Best 21+ Alternative Apps Like Bloomz


Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

Bloomz is the free, award-winning app that saves teachers plenty of time on all parent communication, while creating a supportive study community. “Make your life easier by integrating all your communication and coordination with parents.” – WeAreTeachers “If you’re looking for ways to build relationships with and between families, check out Bloomz!” – The Cornerstone for TeachersBloomz makes it easy for teachers to securely share photos and classroom updates, reach parents instantly through messaging, as well as coordinate events (such as PT conferences) and sign up for volunteers. With Bloomz teachers can: – Post class updates, share photos, and see who’s watching – Manage events and calendar, with built-in reminders – Schedule parent-teacher conferences…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Quizlet: Languages & Vocab

    Quizlet is the easiest way to study, practice and become an expert in everything you learn. Create flashcards or find one to study from over 500 million combinations created by teachers and students. With our suite of science-backed study tools, you can memorize vocabulary and learn key concepts

  2. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  3. Teacher Aide Pro

    Designed by a teacher, for teachers! Key Features • Attendance and Gradebook (6 terms / 20 terms) • Seating chart and progress reports • Identification of at-risk students • Sync list from class • Scoring and criteria YouTube help videos: list = PLSK1n2fJv6r7bFzrgV50fKvSvYxLJQahHFacebook Tips: Tips: The

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  5. Teacher’s assistant (grade book)

    Teacher Assistant is the most convenient online magazine with many additional features. It will store your schedule, student lists, their grades and attendance, and the classes in which classes are held. It was created at the request of teachers, repeatedly tested by them, and now it is used

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  7. Planboard – Free Lesson Planner for Teachers

    Plan lessons on the go in an easy-to-use editor with curriculum standards and attachments. Planboard organizes your lessons, topics, and classes into a beautiful schedule with you everywhere. Join over 250,000 teachers around the world who are already using Planboard to reduce class preparation time

  8. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  9. Wyzant – Find Expert Tutors

    The Wyzant app makes it easy for parents and students to connect instantly with expert tutors for in-person and online lessons. Find your perfect tutor: We have more tutors covering more topics than anywhere else. Easily compare teachers’ ratings, student reviews, backgrounds, and fees. – Communicate

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  11. ClassDojo

    Are you ready to build an amazing classroom community? ClassDojo is a beautiful, secure and simple communication app for teachers, parents and students. * Educators can encourage students for any skill, such as “hard work” and “teamwork” * Educators can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and

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  13. Toddle Family

    Note: You will only be able to sign in if your school subscribes to the Toddle Premium plan, the Moddle app helps you stay connected with your child’s learning journey, and with the Toddle Family app, you can: *Access your child’s journey in the form of learning guides such as photos, videos,

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  15. 7th Grade Math Learning Games

    7th grade math learning games are year-long math lessons, worksheets and problems for 7th graders. Covering 19 common core topics with an endless amount of questions, it’s perfect for teachers or parents who want to give their students a fun way to practice and learn. Track student

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  17. Beanstack Tracker

    Beanstack helps teachers, librarians, and families read more by creating, promoting, and participating in reading challenges and gaining insights from reading challenges. Unlock a world of reading inspiration with a library, school, or Beanstack Go account: – Take part in reading challenges created by librarians or teachers. Beanstack Go users

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  19. Vklass

    Vklass is a service for teachers, students and parents who have contacts with Swedish schools and nurseries. The application provides extensive functionality to the users, allowing quick access to important information related to the school. Functions are adapted depending on the user and authorization. As a teacher, you can, for

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  21. Seesaw

    With Seesaw, even our youngest learners can bring their ideas and imaginations to life so that teachers, parents and school leaders have a window in their minds – where massive growth happens every day! Join the millions of Seesaw users who have created powerful learning communities with this game-changing educational resource.

