Best 20+ Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro – Auto Clicker

Touch Macro Pro – Auto Clicker

Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

Automate frequent touches with TOUCH MACRO. It is an application that provides various functions such as mass iteration, image comparison, and GOTO elements. TOUCH MACRO can perform complex tasks, quickly repeat clicks, find and click images on the screen. The easy-to-use macro editor makes editing macros easier. This app requires below permission to perform touch and gestures. – Accessibility Service TOUCH MACRO Pro is a touch automation app. This app requires accessibility permissions to perform touch and gestures. – Android developer option or ROOT services is not available on Android 7.0 and earlier. So you need to enable Developer Options or ROOT. Emulator This application can be run on a computer emulator. – CAUTION – Screen copying may occur if the smartphone …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. G clicker – Auto touch, click

    ・ It is an application that helps you touch automatically by determining the location and screen time interval. If you need to do the same action over and over, try this app.・Rooting is not required There are two main types of this service 1. Simple touch function

  2. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  3. Auto Clicker Macro: Clickmate

    Clickmate is the app that gives you the possibility to record and re-enter touch in apps and games. No ROOT required. Record your finger once and repeat forever. Learn about Clickmate and its features: • Recording mode: Record and reproduce touch inputs as well as system actions

  4. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  5. Touch Recorder [Macro Clicker]

    Touch Recorder is a tool that records and performs your touches with your preferred interval and speed. This app is available in Android 7.0+ and can be used without ROOTMain features: Script recording Execution of scripts the way you record them Setting script names, interval and speedMerge Scripts Merge

  6. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  7. Opera Touch

    Fast, secure and private, Opera Touch is a beautifully designed web browser with Red Dot Award for its amazing user interface. Enjoyed by millions of fans around the world, it is designed for people on the go and features a super fast web search for instant results. Install Opera Touch

  8. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  9. Touch of Modern: Shopping

    Touch of Modern is a men’s shopping app to discover the most interesting products in the world at amazing prices. With dozens of new sales added every day, TOMO will be the shopping app you’ll want to check out every day. Join the millions of men discovering new

  10. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  11. Macrorify – Image AutoClicker

    Tell me about yourself Hi, I’m Macrorify and I’m a macro maker. You may know me as Auto Clicker. However, I can do more than any other auto clicker. With image detection and text recognition, I can help make your macros as powerful as possible. What

  12. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  13. Auto Clicker Touch Game Mate

    Auto Clicker Touch Game Mate feature helps you make repeated clicks – anywhere or corner on your mobile screen, at any time interval you specify. Smart Auto Clicker does not require root access. No click or tap limit for the tap interval you specify – ideally go

  14. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  15. DOFUS Touch

    The ultimate adventure is at your fingertips in this mega game! While searching for the legendary dragon eggs, travel across the limitless universe, meet players from all over the world, and create your own legend. Battle unique creatures and fearsome bosses, share a career, utilize your resources, be a guild

  16. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  17. Auto Clicker – Super Fast Clicker

    Tap Auto Clicker app automatically with perfect time duration with this smart Auto Clicker App – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch app. Auto Clicker app provides users to perform Easy Tap or Touch with perfect time duration on mobile screen through Button. Play any game with perfect

  18. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  19. Hamster Life

    You can breed hamsters easily and happily. Hamster Life is a free game app that can play with hamsters and through the healing life. You can serve him food, touch his cute face. If your hamster is so full of food that he takes food home, there are many

  20. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  21. Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

    Ruler app for your phone and tablet. Measure everything with a beautiful on-screen ruler. Choose between inches and centimeters. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find the size of all the strange objects around you.

  22. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  23. Table Tennis Touch

    Serve, spin, and smash your way to glory! Stunning graphics, intuitive swiping controls, high-speed gameplay, and multiple game modes have made Table Tennis Touch a ping pong game. • CAREER – Rise through the ranks in a career mode filled with tournaments, tournaments and special events. Work your

  24. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  25. 1Sec Note :Floating Cloud Note

    • It’s really fast. Once you open the app, you’re ready to take a note. There is no need to touch here and there. The keyboard is already ready for you. The powerful autosave function preserves what you type. • If you touch outside

  26. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  27. MLS-Touch

    ** Exclusively available to real estate agents in participating councils ** MLS-Touch puts MLS-Touch in the palm of your hand! It’s the most advanced mobile app for agents, with plenty of features to keep you connected to listings and interact with potential clients and clients from anywhere. – Quickly search for

  28. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  29. Yeah Bunny!

