Best 15+ Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge


Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

During a healthy journey, everyone wants to know what’s going on and how they can help. Public social media isn’t always the place to share medical details, and it’s very difficult to keep up with one-on-one emails, texts, and calls. CaringBridge provides a safe and secure place for patients and caregivers to provide health updates, and to respond to family and friends with messages of emotional support and prayer. • Free, no ads • Each site has 3 privacy settings • Connect to GoFundMe in person Fundraising • CaringBridge is a global 501(c) 3 non-profit organization; Founded in 1997
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Hidden Object : Quiet Place

    If you are interested in “hidden objects game puzzle” and “adventure mission” then you are in the right place. Welcome to Hidden Objects: Quiet Place, Trapped in the Woods! We are sure that you love hidden object games and you are ready to discover mystery game, ghost

  2. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  3. Our Place in Space

    Bring the solar system to Earth with the Our Place in Space Augmented Reality app, centered around an epic microcosm of the solar system designed by artist Oliver Jeffers with scientist Professor Stephen Smart and a creative team led by the Nerve Center, The Our Place in Space allows you

  4. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  5. Kik — Messaging & Chat App

    Find People: Kik is your place to chat, message with all your friends and make new ones, no matter who you are or what device you are using. Chat face to face, join a group with like-minded people, or start your own group and chat about what

  6. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  7. Basecamp 3

    An all-in-one toolkit for remote work. Before Basecamp: Projects look scrambled, things slip, it’s hard to see where things stand, and people get nervous. After Basecamp: Everything is organized in one place, you are on top of things, progress is clear, the feeling of calm is in one place, not

  8. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  9. World Chef 🍰🍔🍝🍓

    Play World Chef, a game to create your restaurant and cook the best recipes to attract VIP customers. The exclusive Halloween feature is available for a limited time only! Do you like exotic foods? Are you more than just a type of burger and fries? Either way,

  10. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  11. Universal Orlando Resort™ The Official App

    Whether you’re still planning your trip or are already here, Universal Orlando Resort’s official app is the ultimate must-have. It is free to download. Before and during your trip, it’s easy: Find everything you need • Get detailed interactive maps of the theme parks, Universal CityWalk

  12. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  13. Baby Panda Home Safety

    Home is a special place. It is a place for exploration and adventure and also the most common place for young children to be hit. We never know when an injury will occur. But most infections are predictable and preventable. Worried that your child will touch

  14. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  15. A Stranger Place: Stealth Scary Escape Adventure

    Confused and dizzy, you find yourself alone in a dark, dreary, desolate place, overwhelmed by terror and confusion, strange paintings adorn the walls and savage abominations lurking in the rooms, avoid it, run away and don’t let it catch you, unravel. The secrets behind you, the

  16. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  17. Pettson’s Inventions 3

    In the third game about Pettson’s inventions, you can explore Pettson’s farm and Findus while completing more of their amazing inventions. Enjoy 36 new inventions divided into 6 different areas, each with its own unique theme. Build a ferris wheel in the wood shed, build an egg paint machine

  18. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  19. Pango Build Safari : kids 3-8

    Create a piece of nature and go on an unforgettable safari, paint the savannah with its tall grass and water, then organize your zoo with wild animals, lodges and giant baobab trees, all you have to do now is go on an expedition to discover the magic of

  20. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  21. Aqua Dragons

    The dragon is real! They live in an underwater cave system! Come and explore the world of AQUA DRAGONS! They need your help! In this story-rich game, you will nurture and grow your own Aqua Dragons. It will take them on adventures! Their world is a

  22. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  23. Little Panda’s Toy Adventure

    Hear who cries late at night? It’s Kiki Games! Kiki always throws his toys away. As a result, some toys get damaged and lose their parts. Can you help Kiki recover the parts and repair the toys? There is no way ahead! What should

  24. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  25. Toca Life: Neighborhood

    Welcome to your new neighborhood full of friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new group, where you can explore cafes and shops and meet a new set of characters. And imagine what? Toca Life has never had so many homes before! Move into your new

  26. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  27. Idle Monster TD Evolved

    Idle Monster TD Evolved is an endless idle tower defense game of epic monsters against evil humans in a cute 3D fantasy RPG world. Unlock, upgrade, and most importantly, develop over 120 unique monsters to defend the portal from an endless swarm of invading humans. Develop strategies to

