Best 14+ Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

Kids Instruments

Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

Kids Instruments is an app specially created for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, cool songs, explore different sounds and develop musical skills. The interface of the application is colorful and bright. It will interest you and make your child happy because he will learn music while playing exciting games. Piano, electric guitar, xylophone and percussion drums. Each instrument has real sounds and representation. The child can unleash his imagination to compose his own melodies in the different instruments, and the child can choose to play the piano, electric guitar, xylophone and percussion instrument. Every musical instrument has real sounds and representation. The child can unleash his imagination to compose his own tunes in various …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Piano and musical instruments

    (Piano and Musical Instruments for Kids) is a virtual simulator of piano and special musical instruments suitable for children and babies. The app contains cheerful sounds, musical notes and different colorful patterns. (Piano and Musical Instruments for Kids) is the best solution for children beginners as well

  2. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  3. Baby Hazel Musical Classes

    Enjoy playing different types of musical instruments together with Baby Hazel! Kids can choose any instrument of their choice and have fun playing it. Also, put your brain to work and solve interesting music puzzles and quizzes to earn rewards. Come with Baby Hazel to her music

  4. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  5. Piano Kids – Music & Songs

    Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs, explore different sounds and develop musical skills. Use your fingers to play colorful instruments like children’s xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone,

  6. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  7. Children Piano – Instruments

    Each instrument has clear sound, colorful graphics, and animals can be moved around to further entertain the kids. The best musical instrument app for kids who can play real musical instruments, there are two types: playing the piano keyboard and playing different percussion instruments. Freely or play with

  8. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  9. ABC Piano for Kids: Learn&Play

    ABC Piano is a musical game for children from 1 to 6 years old. The application has two modes: instruments and songs, all young children simply adore different musical instruments, and many of them dream of learning to play the piano. But not all parents have the

  10. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  11. Piano Game: Kids Music & Songs

    Piano Game for Kids is a full-featured app in the era of fun games specially designed for music game lovers. With the help of piano games, your kids will learn to play musical instruments and interesting sounds that will develop their musical skills. The intuitive interface

  12. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  13. Guitar Tuner, GuitarTunio

    GuitarTunio – Guitar Tuner is an incredibly powerful tuning app for stringed instruments. It is one of the best and most user friendly tuners available for Android users today with many smart, useful and high performance features such as instrument tuner, digital metronome, and chords. GuitarTunio is fast, easy

  14. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  15. Hexpress musical instrument

    Hexpress is a collection of musical instruments for your phone. You can use it to learn, play and compose music whenever you have the time – on the train, waiting in line, and during boring meetings. It is highly recommended to use headphones (non-bluetooth) for higher and better sound

  16. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  17. Vantage: Trade Smarter

    The Vantage app provides mobile access to over 300 tradable instruments including Margin FX (Forex), commodities, indices and stocks. The Vantage app enables you to open an account, manage your money by depositing and withdrawing, and access a feature-packed trading platform. Equipped with features like order management, custom watchlists,

  18. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  19. The Happy Child Parenting App

    The Happy Child – Parenting app gives you access to the latest research and advice that will help you raise a happy, resilient child. Years of ground-breaking research and findings in psychology, neuroscience, and pediatrics combined into one easy-to-use app… FREE (no in-app purchases)! There is no

  20. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  21. Baby Piano and Sounds for Kids

    Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs and develop musical skills. It is a great educational activity for kids piano for kids to help them with their music

  22. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  23. My Child Lebensborn LITE

    This is the LITE version of My Child Lebensborn where you can play the first part of the game for free. After this point, please pay the game cost to unlock the full experience. Note: Some users are currently experiencing payment failure issues. Until this is fixed,

  24. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  25. GizmoHub

    The GizmoHub app allows you to locate, connect, and control your child’s wearable device. Talk, exchange messages, and invite trusted contacts to connect with your child, all while managing their Gizmo Watch and keeping their information safe. GizmoHub allows you to: • Monitor your child’s location and receive alerts while they