    This awesome platform game takes you on an adventure to the magical ancient pixel world of bunny. Touch control has never been so easy and precise! Run, jump and climb walls just by tapping anywhere on the 8-bit screen. Collect cute carrots and mini keys and run to complete

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  31. Xylophone Game

    Simple design makes playing easy with great features: * Eight base notes. * Realistic sounds. * Touch animation. * Multi-touch response. Play your favorite songs and music. Have fun!
    Category : #Xylophone #Game

  32. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  33. Baby Game”Limited Express” GO!

    Limited express trains mental training game. The newest trains and famous trains met last year! Heaps of limited express trains are very popular with kids! Fun for kids, babies and kids. Kids just touch the shinkansen along with the music and listen to the different sounds.

  34. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  35. Superstar Hockey: Pass & Score

    Hit the ice with Superstar Hockey⭐ Can you win the cup? Swipe, shoot, hit and score with easy-to-learn one-touch controls. , hit and score with easy one-touch controls Short and action packed games: Play retro hockey anytime! Win 🏆 Trophies and advance to the top leagues.

  36. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  37. Arcaea

    New Dimension Rhythm Game “The harmony of light awaits you in a lost world of musical conflict.” Touch, hold, and slide to the beat with an unforgettable challenging rhythm game experience, featuring artists from Japan and across the world. New 3D Arc Game: Take your touch screen to its limits by

  38. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  39. Kisi

    Kisi is a cloud-based door access control and security solution. Unlock doors with your phone With Kisi app, you can use your Android device to quickly and securely unlock any door with Kisi. * See the list of doors you can access and unlock from the app * Tap to unlock

  40. Best 20 Alternative Apps Like Touch Macro Pro 8211 Auto Clicker

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  41. GameGlass

    Control your games in a whole new way, with GameGlass Shards – immersive touch screen interfaces on your phone and tablet. The tools allow you to use easy-to-use touch controls that include dynamic interactions and animations. Switches, buttons, toggles, sliders, and more let you see clearly placed controls. Beautiful designs

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  43. Elmo Loves ABCs

    This is an app full of games, activities and videos, which will help teach your child letters, sounds and words. Letters A, B and C included. Upgrade to unlock letters D through Z. Elmo loves this app! Contains songs and videos about letters. Contains coloring pages and games

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  45. Elmo Loves 123s

    This is an app full of games, activities and videos, which will help teach your child about numbers and counting. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are included. Upgrade to unlock numbers from 4 to 20, Elmo loves to explore numbers! This app contains songs and videos about numbers.

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  47. The Room: Old Sins

    The fourth entry in the multi-award winning “The Room” puzzle game series. “The fake room touch puzzle boxes are better than ever in Old Sins; Fireproof has made what might be the best release yet.” — Edge “The creative puzzles, combined with the haunting ambiance, occupy your entire mind.

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    Drift through a chic and elegant scene in this story-driven racing adventure. Data suites provide critical data throughout a computer system, while following parent’s commands without question. But when the system is under attack, and the mother becomes irrational, something must be done! • Intuitive two-touch controls with an

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  51. RealLife: Speak & Listen to Real Life English

    Understand fast-speaking natives, speak and understand anyone, and connect to the world for free, at the touch of a button. RealLife will guide you beyond the classroom, to actually live, learn and speak English. the world. • Global Speak is your gateway to

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  53. weBelong: Social media LGBTQ

    WeBelong – Comprehensive Social Media, More Together, More Fun and keep in touch with your friends Find the communities your misfits belong to. The best application to make friends and keep in touch with friends! WeBelong is widely used by fans of the jazz, emo, gay, black

