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Best 18+ Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay – Virtual Monitor & Graphics Tablet

SuperDisplay – Virtual Monitor & Graphics Tablet

Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

SuperDisplay turns your Android phone or tablet into a high-performance USB display with compression support for Windows 10, here’s how to get started: ① Download SuperDisplay from Google Play. Download the Windows driver from https://superdisplay.app③ Connect your device to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi. Second Screen SuperDisplay turns your Android device into a portable USB display for your Windows 10 PC. Duplicate or extend your screen simply by connecting your phone or tablet. Great performance, slow-motion display is as good as no screen. SuperDisplay was designed with performance in mind, and we’re not afraid to show it off. SuperDisplay runs at 60 frames per second for optimal drawing and reflection experience. Try the app for free and see for yourself. Pressure Sensitivity Turn your Android device into a…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. SecureTether WiFi – Free ¹ no root mobile hotspot

    Fast, free and secure mobile WiFi connection(Share internet connection via WIFI tethering)
    ✔ Share your mobile internet connection with your Android computer or tablet✔ Provides full internet connection, not just HTTP proxy like most other apps✔ Get internet on your computer or Android tablet anywhere you have

  2. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  3. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

    🏆 Google Play Best of 2019 Indie Game Winner 2019 Top 25 Pocket Gamer 🏆 FICCI BAF AWARDS 2019 Mobile & Tablet Game (India) 🏆 FICCI BAF AWARDS 2019 Best Mobile & Tablet Game (Global) 🏆 Best Independent Games Game of the Year IGDC 2018 Nominee, Casual Connect Asia 2017,

  4. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  5. Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

    Ruler app for your phone and tablet. Measure everything with a beautiful on-screen ruler. Choose between inches and centimeters. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find the size of all the strange objects around you.

  6. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  7. Pokémon TCG Online

    * An internet connection and a tablet PC are required to use. Devices that are considered phones are not supported. * Play, trade, and challenge other players around the world! Enjoy learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card game online! Practice against the computer or go head

  8. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  9. WNBA – Live Games & Scores

    The WNBA Android phone and tablet app is your official destination for watching live and on-demand basketball matches. Features a new premium look for the 2022 WNBA season! – Over 130 WNBA games live in 2022 with WNBA League Pass* – Watch all WNBA games on

  10. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  11. Doodle It – Pictionary for your Chromecast

    You can “Doodle it” to your friends and family in a fun and interactive game for everyone to participate in! The rules are simple: • Divide into two teams • In each turn, one of them draws a random word, and the rest of the team

  12. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  13. Solitaire – Classic Card Games

    Solitaire – Classic Solitaire Card Games by Beetles is an addictive and challenging classic card game for all true card game lovers. Like spider solitaire, solitaire, klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, this solitaire card game is more fun! An all-new classic solitaire experience with the original solitaire games!

  14. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  15. Instapaper

    Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on the go, anytime and anywhere, in perfect format. Instapaper for Android offers text display optimized for mobile and tablet that makes reading internet content a clean and tidy experience. Read offline, even on planes, subways, elevators, or

  16. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  17. NetX Network Tools

    Network Scanner: – Detects all devices connected to the network. – Displays the most important information for each connected device, IP address, MAC address, resource, Bonjour name, NetBIOS name, and domain. Wake On LAN (WOL): Turn on the remote control of a device from your phone or tablet when

  18. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  19. iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

    iLovePDF offers document management in one place, so you can get the job done without using paper completely from your Android smartphone and tablet. Read, convert, annotate and sign PDF files in just a few seconds with this easy-to-use document scanner and editor. Boost your productivity with

  20. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  21. FastVPN by Namecheap

    FastVPN by Namecheap – Fast, Secure, and Private VPN App for Android! Get FastVPN for unlimited access to your favorite content and unblock any website while securely connected to public WiFi hotspots at high speeds. Try FastVPN Free for 30 Days on Android and Tablet Get more out of

