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Best 17+ Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method -Making you strong, healthy & happy

Wim Hof Method -Making you strong, healthy & happy

Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

The Wim Huff Method is a powerful natural training tool that treats both under-stimulation of the body and over-stimulation of the mind. When practiced consistently, biotechnologies provide optimal and can help stave off disease, and although people experience positive results from even a single breathing session, consistency is key to generating sustained health-promoting effects, as it takes time, effort, and dedication to change anything in Habit, and this is where the Wim Hof ​​Method app can prove to be an invaluable tool. The app is designed to enhance consistency by adding structure to your practice, and making it available to you anywhere, anytime. Use it as a guide for proper technique implementation, and to stay motivated by observing…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Learn Spanish, more with songs

    Learn languages: Spanish, English, French and more languages ​​for free! Learning language with music is easy and fun, our method is perfect for you, no matter the language level. With our free online course (Spanish, English, French, etc.) based on your favorite songs, you will notice how

  2. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  3. Ecotoll – Pay California tolls

    Ecotoll is here to take care of all things. Start planning your trips, pay fees*, track your expenses, and offset your carbon footprint one trip at a time with one easy app. Register quickly using only your email, vehicle license plate and payment method. Better for

  4. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  5. ABA English – Learn English

    Do you want to learn English with the help of the most complete and effective method? ABA English, the digital academy of English, has a plan for you that includes everything you need to learn and speak English successfully: full course + live lessons + mentorship from native

  6. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  7. Fluent Forever

    “I’ve never before seen a method that is so consistent with our current scientific understanding of how memory works.” – Scientific American Mind ………………. Languages ​​Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, & Dutch ……………….. What is flant forever? A revolutionary language learning

  8. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  9. Making

    Explore all things made in a space created for makers by makers. Find new designs, new friends, and all new ways to build a community when you join the Making. Discover your next DIY project with inspiring photos from makers on our social feed and connect with other makers and designers

  10. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  11. Custom Bullet Journal, Prompts

    Custom Journal: Prompts, Bullet Journal, Diary app is a customizable journal where you can create templates with customizable journal prompts of your choice. This helps focus your thinking, making sure you ask yourself the right questions every day. And focus on what you want. Custom Journal: Prompts,

  12. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  13. Lapua Ballistics

    Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate 6DOF ballistics tool for mobile devices. Lapua Ballistics is the first mobile ballistic app to use the 6DOF calculation model, making it the most accurate ballistics app on the market. Lapua Ballistics always brings the latest in proven and proven Lapua cartridge and Lapua cartridge

  14. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  15. Mingle2: Dating, Chat & Meet

    Millions of users have signed up for Mingle2 to start making beautiful connections, building meaningful relationships, and finding valuable friends. Sign up today to meet, chat, date and hang out with people near you! Our goal is to help you find and connect with singles like you.

  16. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  17. Tool Box

    It is a toolkit application that implements useful tools in everyday life using the phone’s hardware and sensors. The toolbox consists of a total of 27 basic tools, and each tool is not only made up of features that can be placed anywhere, but you can also download each tool separately.

  18. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  19. Yuka – Food & cosmetic scan

    ◆ 30 MILLION USERS ◆ Yuka scans food and personal care products to decipher their ingredients and assess their impact on your health. In a world of incomprehensible labels, Yuka delivers clarity in one quick scan so you can make clear-cut purchases. A simple color code

  20. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  21. Powernauts – Fun math problems and games for kids

    Are you ready to learn some math and have fun at the same time? Powernauts is the perfect combination: learn math using the highly acclaimed Singapore method and have fun playing games at the same time. You will explore a mysterious planet and

  22. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  23. Zettel Notes : Markdown App

    Zettel Notes provides a seamless private experience of zettelkasten and note-taking with synchronization. It is provided for free, without ads, and without hidden permissions. No user data is collected, and feedback is stored as separate markdown files (the seller is not locked like other apps). The

  24. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  25. Spanish Learning For Kids