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  55. Ameren Mobile

    Enjoy new functionality with improved performance, security, and stability. You can view your bill, make payment and report outage status from anywhere or check it with Ameren Mobile. Ameren Mobile is an easy way to manage your account and stay informed. Easily update your payment method, contact or other

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  57. Robert Half: Job Search & More

    Manage your entire job search in one place with the Robert Half app, winner of three w3 awards (including Best in Show) and Stevie Gold from the International Business Awards (2021). Get personalized job recommendations and access thousands of exclusive new opportunities every week. Our recruitment

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  59. Priority Matrix

    If you like Priority Matrix, please take the time to give us a nice review: it really helps. Priority Matrix is ​​an award-winning prioritization system that helps teams improve their productivity, accountability, and transparency. Prioritize – Focus on the Right Things Our intuitive planning provides a framework for prioritizing Communicate

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  61. Click Aide – Auto Clicker

    No ads. No subscription. without problems. Pay once and enjoy unlimited use of this handy tool. Ultra Slim APK is only 0.2MB in size. 10 times less than other similar apps! Being small also means faster startup and execution. Clean and intuitive

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  63. ManyChat

    Always in touch chat with subscribers everywhere. Join a conversation, answer questions, manage subscriber data (add tags, subscribe to sequences, add custom field values, etc.) Please subscribe to manychat.com before using the app. LiveChat for each of your botBe programs, always be in touch with subscribers of each of your bots.

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  65. EPIK – Photo Editor

    Professional photo editing with advanced editing tools.[ Main features ]● Professional color editing features: HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Lux, Grain, Vignette for perfection: Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective ● Picture Perfect, Touch up to remove blemishes, Natural face, Trendy makeup, Touch up, Body, Paint, Hair ● Artistic Fashion Effects, Stickers,

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  67. Achievers

    Sending and receiving awards, connecting with colleagues, and celebrating accomplishments has never been easier. The Achievers Android app puts the power of recognition in your hands. It’s the simplest way to stay in touch with the most special and meaningful moments of the work day. Interact, organize and get to

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  69. QuickClick Pro – Auto Clicker, Click Assistant

    Auto Clicker helps you to make repeated clicks anywhere with any period of time you select, if you ever need to keep the game active, click on the same button again and again, or click anywhere as fast as you can… You can click or drag automatically

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  71. Text Free: Call & Texting App

    Safe, fast, and high-quality messages are just a few clicks away with Text Free. Our messaging app offers you free text messages and a real US phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have the Text Free app. Now you can send

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  73. TouchRetouch

    “…there is no easier way to remove unwanted elements from your photos…” – The Guardian “TouchRetouch is a great ‘removal’.” Life In LoFiTouchRetouch is an app that gives you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos. What magic can you do with TouchRetouch? Remove

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  75. Marco Polo – Stay In Touch

    Marco Polo brings together the best of texting, social media and video chats – all in one private, easy-to-use app. Is it social media? It’s different from typical social media apps because Marco Polo is real, trusted, and built to be good for you. Unlike

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  77. Professional Guitar

    Professional Guitar is a serious music app for everyone, it’s Virtual Guitar app for Android mobile phones and tablets. High-quality sounds of the Philharmonia orchestra, a distinctive and noteworthy application, Multi-touch allows you to play the guitar chords. There is good quality of screen resolution for you, you can play

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  79. Alphabets Coloring book Glitte

    English Alphabet Coloring and Drawing Game for Kids is an educational game for kids and toddlers to learn alphabets from A to Z, learn colors and fireworks and help our kids to write the ABC English alphabet more easily and correctly. Simple screen, just touch and drag, large ABC

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  81. Phantom of Opera

    A strange love story in a majestic opera house! A love story that causes a stir in the theater with such tension surrounding it! Frightening cases will be revealed. Play the game to experience the hidden stories in the opera house! A thrilling romantic visual novel story

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  83. Baby Piano

    This is a 100% free colorful piano designed for kids. It is a very simple piano which makes it very easy to use for kids. Features: – Happy notes will appear with every keystroke. The keys will light up while they are pressed. – Compatible with multi-touch!

