Best 22+ Alternative Apps Like touchnotes


Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

Handwriting notes app is simple, easy to use yet powerful. Not only local personal writing, but also many people in different places while making video calls, while sketching your ideas for your friends in real time. Write the feeling of paper on the screen, and discard paper notes from now on. * Imitation of writing, smooth and natural. Provide pen, highlighter and brush effect * Insert images, text, pdfs and other materials * Can create conferences and provide video call as well as writing collaboration function * Support bookmarks and hyperlinks to jot down any content * Custom pen color and size * Infinite paper limit, regardless of Where you think and where you write, is no longer limited to the world of A4 paper * Various 2D and 3D graphics can be drawn at will. When writing the last point,…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. EssayPro:Essay Writer for Hire


  2. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  3. Pango Paper Color : colouring

    Mix colors and bring a world of origami and cartoons to life with Pango Paper Color. A simple white sheet of paper can be folded and unfolded. It can become a tree, horse, tractor or balloon! Color them the way you want – red, blue, yellow

  4. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  5. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay

    The new era of writing is here. Reinvent your writing process now with JotterPad. Our way of writing has evolved from reed and papyrus, to pen to keyboard, to our smartphones now. With JotterPad, you can make your writing process streamlined, smooth, flexible and highly personal for

  6. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  7. TeuxDeux

    We believe getting organized is easy and everyone can do it, our philosophy is clear: Simple *stays*organised. If you want an organizational system that lasts, you need something that is easy for you to implement and continue to use for years to come. For simplicity, nothing beats a piece of paper

  8. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  9. Bamboo Paper

    Turn your Android tablet into a paper notebook and record your thoughts everywhere, anytime. Taking notes, drawing and sketching is as straightforward and simple as using real pen and paper. Choose Your Own Colors Set any color and create a custom color palette with 36 color swatches. Express your

  10. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  11. INKredible PRO

    INKredible PRO includes all the features of INKredible’s in-app purchase ($9) plus free future updates. It’s amazing how almost irreplaceable pen and paper, two inventions dating back thousands of years, can be. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with automatic palm

  12. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  13. INKredible-Handwriting Note

    It’s amazing how almost irreplaceable pen and paper, two inventions dating back thousands of years, can be. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with automatic palm and wrist rejection, INKredible will make writing on a tablet look as good, or even bigger,

  14. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  15. iA Writer Markdown Writing App

    “iA Writer creates a clean, simple, and distraction-free writing environment for when you really need to focus.” ***** The New York Times # Original introduced in 2010, iA Writer is the common standard for Markdown writing applications. # SimpleNo Custom File or Database Format: Edit plain text

  16. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  17. Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Pixel RPG, Retro Game

    The 10-story dungeon features a campaign in which a ghostly character appears inside and reveals its secrets. A boss fight of crazy proportions awaits at the end. How long can you survive? Get ready to join the Knights of Pen &

  18. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  19. Magnetic Drawing Board

    Magnetic Drawing Board is a drawing app for kids where you can use a pen of different sizes to draw anything you want. Easy to use application for writing numbers and alphabets and drawing ideas. You can even play games with your friends that usually require paper like tic

  20. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  21. Neo Studio

    Type in analog and enjoy digitally! Neo Studio is an exclusive app for Neo smartpen that copies, edits and shares handwriting on digital paper.[Digital handwriting] Keep your handwriting digitally intact. You can even rewrite your writing![Page search] Search your writing. You can search by keywords, page names or tags.[Easy

  22. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  23. Writing Wizard – Kids Learn Letters & Phonics

    Learn Handwriting Writing Wizard is an award winning educational app used in many schools (110,000 units sold). It helps your child learn how to write the alphabet, numbers and words through a fun system carefully designed to keep you motivated. AP FEATURES • Demonstrate

  24. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  25. Write Korean: Learn to Write Korean Alphabet

    Learn How to Write the Korean Alphabet Type Korean is a free educational app that provides a quick and easy way to learn the Korean alphabet. With our typing familiarity, you will be able to practice writing Korean letters correctly and hassle free. Korean writing

