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Best 18+ Alternative Apps Like Yepp – cool memes&vids

Yepp – cool memes&vids

Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

Love and Yepp – The only two things you can enjoy without being too good. And if for some reason you don’t have a lot of first things, you can still enjoy the world of fun. Some Scientifically Proven Facts About Yepp: – Nobody wants to miss a new set of features. – Yepp is not the same without you. – Whether it’s a boring semester or a slow day at work, Yepp is always there for you. Yepp users are 146% happier than baby koalas. Wait, why are you still reading this? It’s time to download Yepp!
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Basecamp 3

    An all-in-one toolkit for remote work. Before Basecamp: Projects look scrambled, things slip, it’s hard to see where things stand, and people get nervous. After Basecamp: Everything is organized in one place, you are on top of things, progress is clear, the feeling of calm is in one place, not

  2. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  3. Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

    Free Stuff Alerts Get notified every time your neighbor posts free stuff on Nextdoor, Letgo, OfferUp and TrashNothing! Be the first to claim that your freebie! Every day people are giving away things they no longer need, most of them are in really great shape, some things

  4. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  5. FINN.no

    With the FINN app, you can immerse yourself in real estate, cars, jobs, motorcycles, boats, horses, snow, furniture, clothes, cell phones and much more! Post things to Torget from the app! With this you get, among other things: – Opportunity to sell or give away things on the FINN torget –

  6. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  7. Childrens Park Garden Cleaning

    It’s easy to play with things and leave them broken and probably not working, but if you’re a responsible kid who loves to help others and you’re always in a constant phase of learning interesting things, you might want to check out this cleaning game. Not only do you

  8. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  9. Patreon

    Hello, we are Patreon. We believe that people who make great things should get paid for the value they bring to the world. On Patreon, content creators get paid by their fans for making the things they actually make (videos, songs, webcomics, anything)! For fans, this is a way to

  10. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  11. Cite: Listen to articles

    There has never been a better time to explore new topics, learn new things, and dive deep into rabbit holes. Every day, great writing is being published by big companies, freelance bloggers, and everyone in between. And while most of us are always online and immersed in our

  12. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  13. MOPO #GetOutAndLive

    Welcome to MOPO! MOPO helps you #getoutandlive for a real and meaningful life by matching you with activities, places and people based on your unique passions and values. Try MOPO to: – Get personalized, unique, and meaningful recommendations for things to do and people to meet, based on what you’re

  14. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  15. ShareMyToolbox – Tool Tracking

    Contractors spend thousands of dollars on tools that are normally spent when they are purchased. They get stolen, lost and bought for personal use and who knows what else! Tools are often stored and never returned, so contractors keep buying the same tool over and over even though

  16. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  17. Discover Atlanta

    In Atlanta, fine dining, shopping, and rich history combine with inspiring attractions to create a city with Southern charm and cosmopolitan sophistication. Discover Atlanta is the official mobile application of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau for travelers and locals alike, to discover the latest in exciting restaurants, fun things to

  18. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  19. Nice Color Note,ToDo List,Task

    Nice Note is a great, powerful and useful notepad, checklist (to-do list) and calendar app for you. With this great free notepad, you can easily capture ideas, create a to-do list, create a shopping list, schedule an agenda, make memos, and set reminders! Nice Color Note & ToDo

  20. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  21. Merge Cute Pet – Wonderland

    Game Introduction:Merge Cute Pet is a casual pet evolution jigsaw game. It has a new and beautiful game world, new gameplay in synthesis and development, and adds unique characteristics to the game. In the game, you can combine different things by matching and merging to get better

  22. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  23. Collect by WeTransfer

    Collecting is the best way to memorize everything that inspires and fuels your ideas. Upload photos, videos, save links, and anything from all your apps, then organize it all into visible panels. You can share panels (if you wish), and work together directly in a panel! • Add

  24. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  25. My City : After School