  26. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  27. Puzzle For Toddlers Kids Game

    – A game for children aged 1-4 years! Welcome to Puzzle for Toddlers – an educational and fun puzzle for children aged 1-4 years! There are 36 different puzzles with more than 80 different animals, cars, robots and musical instruments to choose from. Puzzle for Toddlers

  28. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  29. Pango Musical March: 3-6 years

    Create your own marching squad with PANGO MUSICAL MARCH! Choose the instruments and place your characters: the musicians come alive and move! The marching band starts playing! Each character plays their own tune and walks in time Musicians speed up and slow down when you change

  30. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  31. Bandpass

    Bandpass transforms mobile music production into a blend of music social networking. Create tracks, build loops, invite friends, let the magic begin, listen to beats made by other users and mix them in your own style. Choose from over 3,000 samples provided by Bandpass or choose from other instruments including: –

  32. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  33. Kids Piano

    Kids Piano is a free app for kids. Kids can learn to play piano and musical instruments through this app. Including instruments suitable for children: piano, organ, xylophone, liking, teacher singer, cat, dog, animals, drum sounds and many more piano songs for kids… Features: – Complete piano keyboards, color keys

  34. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  35. Rhythm Patrol

    Feel the rhythm! Get ready for an exciting rhythm match where you need to keep your focus and make sure the girls have an amazing performance! Help the girls become real stars! Magicians from the Fantasy Patrol love music and creativity! When they’re not busy casting spells, they

  36. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  37. Sail Expert – Navigation, Instruments, Logs & NMEA

    The Sailing Expert app, a Swiss knife for sailors, supports navigation and regattas and helps sailors keep their log, displays weather forecasts, maintains a maintenance log of different boats and more. Device sensors are used to fill in the log (location, COG, SOG, temperature, pressure).

  38. Best 14 Alternative Games Like Kids Instruments

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  39. Fret Trainer – Learn the Fretboard

    Fret Trainer is the ultimate educational game for learning the musical notes and chords on the fretboard of guitar and other stringed instruments. There are 6 instruments available to practice with: GuitarBass5-String BassMandolinUkuleleBanjo Choose your instrument and choose one of the many games available for you to

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  41. RoboMarkets Stocks Trader

    Invest through your Android device with the R StocksTrader app that allows you to buy stocks without commission* effectively and safely. With the trading app, you get access to over 12,000 instruments, free market data, stunning charts, corporate action calendars, no monthly fees, innovation, and support that helps you invest

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  43. GuitarTuna: Guitar,Tuner,Chord

    Get in tune and play your favorite songs with GuitarTuna, the world’s #1 tuner app! Fast and accurate tuning across 15 instruments including guitar, ukulele and bass. Play guitar with chords and words. Over 100 million downloads and more! Why you’ll love it Get perfect tuning anytime, anywhere

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  45. Kids Doodle Paint

    A perfect doodle drawing app for your child. Kids Doodle Paint is one of the kids doodle drawing app in playstore. Put your imagination on canvas with colorful brushes. Fluorescent, heart shape, teddy bear and what not. Kids Doodle Paint provides great functions to draw your imagination.

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  47. Dinosaur Ocean Explorer

    Travel the polar seas, dormant volcanoes, mangroves and plateaus to discover wonderful animal habitats! This game combines adventure and scientific knowledge to educate children in a fun learning environment. Lets kids experience the exciting world of exploration and fall in love with the natural sciences! Kids choose from

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  49. Tiny Mini Forest: free games f

    Meet the cute characters of Tiny Mini Forest in twelve engaging, educational and fun-to-learn mini-games for young children! Let your child learn about animals, seasons, hour, day and night in this toddler game for 2 3 4 year olds. The game has been tested with young

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  51. Dino Counting Games For Kids

    Does your child struggle with basic math? Does he find it difficult to count numbers? If yes, then you are at the right place and what you have to do is approach this educational dinosaur counting games for kids. It will help your child explore learning