  22. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  23. INKredible PRO

    INKredible PRO includes all the features of INKredible’s in-app purchase ($9) plus free future updates. It’s amazing how almost irreplaceable pen and paper, two inventions dating back thousands of years, can be. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with automatic palm

  24. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  25. INKredible-Handwriting Note

    It’s amazing how almost irreplaceable pen and paper, two inventions dating back thousands of years, can be. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with automatic palm and wrist rejection, INKredible will make writing on a tablet look as good, or even bigger,

  26. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  27. Sync SMS Messages from your PC

    SMS texting just got easier, faster and better! Send SMS and MMS messages from your PC, Mac or tablet easily without touching your Android phone. Named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Android Apps” as featured by TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Business Insider, Engadget, PC World,

  28. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  29. Clover Go G1-Point of Sale

    Accept payments on the go, anywhere you have wireless or cellular coverage. Whether you’re selling at your local farmer’s market or at a client’s business location, Clover Go makes it easy to pass on your business to your customers. Securely and reliably accept debit and credit cards

  30. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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    ◆ Access all your handwritten notes securely, when and where you need them, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Already over a million people are using the SCRIBZEE app. Have your notebook with you ◆ Whether you’re a student or a professional on a business trip, it’s great to be able

  32. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  33. Text Me: Second Phone Number

    Text Free – Free text to any number in the USA and Canada: Free text / SMS plus MMS plus group chat! FREE CALLING APP – FREE CALL TO ANY NUMBER IN USA AND CANADA: REAL NEXT GENERATION VOICE CALLS PLUS VOICEMAIL REAL PHONE NUMBER: Now get your

  34. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  35. GrandPad

    A companion app for the GrandPad tablet for seniors. Use this app to stay connected in a private family network with video calls, photos, messages and more. Creating memories and sharing them with the whole family has never been easier. Features • Connect over a secure family network • Enjoy

  36. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  37. Smash: File transfer

    Hey, we’re Smash.Smash is the simplest way to send (large) files. We offer you the ability to easily, securely and freely send your photos, videos, music and documents from your mobile phone or tablet in any situation whether you are in the office, on a construction site, on vacation with

  38. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like SuperDisplay 8211 Virtual Monitor 038 Graphics Tablet

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  39. Mirror – Makeup and Shaving – Compact mirror

    Don’t want to carry a mirror just to check your appearance or put on contact lenses? Everything else is on your phone/tablet, so why not your mirror, too? With over 1 million downloads, Mirror is your top choice. We are sure this free

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  41. Flud (Ad free)

    Note: This is the ad free version of the app “Flud – Torrent Downloader”. This app does not add any other functionality to the free version. Please try the free version before purchasing this app. Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for Android. The power

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  43. Vimeo

    Discover great videos from the world’s best creators, and upload your own videos – all on your phone and tablet – with Vimeo for Android. Watch and share videos in gorgeous HD, without ads, and follow categories, channels and groups to fill your feed with amazing things every day. Do you

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  45. Flud – Torrent Downloader

    Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for Android. The power of the BitTorrent protocol is now at your fingertips. Easily share files from your phone/tablet. Download files directly to your phone/tablet. Features: * No speed limits on downloads / uploads * Ability to select

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  47. Photo & Video Explorer and Downloader for Tumblr

    Tumblr Photo & Video Explorer helps you search, find, and explore great Tumblr photo and video blogs. You can easily share blogs, photos and videos via WhatsApp, Facebook and Google+. All images and videos included in Tumblr posts can be downloaded to your smartphone

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  49. Yahoo Sports: watch NBA games

    Watch live sports, including NFL and NBA matches on Yahoo Sports. Get sports news, scores, live scores and updates so you don’t miss a second of the action. Watch live NFL matches on your phone or tablet. Stream NBA games using the free NBA League Pass

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  51. Spotify – Music and Podcasts

    With Spotify on TV, you can enjoy all the music and podcasts you love, right here on the big screen. Scroll through artist pages, albums, songs and playlists, and see beautiful artist pages and cover art in TV-sized glory. Control playback with your TV remote, or with