    The fun begins in My City after school! So call your school friends and invite your neighbors to meet in the park because the fun is about to begin. Skiing, reading, karate lessons, boating, graffiti workshops, and even shopping. There are lots of things to do

  26. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  27. VPN Hotspot

    Connecting things to your VPN is simple. Share your VPN connection via hotspot/tethering system or repeater. (root required) This app is useful for: * Connecting non-VPN-supported things like Chromecasts behind corporate firewalls; * Setup gapps behind corporate firewalls; * Connect to your mobile hotspot but you are not

  28. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  29. Plumber Crack

    Throw things in the traditional Plumber Crack under the kitchen sink. Or look for the second most common breakout seen: the IT technician under your desk. Plus we’re adding new scenes all the time in order to hone your “crack” throwing skills. Choose the plumber: Norm or Betty ☆

  30. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  31. Catawiki Online Auctions

    Buying and selling special things, selected by experts. 600+ auctions every week in 80 categories, including luxury goods, classic cars, collectibles, arts, and antiques. With the Catawiki app, you can participate in our unique auctions anywhere, anytime. You can: ✔ Buy and sell via our secure payment system

  32. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  33. 1km – Make a Friend around you

    When village friends are needed, if there is no one to talk to? around you, let’s connect and get along and join the clubs! Around you, cute guys met for the first time, start a new relationship, with interesting guys, close to neighbors, new friends,

  34. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  35. Mobills: Budget Planner

    Make the most of your personal finances with Mobills, the budget planner that provides the insights you need to control your finances, expenses, cash flow and credit card on one screen. Mobills is a budget app that allows you to create a personalized monthly budget that helps you control your

  36. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  37. Halftime: Sports Chat, News, Scores, Highlights

    Sports fans, listen up! Half Time is your new online hub for all things sports. Chat with fans and experts in the game, read engaging content and breaking news, and see the latest scores, stats, and highlights across the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and more! Internet

  38. Best 18 Alternative Apps Like Yepp 8211 cool memes 038 vids

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  39. Color Island: Pixel Art

    Coloring welcomes alertness and reduces stress. Choose from the wide range of gorgeous artwork in our gallery and color by number with pleasure! Pixel Art: Color Island is a perfect art therapy app for adults because it is a relaxing exercise that can distract your mind from other

  40. Screen image

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  41. XPlanner

    How do you do the most important things at the right time? X Planner – A stylish and practical planner designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The purpose is, you can easily control the important things and not lose the most important ones. You do not need to calculate the hours, minutes

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  43. Quantum

    Did you know that there is a world where things can be in thousands of places at once? A world where you can’t measure the exact position of something, no matter how hard you try? A world where things at opposite ends of the universe can communicate instantly? A world

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  45. TimeTune – Schedule Planner

    Do more things with your time. Increase your productivity. Improve your daily routine, this is what you can achieve with TimeTune, time blocker and schedule planner. We designed it to help you make better use of your time, increase your productivity, and achieve your goals. Have

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  47. Messages

    Messages brings a beautiful and responsive material design touch to the old state of text messages.
    main features;
    Dual phones and multiple SIMs are now supported.
    Beautiful, intuitive and diffused design lets you focus on the clean and important things.
    Use the entire app or any of the millions of colors for a specific chat topic.
    Personal notifications

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  49. Peekaboo: Hide and Seek — Prop Hunt Online Game

    Hide and Seek players are divided into two teams: Props and Hunters (Prop Hunt), who are able to form any object and adopt its physical properties, and in each map a lot of unique elements: from small items such as cakes and fruits, to large

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  51. Messy House Cleaning and Washing

    It is important to clean the whole house, the house is more beautiful when it is clean and that is why we need your help. Our friend is pregnant, she is very busy with all things for her baby and to clean her house she needs your help.