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  53. Kids Game – Educational Game

    The children’s toy is very useful in developing your child’s cognitive or intellectual skills. This kids game is a collection of different kids games for toddlers and it has kids games that will increase your kid’s game skills to learn new things. Your child can get very

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  55. English for Kids

    English for Kids is the perfect app to help your child start learning English in a fun and easy way. Offer your child a fun learning experience with English for Kids, where they can learn basic words through fun games. Our lovely characters and original toys will accompany your

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  57. Kids Word Search Games Puzzle

    Let your child have a fun and educational time on the screen with this word search game for kids! Exciting word search game for kids! Word scramble is a traditional crossword puzzle game that will teach and add new words to your child’s vocabulary. In word

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  59. Kids Spelling & Reading Games

    Boost your child’s English with reading and spelling games for kids! We have developed a collection of over 100 vocabulary games to help your child understand and spell different words. Our games include a variety of entertaining characters to elevate your child’s learning experience. Young learners

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  61. Tadpoles Parents

    The Tadpoles Parent app helps you build connections with your child’s teachers and caregivers. Stay connected to the learning happening in your child’s classroom with daily reports, multimedia SEL playlists, interactive activities, and two-way messaging with your child’s teacher. The Tadpoles Parent app is used by more than 2,600 programs

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  63. Toddler Flashcards for Kids

    Toddler Cards for Kids is the best preschool app for your child designed to learn first words. Kindergarten and preschool kids will enjoy this flash card game for kids. Flashcards for kids has many educational advantages, Flashcards for toddlers is an entertaining and educational game. This game

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    LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is filled with open-ended play experiences and games featuring animals, buildings 🏠, exciting vehicles 🚒 and trains to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity through learning – perfect for preparing your child for preschool. WORLD carefully aligns with the highly regarded Headstart Early Learning Outcomes Framework to

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  67. Learn to Read – Duolingo ABC

    From the creators behind Duolingo, the world’s #1 educational app, comes Duolingo ABC! Duolingo ABC is a fun and practical way for your child to learn to read and write in English! From preschool to first grade, engage your child in delightful children’s stories and mini

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  69. Tap the Fly : Chameleon

    Tap the fly is a new entertaining game for kids, which is a great story for your child. The essence of the game is simple – catch as many flies and do not miss any of them, they happen in the way of a colorful and funny chameleon.

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  71. PBS KIDS Games

    The PBS KIDS Games app makes learning fun and safe with great games featuring favorites like Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, Donkey Hodie, Alma’s Way and more! Play hundreds of free educational games designed for your child and watch them learn with their favorite PBS characters. Your child can play

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  73. Pokémon Playhouse

    In the Pokémon Playhouse, your child can interact with all kinds of cute Pokémon as they explore different locations, including the tower, lounge, and outdoor playground. Each location within the Pokémon Playhouse features activities created just for younger Pokémon fans, such as caring for Pokémon in the Pokémon Grooming activity, or

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  75. Starfall Learn to Read

    The Learn to Read index content from is now a FREE app! Starfall Learn to Read Free is made possible by supporters of members of, a publicly supported non-profit organization. The activities at are motivated by exploration, positive reinforcement, and play. For accessible content,

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  77. World Geography for kids

    Are you ready to introduce your child to geography? Look no further! This futuristic world geography learning app for kids is designed to give your child a fun and easy way to learn about continents, countries, flags, fun facts, books and pictures like never before. This app

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  79. Learn 33 languages with Mondly Free games for kids

    Are you looking for a fun and free educational app to help your child learn a new language in record time? Look no further! Mondly for Kids is a free educational game that teaches toddlers and kids in kindergarten, preschool or early school

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  81. Learn Music & Songs Xylophone

    “Learn Music & Songs Xylophone” is an entertaining game where children and adults can play music easily and simply. At the same time, they can learn together to play familiar songs by playing each one of them with different musical instruments such as xylophone, piano, flute and guitar.