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  85. Putt-Putt® Saves the Zoo

    Putt-Putt® saves the zoo! It’s the grand opening of Cartoontown Zoo, but all the little animals are missing! Putt-Putt and Pep need to reunite the little ones with their parents before the zoo gates open. Along the way, they will swing across rivers, play hockey with a

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  87. ecoPortal Connect

    ecoPortal Connect – Record new events at the touch of a button. – Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses is easy – fast, easy and intuitive. All your workforce-reported events are synced to the ecoPortal web app, giving you instant accuracy and insight. – Access all of your event

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  89. Space – Digital Banking

    SPACE is a fully digital bank, aspiring to transform the approach of traditional financial systems out of touch. SPACE will change the way people approach their daily financial needs by integrating technology and design that makes banking simple. Our approach to banking focuses on the digital space as

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  91. Sally’s Spa

    Sally’s Back and ready to unwind in luxury spa locations around the world. Rejuvenate your clients with saunas, nail polish, bath bombs, massages, hot stones and more. Enhance your customers’ experience with upgrades for your fast-growing business. – De-stress from a wide variety of clients and characters including shy

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  93. Legend of the Skyfish

    ** Touch Arcade – 4.5/5 ‘Get addicted to this’ ** Pocket Gamer – 9/10 Gold Prize! Leave the sword. We are going fishing. Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful action-adventure puzzle game with a unique weapon and tool – a fishing pole! Follow the daring

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  95. True Surf

    The official mobile game for the World Surf League (WSL) and Surfline. World’s Most Realistic Surfing Game True Surf kicks off with 21 of the world’s greatest surf breaks powered by True Axis’ true physics simulation engine and powered by Surfline’s live weather forecast. Real-time Controls Realistic touch-screen physics allow

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  97. Alphabet & Numbers Drawing Book For Kids

    Alphabet and Numbers Drawing Book for Kids is an educational application for kids and toddlers to learn Alphabets from A to Z and numbers, and it helps our kids to write letters more easily and correctly. Simple screen, just touch and drag, uppercase letters. Illustrations

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  99. 3D GYM WOMEN

    Stunning 3D visuals, powerful search engine, zoom functions, 360 degree rotation, different camera angles, change in speed… all at the end of your finger! A revolutionary teaching tool that brings all the elements of gymnastics to life. It is designed to help coaches, gymnasts, judges, and the gymnastics community

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  101. Urban Trial Pocket

    Grab your bike and go for the most brutal tricks and combos on your motorbike. Drive freely, spin in the air, go back and forth and let yourself get carried away with fun and fast-paced gameplay, colorful visuals, and smooth controls. Tricks or strobes to beat the clock.

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  103. Phone 13 Launcher, OS 15

    Do you like iPhone? Do you want to change the new style? Let Phone 13 Launcher change your style Features: – Smart search: swipe the smart search screen – Beautiful wallpaper to decorate your screen – Support passcode lock screen, pattern lock – Easily search by swiping

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  105. Move to iOS

    Everything about iOS is designed to be easy. Includes switch to it. With just a few steps, you can migrate your content automatically and securely from your Android device using the Move to iOS app. No need to save your stuff somewhere else before switching from Android.

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  107. Indra Drone Control

    Learn how to navigate by drone in crowded airspace without managing traffic. Your drone will jump between lanes at different speeds while avoiding other flying objects such as birds, helicopters and other drones. Difficult delivery time? In real life, Indra can provide traffic management tools to make drone

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  109. Action Driver

    Spin the chaotic roads in ACTION DRIVER for a real thrill ride. Collect cash, fight grenades throwing grenades in limousines, and ZIG-ZAG DRIVE on busy roads. Just for the sake of speed? Then put the pedal to the metal and get ready for some reckless fun to jump into

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  111. Space Shooter 2020

    If you like space shooting games and survival games and like to simulate sky shooting for glory and duty then Galaxy Shooter – Space Attack 2020 is the must-play shooter game. Galaxy Attack Shooter Game 2020 is the best shooting game. Easy to play, hard to master Endgame gameplay

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  113. PodsBattery – AirPods battery