    Do you want to teach your children Spanish? Then “Learn Spanish for Kids” is a must if you want to teach them Spanish in a fun and engaging way. Download the Learn Spanish for Kids app now to give your child the best chance to learn Spanish for

  26. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  27. Catawiki Online Auctions

    Buying and selling special things, selected by experts. 600+ auctions every week in 80 categories, including luxury goods, classic cars, collectibles, arts, and antiques. With the Catawiki app, you can participate in our unique auctions anywhere, anytime. You can: ✔ Buy and sell via our secure payment system

  28. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  29. Colorfy: Coloring Book Games

    Colorfy is an art and coloring game designed to help you pass the time, calm your mind, and have fun. The coloring game comes in the form of a drawing book with many designs to choose from. You will find intricate and simple art like mandalas, animals, patterns

  30. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  31. Princess Tale

    Very nice method!! Enjoy the beautiful illustrations and cute characters! [Market Pre-Order Coupon : PTGRANDOPEN][Event Coupon : MARKETNO1PT]▣ Features ▣ New player care and bonus system! 16900 Gems will be provided for 7 days to the new player! (2700 Gems per day) Experience another level of the new player

  32. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  33. Bright – English for beginners

    Learn English easily! Welcome to Bright: a smart and simple app for learning English. Bright uses the best interval repetition method and the special Fast Brain memory training technique. Because of the interactive teaching methods, users memorize 90% of the information. We have prepared 38

  34. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  35. Tadpoles Parents

    The Tadpoles Parent app helps you build connections with your child’s teachers and caregivers. Stay connected to the learning happening in your child’s classroom with daily reports, multimedia SEL playlists, interactive activities, and two-way messaging with your child’s teacher. The Tadpoles Parent app is used by more than 2,600 programs

  36. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  37. Dwight – ToDo Priority Matrix

    Dwight – The Priority Task Matrix is ​​a task management solution based on the Eisenhower Principle, helping you filter tasks by urgency and importance and focus on what matters to you. This method requires grouping tasks and activities into four priorities based on urgency and importance and planning

  38. Best 17 Alternative Apps Like Wim Hof Method Making you strong healthy 038 happy

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  39. Pomodoro Timer Lite

    This simple and beautiful Pomodoro Timer will help you do more in less time and regain lost focus. Some features of Pomodoro Timer Lite: Simple, distraction-free design ★ Ad-free (100% focus) ★ Support for short and long breaks ★ Customizable interval lengths ★ Simple Pomodoro Timer The Pomodoro Technique® is

  40. Icon image

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  41. تعليم الحروف العربية للأطفال

    Teaching Arabic letters and teaching the alphabet for children and buds is an application to teach Arabic letters and the alphabet for children without the net and the method of writing letters and pronouncing Arabic letters for children and buds from 4 to 8 years old.- Teaching Arabic letters for

  42. Screen image

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  43. Sky Map

    Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae, and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has now been donated and open source. Does your phone have a compass? If not, Sky Map cannot know your direction.

  44. Screen image

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  45. Premiere

    Would you like to watch the Brasileirão (Series A and B), the Copa Brasil and the Estaduais (Gaúcho, Mineiro, Paulista, Pernambucano)? Play with PREMIERE! The most complete view of our exclusive football matches live and in the palm of your hand. You, as a subscriber, can watch all the emotions

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  47. English Learning For Kids

    Do you want to teach your children English? Then “Learn English for Kids” is a must-download if you want to teach them English in a fun and engaging way. Download ‘English Learning For Kids’ now to give your child the best chance to learn English for life.