  26. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  27. Restaurant Renovation 2

    Welcome to our restaurant and help us revive the best restaurant ever! Jessie’s Uncle, Bobby, is one of the best chefs in the world. Due to poor management, the restaurant quickly traded. Can you and Jesse help Bobby get restaurants back in business and attract more and more

  28. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  29. Organizer Calendar To Do List

    If you are reading this text, you are looking for a good organizer. our end! I found it! Week planner will save your time and money! Our planner is the easiest way to plan, schedule events and work with them. If you love using

  30. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  31. Dropbox Paper

    Dropbox Paper is a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share early ideas. You can work with everything from video and images to code and audio – all in one place. And it comes free with Dropbox.CREATE & SHARE EARLY IDEAS Create new documents or edit existing documents and

  32. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  33. Kilonotes

    Kilonotes is a free handwritten notes app that allows you to write as smoothly as on paper. You can insert images or images to enrich the content and use the lasso tool to design the layout as you like. [Customized notebook]A large selection of covers in beautiful colors for you to choose

  34. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  35. Notewise – Good Notes & PDF

    Notewise is a digital notation app designed and built for Android. Notewise aims to enrich lives and unlock new ideas for students, teachers, artists, and more professionals. We hope to inspire your creativity and improve your productivity by providing you with the best digital whiteboard writing

  36. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  37. JumpStart Academy Preschool

    Early learning math and reading program that covers letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and social and emotional skills. Help your child reach their full learning potential with award-winning educational games developed by early childhood education experts. Your preschooler will begin to master the foundations of reading and writing including recognizing

  38. Best 22 Alternative Apps Like touchnotes

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  39. Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

    Learn and practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in Korean with Lanny – a chatbot tutor. Have a chatbot mentor in your pocket! — Are you looking for a live chatbot app to learn Korean? Want a chat app to learn and practice korean language:..

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  41. Learn To Write Russian Alphabet

    Learn how to write the Russian alphabet! Write Russian is a free educational app that provides a quick and easy way to learn the Russian alphabet. With our typing familiarity, you will be able to practice writing Russian letters correctly and hassle-free. Writing Russian is designed

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  43. Cursive Letters Writing Wizard

    **Editor’s Choice Award (96/100) – Children’s Technology Review** Cursive Writing Wizard is the perfect app to help every child learn how to keep track of ABC’s, 123’s, and custom words (like their names) through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation. Features: • Display and enforce how to

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  45. Microsoft Word: Edit Documents

    Microsoft Word is the document editor you can take with you on the go. Writing and collaborating are no longer confined to the office. Edit documents, share notes, craft a powerful cover letter, and collaborate on projects using your mobile device. It’s easy to create, read, edit

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  47. PDF Scanner – PDF Converter

    PDF Scanner turns your phone into a portable document scanner with the best PDF scanner app! Features: ⭐Quick document scanning, we offer single and batch mode, just use your phone’s camera to scan types of paper documents, for example, certificates, employment contracts, receipts, notes, etc. Scan paper

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  49. Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

    Gopuff delivers thousands of items you need, faster than you might expect. Think of Gopuff less as an app, and more like a teleportation device – for the things you want. Your Favorite Items We have thousands of items. Snacks, drinks and all kinds of foods from

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  51. NV Charts GPS Navigation AIS

    A clearly organized navigation app with easy-to-use and comprehensive tools for navigating on the plane. All boat charts or charts from NV Verlag / NV Charts can be easily downloaded and used for offline navigation using the NV Charts app. All NV Verlag / NV charts marine

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  53. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner App

    Genius Scan is a scanner app that lets you quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multipage PDF files. *** Over 20 million users and 1,000 small businesses use Genius Scanner App *** Place any document in front of your device’s camera:

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  55. Notepad, Notes, Lists – Notein

    Do you want an easy-to-use notepad to take notes quickly? Do you want an easy-to-use notebook for making to-do lists and shopping lists with reminders? This free note-taking, notebook and memo board app fulfills all your needs! Notein – Notepad, Notes, Lists is a great notes

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  57. Adobe Fill & Sign: Easy PDF Doc & Form Filler.