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  53. The Chapter Seven – Horror game

    Chapter Seven – Psychological horror from a first person perspective. Immerse yourself in the horrors and nightmares of a terrible village and laboratory full of fear, supernatural and mystical things. Find out the horrible truth about the inhabitants and try to escape from this strange and

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  55. Grow Forest

    Ah, the forest, such a magical place! In this very forest, Banya and her friends are waiting for you to help them build a wonderful and healthy forest community. Plant and cut trees to create wood that you can use to build homes, roads, and renovate buildings. You can

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  57. PAW Patrol Rescue World

    Explore Adventure Bay like never before in PAW Patrol™ Rescue World! Safe and easy entertaining game for kids from their favorite show! Whenever there is a problem, just shout for help! Fun games designed for boys and girls in preschool and kindergarten! No task is too

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  59. Baby Panda’s Treasure Island

    Be an explorer and find hidden treasures with Kiki! It is Summer! It’s time to have fun! Let’s go to the beach! But watch out! The most unusual things come from the most unexpected places, can you imagine how wonderful it is to find something

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  61. Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale

    5..4..3..2..1 .. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars, sniper duels and fun bandits fight at every turn! Look sharp, shooting is everywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discover tons of interesting missions about gangsters, cops, explosions, mafia and police.

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  63. Maple – Manage Your Household

    Maple’s comprehensive home management app keeps your home organized and working together. There is a lot to manage without Maple.Keep organized with themes: Home themes are like folders to help organize your household. Within each topic, you can chat with your family, create shared to-do lists and

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  65. The Happiness Planner

    The Happiness Planner is a calendar and to-do list app to help you develop happiness by embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-improvement. The practices in the Happiness Chart will help you adopt a positive outlook on life, build meditation into your routine, increase self-awareness, and feel

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  67. Productivity Challenge Timer

    Productivity Challenge Timer is a pomodoro timer that aims to help you be more productive, more focused, waste less time, etc. You already know all these things. What this app is all about is to challenge you to work and study harder and keep track of your work habits.

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  69. Prompted Journal – guided self care journaling

    A daily journal of self-compassion. Become your best friend, cheerleader, spiritual teacher, etc. with our carefully designed daily journal prompts. It’s an easy way to incorporate self-reflection into your life and to think about all the important things. Your diary isn’t just about writing

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  71. Listed Near Me – Buy used items, Sell for cash

    Listed Near Me makes it easy to find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to sell. This is the best way to sell and buy in your community or area with people you trust.

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  73. Chaos Control: GTD Organizer & Task List Manager

    Chaos Control was created to help you manage your goals, to-do lists, and tasks in both your work and personal life. People don’t usually achieve impressive results just by being good at managing tasks. It is the ability to set legitimate goals that makes

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  75. Priority Matrix

    If you like Priority Matrix, please take the time to give us a nice review: it really helps. Priority Matrix is ​​an award-winning prioritization system that helps teams improve their productivity, accountability, and transparency. Prioritize – Focus on the Right Things Our intuitive planning provides a framework for prioritizing Communicate

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  77. Listberry – agenda planner

    Easy and Flexible Paper Planner With app portability, Listberry allows you to plan in advance your daily to-do lists and weekly or monthly schedule. Perfect for when you need a comprehensive view of tasks to help you organize your day, Listberry will help you stay on top of your

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  79. Tenpin Toolkit: Bowling Tools

    “Every player should have Tenpin Toolkit on every device they own. It’s a great source of information and provides many things to help you learn, improve and challenge yourself.” A great application that contains tools to help you develop and learn different skills. The Observation Coach is a

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  81. Clusterduck

    What came first, the duck or the egg? CLUSTERDUCK is all about hatching as many ducks as possible. The more ducks hatch, the more weird things happen. Ducks start genetic mutation! With each generation of ducks that hatch, the chances of things going wrong increases at an alarming rate.