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  23. Additio for teachers

    From planning to classifying your students, Additio centralizes all classroom management in a simple, easy-to-use app. A flexible multi-device tool available on the web version, tablets and smartphones. Key Features and Advantages: – Powerful digital scorebook. Lesson planners for all sessions and modules with custom templates. –

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  25. Tadpoles Parents

    The Tadpoles Parent app helps you build connections with your child’s teachers and caregivers. Stay connected to the learning happening in your child’s classroom with daily reports, multimedia SEL playlists, interactive activities, and two-way messaging with your child’s teacher. The Tadpoles Parent app is used by more than 2,600 programs

  26. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  27. Learn Japanese Speak Language

    Learn Japanese language, alphabet (hiragana, katakana, kanji and romaji) and grammar with LuvLingua. Start the learning experience already enjoyed by millions around the world, LuvLingua Learning Apps teach you through fun games and beginner to intermediate level courses. and essential phrases to build a strong foundation of the

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  29. Learn English Speak Language

    Learn English, Alphabet and Grammar with LuvLingua Start the learning experience already enjoyed by millions around the world LuvLingua educational apps teach you through fun games, beginner to intermediate level courses Study key words and essential phrases to build a strong foundation of English – Understand and speak English to

  30. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  31. Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

    A leading digital reading platform, Epic provides a fun, safe, and rich space that kids, parents, and teachers love. Children can read on their own at any level, parents and teachers can track children’s reading activity and send prompts to motivate them. With instant anytime access to

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  33. Gauthmath–Powerful Calculator

    Are you looking for a math homework answers scanner? Need help solving math problems with real math teachers fast? Download Gauthmath – a powerful solution to math problems! Our math app gives access to real online math teachers for algebra, graphs, calculus, even math word problems and all other

  34. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  35. ClassTag: Classroom Communication

    ClassTag is a free communication platform between parents and teachers that helps every student succeed. Whether you’re in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, ClassTag makes it easy to connect and build an amazing classroom community all while getting classroom supplies and goodies to use the app.

  36. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  37. Busy Shapes & Colors

    A fun, stimulating and very intuitive playground for learning the names of 11 shapes and 11 colors, specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Surprise! Cute penguins entertain the kids as they progress through the levels. What’s more, we as teachers know that some children need more time

  38. Best 21 Alternative Apps Like Bloomz

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  39. TunyStones Piano – read music

    TunyStones Piano app was created by piano educators for piano teachers and their students (kids, but also adults!). – Works with any piano or keyboard – Supports music lessons and piano teachers – Motivates piano pupils in their home practice time (especially kids love it!) – Teaches to

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  41. Cambly – English Teacher

    Practice English via video chat with a native speaker! Cambly gives you instant access to native English speakers via live video chat. Our friendly English teachers are ready to help you practice speaking skills, pronunciation and any other English language skills you wish to improve. Cambly is

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  43. Kids ToDo List

    You can easily create your own to-do list. It is important to visualize your tasks and work on them in order. With this app, you can easily create your to-do list simply by arranging the picture cards. All picture cards support audio. In addition, you can create

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  45. Remind: School Communication

    Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you’re in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Reminder makes it easy to stay connected to your school community. * Communicate in real time – on any device. * Keep personal contact information private.

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  47. Memhack

    Join thousands of students and memorize words, sentences, expressions and grammar in a simple and intuitive way! Memhack is an app that uses the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) algorithm to help you fix content: No more forgetting everything within days after you study! All flashcards have been created by teachers to

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  49. My Town : Daycare

    My Town : Daycare brings six cute kids and 12 happy characters, from teachers to family members. There are six sites to discover including a playground complete with swings and a slide. You can interact with just about every item you see, so after you put the kids

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  51. MySchool – Learning Game

    With over a million users, MySchool is a classroom game where you can play the role of a teacher! If you are tired of boring learning apps that don’t give you any freedom to choose your own educational journey, MySchool is for you! Unlike other learning apps, with

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  53. Notewise – Good Notes & PDF

    Notewise is a digital notation app designed and built for Android. Notewise aims to enrich lives and unlock new ideas for students, teachers, artists, and more professionals. We hope to inspire your creativity and improve your productivity by providing you with the best digital whiteboard writing

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  55. Thinkrolls – Logic Puzzles

    Put your children’s mind in motion! Thinkrolls are 26 smart characters in this award winning app that is part physics platformer, part logic puzzle game, and 100% irresistible for kids 3 to 8 years old. Get it now and let your little geniuses amaze you with their logic

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  57. Piano by Yousician

    Piano by Yousician is your personal piano teacher for the digital age! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real musical instrument with clear and instant feedback while the app listens Finish the first lesson in just 15 minutes Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere you want.