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  83. Babyloonz Baba’s Forest

    Join the friendly Dragon Papa on funny and amazing adventures hidden in the magical forest! Let your child explore the forest on his own or sit with your child and make up stories about what Papa is doing. With over 60 animations, Baba’s Forest will keep you entertained for

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  85. Christmas Coloring Pages

    Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids is a perfect edutainment app for your child, let your child improve their artistic abilities and hand-eye coordination through the fun of coloring, drawing and decorating. It’s a perfect app to boost your child’s creativity! Draw pictures with your fingers, decorate colorful Christmas-themed backgrounds

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  87. Draw, baby!

    Draw my love! Very easy and absorbing drawing for kids. Your child can draw, color or draw the letters. Luck in the little details, soothing cool colors, and an easy interface! This allows the child to cope with the tasks on his own and will not tire him.

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  89. Unicorn Glitterluck Adventure

    Unicorn Glitterluck is an amazing and charming 3D educational game for young children. Your child can create their own individual unicorn, choosing from a wide range of colours, accessories and stickers. The unicorn will take your child on an adventure through magical worlds such as Cloudy Sky, Magic Forrest

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  91. PAW Patrol: A Day in Adventure

    Another great day at Adventure Bay with PAW Patrol! Join the pups at PAW Patrol: A Day in Adventure Bay! – A special adventure where your child goes about their daily care routine and goes on rescue missions around Adventure Bay! Your child can team up

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  93. Baby Learning Toddler Games

    Your child is old enough and you want your toddler to learn basic math like 1,2,3, basic ABC, name colors and identify shapes for kindergarten. You are using the right child learning app that you can use for the early education of your child 2 3 4 5 years

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  95. Learning Numbers For Kids

    Learning numbers and counting turns into fun! Mini games with math and numbers for your kids! *** Your child will: *** ✔ Learn numbers ✔ Learn to count Develop math skills Improve memory Develop logical thinking Develop associative thinking Remember the order of numbers * ** How to

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  97. Puzzles for kids cars

    The game contains 72 puzzles with different types of transportation, the child learns what the fire truck, taxi, garbage truck, bus, motorcycle, scooter, ship, missile equipment and many other machines look like, and listens to the sounds made by different vehicles. The game will help the child: – get

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  99. Fun Kids Planes Game

    Let your child take control, become the pilot in this fun kids airplane game. Fly and collect stars, pop balloons, and fly through hoops with many obstacles along the way. With over 20 planes, helicopters, fighter jets, gliders and planes, your child will have hours of fun, across

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  101. Second Grade Learning Games

    21 fun and educational games to help your child learn the lessons of the second grade! Teach second grade lessons like multiplication, money, time, punctuation, STEM, science, spelling, suffixes, the human body, states of matter, basic directions, and more. Whether they are just starting second grade, or need

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  103. Seesaw

    With Seesaw, even our youngest learners can bring their ideas and imaginations to life so that teachers, parents and school leaders have a window in their minds – where massive growth happens every day! Join the millions of Seesaw users who have created powerful learning communities with this game-changing educational resource.

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  105. JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

    An interactive math and reading program for kids that covers basic kindergarten skills such as letter sounds, blending, writing, sight words, counting and arithmetic. Lessons are created by teachers and early childhood experts to ensure your child remains engaged while learning. Along the way, your child will begin to

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  107. Helen Doron Read

    With this easy to use app, learning to read in English is a fun experience. Developed by language experts, children learn to read at their own time and at their own pace. With reading, children can: • Hear the word spoken correctly. • See the correct spelling.