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  53. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

    With Spotify, you can listen to music and play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Stream the music and podcasts you love and find music – or your next favorite song – from around the world. • Discover new music, albums, playlists and podcasts • Find your

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  55. Electrophone

    Turn your phone or tablet into an electronic instrument with xylophone, piano, guitar, vibraphone, drums and special effects.
    Category : #Electrophone

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  57. Sortly: Inventory Simplified

    Simplest inventory system ever – featured in Forbes, ABC news, Fox, New York Post & Inc. etc! Over 15 million items have been sorted! Sortly is a very simple inventory management solution that enables businesses and teams to easily keep track of what they have, where and who

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  59. SteamPower 1830 Railroad Tycoo

    SteamPower1830 Railroad Tycoon is an engaging strategy game and an economical simulation for your tablet and smartphone. Set tracks to build a thriving business and railroad empire and become a railroad tycoon. With the dawn of the golden age of steam train, you can create your own dynamic

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  61. Moultrie Mobile

    Discover the next evolution of game management with the Moultrie Mobile Cellular Trail camera system. Get camcorder images on your smartphone, computer or tablet using the Moultrie Mobile app. Monitoring remote properties has never been easier or more affordable. See your game cam photos whenever, wherever and however you

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  63. World Geography – GeoExpert

    Learn how to locate all countries on the map and become an expert in geography! Whether you need to improve your knowledge of provinces, maps, or flags of each country, GeoExpert Geo Games has you covered. GeoExpert is an educational tool in the form of a quiz game,

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  65. Learn Croatian Words

    Vocabulary trainer for learning Croatian: Learn to speak Croatian for travel, business, dating, study and school. • Flashcard dictionary with Croatian-English translations of 10,000 words. • The fastest growing language course educational app for mobile and tablet: 500,000 new users/month • 100% free Croatian language lessons for beginners, advanced

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  67. Buienradar – weer

    Are you trying to avoid walking straight into a rainstorm when you go out? Check the rain radar and rain chart before you leave so you never get overwhelmed! De Buienradar app starts with a 3-hour or 24-hour precipitation radar forecast. The rain radar image will show you

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  69. Space Shooter 2020

    If you like space shooting games and survival games and like to simulate sky shooting for glory and duty then Galaxy Shooter – Space Attack 2020 is the must-play shooter game. Galaxy Attack Shooter Game 2020 is the best shooting game. Easy to play, hard to master Endgame gameplay

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  71. Locanto – Classifieds App

    Do you want to make money on things you no longer need? Are you looking for the house of your dreams or a wonderful new apartment in the city center? Perhaps you have just moved to a new neighborhood and would like to meet people with similar interests

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  73. Flashcards

    Bring all the flashcard features you know and love at to your Android phone or tablet. When you log into your account, the app automatically downloads your account information including: flashcard sets you’ve created, your favorite flashcard sets and flashcards that you study frequently. Why you’ll love this

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  75. Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets

    Quip is a simple place for teams to create live documents. It combines chat, documents, to-do lists, and spreadsheets in one app – making collaboration quick and easy. Skip the endless string of emails, meetings, chats, and document releases by working simpler and faster with Quip on desktop,

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  77. Dropsync: Autosync for Dropbox

    This application is an automatic file sync and backup tool. It allows you to automatically sync files and folders with Dropbox cloud storage and with your other devices. It’s an ideal tool for syncing photos, backing up documents and files, automatically transferring files, and sharing files automatically between

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  79. Bricks Breaker Quest

    How to play – The ball flies to wherever it touches. – Clear the stages by removing bricks from the board. – Break bricks and never let them reach the bottom. – Find the best positions and angles to hit each brick. – Feature – Free to

  80. Screen image

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  81. Pins

    In the center of the screen, a black circle rotates. Your task is to throw pins at them by tapping anywhere on the screen. If any of the pins collide, restart from scratch. The first few levels are very easy but the game becomes very difficult later on when there