  28. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  29. My Baby Panda Chef

    The kitchen can be an unsafe place for young children, but that will not stop them from exploring all the things in this cunning place. Have them play in BabyBus kitchen and try all the fun activities like food preparation, cooking and juice in a less dangerous way Fun

  30. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  31. Bloody West: Infamous Legends

    Dust, sand and burrs that sparkle in the sun. Twelve men standing opposite each other in the scorching noon sun. It is completely silent … until the first shot is fired and a fatal duel begins outside the salon. In the end, six men lie dead in

  32. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  33. LEGO® DUPLO® Connected Train

    This app can be used with or without LEGO® DUPLO® Cargo Train (10875) or LEGO DUPLO Steam Train (10874). Create and connect all on a DUPLO Train! Join the train driver on an exciting adventure on the DUPLO Railway. Help the driver through Control the speed of the train, turn

  34. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  35. Kuzbass: Horror Story Game

    The best horror game with an interesting story that will make you afraid to get out of bed at night, play the scary game of hide and seek with the crazy granny, where the reward will be survival and the chance to learn the secret of the village, Salvik and

  36. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  37. 1km – Make a Friend around you

    When village friends are needed, if there is no one to talk to? around you, let’s connect and get along and join the clubs! Around you, cute guys met for the first time, start a new relationship, with interesting guys, close to neighbors, new friends,

  38. Best 15 Alternative Apps Like CaringBridge

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  39. AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run

    Explore the outdoors with AllTrails! Discover nature with walking, biking, backpacking and running trails around the world. Log your hike, walk, jog or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker. Looking for a good place for camping or backpacking? The AllTrails community is a

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  41. Worde: Daily & Unlimited

    Worde is a daily word game. It’s fun, simple and like crossword puzzles, it can only be played once a day. Every 24 hours, there’s a new word of the day, and it’s up to you to figure out what it is. Worde gives you six chances

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  43. Unbordered Foreign Friend Chat

    Meet foreign people, find language exchange partners, or browse the public timeline to see what’s happening around the world. It’s great to use as a language exchange app or just to meet international friends. Instant translations – translate any text, post or profile with the click of a

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  45. Kisi

    Kisi is a cloud-based door access control and security solution. Unlock doors with your phone With Kisi app, you can use your Android device to quickly and securely unlock any door with Kisi. * See the list of doors you can access and unlock from the app * Tap to unlock

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  47. Backrooms Descent: Horror Game

    If you’re not careful enough, you could end up in that place, the place some call the back rooms. Someone finds the exit? Go deeper into the backroom terrors as you descend into fear. In this horror game, explore the multiple levels of Backrooms, perhaps the only way

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  49. Space Science

    Space is a wonderful place there is just everything. The birthplace of the planet, the sun, and everything that is in space or on any planet. Everything is made in space. So space is an amazing place and the origin of life, and the sun is our source of

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  51. BitLit – Android Customization News

    Features 1. App updates, discounts, gifts, new launches of Android personalization apps in one place 2. Free (forever) and without ads 3. Various categories (wallpapers, icon packs, KWGT and KLWP) for easy access 4. Top and most important news section for the most important Recent news 5. News updated

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  53. Midsomer Murders: Mysteries

    Grab your magnifying glass and help solve horrific murder puzzles in this exciting crossword game! The case is open! Midsummer County: A magical place where huts, farms, forests and streams create the illusion of a calm, serene and peaceful life. Don’t be fooled though… Midsomer is a notoriously

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  55. Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

    If you or your kids love jigsaw puzzles, you will love this game just like jigsaw puzzle for kids. When you select a piece it stays on the board even if you place it incorrectly, and you can move the piece so it slides into the correct place. Each relaxing puzzle

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  57. KrackWins

    Inside sports betting picks, tips and odds from the legendary sports bettor Bill Krackomberger. Get picks made by “Krackman” himself as he makes them with KrackWins.Krackman has been making his living as a professional sports gambler for nearly three decades. His connections in the sports gambling industry extend to the top.

