Best 20+ Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation – Brain Training

NeuroNation – Brain Training

Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

With NeuroNation Scientific Brain Training, you’ll be putting your brain on a trot day in and day out. Whether it’s a weaker memory, diminished focus or very slow thinking – just 15 minutes of training a day can make problems go away and give your brain new impetus. Join the global community of over 20 million members and treat yourself to a piece of science – right in your pocket. Why do brain training with Neuronation? – Various effects: Various studies have proven this time and time again: by training your brain, you can improve your memory, increase your thinking speed and focus. Personalization: NeuroNation performs a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and capabilities and creates a personalized training plan for you that perfectly meets your needs. – Change and balance: with more than 32 …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. HAMARU: Brain Test & Training Games

    A very refreshing mind trainer app. Over 1000 thousand downloads! Fun way to train your brain and build math skills. Recommended way to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Increase popularity! Train your brain with HAMARU For those who love a brain trainer, want

  2. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  3. The Professor: Brain Challenge

    After amazing success in many countries around the world, the professor is finally here! Forget everything you know about word games, because the professor arrives and brings challenges you’ve never seen before! If you are ready for a great challenge, and feel that you have the power to

  4. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  5. Word Wow – Brain training fun

    Word Wow – It’s a fun brain training for everyone! If you love puzzles and word games, Word Wow offers you! With Word Wow, fun puzzle games are just a few clicks away from the easy-to-use word search game perfect for all word puzzle lovers and

  6. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  7. MindPal – Brain Training

    MindPal is your daily brain trainer that challenges your memory, attention, language, and problem-solving skills. Enjoy daily customized fun game workouts based on the skills you want to improve. MindPal includes 40 educational games that train 7 major cognitive areas: memory, attention, language, math, flexibility, speed, and problem

  8. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  9. brain code — hard puzzle game

    Brain: Code – challenging puzzle games. Five words that describe the entire game: • Brain – You must use the full power of your brain to complete all the puzzles. • Code – Yes, you need to code (don’t worry, programming skills are not required).

  10. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  11. Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

    Thinking games and puzzles will twist your mind and confuse you. Wash your mind with mind games and puzzle games. Do you have what it takes to beat each level? Who did it – solve puzzles to find out who is who, who is lying, and

  12. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  13. Brain Boom: Word Brain Games

    Are you a fan of puzzle games? 🌱 BrainBoom is one of the perfect word games for you! 😉 Exercise your brain with word search. 🤓 From easy to very difficult, these awesome words will surely crush your hours, increase your vocabulary and train your brain

  14. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  15. box-to-box: Soccer Training

    Practice your soccer skills offline with the Box-to-box app! Box-to-box provides the soccer drills you need to practice, improve and learn soccer at home without a coach. All box-to-box soccer drills are designed by a professional soccer coach. With the ball and phone, you can practice offline whenever

  16. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  17. Target Shooting Games

    Target shooting game is a first-person shooter simulation game with amazing detail and addictive gameplay. Practice your shooting experience with one of the best training games on the market. Shoot accurately and aim at stationary targets. Real shooting range is the best war training game that will blow

  18. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  19. Naked Training

    Choose the program that works for you: We have both functional and commercial sports programs so you can work out wherever you go. Each workout contains proper warm-ups, video lessons, and weight training to keep you on track. Seriously, get rid of your sweaty notebook. Follow the right macros

  20. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  21. Speed Reading — brain training

    With our application, you can independently increase your reading speed to the required level without expensive training courses, and the selected simulators in the application will help you quickly memorize numbers and words, increase the ability to concentrate, expand the field of vision and significantly increase speed With speed

  22. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  23. Word Shatter: Word Block

    Need a brain crush? You can use Word Shatter to get some words Features: – Easy operation: Just swipe your fingers to get rid of fast words. – Play anytime, anywhere: No WIFI connection is required in the word. – Educational fun: Word Shatter contains tens of