  82. Screen image

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  83. Solitaire

    Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is the most popular single player card game in the world. If you like classic Solitaire, you will love this crisp and clear Solitaire game! Game Features: – Beautiful graphics – Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card – Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards –

  84. Screen image

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  85. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

    Stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile. Build your own NBA team of all-star basketball and experience authentic NBA gaming and action on your phone or tablet in an all-new NBA season. NBA 2K Season 4 now offers daily basketball goals, premium rewards, and an updated

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  87. Webkinz® Classic

    Play Webkinz on your mobile device! *** NEW: Earn Pet Care Points, Family Points, and Milestone Prizes on the go! *** Access your Webkinz World account anywhere! Decorate your rooms, shop, play arcade games and take care of your pets! • Decorate pet rooms on your tablet or

  88. Screen image

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  89. LogiBrain Grids

    You will not have to take a paper booklet containing your favorite logic puzzles anymore. From now on, you can play it everywhere on your phone or tablet. LogiBrain Grids is a grid-based logic puzzle game. Solve these logic puzzles to keep your mind sharp! Decipher the written

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  91. 77onlineshop: Fashion & Mode

    Seventyseven shopping app – for fashion! for lifestyle! For looks! Get the free app and let yourself be inspired by our clothes, whether on your smartphone or tablet – with Seventyseven’s online shopping app you’ll always get the latest trends from the fashion sector.Now you can find

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  93. Arcaea

    New Dimension Rhythm Game “The harmony of light awaits you in a lost world of musical conflict.” Touch, hold, and slide to the beat with an unforgettable challenging rhythm game experience, featuring artists from Japan and across the world. New 3D Arc Game: Take your touch screen to its limits by

  94. Screen image

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  95. Solitaire – Classic Card Games

    ❤️‍ FREE SOLITAIRE is a popular classic card game with hundreds of millions of players around the world! 🤩 ✈️🌏 The most fun solitaire card game! Experience the all-new Classic Solitaire Tripeaks with the original Solitaire games! Solitaire – Classic Solitaire Card Games is well designed

  96. Screen image

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  97. FX File Explorer

    FX File Explorer features a Material Design user interface and new ways to transfer your files between devices and computers: * SMBv2 support. * New “FX Connect” software transfers files from phone to phone using Wi-Fi Direct. Supports NFC to connect two phones by touching their back together.

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  99. PlanMaker: Spreadsheets

    ■ PlanMaker► The only complete Office spreadsheet program for your Excel files Work on Excel spreadsheets wherever and whenever you want. When working on the go, take advantage of the set of features you only know from your PC or Mac. ► Almost all features can be used for free

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  101. Wordtornado

    Enjoy the ultimate wordplay experience! If you like to flex your vocabulary, Wordtornado is the game for you! 🌪️ Wordtornado is the #1 free online word game for friends, families and word game lovers! Whether you’re looking to test your word skills or unwind from a long day, Wordtornado has

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  103. Word Search 365 – Puzzle Game

    Welcome to Word Search 365. Free word games for everyone ~ Relax and train your brain with Word Search 365, easy and fun! Download the best word search puzzle games for free! Word search features: – Classic word search game – More than 500 levels –

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  105. Drawing Board

    Go away with this great new drawing or doodling app for your phone or tablet. The Artboard lets you choose from many colors, brush sizes, and eraser sizes. It also allows you to import photos from your device storage to be checked out, and save your drawings back to your

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  107. Earn to Die

    Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse! Are you ready to drive for your life? The hit online game series with over 200 million games revamped and redesigned for your mobile phone and tablet, bigger and better than ever! You are stranded in a desert surrounded by zombies.