    PodsBattery is an Android battery popup display tool (support AirPods1, AirPods2, AirPodsPro, Beats Solo³, Beats Solo Pro, Beats X, Beats Studio³, Powerbeats Pro, Powerbeats³, Powerbeats⁴ etc., free, without ads). The app has been developed to solve the problem of Android users not being able to check the battery level

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  115. Bitrix24 CRM And Projects

    Bitrix24 is a unified workspace that puts a full suite of business tools in one easy-to-use interface. Bitrix24 consists of 5 large blocks: Communication, Tasks, Projects, CRM, Call Center and Website Builder. KEY FEATURES OF BITRIX24 MOBILE APPCOMMUNICATIONS Keep the human touch alive in the age of digital

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  117. World Basketball King

    The most realistic physics give you the best and most realistic ball shooting experience. Train yourself anywhere and anytime.[How to play]Touch the ball and drag it to the basket (the hoop) to shoot the ball[Feature]- Realistic 3D graphics – Realistic physics engine – Extra gameplay – 3 types of ball

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  119. Gemius: Rock Identifier – Stone, Crystal, Gem ID

    Learn about rocks, stones, crystals, gems and minerals in seconds! Designed as a geological toolkit, rock healing, chakras, energy and meditation guide. Gemius is the best rock finder and stone identifier! *** The smartest rock and crystal identifier *** Identify and identify any

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  121. Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide

    Pajama Sam: No need to hide when it’s dark outside, Sam is ready to face his fear of the dark, following his favorite comic book Superhero Pajama Man, taking on Pajama Sam’s identity as he travels in his imagination to the land of darkness. Along the way,

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  123. Ultimate Robot Fighting

    Embark on the ultimate thrill ride of robot fighting as you build an epic roster of mighty, hungry and larger than life robots! Enter the arena of touch-based 3v3 combat with ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING, a FREE collectible card game, forge an awesome team of mindful robots, unleash unique and devastating

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  125. Perfect Grind

    One finger skate Skate, grind and more with all-new touch controls that make learning new tricks easy and fun! Discover a variety of cool and weird characters and outfits to choose from! CREATE + SHARE YOUR GARDEN Build your own unique creations from over 50 different prefab buildings, then share

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  127. Super Spider Hero Phone

    Super Spider Hero Phone is a game for kids that is easy to understand and play. And when you want to change the mini-game, touch the home icon to go back to the main menu. Spider, send the messages you want and he will answer you! Play

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  129. Ecwid Ecommerce

    Create, promote and manage your online store right in the Ecwid by Lightspeed mobile app, and build your business from the palm of your hand. LAUNCH YOUR OWN BUSINESS AT ECOMMERCE – Build your own e-commerce website right from your mobile device – No coding required – Add products with a

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  131. Tap To Translate Screen

    – Translate the entire screen with just one touch. – Support more than 100 languages. – Translate games, – Translate voice, camera and photos – Translate on other apps Feature: + Screen translator + Translate all text on the screen + Scan and translate text + Translate using

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  133. Space Frontier

    Step into the stratosphere with Space Frontier, the addictive physics rocket game that your friends will want to play, but they can’t! It’s your phone my friend, your job is to launch your rocket as high as possible into orbit. Simple touch control as you launch each stage of your

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  135. Accessibility Scanner

    Accessibility Scanner is a tool that scans the user interface of an application to make recommendations on how to improve the accessibility of an application. The Accessibility Scanner enables anyone, not just developers, to quickly and easily learn about a range of popular accessibility enhancements; For example, enlarge small touch

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  137. Photo blender

    Photo Blender Editor is the best photo editor and blender effect app, and it helps you to make an amazing photo collage from multi-cut photo that you touch. With Photo Blender Editor, you can combine your ordinary photos to create beautiful collages. ♥ Photo Blender Editor allows you to add

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  139. Pro Feel Golf – Sports Simulation

    Experience realistic golf strategy and movement, with greater precision than ever before! Pr Feel Golf is the perfect game for casual and competitive play, anytime and anywhere. Anyone can become a virtual golf legend with the easy-to-use one-handed, one-touch controls of Pro Feel Golf and 1on1