  24. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  25. Lanetalk

    The official World Bowling training app, track your training and development, analyze your stats and challenge bowlers around the world. With the Lanetalk app, your stats are automatically collected directly from the bowling center and you can easily collect and analyze your progress over time Dive into your stats and easily compare

  26. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  27. Equisense – Horse riding improvement

    An app to measure your riding progress. Equisense allows you to: – Track your hacks using GPS – Visualize a map and analyze your walking, trotting and jumping speed – Get training exercises: over 300 exercises and training programs – Log your horse’s interests and activities, and get

  28. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  29. Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

    Dogo is one of the most downloaded dog training apps with over 4,000,000 parents and their 5,000,000 happy dogs. Awarded Best App of the Year in Europe Dojo helps dog parents train their dogs at home and build a stronger relationship, and you’ll get tools like Dog

  30. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  31. Mental Math – basics of math

    ★ The importance of mental arithmetic * It is difficult to calculate faster and accurately. * Mental arithmetic is the best way to calculate faster and accurately. * In this way, you can develop your general ability in mathematics. * Also, it is good for

  32. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  33. Word Life – Crossword puzzle

    A large community of players really love this crossword puzzle game. Join them today! Word Life is a relaxing crossword puzzle game. Connect letters to spell words and expand your vocabulary! Your daily brain training is now called Word Life. Fans of classic games

  34. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  35. Word Search Explorer

    With Word Search Explorer, set out on a great mission of adventure and wisdom, where the fun never stops! This free word game makes learning new words super easy and even more fun. Bend your brain, connect letters and drag your way through hundreds of word puzzles, while increasing

  36. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  37. Slidey®: Block Puzzle

    Welcome to Slidey! Slidey is a new puzzle game that trains your brain! Now players can choose from 2 Skins: The ClASSIC one and also a new CATS theme! Introducing SLIDEY, the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun! The sliding puzzle is simple: slide

  38. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like NeuroNation 8211 Brain Training

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  39. Word Tile Puzzle: Word Search

    Tired of traditional word games? Still looking for innovative word search puzzles? Here comes the free ULTIMATE Word Tile Puzzle! From the creator of Word Serenity, Word Tile Puzzle is the ultimate brain training game with over 10,000 puzzles, unique gameplay and endless fun! It’s

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  41. Brain Games – Left vs Right

    do you exercise? Do you exercise your mind? Join over 10 million people who have allowed their brains to have a little fun! Playing left to right for just 10 minutes a day can keep your mind sharp and help you prepare for a day

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  43. Match Fun 3D – Triple Puzzle

    Match Fun 3D is a new matching 3D puzzle game with various challenging levels, easy, fun and brain training for free! In this game Match Fun 3D you need to match 3 objects of the same item, level until all objects are matched. One connects to

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  45. Pictoword: Fun Brain Word Game

    * The most popular word game appeared in 30 countries! ** Smart Media Choice Award by Academics * Want the best free word games to play with friends? Boys, girls and guys will love this amazing new word game. Get Pictoword for free and join millions

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  47. Wordscapes Search

    💕 Want to relax, exercise your mind and expand your vocabulary – all at the same time? With Wordscapes Search, the latest game from the makers of Wordscapes, you can! These incredibly addictive word search puzzles are amazing fun for the brain! 💕 Connect the letters to find each

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  49. Math games & mental arithmetic

    Math has never been so easy. More than 20,000,000 of our users have mastered quick math tricks and multiplication tables with our mental math trainer. Now it’s your turn to be a math master in mental arithmetic! Unique functions: listen 🔈 🎧 math exercises and solve

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  51. Bubble Words – Word Games Puzzle

    Welcome to Bubble Word Games: a modern word game to challenge your brain. Enjoy one of the best word games for free for adults, kids and family. Have fun in the word link puzzle: connect the letters to form the longest hidden words under the sea.