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  109. Fiete Math – 1st Grade for Kids

    Fiete Math makes counting easy for children to understand. In this app, numbers are touchable objects that your child can assemble, combine and cut. Your child can discover the connections between sums and numbers and develop his confidence in dealing with them. This makes

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  111. Nature for Kids

    The “Nature for Kids” game from the “Words for Kids” series, is a game that promotes the development of children between the ages of 2 and 4 years. Together with your child, you can view adorable pictures of natural objects and phenomena, seasons, fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers and mushrooms, all

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  113. Drawing for kids! Toddler apps

    The love of drawing and the love of pets are combined in this exclusive “Pet Drawing for Kids” app 🎨. Addictive paint game for toddlers. Learn drawing and coloring for the child easily and fun. Now every little child can draw his or her own pets.

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  115. Third Grade Learning Games

    21 fun and educational games to help your child learn 3rd grade lessons! Teach 3rd grade lessons like multiplication, division, grammar, geometry, sentences, reading, rounding, science, STEM, place values, and more. Whether they are just starting third grade, or need to review and master the material, this is

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  117. Coloring Pages for Kids

    Coloring Pages for Kids is the perfect edutainment app for your child, let your child improve their artistic abilities and hand-eye coordination through the fun of coloring, drawing and decorating. It’s a perfect app to boost your child’s creativity! Draw pictures with your fingers, decorate colorful backgrounds with

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  119. Play and Learn Engineering: Educational STEM Games

    Learn STEM skills by playing! Children explore and learn engineering concepts through games that grow with them. They experiment, solve problems, and open up new challenges as they learn. Build machines and roller coasters, build with robots, and explore obstacle courses. Learn STEM

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  121. معلم القرآن

    The Qur’an teacher is a program to teach a complete part of the Qur’an, the Qur’an teacher is a program to teach the Qur’an, the easiest steps to memorizing the Qur’an for children and adults Learning the Qur’an and sticking to it day and night is one of the most beautiful wishes

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  123. Zebra ABC educational games for kids

    The first introduction to the English language! An educational game for kids from 2 to 6 years old, this quest game will lead your child through 26 wonderlands of the English alphabet, just like in ABC games! Just imagine: a game that your child will play

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  125. Shapes and Colors kids games

    Enjoy a unique educational app for toddlers aged 2-4 years. Toddlers and toddlers will love these games with colorful geometric shapes and multiple levels. Smarter and happier playtime for your child! Key app features: • Arrange by shape – circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval • Match

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  127. Matific: Math Game for Kids

    Math game for kids aged 4-12, years K-6. Make learning math fun with Matific – the multi-award winning educational math game for kids designed by leading education experts. * Endorsed by teachers from all over the world Our Matific app introduces and develops basic math and problem

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  129. Jeel | جيل

    What does the Jill app offer to young children users? Series, stories and chants with and without music, games and other interesting educational and entertainment videos, and the following practical activities after each episode your child watches. Jill application aims to help you build a new world and a

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  131. Spanish with Fred and Fiona

    Introduce your child to basic words in both English and Spanish! Sweet friends Fred and Fiona are your child’s guides as they introduce important and useful vocabulary words. When items appear on the screen, simply tap on them to hear Fred say the word in English, then

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  133. Baby Puzzles for Kids

    Kids Puzzles “Funny Animals” for kids is a free jigsaw puzzle game that helps your kids develop cognitive, tactile and fine motor skills while playing different animal puzzles. An educational game where the child will be able to put wooden animal puzzles together in order to create many cute

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  135. Hidden Objects – Nevertales: The Beauty Within

    Play the trial version for free! Pay once and complete the adventure! When a stranger leaves a child on your doorstep, you are drawn into a mystery that carries you to a mansion filled with magical creatures and portals to other worlds. • Who

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  137. Chinese Parents

    In this realistic, lifelike simulation with Chinese authenticity, you’ll be wearing an ordinary kid’s shoe from the first day of life towards the end of their high school days. Study hard, have fun, make friends and face “Gaokao”, one of the most important tests of your life. This experience may

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  139. Baby Doctor – Hospital Game