    The free Adobe Fill & Sign app simplifies the paperwork process and improves productivity with contracts, business documents, and more. The application allows you to quickly and reliably fill out, sign and submit any form. You can even take a picture of

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  59. Receipt Pal Scan, Earn Rewards

    Don’t just get rid of receipts, but earn free rewards for them! Turn receipts into rewards with the ReceiptPal receipt scanner app! ReceiptPal allows you to earn valuable gift cards and win cash prizes, just for scanning and sending paper receipts and electronic receipts. The receipt

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  61. iAuditor: Checklists & Audits

    iAuditor for Android: Take paper away from your company’s inspections and audits. Convert your paper checklists into a mobile ready check form. Learn iAuditor in minutes – no programming needed. iAuditor for Android is completely free for teams of 10 to complete audits, digitize forms, and perform

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  63. CamScanner HD – Scanner, Fax

    CamScanner phone version is fully compatible with tablets now! We will only keep updating the phone version and have stopped updating the HD version. Please install CamScanner app to get the latest features and experience. We recommend that you create an account and sign in to

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  65. SplashID Safe Password Manager

    SplashID is the world’s most trusted password storage system. For over 12 years, over a million users have kept their passwords safe with SplashID – and now it’s even better with an all-new version. Think of SplashID as your personal vault or your digital wallet on Android.

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  67. GoCanvas Business Apps & Forms

    GoCanvas gives you the ability to gather the information you need from customers and co-workers and turn it into PDFs that reflect your brand – all from your mobile device, all without writing a line of code. Mobile Builder will walk you through converting paper forms into custom

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  69. Password Safe – Secure Password Manager

    Annoyed of forgetting your access data for hundreds of services, apps and partners. Do you want a secure way to store and organize all your passwords instead of writing them down on a piece of paper? Password Safe and Manager is your best solution Password Safe

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  71. ColorNote Notepad Notes

    ColorNote® is a great simple notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when writing notes, memos, emails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other Notepad or Memopad app. *Notice* – If you cannot find

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  73. Educational games for kids 2-4

    Our educational games for toddlers are smart games that help children learn colors and train fine motor skills! Let our games for toddlers teach your child, 56 toddler games for 3-year-olds have been carefully designed by our early childhood educators and help kids learn 12 essential skills, including:

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  75. NovelCat – Reading & Writing

    Welcome to NovelCat, the gathering place for countless story fans and readers that fans around the world care about! NovelCat includes not only bestselling novels, but also exclusive original classics: – Multiple genres: Romance, Werewolf, Adventure, CEO, Mystery, Variety of addictive stories to read simultaneously – Daily Update:

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  77. Alphachat by Helen Doron

    Reading and writing is easy and fun with Alphaboat and friends. The player needs to communicate with friends by sending them emoji messages. They should react quickly, sending the correct emoji to each friend, and not leaving any of them unanswered. Learn English by listening, reading and

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  79. Alphabet for kids – ABC Learning

    Learn how to write the alphabet in seconds with animals! A is the crocodile. B is bear. What’s Next? Follow the dotted lines to write the message and explore it! Alphabet is the perfect interactive learning app for preschoolers with step-by-step writing practice

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  81. المصمم العربي – كتابة ع الصور

    The Arab designer with his new look, the Arab designer for writing on pictures is the first professional Arab application for designing pictures and writing on them in Arabic and English and in distinctive Arabic fonts. *** The most important new features (“high quality images and designs,

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  83. Exam Lift: English Practice

    Practice your English skills and learn to approach your Cambridge English assessment with activities that are fast, fun and enjoyable. Each session provides engaging, skill-based activities for reading, listening, writing and speaking English that take less than 10 minutes per day. Why raise the exam? – Enhance