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  53. Word Craze – Trivia Crossword

    Get ready for this new crossword puzzle game with unlimited fun trivia puzzle game for free! In Word Craze you can give your brain a good workout and enrich your vocabulary as well as your general knowledge. Download Word Craze now! Welcome to the world of

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  55. Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Puzzle

    Sudoku Puzzle Game is a welcome and addictive Brain Sudoku puzzle game on Google Play. You can download the Sudoku app for your Android phone and tablet. You get 5000+ challenging Sudoku puzzles every day to train your brain, and we add 100 Sudoku puzzles every week.

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  57. Word Spells: Word Puzzle Games

    Playing our game for 10 minutes a day will develop your brain and train your brain. Word spells test your vocabulary. Challenging levels and fun wonders in store for you! Drag your finger across the screen to combine letters into words, and find all the hidden

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  59. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

    Brain Focus is a time management app that helps you get things done! Based on a technique like Pomodoro or 52/17, but you can adjust the session duration to suit your needs. How • Start a session • At the end of the session, reward yourself with a

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  61. X Factor Team Roping

    X Factor Roping provides you with access to the best team training videos, online coaching, and live broadcasts. With over 1,500 training videos featuring some of the world’s best professionals and new content filmed and released every month, you won’t find a better training resource anywhere. Every aspect

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  63. Ridesum

    Ridesum is the ultimate equestrian training app! Are you looking for a smart tool to unleash your potential and raise your level as a racer or coach? This is the right app for you! Plan and record your equestrian activities and get valuable insights. Find horse trainers and experts

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  65. Freezio Figure Skating 3D app for training jumps.

    Freezio offers you even more ways to fall in love with snowboarding. It’s a free app designed to help young or adult skaters, parents and coaches understand the standards set for figure skating jumps using high-resolution 3D models. Freezio is here to help you

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  67. Dog Town: Pet Shop, Care Games

    Start your own Dog Town game by breeding and collecting dogs. Try dog ​​training where your puppy can learn many new tricks. Train your dog and puppy, send them on funny quests and adventures. Raise your animals and take care of cute puppies in Dog

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  69. Reaction training

    Do you agree that good reflexes and speed of reaction at any age have only a positive effect? If you want to train your reaction speed and reflexes or just want to check your reaction speed – you’ve found the right app. It has everything you need to improve your

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  71. Techne Futbol

    Your guide to your training. Techne is for the enthusiastic soccer player who wants to take charge of his development. We provide a comprehensive guide to everything you can do to improve yourself. Join the Techne community to: – Train with mentoring sessions from professional players and coaches, new

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  73. Fitness First Germany

    – Activate your login for the app now at In order to be able to use the application to its fullest extent, activation is necessary in advance. — # MotivationByFitnessFirstYour Motivation is the most important motivation for your training. For this purpose, Fitness First wants to interact

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  75. TeamSnap: No.1 Sports & Activity Management App

    TeamSnap is the number one sports team management app for coaches who prefer managing their teams rather than managing their own technology. easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is simple team management, as a coach you do much less training than you sign

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  77. Equilab – Equestrian Tracker

    Track your rides and record every movement of your horse. Be part of the largest equestrian network in the world – for free! “A training tool like the Equilab is invaluable for riders at all levels and in all different disciplines,” says Olympic jockey Patrick Keitel, “Riding is

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  79. IQ Test & Training

    This application will help you to train and measure your intelligence. It is a colorful educational game consisting of two parts. The first part is used to train your brain on puzzles and solutions, while the second part is used to test your IQ score. IQ scores

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  81. Jeopardy! Words

    An all-new authentic crossword puzzle game that combines classic word game elements like crosswords, anagrams, and word search along with America’s favorite quiz program. Words brings you the same bendy trivia you know and love from the hit TV show Jeopardy! In a fun and informal way anyone can play

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  83. Game of Words: Word Puzzles

    Train your brain with an addictive word puzzle game that combines word search with word scramble. Game of Words offers over 5,000 amazing word game levels for adults and younger players alike who are looking for brain training, vocabulary improvement, or just to unwind and unwind after a