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  83. Mine Clickers – Idle Clicker

    Played over 100,000 times every day! Only 1% of players get 10 million gold ore in 3 minutes – can you? Many unique improvements, including offline gold ore mining ★ Cool boosters that will speed up the process of gold ore mining ★ Very active community and

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  85. Wayfair – Shop All Things Home

    With the Wayfair app, you have all the things in the house, at your fingertips. It’s your on-the-go furniture store so you can get home office essentials in one tap, plan your home renovation when inspiration strikes, and create a history that travels with you – all

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  87. Axe Clicker

    There is nothing scarier than a dwarf with an axe. Meet Oswald – He will be your elf today. He will work hard for you to earn cash but in return you will need to buy some new special skills, sharpen his axe or craft a new one for him.

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  89. Yidio – Streaming Guide – Watch TV Shows & Movies

    All your streaming services in one place. Your streaming guide for movies and TV shows. Track, discover and discover where to watch TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, and more than 100 other services. Universal TV &

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  91. Oasis – Start your second life

    Oasis, a virtual world, I believe Oasis is the answer to all of us, we live for all the things we can do and will be all the things we can be, dreamy utopias. – Virtual avatar From hairstyle to makeup and body shape to build muscle,

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  93. Groupon – Deals & Coupons

    Download Groupon and save up to 70% on things you need every day. Find great deals on all the best things to eat, see and do near you and around the world. Save on everything you’re looking for. Whether you’re craving a new restaurant in town,

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  95. VarageSale: Sell simply, buy safely.

    VarageSale is your virtual garage buying and selling app. We are the only app that is 100% real identity based – everyone goes through a manual review process before they are allowed to buy or sell. See member ratings and average response times to get to know

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  97. WishCloud — Make a Shopping Wish List and Share it

    What do you need to find order in your life? A qualified person once said that it is a good idea to start with the small things. For example, you can clean your room. It will give you a small responsibility

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  99. Bublup

    Your app to save, organize and share all things! Save recipe links, work and school documents, meeting notes, how-to videos, family photos, your favorite playlist, and more, all in fun visual folders. Folders (and subfolders) allow you to keep everything organized in one place, so you always know where important documents

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  101. OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.

    Buys. Sell. leave it. – OfferUp and Letgo is now one of the big marketplaces for mobile phones. Buy, sell and shop deals on thousands of unique items nearby! So, whether you want to make some extra money selling your used furniture or want to

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  103. Remember The Milk

    Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. You’ll never forget milk (or anything else) again. • Get tasks out of your head, and let the app remember them for you • Get reminders via email, text messages, instant messaging, Twitter and mobile notifications • Share

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  105. Prismify – perfect sync for Philips Hue & Spotify

    Prismify aims to achieve the perfect sync between Hue lights and Spotify. What makes Prismify unique is that it uses and combines the capabilities offered by Philips Hue’s entertainment zones with the highly detailed analysis of the track powered by Spotify. Prismify to

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  107. Kidizen: Buy Sell Kids Clothes

    Kidizen is a marketplace for parents where you can find deals on unique children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, books, nursery and room decor, and more. You can also shop for stylish maternity clothes, diaper bags, baby carriers, and other new baby essentials. Plus, Kidizen is a great

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  109. Peppa Pig: Party Time

    Back on popular demand and re-release in 2016, Peppa is having a party and wants you to join in the fun on this official app. If you previously purchased the app and downloaded it here for the second time, you will be charged again. Peppa and her friends

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  111. Putt-Putt® Saves the Zoo

    Putt-Putt® saves the zoo! It’s the grand opening of Cartoontown Zoo, but all the little animals are missing! Putt-Putt and Pep need to reunite the little ones with their parents before the zoo gates open. Along the way, they will swing across rivers, play hockey with a

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  113. Tiny Mini Forest: free games f

    Meet the cute characters of Tiny Mini Forest in twelve engaging, educational and fun-to-learn mini-games for young children! Let your child learn about animals, seasons, hour, day and night in this toddler game for 2 3 4 year olds. The game has been tested with young