    Welcome to Baby Doctor – Hospital Game My baby is crying for a long time, not feeling well? Let’s check her with a thermometer, oh no… She has a fever and also difficulty breathing because of the cold, so I have to call the hospital now and get

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  141. Defense War

    Welcome to Mad Devil! Duke it out on the battlefield with characters from Destiny Child! Choose your strategy wisely! Get to know the wonderful Child of Destiny characters! Davy, Mona, Lisa and Frigg! Meet all the kids from the original! Summon the children to protect the

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  143. Coloring book: Transport

    All young children love to play. After each playing the games they explore the world around it. There are many very exciting forms of creativity in order to fully develop and discover their creative potential. One such type of creativity is drawing. And coloring games can help

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  145. Swap Letters – Animal Names

    Let’s increase your knowledge of the animal world! Switch the game letters to find the word animal name. Learn the order of the letters of the names of these animals. Increase your vocabulary in two languages ​​(English and Indonesian) about animal names in the world.

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  147. Baby Game for 2, 3, 4 Year Old

    Play over 350 games for toddlers aged 2-4 that include puzzle games, number learning games, pop bubbles, coloring games, join the dots, dress up, match pairs and more. All these games will help build a positive approach and improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, logical thinking

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  149. InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker

    Online social media activity reports for family protection. Do you want to know how much time your kids spend on social media? Analyze your child’s last seen social media activities using Insta Online app. When your child is online at night, you will be notified immediately.

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  151. Toddler Games for 2+ Year Olds

    Play over 650 educational games for toddlers and make the learning experience for your kids fun! These kids games and puzzles are suitable for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Various games for preschoolers include sorting, tracing, matching, coloring, tapping and much more. These

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  153. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

    This is a lighter version of Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen. To unlock all available content and features, download a one-time in-app purchase for $2.99 ​​of this simple version, a vocabulary building app that will help your child practice early reading and writing skills by mixing letter sounds to create

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  155. Masha and the Bear: coloring

    Educational coloring books for kids inspired by the animated series Masha and the Bear! Creative virtual workshop on your phone! Your child will love to color his favorite characters from the famous cartoon Masha and the Bear, you will be able to save time for useful things,

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    Join Spidey, Captain America and other MARVEL heroes on exciting adventures and imaginative play fun. Each play pack features an open play experience to help your favorite MARVEL hero save the day. Shoot nets with Spidey and his amazing friends or save a cat with Captain America! Each

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  159. Scary Child

    Welcome to this haunted house! Are you ready to face this scary kid? Once upon a time there was a serial killer who lurks in the night and sneaks into homes and finds his victims. It was pure evil with a coal-black heart. After each kill, he would

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  161. Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles

    What is the best way to build your child’s logical skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorful and completely free educational app Puzzle Kids – Jigsaw PuzzlesPuzzle Kids takes learning seriously with a selection of drag-and-drop puzzles specially designed for

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  163. Easy games for kids 2,3,4 year old

    15 easy games for toddlers and kids aged 1-5, Kids today start playing with phones and tablets early. Especially when they are not in kindergarten but at home. Therefore, it is very important for them to spend time in children’s games, which not only bring

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  165. Kids Art & Drawing Game

    This kids app is very easy drawing game for kids. This sketchbook is a good blend of drawing games and drawing games that will help your child to improve their art and creativity. Take it as a coloring book or an open canvas, where your child can

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  167. Montessori Preschool Games

    Montessori Preschool Games is a comprehensive play and learning app that helps kids learn their ABCs, numbers, counting, shapes, math, organization, tracking, hand-eye coordination, and more. Your child will be able to practice thousands of new words, learn new topics, and do it all while playing. Our interactive educational

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  169. WeeCare: Childcare You’ll Love

    Every day we connect thousands of families with the best local caregivers to provide safe, affordable and high-quality child care, and as the nation’s largest network of screened, licensed and background-screened caregivers we provide families with a stress-free way to discover, meet, and book child care with The best parent-reviewed

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  171. Kids Drawing & Coloring Book

    Let your child unleash his creativity by tracing and coloring the different drawing pages. We have designed a variety of drawing games for kids aged 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. This fun game for girls and boys will keep your little one entertained.