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  109. Boxed Wholesale

    Boxed delivers the groceries and household products you love in bulk and at the lowest prices, so your home always feels perfect. Shop at any time from your mobile phone or tablet and get hundreds of handpicked kitchen, home, kids, office and school supplies without paying membership fees. Get free

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  111. Jimdo Creator

    Build your own website with Jimdo’s website builder for Android! With the Jimdo Creator app, you can create a free website, blog, or store – no programming or technical skills required. Simply use the app to edit your website anywhere and from any device: mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

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  113. Teacher Notes

    Are you a teacher who needs to keep a record of your students’ performance – for yourself, for parents or for an administrator? Well, now you can use 21st century technology and use your Chromebook, tablet or smartphone to keep those records. Easily email a summary of notes to an

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  115. FC Barcelona Official App

    Download the official FC Barcelona app and enjoy ALL THE CULER WORLD: the latest news, information and exclusive content. Wherever and whenever you want, on your mobile device or tablet: • Live the action at Camp Nou! Buy your tickets with one click and get ready for your

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  117. Ceneo – zakupy i promocje – Poland’s largest price comparison site – is now available on your Android device. The application includes: – 8 million products from the largest online stores in Poland, divided into transparent categories, with the possibility of filtering and sorting. – Make purchases using the shopping

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  119. DoorDash – Business Manager

    Track orders in progress, resolve issues, access support, track your business performance, and get real-time notifications on DoorDash. Live Order Tracking Manage orders in progress and see your Dasher’s status, location, and arrival time. Mark an item out of stock or cancel an order if you’re having trouble

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  121. ScreenKit- App Icons & Widgets

    ScreenKit is a home screen customization app with 5000+ icons, 500+ themes, 500+ widgets including various aesthetic wallpapers for your phone and tablet. ScreenKit is the #1 choice for personalizing your home screen with beautiful themes, icons and widgets! Helps make app icons, wallpapers and widgets look

  122. Screen image

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  123. Twilio Authy Authenticator

    Authy brings the future of strong authentication to the convenience of your Android device. The Authy app generates secure 2-step verification codes on your device. It helps you protect your account from hackers and hackers by adding an extra layer of security. Why Authy is the best multi-factor

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  125. Yimi POS: PDV y Tienda Online

    Yimi POS is the easiest POS to use. Increase income by receiving orders in the most flexible way and improve the scope of your business by creating your online store without having to pay commissions to third parties. Yimi is your best choice to grow your

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  127. IPC360 Pro

    – IPC360 Pro provides 360 home users with an extraordinary experience like staying at home when they are away from home. By setting up streaming servers all over the world, users can easily feel at home on their phone or tablet by watching, listening and speaking. – When you add

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  129. Geekbuying – Shop Smart & Easy

    Online shopping with Geekbuying is very easy as you can shop from the comfort of your home and have the products delivered to your doorstep. By downloading the free online shopping app Geekbuying on your Android phone or tablet, you can easily browse our huge collection of

  130. Icon image

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  131. Professional Xylophone

    Professional Xylophone is a serious app for everyone.The default xylophone app for Android mobile phones and tablets. High quality sounds, new and noteworthy featured app, Multi-touch lets you play chords, Xylophone animations, HD animations, good screen resolution quality. You can play the instrument in your tablet or mobile phone.
    Category :

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  133. GameGlass

    Control your games in a whole new way, with GameGlass Shards – immersive touch screen interfaces on your phone and tablet. The tools allow you to use easy-to-use touch controls that include dynamic interactions and animations. Switches, buttons, toggles, sliders, and more let you see clearly placed controls. Beautiful designs

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  135. Aprende Institute

    Abrindi Institute is now with you wherever you go! This app only allows students to fully access our learning platform from your mobile device. If you want to become a student, learn more about our plans and prices on our website. Not a problem. We are here for

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  137. Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox

    Kahut! Numbers by DragonBox is an award-winning educational game that gives your child the perfect introduction to mathematics and the foundation they need for their future math learning. “Kahoot! Numbers from DragonBox is the first thing to download on a tablet if you have kids aged 4-8” -ForbesPrestisjetunge

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  139. Halloween Coloring Book

    Draw and color the most funny Halloween coloring pages with this app. Celebrate Halloween coloring on your mobile phone or tablet with a game specially created to celebrate the day of All Saint’sPumpkins, witches, ghosts and other funny monsters are waiting for you. Colored. You can color with

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  141. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz

    ★ ★ Logo Quiz Game ★ ★ ★ Do you like logo trivia guessing games? Then Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz Game is for you! Guess the names of thousands of popular logos from all over the world. Logo Quiz has the largest collection of logos

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  143. Paychex Flex

    Paychex Flex App can be used by pre-registered Paychex Online subscribers who log in at If you’re having trouble logging in, please call us at 888-246-7500, or make sure you’re signed up at from your desktop browser. Now for the fun stuff! Paychex Flex keeps employers and

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  145. miMind – Easy Mind Mapping

    miMind is a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts, making blueprints, and sharing them with your friends and co-workers. Develop anything from simple bucket lists to professional engineering concepts. The app includes dozens of layouts, color schemes, shapes, patterns, and more. Once your map is complete,

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  147. Tokopedia Seller

    Manage and develop your online store anywhere and anytime from your mobile phone or tablet with the Tokopedia Seller app! This application is intended for you, the online store seller of the Tokopedia application, in increasing sales and developing your online store. The Tokopedia Seller app is the best way

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  149. Mindbody Business

    Mindbody Business (formerly Express) allows you to stay close to your business and your customers, wherever you are. Sell ​​your products and services, manage your schedule, find customer information, and track your sales for the day – all from your Android tablet or phone. You can reschedule an appointment while

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  151. Digimon Card Game Tutorial App

    An educational application that allows you to experience the “Digimon Card Game” trading card game that will be released in 2020! Enjoy Digimon Card Game on your smartphone or tablet! ● Learn how to play Digimon Card Game! Basic rules and “Free Battle Mode” to play

  152. Screen image

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  153. Rummy

    Rummy Palace – your community to play the popular card game on your smartphone and tablet.Enjoy a fun classic deck of cards online and with real opponents! Compared to games like Stage 10, Bridge or Kalooki, Rummy above all requires tactical brains and skill. You can now try it online for

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  155. Trials Frontier

    Play the mobile version of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Trials series, by award-winning developer RedLynx! Try the best skill-based bike racing game for free, on your smartphone and tablet! “Looks like the real deal.” – Pocket GamerTrials Frontier is unlike any other bike or car racing game you’ve

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  157. COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space

    The Cosmic Watch is a 3D planetarium, AR sky guide and watch with stunning graphics and visual effects. Take an astronaut’s flight over planet Earth or explore the entire solar system. Point your phone or tablet towards the sky and experience the augmented reality!! Learn about

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  159. Rummy

    Play the popular Rummy card game on your Android smartphone or tablet!! Play rummy with 2, 3 or 4 players against simulated opponents who play with high-level artificial intelligence. There are a number of rules that can be modified, which makes this game very faithful to the original. *** Many

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  161. Premiere

    Would you like to watch the Brasileirão (Series A and B), the Copa Brasil and the Estaduais (Gaúcho, Mineiro, Paulista, Pernambucano)? Play with PREMIERE! The most complete view of our exclusive football matches live and in the palm of your hand. You, as a subscriber, can watch all the emotions

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  163. Learn English easily

    Vocabulary flashcards: learn words and english app: learn to use english for travel, vacation, dating, study, school and business. • English – Russian app with flashcards and sentences with examples of the use of these words. More than 10,000 thousand words. • The simplest English language learning app

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  165. Intelbras ISIC Lite

    Intelbras ISIC Lite for AndroidApp for viewing security cameras targeting the end user. The new Intelbras iSIC LITE application has been developed with the CCTV user in mind. Easily access your recordings with the new line of organizing your favorite cameras Sync your device data with Intelbras Cloud so

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  167. Simple Fax-Send Fax from Phone

    Free front page tips. You need to register and login. Then go to the buy credit page to get a free $15 credit. No account registration and login. The first page can’t be sent for free, Simple Fax turns your phone into a fax machine for

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  169. Piano Kids – Music & Songs

    Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs, explore different sounds and develop musical skills. Use your fingers to play colorful instruments like children’s xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone,

  170. Screen image

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  171. Word Season – Crossword Game

    Train your brain, improve your vocabulary and relax your mind Welcome to Word Season, the most addictive word puzzle game designed for everyone on mobile and tablet! Slide the letters and find the hidden words! Discover the perfect combination of word search, crossword puzzle and scribble.