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  115. hocus 2

    useless things. Lasts. This time everything is dynamic. It contains new mechanics and combinations of illusion with many possibilities for creative solution. • 85 hand-made creative levels so far • 9 different mechanisms • Designed and developed by Yunus Ayildiz • Music by Benjamin Tissot
    Category : #hocus

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  117. Little Police

    Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a cop, a wave of burglaries and robberies has bothered the people of the small town for a very long time. It’s time for someone to do something about it! It’s time for the super city police to start getting

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  119. Space Colonizers – The Sandbox

    Traveling and exploring in the vast universe, your spaceship is approaching a new galaxy… All the planets have been destroyed here and all the aliens have become homeless and helpless. what happened?! You really want to do something for aliens. It has landed and made short

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  121. Pool Live Pro: 8-Ball 9-Ball

    Great free sports app with 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Blackball modes. Challenge opponents from all over the world. Stunning graphics, easy control, custom cues, great community and unprecedented realism, Pool Live Pro is waiting for you! “Why should I try it?” You might say

  122. Screen image

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  123. Moy 6 the Virtual Pet Game

    With over 250 million downloads worldwide, Moy Virtual Pet Game is one of the biggest and most popular games of all time! At Moy 6 we really did our best to listen to our fans so we could create the best virtual pet game ever. Moy

  124. Screen image

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  125. Fuzzy House Premium

    When you enter the Fuzzy House, you enter an immortal world, which you can change and bring yourself to life. Kids can explore the Fuzzy House, use their imaginations, and create their own stories as they play. What will happen in the house is up to you – will

  126. Screen image

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  127. Smart Timetable – Schedule

    Smart Timetable is the perfect app for school, college or university. Track classes and add assignments to your week schedule with ease. Features: No boring ads. Multiple tables simultaneously. Support rotating schedule. Schedules for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Today’s widget with countdown

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  129. Toddle Family

    Note: You will only be able to sign in if your school subscribes to the Toddle Premium plan, the Moddle app helps you stay connected with your child’s learning journey, and with the Toddle Family app, you can: *Access your child’s journey in the form of learning guides such as photos, videos,

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  131. Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe

    The ultimate Pettson assemblies app! Compete in the new VS mode, beat a friend or the clock! “Bateson’s Inventions is a great series of fun contraption games. Co-op gameplay, VS mode, and the large number of puzzles make the Deluxe Edition the best of them all.” www.geekswithjuniors.com “An

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  133. Pettson’s Inventions

    Help Pettson and Findus build their inventions! In this challenging game, you must help build these smart inventions. You need to know what things to include and where to put them in the machine. Drag and drop objects into place and watch the invention begin. For every invention

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  135. Grimlight

    Wake up to a new beginning in the world of dreams and fairy tales. [Grimlight]The world of Phantasia is full of mystery and wonder but has been eroded away by mysterious, dreamless entities that seek to corrupt all living things and consume the world in the infinite void. They lost their mind

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  137. Pettson’s Inventions 2

    The sequel to Bateson’s famous inventions. Bigger, better and more fun than ever before! Please note that the inventions from this game are part of the inventions in the Bateson Deluxe Invention Collection! Help old man Bateson and his cat Vindus build their amazing inventions! Which things

  138. Screen image

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  139. Pajama Sam 2: Thunder & Lightn

    Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren’t So Scary In our last mission, we join Pajama Sam as he enters World Weather, the facility in the sky where weather is controlled around the world. Shortly after Sam’s arrival, an accident with the world’s all-weather machine spins it

  140. Screen image

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  141. Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a whole new level of fast-paced and charming gameplay that has made Kingdom Rush the award-winning Tower Defense game. In this strategy game, you’ll defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and horrific residents of the underworld – all with flashy towers, levels, heroes, and

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  143. Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes

    The Power Girls are moving into a penthouse in a skyscraper at the top of town! Collect awesome heroes and unlock new Power Girls travel pods! Complete the collection of cute superheroes, play fun mini-games, and protect the city from villains! Play and win mini games

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  145. Vklass

    Vklass is a service for teachers, students and parents who have contacts with Swedish schools and nurseries. The application provides extensive functionality to the users, allowing quick access to important information related to the school. Functions are adapted depending on the user and authorization. As a teacher, you can, for

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  147. Kids car racing game – Fiete Cars

    Fiete Cars is a car game for creative kids over 5 years old! The kid-friendly app lets your kids race on tracks that they build themselves. There are two race tracks that are pre-set to make sure the fun can start right away.

  148. Screen image

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  149. Hidden Object Adventure: Enchanted Spring Scenes

    It’s time to embark on a hidden object adventure through the scenes of Enchanted Spring! Enjoy the beautiful spring gardens as you search for hidden objects. Spring has sprung, and the grass has risen! 🌱🌱🌱🔍 FUN HIDDEN OBJECT GAMEPLAY Find hidden objects scattered in each

  150. Screen image

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  151. Wolfoo’s Dream Home Design

    House design games for kids help them to provide ideas for room decoration, interior design with the aim of training their curiosity and creativity about the things in the house. Learn about home design and decor with Wolfoo through the Wolfoo story in Designing Home Class. Today’s Wolfo

  152. Screen image

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  153. Camping Adventure Game – Family Road Trip Planner

    Do you like road trips? Let’s plan a fun family trip in this winter vacation, enjoy the adventure of camping and traveling with your family. Wash and fix a car on a road trip and discover all the fun activities waiting for you!

  154. Screen image

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  155. Magic Story of Solitaire Cards

    Welcome to the amazing magical world of solitaire! Here you can make yourself at home, playing charts at a pub table by the fireplace, or in the shade of an oak tree by a majestic flowing waterfall. Your imaginative assistant will guide you through this magical world

  156. Screen image

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  157. Kids games: sky,space,moon

    Let’s play space! You will find a lot of interesting things there! This game helps children expand their knowledge of space and enhance their interest in everything related to space. It is worth studying space even with babies and young children, not to mention schoolchildren, who, given their

  158. Screen image

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  159. When I Grow Up

    Join Little Critter’s sister in this interactive book app as she visualizes all the cool things she’ll do when she grows up! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary and follow three fun ways to read! Her aspirations to become a great ballerina, a brave firefighter, a world-renowned doctor, and

  160. Screen image

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  161. The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss

    On sale for a limited time only. happy Birthday. Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary and follow three fun ways to read! Will Dick and Sally get things back to normal before Mommy returns? Explore The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss:

  162. Screen image

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  163. Toca Life: Neighborhood

    Welcome to your new neighborhood full of friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new group, where you can explore cafes and shops and meet a new set of characters. And imagine what? Toca Life has never had so many homes before! Move into your new

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  165. My City : Wildlife Camping

    Pack your sleeping bag, tent and hat and let’s go camping! Create your own wildlife adventure, and run your own camping stories. My City: Wildlife Camping has everything you need for a fun outdoor trip with friends and family. Find the hidden temple, watch out for

  166. Screen image

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  167. Kid-E-Cats. Games for Children

    Here we go with a new collection of educational games for kids! The cutest famous cats Candy, Cookie and Pudding from Kid-E-Cats will make learning a real pleasure! * “Amazing space” to learn colors, shapes and the planets of the solar system with their moons! Isn’t it

  168. Screen image

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  169. Kids Game – Kids Learning Game

    Kids toy is very useful in kids games that develop cognitive or mental skills of your kids. This kids game is a collection of different kids games for toddlers and it has kids game that will increase your kids games skills in kids game to learn new

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  171. Kids Game – Educational Game