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  85. Memory game for kids 2

    Memory Game for Kids 2 is a funny educational puzzle memory game about the universe (space) for toddlers, babies, preschoolers, kids and adults. Memory game for kids 2 helps them to improve their recognition as they play as well as learn about the universe. It is the

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  87. Words with Friends 2 Classic

    The best and smartest multiplayer game ever! Beat this word by deciphering the letters, train your brain and immerse yourself in a plethora of classic word board games and crossword puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills as you

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  89. Pooza – Educational Puzzles for Kids

    Educational puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers designed by brain scientists to improve your child’s concentration and learning abilities, reasoning and logic skills, cognitive development, visual and spatial processing in a fun play environment. growth. Our puzzles and exercises are getting progressively more difficult to facilitate optimal

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  91. ReaderPro – Speed reading and brain development

    Speed ​​reading is not secret knowledge at all, it is available only to the elect, it is a skill available to all and is attained through regular and proper training. In our application I have collected the best exercises and techniques for this, practice regularly according

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  93. Math Workout – Math Games

    Do you want to keep your mind healthy and your brain working? Then it is the perfect game for you. Let’s get past the idea that math is boring, here you can see that it’s fun and beautiful. Math Workout – Math Games is designed for

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  95. StudyGe – World Geography Quiz

    Geography Quiz – This game will help you to remember the locations, capitals and flags of countries. 🌍👨🎓 You can train your memory and save information about countries. ​​Studying the world map using this app will allow you to improve your knowledge of geography and also do

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  97. Word Search Pop – Free Fun Find & Link Brain Games

    Time to sharpen your mind and vision now! Enjoy the new word puzzle game, Word Search Pop! Find words and play music! Perfect for killing time. Be the master of words! In Word Search Pop there are 5000

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  99. Word Wiz – Connect Words Game

    How many words can you make with these letters: VOLDE? Train your brain to solve word puzzles and expand your vocabulary! MobilityWare presents a new, fun and brain-filled crossword puzzle game – WordWiz! Word Wiz is a word matching game that combines the best word

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  101. Wonder Word

    It’s time to train your brain! Find the hidden words to solve puzzles and keep your brain sharp! Wonder Word is a free fun word search game. It starts out easy but gets progressively more challenging. Beat as many puzzles as possible to increase your IQ score!

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  103. Mozart for Babies Brain Development Lullabies

    Lullabies Baby Mozart app is a free offline app that helps your baby fall asleep faster. The application contains the most famous and popular Mozart’s lullabies collection: Why download the free Baby Lullabies Sleep Music app: – High quality sound – The application can be played offline

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  105. Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles

    WORD LANES blends the brain-teasing gameplay of classic word search puzzles with a relaxing and beautiful scenario. As you solve the clues and scroll to reveal the words hidden in each puzzle, you’ll not only challenge yourself and exercise your brain – you’ll also de-stress and calm your spirits

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  107. Memory – Match Pairs (train your brain)

    Memory – Match Pairs (train your brain)
    #Memory #Match #Pairs #train #brain
    Category :

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  109. Solitaire Mania

    Solitaire Mania, originally called ‘Klondike’ or ‘Patience’, is a simple and classic card game. Solitaire Mania is a free and fun game for all ages; Solitaire Mania is a good game to help you relax; Solitaire Mania is the best app to train your brain and have fun with

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  111. Word Riddles – Offline Word Games Brain Test

    Do you like puzzle games? This is the most amazing puzzle game! Download ‘Word Riddles’ to train your brain for free, and do your best to unlock all levels. How to play: Read the puzzle and guess the answer. Fill in the

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  113. Brain Games Kids

    Enjoy 12 educational games to keep your brain active and have fun. Labyrinths, jigsaw puzzles, alphabet soup, intelligence games, memory, labyrinths, visual acuity, spatial vision, minesweeper, sudoku, find objects … and many more! In three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese, the game has three levels of difficulty, for all