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  59. Osmosis Nursing Videos & Notes

    Osmosis from Elsevier is a powerful educational platform that helps nursing students and nurses learn smarter and retain more information in a visual way. The app offers videos, questions, medical schedules, and other resources on a range of nursing and health topics, from the nursing process, clinical nursing

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  61. JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

    An interactive math and reading program for kids that covers basic kindergarten skills such as letter sounds, blending, writing, sight words, counting and arithmetic. Lessons are created by teachers and early childhood experts to ensure your child remains engaged while learning. Along the way, your child will begin to

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  63. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

    Easily plot functions and equations, find special points for functions, save and share your results. Millions of people around the world use GeoGebra to learn math and science. Join us! • Draw polar and parametric functions and curves • Experiment with transformations using sliders • Get special points

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  65. Class – Built on Zoom

    Whatever you can do in the actual classroom, you can do online with Class. Class learner app provides virtual classes with tangible learning tools to enhance Zoom web conferencing platform. – Learners can see the class syllabus, view grades, and access learning content and files for download

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  67. Quento

    Quento is a fun, ad-free, fun mini math puzzle game for kids and adults. For the past eight years, it has been played all over the world by kids, parents, students, teachers and basically anyone on the go, in schools, on camp sites, during lunch breaks, in offices and in bed before

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  69. Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar

    Learn to play guitar at your own pace with our step-by-step tutorials, prepared by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while learning to play your favorite songs! No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar — Make your musical

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  71. My Little Pony Pocket Ponies

    In this fun arcade game, join TWILIGHT SPARKLE and your favorite characters from MY LITTLE PONY at Friendship School! As a freshman, you’ve been swept up in your first awesome Pocket Pony Tournament! Take on professors, students and teachers in exciting arcade challenges with unique Pocket Ponies

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  73. TinyTap: Kids’ Learning Games

    Tiny Tap is for parents who want to turn their kids’ screen time into an independent learning experience. Join the millions of parents around the world who use Tiny Tap as children’s favorite learning tool every day. *** 150,000 educational games for kids aged 2-8 years *** Worried

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  75. Hairy Letters

    Hairy Letters is an award winning phonetic app that helps with letter and sound recognition. Learn the names and sounds of each letter with whiskers ******************************************* ** ************************************************** *** AWARD WINNING EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR BEST EARLY YEARS RESOURCES AND EQUIPMENT ************************************ ************************************************* *** ******** • Trace the shape of the letter

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  77. Studycat: Kids Learn Spanish

    Learning Spanish is fun with Studycat! Our educational language learning games will entertain your children while they are learning Spanish. • kidSAFE Seal Program Certified – Our app is designed with your child’s privacy in mind! • Educational Experience – Curricula developed by teachers and language learning

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  79. Watch IHSSN

    Watch IHSSN Developed By: Iowa High School Sports Network Download “Watch IHSSN” for free and enjoy the Iowa State Boys’ High School Championships. All “Live” events are free as well as many archived events/games. Tournament events include: – Football – Wrestling – Basketball – Track and Field Mixed – Soccer

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  81. Todo Math

    The #1 math app for early learners – from counting to multiplication. ■ Over 10 million parents and 5,000 teachers have made Todo Math their favorite app for young learners › Comprehensive: Over 2,000 interactive math activities for pre-K through 2nd grade. › LOVED BY CHILDREN: Math practice asks children

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  83. L.O.L. Surprise! Beauty Salon

    Welcome to the beauty salon of LOL Surprise OMG (Outrageous Millennial Girls)! Every girl loves to change her appearance and become more beautiful. An interesting educational game that invites every little princess into the world of beauty with her favorite LOL Surprise dolls! Young children will visit

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  85. Kids Doodle Paint

    A perfect doodle drawing app for your child. Kids Doodle Paint is one of the kids doodle drawing app in playstore. Put your imagination on canvas with colorful brushes. Fluorescent, heart shape, teddy bear and what not. Kids Doodle Paint provides great functions to draw your imagination.

