the application is Japanese, then Japanese will be used, and English will be

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  67. PLAYMOBIL Princess

    Beautiful flowers and magical creatures – new PLAYMOBIL Princess characters are now available! Download the free Princess app on your mobile device and help them enchant the fairy forest! • Choose from four enchanted princesses and enchant the magical fairy forest • Find all the treasure chests and use the

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  69. Revived Witch

    In the dark forest of this continent, a towering tower full of powerful magic appears. Legend says that the tower hides a mystical power. Countless people entered the tower for this, but no one managed to get out of it alive. The Virgin who had settled in the forest

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  71. Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game

    ♥ The cute kitten got us! ♥ Are you looking for a cute cat toy? Here is a quiet animal jungle where cats boil their delicious soup! Parents = ✪ ᆺ ✪ = 1. Cat Raising in Cartoon Illustrations There has never been

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  73. Learn Forest Animals for Kids

    Teach your little one to recognize jungle animals with this amazing educational app for kids? Interactive learning experience for kids with educational video animations and more With this amazing memory puzzle kids can not only learn new words in the form of animal names but also learn to

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  75. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

    Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is a relaxing butterfly game created for nature lovers! Embark on an expedition to breed butterflies and create a haven for butterflies in a serene jungle environment. Sit back and enjoy feeding realistic butterflies through their amazing life cycle, from adorable caterpillars to majestic butterflies.

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  77. Curious Critters Club: Call of

    Meet Alex and his friends Bobby and Nico. As members of TheCurious Critters Club, they are dedicated to the mission of discovering new creatures for science. Sometimes creatures turn out to be unusual! One day in the forests of New Zealand, the group discovers damage to

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  79. Baby Panda Car Racing

    Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip while staying in your comfort zone? 【Little Panda’s Car Race】 We’ll be starting one soon! Sophisticated truck, valiant armored vehicle, beautiful banana car…. Find a car that expresses you! Choose the car you want and start

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  81. Pango Hide & Seek: Fairy Tales

    A game of hide and seek about fairy tales. Find characters and objects to advance in the story! Specially designed for girls and boys aged 2-5.1% with a secure interface without ads. Search and find characters and objects to enhance the story across 15 images.

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  83. Animals Puzzle for Kids

    Do your kids love animals and puzzles and are looking for puzzle games for kids? Search no further. Animal Puzzle Game for Kids is a fun mobile puzzle game for young children including autistic, preschoolers and children from 1 to 6 years old. These puzzle games are

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  85. OOKS Rush

    Ready, go, go! Race through the OOKiverse and find all the StoryStuff in this endless runner game. OOKLAF needs your help to find all the story element pieces so he can create more amazing OOKS. Race in each level and every time you find 3 StoryStuff OOKLAF will use

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  87. My City : Wildlife Camping

    Pack your sleeping bag, tent and hat and let’s go camping! Create your own wildlife adventure, and run your own camping stories. My City: Wildlife Camping has everything you need for a fun outdoor trip with friends and family. Find the hidden temple, watch out for

  88. Screen image

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  89. Farm Island – Journey Story

    Free adventure around farming, hay, forest, coco and spa. Take a vacation, eat bananas, and invite adorable farm animals and farm friends to your little paradise! This day will sow heaven – it’s time for a new day on your farm! A new farm game from

  90. Screen image

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  91. Block Crazy Robo World

    Block Crazy Robo World – This fun and amazing game in the style of crafts will attract everyone who loves adventure, survival, construction, hunting and fishing to create something incredible, unique and great. It is a sandbox with a lot of possibilities, build your own city in the world

  92. Screen image

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  93. Anno Primitive

    In the Paleolithic, the caves in which the first humans lived were destroyed by large-scale volcanic eruptions, and the primitive survivors were forced to leave their native habitat, made a long journey and finally reached this continent of hope, where they will build an ancient village out of nothing and gradually develop

  94. Screen image

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  95. Fire Safety Town Rescue Adventure

    Have you ever wondered how firefighters work when people are in danger? Do you want to go on firefighting journey with little firefighters to do city rescue adventure? Come and try our fire safety rescue work! Learn how to put out a fire, keep people safe

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  97. Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game

    Games play an essential role in childhood development. And this fun and challenging balloon popping game can help your child learn a lot: numbers, letters, shapes, animal names, colors and more. Enter nine different worlds with adorable creatures, five different balloon popping games, and have fun with

  98. Screen image

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  99. Memokids: matching game

    🎊 🎉 Welcome to the amazing MemoKids game! Classic memory game with animals. 🐶🐶👉 This matching game is a free mind games designed to be played as a family. It is one of the best matching games for kids to exercise your brain for minutes or hours.