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  85. ABC Learn Alphabet for Kids

    Bibi.Pet application has arrived to learn the alphabet in a simple and fun way, the games within the application are designed to help your children become familiar with writing and reading, and your child will begin to recognize and memorize letters through many educational activities, the games are designed

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  87. Baby Shark ABC Phonics

    Learn the alphabet and vocabulary with cute animals! ‘Baby Shark ABC Phonics’ is an educational app for preschoolers featuring exciting nursery rhymes, easy writing activities and interactive alphabet games. You can also take pictures with cute frames and stickers! Develop your skills in reading, writing, speaking and

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  89. Pluot | story writing planner

    Define your next novel or scenario using Pluot, the plot outline and story selector with detailed worksheets for characters, scenery, location and story creation. Features: Easily create and rearrange scenes with drag and drop Create multiple storylines in a single story plot Connect scenes to characters, locations and

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  91. Learn To Write Hebrew Alphabet

    Learn the Korean alphabet 🇰🇷, the Russian alphabet 🇷🇺, the Hebrew alphabet 🇮🇱, the Thai alphabet 🇹🇭, the Greek alphabet 🇬🇷, the Khmer (Cambodian) alphabet 🇰🇭, the Vietnamese alphabet 🇻🇳, the Arabic alphabet 🇦🇪, the Urdu alphabet 🇵🇰, the Hindi Alphabet 🇮🇳, German Alphabet 🇩🇪

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  93. AI Grammar Checker for English

    English Grammar Checker for English Language – Check for grammatical and spelling errors at any time. Whether you are writing academic papers in English, correcting workplace emails, business segmentation, or social writing, AI Grammar Checker can help you by correcting grammatical errors in real time and making sure

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  95. Tongo – Learn English

    Learn English with a dedicated tutor in your pocket. Practice speaking 🗣️, reading 📚 listening 🎧 and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. From day one, you’ll be able to: ★ Stay focused with a personalized learning plan based on what motivates you. ★ Learn

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  97. Prompted Journal – guided self care journaling

    A daily journal of self-compassion. Become your best friend, cheerleader, spiritual teacher, etc. with our carefully designed daily journal prompts. It’s an easy way to incorporate self-reflection into your life and to think about all the important things. Your diary isn’t just about writing

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  99. Japanese Writing Wizard

    This app is designed for Japanese kids and is therefore ideal for beginners who are learning to write hiragana characters. • Show correct letter path • Force you to write each letter correctly • Include letter sound • Use fun animation or a simple pen to write • Add your

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  101. SLOWLY – Make Global Friends

    🏆 Winner – Google Play Awards 2019: Best message writing hack app. Make global friends. Language exchange. LOWLY was created for those who crave meaningful conversations, and lack the age of instant messaging. Connecting people around the world at a slower but better pace –

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  103. Novelist – Write novels

    Over 90,000 authors are already writing their next masterpiece using Novelist! Novelist is the application that helps you write your novels. And it’s absolutely FREE: no upfront cost, no ads and no in-app purchases! Do you look ambitious? Yes it is. We don’t want you

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  105. Samsung Knox Capture

    Samsung Knox Capture is an all-in-one barcode scanner, data wedge and keyboard wedge solution. You can easily capture (wedge) data, manipulate it, and transfer it to your business application(s) without writing a single line of code. Turn the camera on your Samsung rugged device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner

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  107. Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

    Writer Plus is a handy writer app that allows creative writers to write quick points. Writer Plus is a writing app without the fuss and distraction of a traditional word processor. Writer Plus is perfect for writing notes, novels, poems, poems, essays and drafts on your

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  109. UpNote – notes, diary, journal

    UpNote is a stylish and powerful notes app that works seamlessly across platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. UpNote is designed to help you take notes easily and keep the focus on what’s most important. UpNote has beautiful fonts and stylish themes that you can tweak to

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  111. Clefs: Music Reading Trainer