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  173. Panini Direct

    Panini America Direct – Sports Trading Card & Souvenirs The Panini Direct app brings the trading card and sports memorabilia directly to sports fans around the world. With over 100 trading card products available annually – there is something for everyone. Available at any time. Open 24/7. on

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  175. Tower Defense King

    Monsters are gathering now. Thunderbolt of arrows! Colored magic! Powerful explosion! The time of battle is back, build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend your kingdom. The fate of the kingdom is in your hands. Play the bestselling Tower Defense game for free

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  177. Word Games Music – Crossword

    Download to train your brain with 2000+ challenging levels! Play it offline for free at any time! ⭐ No time limit Automatically saved Single player playing game offline at any time Well designed for all ages Supported on both phone and tablet Surprising bonus: Log in every

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  179. Coolblue

    The app was created to make your life easier when ordering products on your phone or tablet. You can view our full range of products, order and pay securely with the Coolblue app. Other cool things to do: • View product information. We give you detailed information, helpful reviews from

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  181. Music Flow Player

    Music Flow Player is an exclusive LG HiFi wireless audio app, you can use Music Flow Player to listen to the music you listened to with your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio, you can combine and control the playback of different or the same songs from different places around your

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  183. Hello Kitty Nail Salon

    Budge Studios presents Hello Kitty® Nail Salon! Help Hello Kitty create a gorgeous manicure, and work your way up to the status of an outstanding nail designer. Test your skills with challenges or explore your creativity in Free Style! FEATURES • Choose from different nail shapes, colours,

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  185. Web Video Caster Receiver

    Web Video Caster is the #1 mobile browser for casting videos to TV. This is the receiver from Web Video Caster. You must install the Web Video Caster mobile app to be able to use this receiver. You can cast videos, photos, audio, live broadcasts, IPTV and

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  187. SureLock Kiosk Lockdown

    Important: Note 1: For commercial use only. Note 2: Free trial limitation: You can only restrict users to single app mode or two apps, and you can’t change the default wallpaper and password. SureLock uses Android device administrator permissions for advanced locking features. SureLock is the #1 kiosk

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  189. NetSpot – WiFi Analyzer and Site Survey Tool

    Using a NetSpot WiFi analyzer and wireless scanning tool is a surefire way to create flawless coverage throughout your space. Whether you are improving WiFi coverage for a home or office, the NetSpot WiFi app for Android can deliver the best results. Exceptional simplicity

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  191. Reaper

    Be the black swordsman and kill thousands of enemies in this epic action RPG game! ★ Play Start for Free ★ Enter a world full of magic and monsters! ★ Take on endless quests and discover the secrets of wildlife ★ Level up your character with the skills of your choice

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  193. Code of War:Gun Shooting Games

    Meet the new Code of War army free shooting games! If you are a fan of good old fashioned shooting games online. Your military duty is here on a mobile or tablet, the enemy is approaching. You have received a call to save people. Now

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  195. Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop

    Budge Studios™ presents the Strawberry Shortcake Shop! Strawberry Shortcake has invited all her friends to try her berry-filled dessert, and she needs your help in making it. Be a dessert chef and create sweet recipes that you can later make at home! Features: • Create a variety

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  197. Gameram

    Gameram is a social network for everyone who plays games! Mobile phone, PC, consoles or tablet games – everyone is welcome. Share feelings from playing with your friends – post screenshots and videos; Find new friends and colleagues – post your game IDs to play together, discuss the games you

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  199. Micrab HD Movies

    Micrab HD Movies app is a one stop destination to watch the latest free movies without downloading, registering, no need for credit cards or paid subscription bills to watch movies online with 20,000+ free movies of exciting content across genres, country and languages. Micrab HD Movies is undoubtedly one of

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