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  87. LiteracyPlanet Word Mania

    Are you a word building champion? Find out now! Create as many words from 15 letters as possible in just three minutes. Drag the letters to the word board, click the “tag” button and score points. – Spell the words correctly in a row to increase the

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  89. Canvas Teacher

    Time is a teacher’s most valuable resource. Save time and use Canvas more efficiently from your mobile device with Canvas Teacher.Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, in and out of the classroom. This app provides quick access to three of the most popular course facilitation

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  91. Card Talk

    Card Talk supports communicating with cards for children who have difficulties with verbal communication, you can indicate your feelings/intent, learn vocabulary and grammar at the same time, this app is developed from actual cards used in LITALICO classes. Now everyone can use these special cards to learn to communicate anywhere and

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  93. ChatterPix Kids by Duck Duck Moose

    Create ChatterPix with friends and family as silly greetings, fun messages, creative cards or even fancy book reports. Simply take a picture, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. And best of all, it’s free! Ages: 5 to 12 Category: Creative

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  95. NumBots

    A very attractive platform for learning addition and subtraction, created by teachers and math experts. NumBots is about each child achieving the “triple win” of comprehension, remembering, and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, as they move from counting to arithmetic This carefully sequenced program enhances children’s confidence while developing their understanding

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  97. Teach Your Monster to Read

    It has been nominated for BAFTA and approved by the government and played over 300 million times by over 30 million kids. Teach Your Beast to Read is an award-winning phonics and reading game that has helped millions of children learn to read. • Parents have seen

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  99. Star Walk – Night Sky Map and Stargazing Guide

    Star Walk – Night Sky Guide: Planets and Stars Map is an astronomy star observation app, locate and monitor planets, constellations and stars in real time on the night sky map.Enjoy satellites in the sky, find planets and locate stars in the night sky, learn

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  101. Spacecraft AR

    Created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this amazing educational app uses native mobile augmented reality to bring spacecraft explorers from across the solar system to any space you are in. Find a flat surface and display interactive 3D models right in front of you, scaled to the size of a tabletop

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  103. Reach Speech: Speech therapy

    Hello, dear parent, nanny, speech therapist, this game is a unique technique based on the natural stages of a child’s speech development. Experts in speech therapy and pedagogy put their hearts into this game, and their experience will help your child learn some of the speech skills needed to

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  105. Matific: Math Game for Kids

    Math game for kids aged 4-12, years K-6. Make learning math fun with Matific – the multi-award winning educational math game for kids designed by leading education experts. * Endorsed by teachers from all over the world Our Matific app introduces and develops basic math and problem

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  107. Mental Math – basics of math

    ★ The importance of mental arithmetic * It is difficult to calculate faster and accurately. * Mental arithmetic is the best way to calculate faster and accurately. * In this way, you can develop your general ability in mathematics. * Also, it is good for

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  109. Kaizen Languages

    Unleash your potential and learn Spanish or Japanese for free with Kaizen Languages. We make you speak from day one with realistic conversations that cover all the words and grammar you need to master speaking. Our conversations adapt to you, provide instant feedback on your speaking, and deliver endless conversations.

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  111. Jiu Jitsu X

    Anyone can upload and manage courses and students with JiujitsuX in a few easy steps: Students enjoy JiujitsuX with customized learning features. – Watch your favorite courses offline with downloads. – Favor the techniques you want to watch again and practice – Connect with teachers about your concerns or

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  113. PDF Scanner App – AltaScanner

    Need a fast and simple portable scanner to create PDF files? Try AltaScanner! Instantly scan and convert all paper documents, ID cards, receipts, invoices, books, notes, whiteboard, certificates and photos into PDF files. Quick and easy to share high resolution digital documents! A powerful and

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  115. PDF Reader & CamScanner: OCR

    PDF Scanner – Quickly scan any content, including documents, photos, receipts, ID cards, invoices, and books, and convert them into crisp PDF and Word documents with text recognition, translation, watermarks and signature features, and share high-resolution digital documents quickly and easily! Suitable for accountants, managers, agents, doctors, lawyers,

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  117. Pango Stories & Games for kids

    Start your free 7-day trial now! You can cancel at any time. Specially designed for girls and boys aged 2-5.1% with a secure interface without ads. *** Winner of a Mom’s Choice Award and a Kidscreen nomination “Best Game App” *** Teaches a variety of

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  119. English for Kids Learning game