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  49. TRT Çocuk Anaokulum

    TRT Children’s Kindergarten app prepares children for the preschool education environment through its fun activities. In our school, children choose the characters they want, put them in the class and start the game. While spending quality time with TRT Kindergarten, children discover the classroom environment, learn new things and

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  51. Mental Math – basics of math

    ★ The importance of mental arithmetic * It is difficult to calculate faster and accurately. * Mental arithmetic is the best way to calculate faster and accurately. * In this way, you can develop your general ability in mathematics. * Also, it is good for

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  53. Pit Pay Mobile Pit Pass App

    Hundreds of trails, thousands of events…Quickly Buy your passes in advance with the app for trails across the US It’s easy – once set up, all it takes is a few clicks and you’re ready to go. On the track, go to the Pit Pay check-in

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  55. Transact eAccounts

    For users at participating universities and institutions, eAccounts mobile makes it easy to view account balances, add funds, and track recent transactions. On select campuses, users can now add their ID card to the eAccounts app to access places like your housing, library, and events; Or pay for your laundry,

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  57. Motive Fleet

    Tracking and Communications – Monitor vehicles, assets and driver’s location with real-time GPS tracking on a single map. Customize the map view with satellite and traffic filters View driver, asset and vehicle information to find the best for the job. Filter and search by job status, vehicle maintenance issues, kits,

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  59. Langster: Learn French Faster

    Langster is an immersive new concept and a fun French language learning app that contains over 500 French news and stories to quickly improve your language skills. Download it for free and start learning French today! 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 Easily read and listen to French anytime, anywhere –

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  61. Mili – Live Video Chat

    Get new feelings and make friends in the friendliest live video chat app – Mili! We connect people across miles. Don’t be shy, join us and help us build a global community of over 1 million open-minded people and get the focus of funny 24/7. Share

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  63. Will Hero

    We present you Adventure Portal – your gateway to the distant lands of the world of Will Hero, full of fantastic adventures, new dangers and priceless treasures! Will Hero is an arcade, action, platformer and arcade-like game. It is an exciting adventure, where you can dive anywhere, anytime! Method

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  65. Project Life – Scrapbooking

    Imagine scrapbooking without scissors, adhesive, tools…or without the need to print photos! Scrapbooking has never been so easy, fast, or even available in the palm of your hand before! Project Life® takes simplicity to a whole new level, with built-in templates and pre-designed artwork allowing scrapbook pages to

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  67. Mudflap

    Save hundreds, even thousands, on diesel every month with the Mudflap app! Get the #1 fuel app for trucks and commercial vehicles. – Instant discounts 10-80¢/gal on diesel – Generous rewards program with extra fuel every month – No minimum monthly gallon – No waiting for rebates – Fast growing nationwide

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  69. FlixTrain – quickly and comfortably at low price

    Welcome to the FlixTrain app! Here you can book train tickets to destinations in Germany and Sweden. In addition, you can also book your FlixBus tickets in the same application. Pretty smart, isn’t it? We have now improved many features in the

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  71. The Mask: Scary Horror Game 😈

    One of the best horror games ever! You are trapped in a scary house and you have to escape. You don’t remember how you got there but you know you have to get out. The horror house is full of puzzles that need to be

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  73. Old School RuneScape

    Old School RuneScape is the RuneScape method you used to know. It was first released in 2013 and is based on RuneScape as it was in 2007. It is a fantasy open world MMORPG made up of its players, with developers releasing new regular content that has been voted by

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  75. Math games & mental arithmetic

    Math has never been so easy. More than 20,000,000 of our users have mastered quick math tricks and multiplication tables with our mental math trainer. Now it’s your turn to be a math master in mental arithmetic! Unique functions: listen 🔈 🎧 math exercises and solve

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  77. Zenkit Projects

    Your projects homepage Look at the big picture… and the details that matter. Collaborate with your team everywhere. Zenkit’s deeply integrated projects help you get your projects done – in a timely manner and without stress. We support you with all the collaboration and project management features you and your

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  79. Giveaway Plus for Instagram

    Simple and Safe Instagram Gifts, No Login Needed, One Gift Completely Free to Try! Set the desired tags (the tags you want in the comments), ➤ Add the required keywords (i.e. ‘keywords’ or #hashtags you want in the comments), choose the sharing method (each comment can be a chance

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  81. HelloWords Vocab Learning Game