    Have you ever wondered how to read those mysterious signs in five lines? What is the treble clef? What is bass clef? Eye reading? Prima vista? Clefs is the ultimate app that will help you find answers to these questions and much more. You

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  113. Duolingo: language lessons

    Learn a new language with the world’s most downloaded educational app! Duolingo is the fun and free app for learning over 35 languages ​​with quick, small lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds

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  115. QuickBooks Time Tracking

    QuickBooks Time Tracking (formerly TSheets Time Tracker) is a cloud-based time tracking and employee scheduling application that allows your employees to log in and out of a job site using devices already in their pocket. Accurate electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and less

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  117. Game Io Ninja – Fun Slice

    Do you need more io games and new ninja games with lots of action? Here is a great app for you: Game Io Ninja – Fun Slice. This is a ninja io game that tests your speed and reaction of your brain. You can download

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  119. Hey Duggee: The Spooky Badge

    Hey Duggee: The Spooky Badge is the all new official app for fans of the show and it’s FREE! Duggee squirrels help hang the laundry when they hear a frightening noise. Not to worry though, Duggee has his own Spooky badge! Choose a squirrel and help

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  121. Notes – MemoCool Plus

    If you love decorating your fridge but also need to write anything down wherever you are…don’t worry! With MemoCool you can take notes from your fridge in your pocket! ★ MAGNETIZE YOUR IDEAS ★ Easily write down any idea or reminder and personalize your notes with over 80

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  123. Mushroom 11

    As Life struggles to gain a foothold in a devastated world, a new life form emerges from the ruins. Shape yourself into any shape as you explore this strange and challenging landscape. The eerily beautiful visuals are complemented by the ethereal music of the electronica legend The Future Sound of

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  125. Weekly Planner

    Plan your routine simply with this organizer app This app is perfect for use as a diary, notepad, planner, chore planner and schedule. The main difference between most organizers is simplicity and closeness to paper. All your important notes, tasks and plans are always available on your mobile phone.

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  127. Zoho Expense – Expense Reports

    Automate expense logging, track mileage, and send expense reports on the go! Zoho Expense automates business and travel expense management. It significantly reduces the time required for recording receipts, preparing and approving expense reports. Zoho Expense is a real perk for traveling employees, for managers who

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  129. PDF Scanner Plus – Doc Scanner

    📇 PDF Scanner Plus – Doc Scanner is a personal scanner for any document, text or image. 📇 Convert any paper document, image or text into a digital document with PDF Scanner Plus just a click of a button, then convert to PDF format, here’s what can

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  131. WeDraw – How to Draw Anime

    WeDraw is an app to learn how to draw step by step. You only need to take a paper and a pencil, choose the drawing you like and follow the step by step instructions. It is very easy to use, this app teaches you how to

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  133. ClientiApp – Client management

    A powerful CRM application for salesperson, freelancers, and in general anyone who needs to manage clients. Customer history, maps, GPS, activity logs, archiving paper documents. Adding a new customer is easy and straightforward, just enter the fields you need (even just the name). You can add custom

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  135. Dog Hospital Games for kids

    Become the puppy doctor you’ve always dreamed of being and take care of five silly puppies who are going to have a problem right now that you won’t care about! here we go again. The house is a mess! Silly dachshund stuck in a duck float!

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  137. Lineverse: One-Line Coloring

    Immerse yourself in the world of colored dots and dots in One Line Coloring! One Line Coloring is a vibrant puzzle game all about creating vivid shapes that morph and fold into beautiful themed dioramas. One Line Coloring offers a relaxing creative experience built around lines that reveal the

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  139. Tic Tac XO

    Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic pen and paper game for two players on your device. This game can be played completely offline as a single player and can also be played between two players on the same device. Please leave comments and share tic tac toe with friends.
    Category : #Tic

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  141. Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop

    Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop is open this hot summer! What kind of refreshing desserts are available here? How are these sweets made? Let’s check that fruit smoothie what do you prefer, blueberry smoothie, mango smoothie or strawberry smoothie? You can also mix and match. Simply