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  59. PhotoDirector – Photo Editor

    PhotoDirector allows you to animate your photos with a range of AI-powered effects all in one place. Also, with just a few clicks, you can easily remove unwanted objects, change any background, and edit photos with out-of-this-world effects. Get ready to use bokeh and scatter, and let your

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  61. Hushed – Second Phone Number

    Get a free 3-day trial number Hushed is a private phone number app for any occasion! When you need a different number to call and text, Hushed lets you get local numbers from over 300 area codes in the US, Canada, and the UK. You can use

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  63. Keez Jamaica Real Estate: Easily find your place

    Keez is the fastest and easiest way to find Jamaican properties for sale or rent. Our technology allows you to view more properties and also provides more details about each property, including video tours and high-resolution photos.
    #Keez #Jamaica #Real #Estate #Easily #find #place
    Category : SiFi

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  65. Albertsons Deals & Delivery

    Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with weekly discounts of up to $300. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all deals, coupons

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  67. Block Puzzle – Brick Game

    Brick refreshes your memories of playing Block Puzzle. Brick game is easy and addictive game, the goal is to place the block shapes in a way that removes the whole line and frees up space for new blocks, you can place blocks both horizontally and vertically, the more

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  69. Specimen Zero – Online horror

    You wake up in an unknown place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something happened in that strange place, something out of the ordinary… something dangerous. You must find the way to escape. Because here you will only find death, explore a

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  71. BlockBuild: Craft Your Dream World

    BlockBuild is a game where you can create a world that suits you. The only limit is your creativity! In this sandbox game, you can explore the world, discover amazing places, and reassemble the cubes that make it up as you wish. To remove a cube,

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  73. Space Arena: Construct & Fight

    Build a warship spaceship, explore space, and defeat your enemy in our strategy of outer space games and construction games! Far future, year 4012. You are an aspiring spacecraft maker, eager to conquer space and show the world what you are made of. Welcome to Space Arena,

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  75. Baby Panda’s Playhouse

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Playhouse! Explore The Playhouse for endless surprises! Try role-playing, cooking, surfing, and creative crafts and make your dreams come true! Role playing What do you want to be? Chef, babysitter, farm owner… As a farm owner, you will grow crops and run your

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  77. Noumena for freelancers

    Noumena is a social networking app designed to help freelancers build their personal brands and raise their finances. Together, Noumena offers freelancers a dedicated place to connect with certified users to have real conversations about the daily needs of freelancing. Being a freelance professional does not necessarily mean working

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  79. Tiki – Short Video App

    A place for Real Talents -Tiki is an entertaining and interesting short video app that covers high quality short videos like comedy, dance, lipsync, drama, food, lifestyle and fashion. Record your life through short video clips. At Tiki you can like, share and comment on the videos

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  81. Folio ID: Digital Wallet

    Secure Digital Wallet & ID Scanner Store all your cards and ID photos in one place, with Folio’s ID scanner app! Advanced biometrics for facial ID lets you log in and keep others out. Digitize your wallet in seconds, Folio is the safe and secure mobile digital wallet

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  83. Kwik Cash – Fast, Cheap Payday

    Kwik Cash is a simple free app that helps you locate lenders for fast guaranteed legitimate payday loans and cheap personal credit loans to get money. You will easily find fast, affordable and reliable credit and cash for your needs. Use Kwik Cash now to find

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  85. Guilded – Chat, Stats, LFG

    Guilded is the best game chatting app. Guilded is ideal for gaming with friends, clans, guilds, communities, esports, LFG and teams. it’s free. Best place to chat • Get unlimited number of feelings. any server. forever. World-class voice chat with voice rooms, broadcast,

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  87. Soul – Chat, Meet & Hangout

    Soul is a social app where people can express themselves freely through voice chat and share what’s on their mind while meeting great friends around the world. # Why the soul is the right place? A platform to share everything without judgment. – A hospitable

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  89. Premium Parking

    The Premium Parking app provides the fastest and most convenient way to pay for parking in our yards. It provides the best parking experience by saving our customers time and convenience every time they park. Parking made easy • Process transactions instantly with your card • Easily find your way

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  91. Zone-Chat, Game, Meet Friends

    Zone is a social app where you can meet new friends through free live chat and play live games. Parallel to time and place in the universe, we look forward to meeting on a journey, meetings in libraries, collisions at music festivals, acquaintances in gatherings of friends… These scenes

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  93. weBelong: Social media LGBTQ

    WeBelong – Comprehensive Social Media, More Together, More Fun and keep in touch with your friends Find the communities your misfits belong to. The best application to make friends and keep in touch with friends! WeBelong is widely used by fans of the jazz, emo, gay, black