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  173. brightwheel: Preschool & Child Care Management App

    Brightwheel is the #1 software solution for preschool, childcare, daycare, camp and after school programs. Brightwell is the only app that integrates everything you need: check in/out, messaging, learning assessments, daily paper reports, photos, videos, calendars, online bill payments for parents and much more. Brightwell

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  175. SchoolCafé

    SchoolCafé is powered by PrimeroEdge, the leading school feeding management program for K-12 school districts and food service providers in the United States. Parents: Manage your child’s cafeteria account. Apply for free or discounted meals. Make payments, view purchase history, receive low balance alerts, and view school listings with nutritional

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  177. Lingokids – kids playlearning™

    Lingokids is a playlearning™ app: Our games invite your child to practice 21st century skills: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Your child will also practice more than 3000 new words and can learn about 60 different topics. They will practice the Alphabet (ABC), listen to audiobooks and

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  179. Baby Puzzles – Animals, Fruits

    These puzzles are designed for kids and babies with lots of pictures from the children’s world: Animals: wild animals and farm animals ✔ Tools: working tools for different professions ✔ Vehicles: cars, planes, trains, ships and more ✔ Games: different cars and toys from the world of young children

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  181. 123 Kids Fun Music Games

    Beautiful and easy music app for toddlers and preschoolers – this app inspires and encourages kids to create their own melodies. A great introduction to exploring the world of sounds and tones. This elementary game features activities that boost children’s creativity, motor skills, and appreciation of music

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  183. Fantasy Christmas

    Best Christmas and New Year gift This wonderful educational drawing and music game encourages and helps children of all ages to learn and develop their intelligence, creativity and imagination, the whole family can develop their musical and artistic talents, while together they enjoy making songs and coloring with Christmas decorations! This

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  185. Kids Games – Puzzle World

    An ideal app for children, with games designed by education professionals, aimed at learning areas such as logic, art, music and healthy entertainment. The star of the app is a puzzle game! It includes 6 different game modes and 4 difficulties, making it ideal for children of

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  187. Coloring Book – Kids Paint

    Many free educational activities, all in one game, a thought application designed to stimulate children’s learning while playing and having fun, with this game they will still be entertained with educational content, pedagogically developed in different areas of learning that will help them develop their abilities and skills while

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  189. Toca Life: Office

    Have you ever wondered what adults really do at work all day? In Toca Life: Office, you can tell stories about office life the way you imagine! Toca Life: The office is a lot like a regular office – you can have fun using laptops, printers and copiers every

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  191. Mergical-Fun Match Island Game

    Welcome to the wonderful Mergical Island! This is a mysterious land full of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world, as well as build and design the island based on your preference! The perfect merging and building game! Because of a spell cast by

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  193. Papa’s Cheeseria To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – Papa Cheeseria kicks off its grand opening with a special performance from the high-energy band, Scarlett and the Shakers! Unfortunately, the concert was canceled when all the musical equipment was stolen, and you’ll need to get a job to buy new instruments for the

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  195. Native American Music & Songs

    Top 20 breathtaking Indian tribal songs for better meditation and relaxation. If you listen to this spiritual music in the evening, your sleep will definitely improve. If you listen to it in the morning, you will be more alert and focused throughout the day. and drums

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  197. Coloring games for toddlers 2+

    This coloring and drawing program for kids has 144 coloring pages for little kids to enjoy. The drawing app is perfect for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. The drawing game helps children develop creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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  199. My Colorful Litle Pony Instrument – Piano

    Musical instruments that will make people of all ages play with colorful ponies and make learning fun. ♪ Various guitar sounds. Xyliphone Sounds. ♪ piano sounds. . It’s the best of both worlds: learning through play. Who knows – Pony Piano

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