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  141. Blood of Titans: Card Battles

    Do you have the courage and determination to challenge the blood of the world’s titans? Only true magicians with titan blood in their veins could touch the ultimate power. you are one of them. Collect and develop a unique set of magical cards, fight battles to

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  143. Speaky – Language Exchange

    Speaky is the perfect app to practice languages ​​instantly with people all over the world for free. How it works? Find the perfect language partners by browsing a global community of language learners from over 180 countries and natives in over 110 languages. Start practicing right away

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  145. Marble Woka Woka: Jungle Blast

    Are you ready to start an exciting marble shooting challenge? Woka Woka is a top-notch marble game, with relaxing graphics and friendly heroes that take you through the Zumba marble jungle. More than 2000 levels and never ending bubble shooter content will ensure that your fun never

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  147. Picture Perfect Crossword

    Enjoy the new crossword puzzle where each clue is a unique picture! Put your word skills to the test with this interesting new crossword puzzle game. Each guide is displayed as an image – just say what you see! There are hundreds of puzzles all based on different

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  149. Tizi Town: My Play World Games

    Introducing the all-in-one PRETEND PLAY app for kids! Unleash your imagination and explore airport city, princess city, stone age city, animal city, space city, fantasy city and much more. Collect all your favorite locations in one great city to play and explore! With so many

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  151. Space 3D Live Wallpaper

    “…to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Beautiful 3D animated view of the planets in our solar system. Features: – Free scenes include Mercury, Earth, Venus, and Mars, with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto available for purchase. Of course we will never leave Pluto!

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  153. Background Eraser BG Remover

    QuickArt photo lab is a useful editing tool that provides various textures such as animation effects, photo grids, PIP templates, popular filters, cute stickers and unique text. You can erase unwanted object with removal brush and change background of sky and photo with a simple touch. QuickArt’s photo

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  155. Whish Money

    Whish Money is your digital e-wallet that connects mobile operators, app and game stores, utility services, financial services and service providers with retailers and end users. * Top up your GSM mobile number * Get prepaid game and app vouchers * Airtime gift * Provide Telco services to friends and family

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  157. Professional Xylophone

    Professional Xylophone is a serious app for everyone.The default xylophone app for Android mobile phones and tablets. High quality sounds, new and noteworthy featured app, Multi-touch lets you play chords, Xylophone animations, HD animations, good screen resolution quality. You can play the instrument in your tablet or mobile phone.
    Category :

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  159. Booster & Cleaner – Keeps fast

    A free zip tool that offers phone support, junk file cleaning, and app manager among other features. Features Clean junk files:Clean cache and junk files left after installing phone boost app: One touch to speed up your devices and free up memory ► Whitelist: you can whitelist

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  161. Whats Web Clonapp Messenger

    Whats Web Clonapp: Dual Messenger for WhatsApp Web CloneWhats web Clone App is an instant messaging app for Android to keep in touch with all your contacts from WhatsApp on the web. Have you been searching for a dual messenger for WhatsApp? Wa web clonar app is the

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  163. Easy Drawer – App Organizer

    If you don’t have the patience to read a lengthy description, here’s the TL; DR Edition: Easy Drawer (formerly LaunchBoard) is a perfect replacement for the old concept of app drawers. To get the best results from Easy Drawer, do these two things: Add both the launcher

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  165. Awesome Golf Simulator

    ****Supported Launch Screens**** – Garmin Approach R10.Golf is really cool! Using one of the supported launch screens, Awesome Golf takes shot tracking and golfing to a cool new level. Step on a tee to play unique golf courses, swim in shark-infested pools, face the closest pin and long drive

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  167. WhatAuto – Reply App

    Simple operation, turn on the one-touch auto answer, no need to set up complicated requirements. Communication matters Always choose who you want to send auto reply Support Groups We support groups WhatsAuto app can send auto reply to any groups in your messaging app. All messengers We support

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  169. Web Editor: Inspect websites

    Scan and edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript source code of any live website without reloading, with syntax highlighting. View and edit cookies, insert javascript and surf the web without ads because AdBlock is included! Some of the features: – Check and modify the source code of any website. – Entering

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  171. Stylish — Customize your phone

    StyleBar – Custom Navigation Bar by StylishStylish lets you create your own unique Android experience with custom settings for your navigation bar and weather widget. Choose from dozens of styles and color combinations to add your own personal touch and make your Android bottom navigation bar stand out.