    100% visual learning, only 5 minutes a day, with 22+ free languages ​​to choose from, HelloWords fast and interactive word games make learning a new language, here are the main features that make HelloWords right for you: 【22 Languages ​​Available】 We offer the following languages ​​that You want to learn

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  83. Flashcards: learn languages

    Improve your learning experience with flashcards: Create your own study groups, and select your preferred method of memorizing the cards. Spaced repetition and smart reminders will help you study efficiently. The application works offline, you can create your dictionary with text versions, samples and correlation images and study your

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  85. Pomodoro

    ***** There are six steps in the original method ***** 1. Select the task to be performed. 2. Set the pomodoro timer (traditionally 25 minutes). 3. Work on the task. 4. Finish the work when the counter rings and put a check mark on a piece of paper. 5.

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  87. Muy App

    We are a chain of restaurants that bring home-made, varied and delicious food at your fingertips. If you are tired of eating at the same places with low quality standards and want the service to be flexible, MUY is the best choice because we put technology in the job of our

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  89. Beelinguapp: Bilingual Stories

    Learn languages ​​by reading the content you love with our parallel text method geared towards every experience level – from beginners to experts! Read stories in two languages ​​simultaneously, and listen to the audio. Language learning is fun and free with Beelinguapp! Learn a new language with Beelinguapp,

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  91. Engross: Focus Timer & To-Do

    Engross is a combination of a Pomodoro-inspired timer with a Todo List and Day Planner. It helps keep your work/studies more organized, makes you more efficient and get tasks done faster. How does Engross help you? Be more focused while working or studying. – Continue

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  93. Learn Spanish Fast: Course

    So, do you want to learn Spanish in no time? You need MosaLingua! Our innovative and effective apps have helped over 10,000,000 people worldwide learn languages ​​in just 10 minutes a day – with real results! Learn more about MosaLingua by watching the demo video at

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  95. Tongo – Learn English

    Learn English with a dedicated tutor in your pocket. Practice speaking 🗣️, reading 📚 listening 🎧 and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. From day one, you’ll be able to: ★ Stay focused with a personalized learning plan based on what motivates you. ★ Learn

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  97. Ameren Mobile

    Enjoy new functionality with improved performance, security, and stability. You can view your bill, make payment and report outage status from anywhere or check it with Ameren Mobile. Ameren Mobile is an easy way to manage your account and stay informed. Easily update your payment method, contact or other

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  99. Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

    Speak Spanish faster than you can imagine with Mondly’s ILA method. How do? The secret is to make it simple. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that made you fly with your head and want to sing along with it? The first step

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  101. Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice & Speak Languages

    Why Rosetta Stone App? Because the best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it, and our language learning app does just that. Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion® method uses interactive and contextual language lessons blended with expanded learning features. Everything

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  103. Flashcards World

    Enhance your learning experience with flashcards, easily create study groups, and choose your preferred method of memorizing your cards. It works fully offline! The app offers the following features: Flash Cards for Study: You can create cards easily, there is no limit to the number of cards or combinations you

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  105. Wavve Boating: Easy Marine GPS

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable while navigating on the water? Do you want to know the locations of your friend in the boat? Or looking for the best boat ramp or marina for the night? Wavve Boating is taking a new spin on traditional boating apps

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  107. Reels Video Downloader for Instagram

    Want to download and repost videos and photos from Instagram, Instagram Reels and IGTV? It’s easy with Reels Video Downloader for Instagram. We can help you download reels videos from Instagram for free. It is extremely fast and 100% secure. Download any Reels video of

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  109. Tasks

    Tasks is designed to make you more productive by better managing your time. This is based on the technique used by the legendary General and former President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower. This method was published by Stephen Covey in his famous title “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

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  111. Priorities: the most effective to-do list

    Priorities is the most effective to-do app you will ever need. This method is used by famous investors and businessmen. If they can get past their schedule in this simple way of getting things done, we should be able to do that too. See, productivity