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  115. Word Search – Word Puzzle Game

    Take your brain on an exotic journey with the most exciting and destination-themed free word search! 🌎 Travel the world with Word Search Journey, a beautiful word puzzle game with all the challenging and entertaining word search features you love! Train and exercise your brain in

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  117. Energy: Anti Stress Loops

    Features: Simple gameplay: just tap on the lines to rotate and create connected loops. The wires will shine when at least one stud and lamp are connected across a line. Relaxation: People with OCD mention this game as a great way to get better. The energy game

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  119. Winner Soccer Evo Elite

    It’s completely free. Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a true 3D competitive soccer game. It includes the teams and the latest football player data for the 2018 World Cup. There are different modes for you to choose. It has up to 32 teams and 600 players. Smooth

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  121. PSG Official

    PSG Official App is the only app that connects daily with your favorite club! Access exclusive news first, enjoy extended match coverage, see goals, highlights and full match replays for every first team match, get behind-the-scenes access and discover our latest collections and collaborate with the best lifestyle brands: ICI C’EST

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  123. Baby Game”Limited Express” GO!

    Limited express trains mental training game. The newest trains and famous trains met last year! Heaps of limited express trains are very popular with kids! Fun for kids, babies and kids. Kids just touch the shinkansen along with the music and listen to the different sounds.

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  125. Symplicity Jobs and Careers

    Join over 26 million students who have started their careers with Symplicity. Symplicity connects students at more than 1,000 colleges and universities with thousands of employers who are actively seeking students and alumni for employment and internship opportunities. If your school uses Symplicity Career Services Manager, this mobile

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  127. Practice Space

    Practice Space is the world’s most attractive exercise app, and it’s free to use! Students can create detailed practice goals, track their goal achievement and win fun prizes along the way. Completing training missions and other objectives earns you practice points and gems, which can be used in the app

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  129. LingoDeer Plus: Language quiz

    LingoDeer Plus is a popular training app for learners of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese and German, developed by the same team behind the popular language course app LingoDeer. It currently features up to 10 games that help you improve specific language skills, such as using constant expressions or

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  131. Engkoo

    [Artificial Intelligence Scoring]Engkoo is powered by powerful artificial intelligence, which can accurately determine the accuracy of English pronunciation, and record it according to the correct pronunciation, intonation, and speed. Thus, it provides useful feedback to finally help improve your oral English.[Minimal Pair discrimination]With daily training, Engkoo can search for few misspelled pairs

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  133. TrackMan Golf

    TrackMan Golf is the one-stop shop for all your TrackMan activities. Better golf starts here, as the app gives you comprehensive access to all data recorded during TrackMan’s indoor and outdoor activities, allowing you to analyze your training and playing performance and track your improvements, regardless of your golf skill level.

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  135. Playform: Soccer Training

    Playform- Your digital soccer coach! ⚽The best soccer coaching app that breaks new ground in the world of soccer coaching. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see Playform’s elite soccer coaching features. What does my digital soccer coach do? There is practically nothing your virtual soccer

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  137. Old MacDonald’s Farm – Baby Training Games

    There are 6 different games for kids 1) Listen to the music and choose the animals when the sound stops with which animal 2) Flip the animals and learn the animal sounds 3) Animal memory cards 4) Catch the cat and improve its reflexes 5) Click on

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  139. 3D Aim Trainer – FPS Practice

    3D Aim Trainer is a free first person shooter training mobile app that will help you practice your shooting and improve your shooting skills in first person shooter games! We also make training fun – go ahead and fight with opponents to show them your true strength!