    The children’s toy is very useful in developing your child’s cognitive or intellectual skills. This kids game is a collection of different kids games for toddlers and it has kids games that will increase your kid’s game skills to learn new things. Your child can get very

  172. Screen image

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  173. Forward SMS

    Cross Device Sync or Transfer SMS – Application that enables user to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (eg between phone and laptop). * This is a free SMS forwarding app that automatically forwards SMS messages received on your phone to an email, phone number or Telegram. * It only

  174. Icon image

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  175. NYC Ferry by Hornblower

    Commuting just got easier with the NYC Ferry. Come see how easy (and fun) your trip can be. Here are 5 cool things you can expect from the NYC Ferry app: *Help New York City “Go Green” with paperless tickets! Buy and use tickets directly from your

  176. Screen image

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  177. Word Swipe Pic

    Are you good at playing words with letters? Word Swipe Pic is the perfect word finder game for you to search for words with clues hidden in pictures. Combined with classic “4 Pics 1 Word” gameplay and creative “password” games, it will let you enjoy a wonderful journey of

  178. Screen image

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  179. Play 123, Alfie Atkins

    Play with numbers and learn math with Alfie Atkins! Children love to learn new things through play. This app, Play 123, Alfie Atkins, stimulates children’s learning skills by explicitly linking the function and purpose of numbers and simple mathematical symbols in an experimental and playful way. He

  180. Screen image

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  181. Nice Mind Map – Mind mapping

    Nice Mind Map helps you to capture every moment of inspiration, manage your mind map, you can organize your thoughts, remember things, create new ideas and share them with your friends and co-workers, it’s all up to you. Graphical and textual representation to show the relationship of

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  183. Mom Cooking Breakfast

    Today we need your help to take care of a cute little baby, we are home alone and we need you. We should go to work and only you can take care of our child. He is very cute and you will love spending your free time with him,

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  185. Free Stuff

    Please do not dispose of your unused items. Give them away to your neighbors. Spread love and care. Be good and life will be good for you, spread kindness, spread love, donate things you no longer need. Take a picture of your unused item, post it in less

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  187. Locanto – Classifieds App

    Do you want to make money on things you no longer need? Are you looking for the house of your dreams or a wonderful new apartment in the city center? Perhaps you have just moved to a new neighborhood and would like to meet people with similar interests

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  189. LuvDiary – Couple relationship

    Share your daily life with your love, LuvDiary. Feel a stronger bond that keeps your relationship stable. From valentine’s days to collecting, you can change the house to suit your taste. You can also choose many couple pictures as wallpaper. You can write a list of

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  191. ClientiApp – Client management

    A powerful CRM application for salesperson, freelancers, and in general anyone who needs to manage clients. Customer history, maps, GPS, activity logs, archiving paper documents. Adding a new customer is easy and straightforward, just enter the fields you need (even just the name). You can add custom

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  193. Kids Spelling game – learn words

    This educational game teaches many basic words in English to Kindergarten kids. For a young child, it will help them to learn the alphabets and how to spell the first words. For children in first and second grade, it is a practice to spell the words

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  195. Idle Monster TD Evolved

    Idle Monster TD Evolved is an endless idle tower defense game of epic monsters against evil humans in a cute 3D fantasy RPG world. Unlock, upgrade, and most importantly, develop over 120 unique monsters to defend the portal from an endless swarm of invading humans. Develop strategies to

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  197. Toddler’s App: Farm Animals

    You are on the farm: animals, tractors and lots of adventures. Explore country life in this hidden object game with over 90 interactive stories, funny sounds and loads of fun! ▸ Toddler Apps search and search for toddlers has already been downloaded over 4 million times. With

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  199. Colors learning games for kids

    Coloring games – educational app and kindergarten game for kids aged 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old. In this drawing game your kids learn colors in different languages ​​for free and build bonds with different things like fruits, animals, etc. Children also learn to draw and

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