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  113. Falou – Speak Spanish, French, German…

    Practice 17 languages ​​on Valo and speak faster with practical exercises! Achieve your goals! Go travel, take a course abroad, get a job in a major company! Falou will help you get there! KEY BENEFITS: + Start speaking from Lesson 1 + Falou uses

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  115. Heetch – Ride-hailing app

    Heetch is a friendly and professional application for ordering taxis. We provide VTC, LVC, taxi or taxi services in many countries. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ those pickup drivers are available around the clock when public transportation let you down. We show price estimates before ordering and give you the option

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  117. Deep Dive

    Download for free (no trial). Powered by 10 years of professional course data and real-time environmental factors, Deep Dive gives you specific strategies to make you successful. Deep Dive is for fishermen who are serious about catching more fish, unlike many other fishing apps, Deep Dive does not depend on

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  119. Exxon Mobil Rewards+

    $5 in points just for you! Download the Exxon Mobil Rewards + app and pay for fuel. New members only *. * Terms and conditions apply. Visit for full details. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. the safest way And ease to pay for fuel and earn rewards. Exxon

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  121. HabiTap – Auto Clicker No Root Automatic Tapping

    This app only works on Android 7 and above. This is out of our control, old Android phones do not support non-root method. HabiTap is an automatic tap (auto-tap) that can tap a point on your screen repeatedly, and is designed for people with

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  123. Pathao

    Save time with Pathao – the dynamic platform that provides on-demand transportation, food delivery, logistics and payment services. One app for all solutions! Travel safely with on-demand motorbikes or cars from Pathao and reach your destination on time! Use Pathao digital payment and make secure and convenient transactions for your

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  125. Naughty Girl Fitness

    The Naughty Fit™ method will help you sculpt your body by experiencing a dance movement led by world-renowned choreographer/creative director Janelle Ginstra. This exercise series is designed to be fun for all levels! You will become more comfortable with the choreography with each repetition. New exercises are added

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  127. Tody – Smarter Cleaning

    The #1 cleaning app! (iOS and Android) The Tody Pointer method gives you control over your own cleaning actions rather than the cleaning actions that control you. ● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks through indicators of actual need rather than random dates ● Tody visualizes filth to

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  129. Bird — Ride Electric

    How it works: 📲 Download the app ✅ Register 💳 Choose your payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc.) 🔓 Choose your car and unlock the electric ride! The fun way to get to your destination, or just go on a weekend trip. With the Bird app, you can

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  131. Lime – Your Ride Anytime

    Lime is your ideal carbon-free choice for any trip, anytime and anywhere. Available in more than 150 cities around the world, Lime is a leading provider of electric vehicles, including scooters, bicycles and scooters. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, riding with friends, or exploring a

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  133. Five Below

    Shop the five trends below *literally* everywhere now! yes! Are you new to the fam family? We’re an extreme value of $1-5, plus some amazing finds over $5. Everything is less than the rest…so “let’s go and have fun” with one of the coolest brands on the planet!

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  135. Possible: Fast Cash & Credit

    Get fast and affordable money, build a credit history, and fight bank fees. Get the application possible to access your account anytime and anywhere. Log in to your account securely to check your status and manage your payment histories. Possible is designed to be repaid in

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  137. Dino Puzzles: Jigsaw, Slide & Sudoku

    Dinosaur puzzles is a great puzzle game for adults and kids alike, a lot has been invested in making this game educational and entertaining at the same time, the game offers several key features:✔ All puzzle pieces have the same shape (square), which helps the player to focus

  138. Screen image

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  139. Donut Maker Cooking Games

    Let’s be a donut chef and make different flavors and types of donuts! Mix and bake your favorite muffin flavor, from chocolate to vanilla, strawberry and many more! Considered one of the most popular games worldwide with more than 10 million active users around the world, it’s time

  140. Screen image

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  141. Sushi Maker Kids Cooking Games