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  143. Simple Draw: Sketchbook

    🎨 Are you looking for the best drawing app for your pocket? Do you want to draw something simple and easy but you don’t have paper? You are in the right place! Enjoy the moment with our specially designed drawing app, draw something fun and create your artwork

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  145. LogiBrain Grids

    You will not have to take a paper booklet containing your favorite logic puzzles anymore. From now on, you can play it everywhere on your phone or tablet. LogiBrain Grids is a grid-based logic puzzle game. Solve these logic puzzles to keep your mind sharp! Decipher the written

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  147. Boxed Wholesale

    Boxed delivers the groceries and household products you love in bulk and at the lowest prices, so your home always feels perfect. Shop at any time from your mobile phone or tablet and get hundreds of handpicked kitchen, home, kids, office and school supplies without paying membership fees. Get free

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  149. Image to PDF – PDF Maker

    Image to PDF converter can convert images (jpg, jpeg, png, etc.) to PDF files. Easy to use and 100% free. Try it now! With Image to PDF Converter you can: ► Convert all types of images to PDF Import images or scan paper files with

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  151. Doodle It – Pictionary for your Chromecast

    You can “Doodle it” to your friends and family in a fun and interactive game for everyone to participate in! The rules are simple: • Divide into two teams • In each turn, one of them draws a random word, and the rest of the team

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  153. Halloween Coloring Book

    Draw and color the most funny Halloween coloring pages with this app. Celebrate Halloween coloring on your mobile phone or tablet with a game specially created to celebrate the day of All Saint’sPumpkins, witches, ghosts and other funny monsters are waiting for you. Colored. You can color with

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  155. Draw Talent

    Learn the art of drawing through simple videos. Learn drawing app for beginners offers simple step-by-step drawing lessons. Draw and draw with simple and quick drawing lessons. Draw videos with quick drawing ideas and lessons. The application improves your skills in cartoons and comics. Sketch has a

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    Learn and improve math and arithmetic (+ – x ÷) effectively and quickly. Suitable for all ages All arithmetic operations (+ – × ÷) * Addition (+) * Subtraction (-) * Multiplication (× including small multiplication tables) * Division (÷) Key features * Write naturally as on paper You have

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  159. Novo – Small Business Checking

    Do you need a checking account for your small business? Novo for modern businesses, with Novo you can apply for an account online in minutes, so you have more time to focus on your business. Novo is a financial technology, not a bank. banking services provided

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  161. Pixicade

    Notice: Some users reported black screen on startup. We are working to correct this. We find that this only happens on some devices, and if you wait, the app should start. In addition, this long waiting time only happens the first time the application is launched. Grab your paper

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  163. Nighty Night – Bedtime Story

    “Nighty night!” It is a beautiful app for daily bedtime rituals with cute animals, gentle lullaby music and wonderful narration. All around the house the lights go out, and in the barn even the animals are tired. But who puts them to bed? Who turns

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  165. Coloring & Learn

    “Coloring and Learn” is a realistic coloring game with more than 250 pages with educational content and many other activities for all ages!. Free Mode: Now you can freely draw, scribble and color and let your imagination run wild. Glowing Coloring Mode: Create magical doodles artwork using neon paint!

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  167. Kimbino − Weekly ads and Deals

    Kimbino brings you the latest weekly ads from your favorite stores and you can find them all in one place right on your phone! With Kimbino, you get the best discounts in an eco-friendly way – no more paper flyers! Certainly, you will save time, money

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  169. Remitano – Buy & Sell Bitcoin Fast & Securely

    Remitano is a secured P2P cryptocurrency exchange. We help you easily buy – sell – store – invest – deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies using fiat wallet quickly and securely. Our app supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC),

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  171. PDF Scanner Pro

    PDF Scanner Pro, a smart scanner app that turns your smartphone into a portable PDF scanner, that can easily scan paper documents or images to PDF/JPG with just one click, say goodbye to bulky and ugly copiers and get this super fast scanner app right now Download PDF Scanner Pro and