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  95. Dropbox Paper

    Dropbox Paper is a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share early ideas. You can work with everything from video and images to code and audio – all in one place. And it comes free with Dropbox.CREATE & SHARE EARLY IDEAS Create new documents or edit existing documents and

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  97. Color Checklist

    Features: – Custom colors and fonts. – Easy to organize. – Reminders. – Font size and style adjustment. Various sorting methods. – There are no internet or GPS permissions, so there is no third party that can upload your private notes. – Global search. Backup/Restore:

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  99. Mornify – Wake up to your music

    Mornify lets you set up alerts with your music so you can wake up to your favorite tunes. Choose from genres, moods, artists, and playlists and make the most of the alerts. Your morning will be easier from now on New and improved experience We

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  101. Earn

    The Earn app helps you find gigs and track your earnings, all in one place. By syncing demand from services like Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub, and dozens of others, Earn provides you with over 30,000 income opportunities whenever and wherever you need them. Because we believe in working smarter, not harder, our

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  103. Google TV

    The Google TV app, formerly known as Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love in one place. With Google TV, you’ll be able to: Find what you want to watch next Browse over 700,000 movies and TV episodes through your streaming apps, all

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  105. Square Appointments: Scheduler

    Square Appointments has everything you need to run your business from anywhere: online booking that’s easy for you and your customers, a point of sale that tracks customer details, and a fast, secure payments system – all in one place. Get 24/7 online booking, automatic appointment reminders, seamless payment processing,

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  107. Safeway Deals & Delivery

    Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with weekly discounts of up to $300. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all deals, coupons

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  109. ONE Night – Hook Up Dating App

    swipe right to like swipe left to dislike you if you like each other you will get a match chat with girl/boy then start free connection you can also browse latest profile list to find someone you like if you want to meet someone in Nearby place,

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  111. TeamSnap: No.1 Sports & Activity Management App

    TeamSnap is the number one sports team management app for coaches who prefer managing their teams rather than managing their own technology. easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is simple team management, as a coach you do much less training than you sign

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  113. Stir – Single Parent Dating

    As a parent, you have tried other dating apps, but when you mention your kids or you can’t leave everything to meet them, you are no longer interesting. looks familiar? That’s why we created Stir, a dating app focused on single parents. It’s the place where

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  115. Twoo – Meet New People

    People from all over the world are waiting to meet you. Have a good conversation, make new friends, or even find the love of your life. Because life is about the people you meet. Now with Live Video Chat, for free 🎉 Get millions of connections

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  117. Ecency

    Discover and build a niche community and get rewarded for blogs, votes, contributions, and reward valuable friends and followers. Get paid cryptocurrency, earn tokens that have real cash value and you can give tokens to your friends. Features – Discover the community, a niche place, find a suitable place. –

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  119. Parclick – Find and Book Parking Spaces

    Parclick allows you to search and find parking spaces in more than 250 cities in Europe. what are you waiting for? Download now and save up to 70% on your parking. With the Parclick app, parking your car, motorcycle or truck anywhere is cheap

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  121. MovieBox Pro

    MovieBox Pro app will help you to discover movies and TV shows of all categories and genres in one place with too many movies to watch right now. It would be very easy to miss without a plan. It’s one of the best apps that keeps you in plan on

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  123. Yidio – Streaming Guide – Watch TV Shows & Movies

    All your streaming services in one place. Your streaming guide for movies and TV shows. Track, discover and discover where to watch TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, and more than 100 other services. Universal TV &

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  125. YoHoo – Casual Dating & Hook Up App

    Join us and start your new life As a free dating app, we want to help you meet that special someone in this singles community and celebrate the prime time of your life. All attractive singles are welcome to join us, no matter you are

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  127. Minnow: Watch Shows and Movies

    Do you hate spending hours browsing apps one by one? We’re also joining the thousands who are already using Minnow as their first stop to find and browse all their streaming channels in one place. Create playlists of movies, shows and episodes across all popular streaming services

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  129. Simplish – Day Planner App

    The Simplish Day Planner and productivity app calms chaos. Consolidate your work and life in one place to schedule your day with the help of a professional planner. Live a more productive, less stressful, and happier life than ever before. Download Simplish today, try it for

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  131. AMI Music

    AMI Music, formerly known as BarLink, offers a great and convenient way to control your favorite music box without ever having to leave your seat. Start by selecting your place. With the AMI Music app, you can find music boxes across the country and browse the songs and music videos