    English for Kids is an educational application for learning vocabulary, grammar, writing and pronunciation. Fun and playful activities encourage easy and fast language learning for toddlers, preschoolers and school children. You can study for free online or offline. (2, 3, 4 years old) – first words

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  121. Ella Verbs Spanish conjugation

    Guided levels to master all 16 Spanish tenses and cover over 1,400 verbs with short daily practice. Ella learns and focuses on your weaknesses so you can master faster fluency! Welcome! We are an Irish couple (Jane and Brian) living in Spain and learning Spanish. We

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  123. Sunny School Stories

    I wake up! Time to go to class at Sunny School Stories! The school where everything that happens depends on you, the only rule is to use your imagination to create amazing stories. In this school you can play with students, teachers, parents and many more things, surprises

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  125. Course Hero: Homework Helper

    Homework Assistant for Textbook Answers Find homework answers to your questions from our 24/7 online homework assistants and teachers. Get multiple perspectives and choose the most useful textbook answers. High quality homework answers or your money back! Comprehensive teacher-verified explanations help build confidence and improve your problem-solving

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  127. My Town : Street Fun

    *** Pay once, play forever + get free updates! No ads, no IAP *** Welcome to My Town : Street, it’s time to get out and play! Our street has everything you need for after school time. Visit your local library, throw a story party with

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  129. SandBox: Sand Pixel Simulator

    Enjoy a complete particle sandbox with spin. You can use different elements, observe the interactions between the component unit and see the result. Features: • Professionals know a sandbox is a great opportunity to work on your creativity. • Teachers know sandbox is a great way to

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  131. Ukulele by Yousician

    Ukulele by Yousician is your personal ukulele tutor for the digital age! Learn and play thousands of songs on your real instrument with clear and instant feedback while the app listens, start your free trial today and test everything we have to offer! Learn at your own pace, anytime

  132. Similar Apps

  133. – Online Courses will help you learn any academic subject on the go. Taught by expert teachers, short and fun video lessons provide homework help for challenging topics from your classroom with easy-to-understand examples and animations. Become a member to take the next test with’s online courses and test

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  135. Sago Mini School (Kids 2-5)

    Download to try for free – no cancellation or commitment fees! Welcome to Sago Mini School – the revolutionary curiosity-driven curriculum for young learners ages 2-5. Where they discover fun educational games and tested topics for children. As they explore, they will connect what they learn

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  137. Studycat: Learn French for Kids

    Learning French is fun with Studycat! Our educational language learning games will entertain your children while they are learning French. • kidSAFE Seal Program Certified – Our app is designed with your child’s privacy in mind! • Educational Experience – Curriculum developed by teachers and language

  138. Similar Apps

  139. Shift – Guided Personal Growth

    Please note: This app does not give you access to the Shift website or the full-length Shift Premium Network courses. The Shift app hosts the best transformational education of the Shift Network – in your pocket. Enjoy weekly mini courses, meditations and more from the world’s best

  140. Similar Apps

  141. EnglishCentral – Learn English

    With EnglishCentral, you can have one-to-one English lessons with professional English Central teachers 24/7. You can also learn words and practice speaking with our library of over 15,000 fun videos, covering over 50 topics from movies to travel to work. Watch more than 15,000 videos. Learn vocabulary

  142. Similar Apps

  143. ABA English – Learn English

    Do you want to learn English with the help of the most complete and effective method? ABA English, the digital academy of English, has a plan for you that includes everything you need to learn and speak English successfully: full course + live lessons + mentorship from native

  144. Similar Apps

  145. Innovative Language Learning

    Do you want to speak a new language from the first lesson? With innovative language learning, you can quickly learn practical conversations with real lessons prepared by real teachers. If you are tired of learning random words, and want to learn everyday language from real native speakers… this is

  146. Similar Apps

  147. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

    Play engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, home and work, create your own kahoots and learn something new! Kahut! Brings the magic of learning to students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia enthusiasts and lifelong learners. Here’s what you can do with Kahoot! The app, now available

  148. Similar Apps

  149. Ace Early Learning

    Ace Early Learning is an online children’s English learning platform dedicated to advancing English language teaching. Created by a team of world-renowned teachers and professional production team. Our way to make learning English fun and effective】 1. A scientific approach to education By integrating reliable teaching concepts based on

  150. Similar Apps

  151. Reading Eggs – Learn to Read

    Reading Eggs is a multi-award winning educational program that helps children learn to read. Based on scientific research and designed by experienced elementary teachers, it’s proven to help kids learn to read with interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities, and over 2,500 digital storybooks.