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  141. Ego Sword : Idle Hero Training

    ■ Idle Clicker RPG – Enjoy the best proven idle RPG +1,000,000! – Defeat +60,000 levels! – Collect over 10,000 outfits and swords! – Adventure down the full idle RPG adventure! – Compete in tournaments against 7000+ other players every day! –

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  143. SEASON Pro Football Manager – Football Management

    Do you dream of being a football star manager? ⚽️ Can you imagine coaching a Dream League Soccer team? 🏟️ Have the desire to become a champion of the Champions League in one of the best free online multiplayer football manager simulation games 🎮 of

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  145. Kid Exercise and Yoga

    Kids pose and yoga is the best type of yoga for the family with different poses and specially designed for kids. Physical aptitude builds self-esteem at every age and the yoga app contains different types of yoga poses including fun animal yoga poses. Yoga exercise plan helps to

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    DARTSLIEBE – Powered by BULL’SAN APP MORE ACCURATE THAN PHIL TAYLOR´S THROW! junior? Semi-professional? Or maybe you already regularly crash 140s into your dart board? Either way, the DARTSLIEBE app is for you all! The app provides you with a variety of game and training options in single

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  149. Pole Dance Companion

    The Pole Dance Companion is the mobile solution for amateurs, athletes and coaches in Pole, Air, and Dance. With so many amazing jobs but still plenty of room for growth and additions, this is the place to learn independently and at an affordable cost alone or in groups, from all

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  151. Word Town: Search, find & crus

    Like word search games? A free crossword puzzle game with an addictive landscape is coming! Search and find hidden words, crush letters and collapse! It’s time to enjoy daily brain training with your friends. In Word Town, there are more than 3000 challenging puzzles

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  153. Solitaire: Fish Jackpot

    New Klondike Solitaire games for free with cool fish theme! Play classic solitaire games, collect cute ocean fish, decorate unique aquariums and win huge rewards in Solitaire: Fish Jackpot! Klondike Solitaire card games are beautiful ways to relax, have fun and the same training your brain. With simple

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  155. Thinkrolls Kings & Queens Full

    *** 33% OFF – Limited Time Offer! *** ♛ Google Play Editors’ Choice Google Play Winner “Best Family Apps 2016” ♛ Editor’s Pick by Children’s Technology Review (score 100/100) Best Pick by Common Sense Media (Rating 5/5) ♛ Best Pick by TechWithKids (Rating 5/5) *This app contains NO

  156. Screen image

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  157. Words Story: Escape Alcatraz

    Escape Alcatraz is an addictive word game. Help Peter escape from Alcatraz by solving puzzles. Each level contains a puzzle based on the picture, and a word that you need to solve. Simply type the answer to complete each level. What will you get from this

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  159. Bright – English for beginners

    Learn English easily! Welcome to Bright: a smart and simple app for learning English. Bright uses the best interval repetition method and the special Fast Brain memory training technique. Because of the interactive teaching methods, users memorize 90% of the information. We have prepared 38

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  161. Kids Multiplication Math Games

    Free flashcards, multiplication games, math puzzles and learning games for kids. Everything your child needs to start their early education is here in a fun, colorful and free kids game! The best way to learn multiplication tables and gain knowledge of mathematics is with flashcards. Kids quickly

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  163. Coolmath Games Fun Mini Games

    Your favorite casual games and mini-games from the web are now available on mobile! Coolmath Games is full of fun casual games, mini games, trivia and brain training puzzles for everyone. Play fun logic, math and reasoning games today! If you like Coolmath Games, you will

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  165. Wood Block Puzzle – Block Game

    Wood Block Puzzle – Classic Block Puzzle Game, also called Qblock is a classic addictive wood block puzzle game. Qblock challenges you to match blocks of different shapes into a 10 x 10 grid. Wood Block Puzzle (Qblock) is a true classic, with no time limits and

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  167. Wordalot – Picture Crossword

    Puzzle your way through more than 1000 levels; The clues are in the pictures. This word game is elegant and simple at the same time, but will challenge even the greatest word enthusiasts. So shoot your detective skills and bring your mind to alert; I will

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  169. Escape Room: Mystery Word

    The most innovative escape game ever with puzzle experience, you must not miss it! Locked up in a strange room, you need to constantly observe, think, guess and reason until escape Features: ♦ ︎ Simple and easy rules, type the correct word to win the game! ♦ ︎