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  173. KillApps – Close all apps

    KillApps allows you to quickly close all running applications with a simple touch! It saves battery power, frees up memory and improves performance. This app optimizes your phone’s performance by speeding up your phone by freeing up memory ☆ By saving battery ☆ By cooling down your

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  175. Minimal Piano

    Minimal Piano is a beautiful piano app without ads, in-app purchases, or premium versions. Focus fully on playing the piano in full screen size with state-of-the-art keys. Features: 🎉 No ads No premium purchases Beautiful buttons Multi-touch support One simple piano sound made with love. Dave / contact
    Category :

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  177. My City : My Friend’s House

    Welcome to My City: My Friend’s House where you can create your own stories, imagine playing exciting adventures and much more! Just ready for you to discover, explore, and imagine playing with. Be sure to check out the nursery and children’s room. Sit with your

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  179. Baby Panda Home Safety

    Home is a special place. It is a place for exploration and adventure and also the most common place for young children to be hit. We never know when an injury will occur. But most infections are predictable and preventable. Worried that your child will touch

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  181. My City : Animal Shelter

    Take care and help animals from all over the world in your own animal shelter game! My City: Animal Shelter is a special place where you can take care of exotic pets and animals and play with them. Provide shelter for exotic animals from all over the

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  183. The Room Three

    “Perhaps the Best Mobile Game of 2015” – VICE “With its rich atmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is intriguing and hard to put down.” – Detective game “Triumph. We totally recommend that you immerse yourself in this aerial puzzle” – the stuff is much bigger and longer than

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  185. Word Bingo – Fun Word Games

    If you love using word games, Yahtzee of word Bingo will become your new favorite word game! How good are you at spotting words from a random set of letters? Do you have Yahtzee skills to get Bingo? Get ready to test your word skills

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  187. Farm Story Maker Activity Game

    Lilly’s farm is full of crazy creatures from chickens to cows, planes and pizza! Choose from 9 locations such as PIG PEN or FRESH VEGGIES and build any scene you can imagine with 100 funny, lovable and brutal stickers! …and more on the way in future updates!

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  189. Rat On A Skateboard

    Grab your board and get ready for a quick adventure in Banana Harbor. Rat On A Skateboard is a fun side scrolling game with an easy learning curve! points. But be careful not to get stuck in chests and obstacles! The game includes both randomly generated

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    “Oxenfree takes the best parts from the ’80s supernatural teen horror films and combines them with believable characters, beautiful still pieces, and haunting VHS pop-accompaniment to create a masterpiece.” – 10/10 from CGMagOnline “What ‘stranger things’ were to Netflix, was ‘Oxenfree’ to the video game world.” – LA TIMES “Oxenfree stands

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  193. PhotoDirector – Photo Editor

    PhotoDirector allows you to animate your photos with a range of AI-powered effects all in one place. Also, with just a few clicks, you can easily remove unwanted objects, change any background, and edit photos with out-of-this-world effects. Get ready to use bokeh and scatter, and let your

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  195. 2Steps: Dating App & Chat

    2Steps helps you find new friends to keep in touch, communicate and maybe other things too 💕 When you use 2 Steps, you will see that you can meet those you want. Upload your photos and tell people on your profile more about you, choose who you are

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  197. Topface – Dating Meeting Chat

    Topface allows you to find interesting people, girls, and guys with similar interests and hobbies all over the world. It can be used to find new friends to keep in touch, communicate, and possibly for other things as well. When you use Topface, you will see that

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  199. CoyoteGO

    Welcome to CoyoteGO® – the driver dispatch app that gives you access to more than 10,000 loads per day in the palm of your hand. Need a load? Find available loads anywhere, anytime. See a load you like? Make an offer or even book it directly from the app.

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