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  101. PLAYMOBIL Novelmore

    Welcome to Novelmore, the wonderful world of knights and villains! Save the kingdom and join Prince Arwynn, Dario Da Vanci, Gwynn and King John on their exciting adventures. • Ride through the Novelmore Forest in search of treasure • Battles with horrific fiery spirits • Compete with Lucifex, Burnham Raiders’

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  103. INFESTED : 3D Scary Survival Horror Game

    You are in a scary house and you fall asleep. You see a nightmare and the game begins. In complete darkness, you only have a camera and you can only see through this camera. The camera battery runs out very fast and you have

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  105. Pango Sheep: get all the sheep

    Banjo Sheep: Irresistible Herding Game! Baaaah! Round topic sheep everywhere! Play as a shepherd and help Pango find them Help find sheep, collect them in flocks and bring them back to their barns. But be warned: there’s a wolf on the prowl! Get

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  107. Earth Rangers

    Earth Rangers app is where kids go to save animals! Joining is free and you’ll have access to realistic tasks like building backyard habitats, making forest friendly crafts, and protecting marine animals from pollution. In addition, with animal adoptions, you will also learn about conservation projects of many species such

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  109. WaterDo:To Do List & Schedule

    WaterDo is an aesthetically pleasing subscription-based task app created by the team Forest: Stay Focused, the #1 productivity app with over 40 million users. It helps you stay on track and organize your daily job list in the most interesting way imaginable! You can’t avoid life’s boring

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  111. Build A Truck -Duck Duck Moose

    Build and race your own monster trucks! Build A Truck allows you to customize and build huge trucks. But choose carefully, as every decision and brick will have a real impact on your trucks when the races start! Experience the physics of speed, torque, drag,

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  113. How Fennec Fox Built a Home

    Discover an original story about young Fennec Fox and his adventures in the Autumn Forest! This is an interactive book that both kids and their parents will love! The book is free and contains no ads! But we would appreciate a small donation! Follow

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  115. Siren Horror Game: 3d survival

    Welcome to the 3D jungle survival horror game “Siren Horror Game: 3D Survival” where you will meet the scary monster “Siren Head” in the jungle! This is a 3d jungle survival horror game in which you have to go through the story and finally find Siren head 3d

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  117. Little Fireman Rescue Adventure

    Get ready, there is an alarm signal, somewhere there is a big problem. Receive the emergency call and find out the location. Your fire truck is ready to go. Save the lives of the citizens living in a burning house in little firefighter simulator like a kid

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  119. Kingdom of Heroes – RPG

    ◈ NEW USER EVENT ◈- A chance to choose and summon a five-star light and dark hero for the first time! 5-star Hero Pick Summoning Chest! Start with a 5-star hero of your choice! – Newbie Rewards Renewed! Who conquers the destroyed apple tree forest!

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  121. Sago Mini Camping

    Try before you buy! * Play camping for free 5 times, with no restrictions. Escape from the big city and enjoy the outdoors with your forest loving friends! There are barbecue snacks, paddle boats, and caves to explore and fish for. While you were at it, a

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  123. Car City Heroes: Rescue Trucks

    Pack your bag and get ready to play with your favorite Car City characters: Tom, Carl, Amber, Frank, Matt and Carrie! Save your friends in trouble or get some rest and laugh with the funny animals you’ll find along the way! Assemble the rescue trucks! Perfect

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  125. Undiscovered house: scary horror game

    Undiscovered House is a first-person horror game, based on the story. The game evokes a gloomy atmosphere, a sense of awe and tension. Players solve light puzzles and find and use keys. They find supplies for a flashlight and experience jump scares. It’s late in

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  127. Little Panda’s Jewel Adventure

    Hey kids, welcome to this new and challenging adventure of your summer vacation! In this jewel adventure you will need your courage and brains! Baby Panda’s Jewel Adventure is a ‘gem hunt’ puzzle game that helps you train your logical thinking. From triangles, squares, trapezoids… Select the

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  129. Fantasy Craft: Kingdom Builder

    Build and craft a fantasy kingdom! An exploration adventure full of magic in a blocky cube world! An epic quest for survival! Exploration sandbox experience Be a prince, princess, king or queen! Mage or legendary warrior! Embark on this epic sword and sorcery exploration adventure

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  131. Idle Heroes

    Join millions of other players around the world and begin your journey from Sara Forest to High Heaven, leading your team of heroes to ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness! Game Features: ★ IDLE SYSTEM ★ Recruit your heroes while training away. When you return to your phone,

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  133. LifeAfter

    [LifeAfter Season 4: The 2nd Outbreak] Officially mutations occur in the world of doomsday. Huge swarms of zombies are coming in all directions. A mysterious giant egg and a new type of infected appear. In a doomsday world that is spiraling out of control, survive together!

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  135. Ronin: The Last Samurai

    Major Update 1 – The first long-range weapon update: the bow! – The new Blazelight bow is not like a sword. Keep your distance from hitting enemies from afar with your arrows. Build new strategies to win completely different types of battles.

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  137. The Wolf

    Immerse yourself in the world of wild wolves and live your life as one of them! The wolf RPG has finally arrived on mobile. Explore the amazing environment, develop your character and upgrade your skills to become the alpha of your squad! You can test your strength in one

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  139. Robin Hood Legends – A Merge 3 Puzzle Game

    Merge the pieces to solve the puzzles and save the city. It’s a fun new way to combine! Why does it match the possibility of merging? Join Robin Hood on her quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and save the

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  141. Sago Mini Zoo Playset

    * Try before you buy! Play peek-a-boo in the bamboo forest and catch some sun in the savannah. Each ecosystem features hidden surprises, cute animals and beautifully designed artwork – perfect for learning about different climates and geography! Meet dozens of new animal friends from the biggest

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  143. Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping

    Avenza Maps, the best app for hiking, biking and all trails. Featuring maps from National Geographic, national parks, and more! On your next adventure, stay on track with GPS with offline mobile maps. Make your own maps? Import your own custom maps and never get lost

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