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  173. PDF Scanner – Cam scanner

    PDF Scanner – Camscanner is a smart scanner app that converts paper documents and images to pdf file in one click. Free Document Scanner easily turns your phone into a high quality portable pdf scanner, not inferior to expensive scanners. Scan Documents Free is advanced automatic contour

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  175. PDF Scanner App – AltaScanner

    Need a fast and simple portable scanner to create PDF files? Try AltaScanner! Instantly scan and convert all paper documents, ID cards, receipts, invoices, books, notes, whiteboard, certificates and photos into PDF files. Quick and easy to share high resolution digital documents! A powerful and

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  177. Carbon Scanner & Camera Scan

    In this Camscanner PDF & Docs Scan app scan your paper documents and send them as multipage PDF files, place any document in front of your device’s camera, Camera Scanner & PDF Scan App will recognize it in the background, and crop it. and clean it automatically.

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  179. Notebloc Scanner – Scan to PDF

    Notebloc is a 100% free document scanner app that helps you scan paper and de-clutter: scan receipts, tickets, notes, drawings, and other documents. You can create PDF documents or JPEG files. • Notebloc Scanner is a 100% free scanner app that supports unlimited use, developed by

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  181. PDF Scanner: OCR PDF Converter

    Simple and easy to use PDF Scanner app – OCR Scan Image to PDF Converter, convert documents, pages, images, etc., all kinds of documents to PDF with high quality, turn your phone into PDF idocscanner app like fax and laserjet. Free PDF docscanner – Scan all documents, pages,

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  183. Carbon Scanner : Camera Scanner, PDF Creator

    Carbon Scanner – Cam Scanner Doc scanner is the ultimate productivity tool for your Android mobile phone. Add Cam Scan, doc scan and Pdf functions to your device instantly! Using only your Android device as Cam Scanner, you can instantly scan to PDF and print

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  185. Mini Scanner -PDF Scanner App

    Do you want a mobile scanner? Mini Scanner is a PDF document scanner app that turns your phone into a portable scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything. The scan will be saved to the device as an image or PDF.

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  187. Camera Scanner Image Scanner

    Camera Scanner turns your mobile phone into an amazing scanner. Use the camera as a high definition scanner. Take a picture of any paper documents and digitize them. Easily share scanned documents via email, cloud print, fax, or upload to cloud storage. Features * Fast document

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  189. Clear Scan – PDF Scanner App

    Now turn your smartphone into a small pocket scanner and enjoy the high quality image in your device with just one touch with the best mobile scanning app ever Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scan. Clear Scanner allows you to quickly scan any type of documents in your

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  191. FastField Forms

    Fill out your forms! FastField eliminates the need for paper, reduces manual entry errors and empowers your organization with a complete mobile form solution. Instantly publish your models to a mobile workforce and gather richer information in real time from smartphones and tablets! With a click of a button,

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  193. World of Goo

    – “Game of the Year” – MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameTunnel- Best games for Android lists – NYTimes, techcrunch, pocketgamer, androidpolice, mashable and many more- Untamed Reddit choice of the best Android game Beautiful and amazing, Millions of Goo Balls Those who live in World of Goo are curious

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  195. MaintainX Work Order CMMS

    MaintainX is a fast and easy-to-use mobile business process software. It’s a simple and intuitive CMMS.1) Create a work order as simple as taking a picture 2) Send a message directly to work orders to keep your communications organized 3) See all work orders in one place and get

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  197. Do! – Simple To Do List, Widget & Reminder

    • The simpler to-do list, planner, and reminder app for managing daily tasks, to-do lists, notes, checklists, grocery lists, and more. • “I do!” , 6 million downloads on the iOS App Store, now on Google Play. # Be successful in life

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  199. Coloring book: Transport

    All young children love to play. After each playing the games they explore the world around it. There are many very exciting forms of creativity in order to fully develop and discover their creative potential. One such type of creativity is drawing. And coloring games can help

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