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  133. Wikipedia

    The best Wikipedia experience on your mobile device. Ad-free and fee-free forever. With the official Wikipedia app, you can search and explore over 40 million articles in over 300 languages, no matter where you are. == WHY YOU WILL LOVE THIS APP == 1. It’s free and open, Wikipedia is

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  135. StockX- Access the Now

    StockX is the safest and fastest way to discover, buy and sell authentic sports shoes, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches and handbags. We also have the latest next generation video game consoles, including the new Playstation 5 and Xbox. Every product is verified by our team of expert validators,

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  137. Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

    Combining Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, Focus To-Do is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done. It brings pomodoro technology and to-do list in one place, you can record and organize tasks into your to-do lists, start focus

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  139. Apartment List: Housing, Apt, and Property Rentals

    Scroll through your matches, review amenities, hire specials, and hundreds of HD photos and floor plans. Do you see one you like? Swipe right and save to your shortlist. Love the place? Text or call the property right away, schedule a tour right

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  141. Buffer: Social Media Tools

    Plan and schedule your social media campaigns. Track your progress with analytics.Buffer is the most intuitive and affordable social media management tool for small businesses. Schedule social content, get engagement data and stats, and see all your posts in one place. Why you’ll love Buffer: – Draft

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  143. Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes

    Trulia helps you discover a place you will love to live. We go beyond typical facts about rental properties to give you a sense of what it really means to live in a home and in a neighborhood, we bring you straight to the information you need (no

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  145. Milanote

    “Milanote is Evernote for creatives.” – Brian Clark, The Next Website Gather everything in one place Write notes and to-do lists Upload images from your camera Save text, images and links from the web Your computer Milanote’s flexible drag-and-drop interface lets you organize your ideas and projects into visual panels .

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  147. Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

    Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy, no matter where you are – search for flights, hotels and rental car deals to anywhere in the world on the go. Save time and money by comparing and booking your favorite travel brands all in one place too. There are

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  149. LendingTree: Finance Tracker

    Use the LendingTree app to manage your personal finances, improve your credit score, and keep track of your bills and expenses. We can even help you find savings from your current debt – all in one place! With critical analysis and budget tracking from LendingTree, we can give you

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  151. WISHUPON – Shopping Wish List

    Global Shopping Wish List 💜 Save items from millions of different online stores in one place. So you can get discount alerts on your saved items which allow you to spend less. Share your wish list with friends and family, so they’ll be notified when they book

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  153. Asana: Work in one place

    Asana is the easiest way to manage your team projects and individual tasks. From the little things to the big picture, Asana organizes work so that you and your teams are clear about what needs to be done, when to do it, and how to get it done.

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  155. Dreamscape

    Dreamscape combines the strategy and engagement of grassroots building games with fictional reading passages and interactive quests to create a super fun literacy game! Dreamscape players are dropped into the world of dreams and are tasked with defending their “dwelling” (the place where their dreams live and are created) from the invasion

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  157. #DRIVE

    #DRIVE is an endless driving video game inspired by road and action movies from the 70s. As simple as possible, allowing the player to choose a car, choose the place and hit the road. Just be aware not to bump into anything else! No matter where we drive, no matter

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  159. Granny Smith

    From the makers of Sprinkle! Granny Smith loves her apples, but the wheeled thief is stealing from her precious garden! Help Mrs. Smith skate quickly across farmland and cityscapes, navigating through everything from barns to offices in search of fruit. Get the apples before the thief does! Granny

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  161. YAKARI

    Have you always wanted to create your own world with famous characters from YAKARI…? Come then! This app contains two powerful Indian games: Spiel-1 Build your own YAKARI world with Little Thunder, Rainbow, Big Eagle, Little Badger and much more.Lots of different scenes and characters to design. Special extras: Take

  162. Screen image

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  163. North Tower

    North Tower is a high quality 3D tower defense game, which combines fusion and clicker with idle game features. Classic idle tower defense game, clear all the enemies and guard the central tower with surrounded towers and heroes. All in one! 💥 Merge – Merge your weapons of the

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  165. Pechka – Story Adventure Game

    In the early twentieth century, people from a lost nation embark on a battle for their country, the journey of “Pyotr”, which no nation can be his home to, be the protagonist in a story based on real historical events! Experience the heartbreaking story straight through the tragic