    Sushi maker cooking games for kids Be a sushi chef and prepare delicious sushi, it’s time to get caught up in the new addictive cooking game from BEST Sushi Maker! Making seafood has never been more fun! This Japanese kitchen game introduces the world of cooking, frying

  142. Screen image

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  143. 2dehands

    The largest collection of classifieds, used, new or almost new, always at hand via a handy app! Buying and selling through your smartphone is much easier through the site: search and find what you want, and easily sell what you want is no longer used. Placing or editing ads, viewing photos,

  144. Icon image

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  145. Tapet Wallpapers

    Tapet ® (“Wallpaper”) is the first application of its kind that automatically creates high quality wallpapers. You can either pick a random wallpaper or let the app create one for you hourly or daily. Features: * Wallpapers are created according to you device screen resolution – making it the highest

  146. Screen image

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  147. Strawberry Shortcake Pocket Lockets

    Budge Studios presents the Strawberry Shortcake Pocket Lockers! Feeling arts and crafts? Strawberry Shortcake is looking for beaded friends to join her jewelry making party, and you’re invited! Create fruitful friendship lockets using shiny chains, cute charms, and funky lettering beads. Personalize your lockets by taking

  148. Screen image

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  149. Word Wow Around the World

    Word Wow The Worm is back with a fun new word game! Blaze your way around the world with your word making skills. Word Wow word games have been downloaded over 5 million times! – Thank you! New double-sized boards, fun boosters, and wormholes will

  150. Screen image

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  151. Quiggles

    Any line, curve, or shape you draw will repeat itself in a circle until it makes a complete pattern. The screen is your canvas and anyone can be an artist. Relax and draw randomly to your heart’s content, or control with precision and design your masterpiece. This app is completely

  152. Screen image

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  153. Dino Jigsaw Puzzles

    Dinosaur puzzles is a great puzzle game for adults and kids alike, a lot has been invested in making this game educational and entertaining at the same time, the game offers several key features:✔ All puzzle pieces have the same shape (square), which helps the player to focus on Finding the

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  155. The Walking Dead: Our World

    ★ TWD: Our World is the official mobile game for The Walking Dead on AMC TV. ★★ Be a zombie shooter like millions of other players around the world to survive! ★★ More than 1 billion zombies have been killed so far, how many zombies can you

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  157. Super JoJo’s Summer Ice Cream

    This summer, the JoJo family is vacationing by the sea. It’s hot and they want some ice cream, but there is none. Pastry Chef, can you open a booth and serve cold ice cream? Take Ice Cream Orders What kind of ice cream does JoJo want?

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  159. Sandbox – Physics Simulator

    Curious about what happened when the lights hit fireworks powder? Do you want to mix gas with gun powder and let them explode? Do you want to create a sandbox world, plant trees and flowers and watch them grow? Let download the game Sandbox to enjoy a

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  161. Pizza maker cooking games

    Making pizza has never been more fun! Pizza maker cooking games introduce the world of cooking, baking and pizza making for little kids. Enjoy the whole process of cooking and baking to make pizza by adding dough ingredients, rolling them, chopping vegetables, cooking sauce, adding a wide variety

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  163. ServiceNow Agent

    The ServiceNow Mobile Agent app delivers ready and innovative mobile experiences for the most popular service desk agent workflows, making it easy for agents to sort, act upon, and resolve requests on the go. The application enables service desk agents to instantly manage and resolve end user issues from their mobile

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  165. Notes – Note Taking and Memos

    Notes is a very useful note-taking app developed exclusively for Android that is easy to use and packed with many cool features making it more than just a notepad, this modern notepad gives you a quick and easy taking experience that includes, task checklist, sharing options, notepad search

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  167. Grocery Shopping List Listonic

    Family grocery list app that improves the quality of grocery shopping by making it easier, faster and most of all smarter. Everything you want from a grocery shopping list and more It’s best for shared shopping lists, and perfect for families. Create a shopping list in seconds, share

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  169. EasyPark – find & pay parking