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  171. Word Connect

    Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? Are you a real puzzle game master? Download Word Connect for free! Start your word story and brainstorm now! 💕 Simply swipe the letter blocks and build words to collect coins! Find the clues to solve the crossword

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  173. Trigono – geometric brain boil

    Avoid red, or explode. The good thing is that you have unlimited number of lives in this game. If you make a mistake – just restart the level. Trigono cannot stand still and always move because he is afraid. do not worry; The first

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  175. Word Search Link

    🌟 Word Search Link is a great daily challenge to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your brain 🌟 This immersive word search game is relaxing and challenging for your brain, with word search link find letters, connect and connect it, it is a relaxing and addictive word search game that you

  176. Screen image

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  177. Train your brain game

    A mind game for children and adults to practice visual perception and train memory, look carefully at each picture and save it, when you are ready you will have to answer a question about what you saw. Will you be able to remember what you saw? There are

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  179. Logic Puzzles – Brain Fun

    Logic grid puzzles like the ones in Dell magazines. Decipher the written clues and fill in the grid to solve them. 50 grid-based logic puzzles ranging from intermediate to expert solvers from Puzzle Baron. This modern solution has a multi-level undo, and Auto-X features make it

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  181. Woody Puzzle – Block Puzzle 8×8

    Put the pieces on the board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, making room for new pieces, and it will be game over if there is no space for any given blocks below the board. You can play this wooden

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  183. Word Bliss

    Have you ever wanted a game that not only works your brain but also helps calm it down? Word Bliss is your brain’s ticket to go on a fun and relaxing ride as you get better at wordplay! Avoid boredom and welcome peace by playing the classic word link game

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  185. Solitaire: Decked Out – Classic Klondike Card Game

    Play unlimited games with this Classic Solitaire game! Also, popularly known as Klondike and Patience! Whatever name you choose, Solitaire: Decked Out is the classic card game with stunning visuals full of life! Discover the best mobile solitaire game and start strengthening your

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  187. Word to Word: Fun Brain Games, Offline Puzzle Game

    Word to Word®, the original and popular word collecting game, is now available on the Play Store! Created by people who love word games like you. Use your knowledge of English synonyms, antonyms, crossword puzzle clues and answers, fun trivia facts, idioms, riddles,

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  189. Wordle

    Wordle – Word Game – a free word puzzle with a twist. Train your brain and test your vocabulary by finding as many words as possible in the given time. Simply swipe the letters to build a word, and score points along the way. If you enjoy word games, you

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  191. Solitaire TriPeaks & Klondike

    Play Solitaire & Design Your Aquarium! Solitaire card game is a puzzle game that trains your brain to play classic and special solitaire. Join an exciting underwater journey. Create your own aquarium with different styles by solving challenging solitaire puzzles. Choose adorable fish and adorable decorations.

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  193. Figgerits – Word Puzzle Game

    Are you ready to overwork your mind? Let’s do it! Welcome to Figgerits, it’s a great problem solving game with logic puzzles and mind games. Figgerits is not just a logic puzzle and clever game, it is a type of crossword puzzle and word game that

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  195. Сканворды на русском

    “Scanwords in Russian” is an interesting word puzzle that will not make you bored. From the creators of Quick Crosswords. More word crosses. Even easier, more fun and convenient, the game is very easy to use and fun. With the solution “Scanwords in Russian” you update your

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  197. Word Bubble Puzzle – Word Game

    Word Bubble is one of the most popular mobile word games in the world. The goal of the game is to find the correct word to improve your vocabulary. The game is so addictive that you can’t stop playing and help you have fun. Word

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  199. Relaxing Words

    Are you a fan of word game? Crossword puzzles, word searches, scrabble games, hidden words, crossword puzzles and anagrams… Nothing scares you? Then you will love the relaxing words! Give your brain a workout and improve your vocabulary in a calm and relaxing environment. Each unique puzzle will

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