  152. Similar Apps

  153. QANDA: Instant Math Helper

    Get rid of your doubts in Qandah! Do you need help with your homework? Do you want to excel in your exam? Well, the answer is… QANDA! Get going ASAP with our step-by-step explanation. Just take a picture, and QANDA will solve your doubts in

  154. Similar Apps

  155. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

    Moose Math engages kids on a math adventure and teaches counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry and more. While playing 5 multi-level activities in Moose Juice Store, Puck’s Pet Shop, and Lost & Found, kids can earn rewards for helping build their own city and decorate buildings.

  156. Similar Apps

  157. Prodigy Math Game

    Doing math used to be a struggle — but not anymore. Prodigy, a free math game loved by more than 1 million teachers and 50 million students around the world, uses game-based learning to transform education. Prodigy offers a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success

  158. Similar Apps

  159. Whiteboard Explain Everything

    Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard for blended learning, classroom teaching, recording video presentations and explainer videos, drawing, note-taking, live broadcasting and conducting a virtual classroom. An interactive whiteboard that you can use and broadcast live anywhere. Mix drawing, note-taking and handwriting with imported documents and multimedia for better

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  161. Lux Light Meter Pro

    ★ High precision light measurement ★ Lux and Foot-candle units ★ Measures minimum, average and maximum possible brightness ★ Calibrate the measurement with easy controls ★ Store measurement in memory with address, date and time ★ Retrieve your measurements from memory ★ Export and share Your measurements as a list

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  163. Sandbox – Pixel Art Coloring

    Welcome to the Sandbox Coloring Universe and get ready to become a fan of coloring little pixel art. Four facts about Sandbox: Kids can feel how cool, beautiful and fun Sandbox is, and that it’s just designed for them. It’s like a cartoon, but they can participate

  164. Similar Apps

  165. Learn English: Readable

    Read makes great stories easy to read and free for every English learner: Read Great Stories ★ Read dozens of horror, thriller, and short fiction stories ★ Read hundreds of news stories, updated every day! ★ Each story simplified according to your level ★ Audio and translations for each word

  166. Similar Apps

  167. Pole Dance Companion

    The Pole Dance Companion is the mobile solution for amateurs, athletes and coaches in Pole, Air, and Dance. With so many amazing jobs but still plenty of room for growth and additions, this is the place to learn independently and at an affordable cost alone or in groups, from all

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  169. CBT Companion: (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app)

    A companion app for learning and practicing CBT techniques, this is the most comprehensive CBT app out there today with easy-to-follow visual tools. Learn and practice CBT skills using video lessons that help you retain the skills better. A set of exercises to help you practice

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  171. Brainly – Get Homework Help

    Take on the new school year with Brainly! Start by taking a quick photo of your question to search our database of step-by-step homework answers, ask our community about your specific problem, or speak with a teacher for one-on-one assistance. • Get real-time help from professional teachers

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  173. ABC Song Rhymes Learning Games

    Learn the alphabet, numbers, phonics, kids rhymes, alphabets, vehicles, fruits, shapes, musical instruments for kids, bedtime stories, math for kids, and colors with ABC songs and rhymes videos by Kidzooly. ABC Song Videos is offline, entertaining and can be used by anyone interested in learning ABC & Phonics

  174. Similar Apps

  175. Post-it®

    Use Post-it® Notes anywhere and anytime. Post-it® provides the simplicity of Post-it® notes on your smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook. Whether you use Post-it® Notes for teamwork and collaboration, or for personal reminders and notes, Post-it® Notes helps you keep the momentum going. If you work from home or as a

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  177. Montessori Preschool

    Are you looking for an app that covers phonics, numbers, colours, shapes, nursery rhymes, coloring, and even coding? Designed by certified Montessori teachers with years of classroom experience, this is a fun, kid-focused app, perfect for kids ages 3-7. An introduction to addition and subtraction using Montessori materials is also

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  179. Google Classroom

    Classroom is a free service for schools, nonprofits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and educators to connect – inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, assign assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

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