    At Easy Park, we love cities. And by making parking simple, we believe we are making urban life easier. Our parking app helps millions of drivers by saving time and money while eliminating the hassle and stress associated with urban parking. * EasyPark is Europe’s

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  171. ToonMe – cartoons from photos

    How about making TOON-tastic caricatures out of your selfies in no time? Get your photo redrawn in cartoon or vector style automatically using the magic of AI in ToonMe. What used to take several days to make and could only be ordered from professional artists is now

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  173. FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

    ★ FilmoraGo- Best HD Video Editor & Video Maker With all the features, text, audio, emoji, special effects, filters, backgrounds etc., FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editor loaded with powerful tools. With this video editor, making memes and making a video with photos, photos, music, stickers and

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  175. Thunder VPN – Fast, Safe VPN

    Thunder VPN is a super fast app that provides free VPN service. You don’t need any configuration, just click one button, you can access the internet securely and anonymously. A VPN encrypts your internet connection so that third parties cannot track your online activity, making it

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  177. Patreon

    Hello, we are Patreon. We believe that people who make great things should get paid for the value they bring to the world. On Patreon, content creators get paid by their fans for making the things they actually make (videos, songs, webcomics, anything)! For fans, this is a way to

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  179. Share Files & Transfer Data

    Are you looking for a fast and secure file sharing app that lets you transfer files without losing quality? Share Files and Transfer Data is a data transfer application that makes it easy to share a large variety of files. This includes videos, photos, audio files, installed

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  181. Ice cream dessert cooking game

    Ice cream and dessert cooking games gives you a new opportunity to learn the arts of ice cream and dessert cooking, at a high level of being therapeutic in the field of cooking, and as the first step you have to take in making ice cream and dessert, go

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  183. ABC Games: Phonics & Tracing

    ABC Kids Learning Game – A fun way to learn the alphabet for kids in kindergarten. ABCD educational games for kids are designed to be the most engaging and effective way to learn letters and phonics, with a simple interface even for young children. Enjoy the delightful

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  185. SIEGE: World War II

    Clash with your opponents in head-to-head duels in this military PvP card game against real players from all over the world in World War II battles. Make strategic decisions, lead military operations, build powerful squads with unique cards, and endure intense competition to top the seasonal leaderboards. Do

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    Try before you buy! * Play Snow Day Surprise for free 6 times, without restrictions. Get ready for a day of skiing, snowman making, tree decorating, and hot chocolate (including unlimited marshmallows). Choose a sled and some friends to ride – would you choose a classic

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  189. Fantasy Christmas

    Best Christmas and New Year gift This wonderful educational drawing and music game encourages and helps children of all ages to learn and develop their intelligence, creativity and imagination, the whole family can develop their musical and artistic talents, while together they enjoy making songs and coloring with Christmas decorations! This

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    An ideal app for children, with games designed by education professionals, aimed at learning areas such as logic, art, music and healthy entertainment. The star of the app is a puzzle game! It includes 6 different game modes and 4 difficulties, making it ideal for children of

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  193. QuickBooks Time Tracking

    QuickBooks Time Tracking (formerly TSheets Time Tracker) is a cloud-based time tracking and employee scheduling application that allows your employees to log in and out of a job site using devices already in their pocket. Accurate electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and less

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    Meet Oliver, the virtual cat. Take care of Oliver and make him a part of your daily life just like a real cat. Oliver the virtual cat is the best virtual pet game on the market, with more content than any other pet game. Multiplayer Features: Play

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  197. Probuild (App for Contractors)

    Probuild is a comprehensive business management application designed to meet the unique needs of contracting and trading companies. Probuild lets you manage your projects, estimates, invoices, schedules and communications from anywhere – with one free app! Get organized Manage your daily operations with just a smartphone Look Professional

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  199. factory balls

    You might think assembly line work is hard work, but not if you’re making factory balls! Your task in this logic puzzle game is to make each ball in a specific order in order. You have all the tools you need to carry out every order…except for the instruction manual.

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