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  167. Word Search Link

    🌟 Word Search Link is a great daily challenge to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your brain 🌟 This immersive word search game is relaxing and challenging for your brain, with word search link find letters, connect and connect it, it is a relaxing and addictive word search game that you

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  169. Workday

    The Workday mobile app gives you the tools, insights, and answers you need to keep your workplace productive – all in one convenient place. To work and request time off to connect with your teammates and learn new skills. – Get push notifications reminders so you never forget important tasks –

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  171. Cricket League

    Bat, ball and field your way to the top of the league in fast, fun, exciting and authentic 3D cricket in real time. Play two quick matches against your friends or players from all over the world in just a few minutes! Ready.. set..start your cricket saga now! Free

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  173. Fill It! – Block Puzzle Game

    Fill it up! It is a classic block puzzle game that is easy to play. Fill it up! The block puzzle game is easy to learn and developed to have fun. It is a block puzzle game with a simple and minimalist design that

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  175. Arpie

    Arpie is a new music app that allows anyone to enjoy music. Place the balls as much as you want, and watch them play a beautiful tune. The higher balls hit the keys with long pauses, while the lower balls hit them quickly and repeatedly. By combining them, you can

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  177. Sally’s Law

    The award winning indie game of 2016! Sally makes her way back to her childhood home to see her seriously ill father. Thus unfolds the journey of Sally, the girl nothing can stand in her way, one teeming with incredible luck. Could Sally’s luck be just a coincidence?

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  179. Hamster Pet Puzzles

    Hamster Pet Puzzles is a puzzle game for the whole family. Enjoy high quality pictures. The game contains 60 levels with cute hamster pictures. Drag the pieces to the correct place to create the image. Use the “Peek” button to preview the original image. Completed levels will

  180. Screen image

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  181. Great Clips Online Check-in

    What is online check-in? Online check-in saves you time by seeing estimated waiting times for hair salons near you. From there, just select your favorite salon, and get on the waiting list wherever you are. Features: – Check estimated wait times based on current conditions in the

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  183. Puzzle Game Cars for Toddlers

    Great puzzles for kids with high quality pictures of cars, this puzzle for kids includes 47 different cars and mechanisms, the rules of the game in the puzzle are simple: the child has to put the camera in the right place, the goal of the kids puzzle game: put

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  185. Choice Hotels

    Travel Connected with the Choice Hotels app. Everything the choice of hotels in one place. Find nearby hotels, manage your stay and book rooms easily and at the lowest price guaranteed. Whether you’re planning a business trip or a family vacation – or just need to make a last-minute

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  187. PowerSchool Mobile

    PowerSchool is the fastest growing and most widely used student information system, serving tens of millions of students worldwide. PowerSchool Mobile improves parental engagement and student accountability with easy, instant access to real-time attendance, assignments, scores, grades, and more! Parents or guardians with multiple students can align all students into

  188. Icon image

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  189. Bluescape Mobile

    Bluescape is a visual collaborative solution for effortless hybrid work. It is the easiest way to share knowledge between people, even when they are physically separated. Bluescape lets you virtually group around your content to see both the big picture and every little detail. All in one place.

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  191. Rumble Debate: News & Politics

    Free online debate app to chat and express your opinions without being judged. Choose your favorite topic, choose a situation and share your thoughts. Stand up for what you believe in and break your echo chamber Do you feel that your opinion is often not heard?

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  193. Toddle Family

    Note: You will only be able to sign in if your school subscribes to the Toddle Premium plan, the Moddle app helps you stay connected with your child’s learning journey, and with the Toddle Family app, you can: *Access your child’s journey in the form of learning guides such as photos, videos,

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  195. Fluvsies Pocket World

    The cute little world of Fluvsies is a happy place. But the bad guys stole an extremely rare Flovsis egg! Fluvsie, the rainbow rhino, hatched from this egg and managed to escape. Now the hero pet is on the mission to rebuild the little world and save the

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  197. Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe

    The ultimate Pettson assemblies app! Compete in the new VS mode, beat a friend or the clock! “Bateson’s Inventions is a great series of fun contraption games. Co-op gameplay, VS mode, and the large number of puzzles make the Deluxe Edition the best of them all.” “An

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  199. Pettson’s Inventions

    Help Pettson and Findus build their inventions! In this challenging game, you must help build these smart inventions. You need to know what things to include and where to put them in the machine. Drag and drop objects into place and watch the invention begin. For every invention

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