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Best 24+ Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia


Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is the best way to add sparkle to your photos, make them special and more creative. In just a few seconds, your cool photo collage is ready and completely free. PhotoFunia is so easy to use that anyone, of any age, can easily use it. Would you like to see your photo on the cover of a magazine or on billboards in Times Square? How cool would it be to see your picture on the walls of the Louvre or the Hermitage? Want to try on an astronaut or a Santa suit? Or would you prefer something more exotic, like a dancer at the Rio Carnival? Excited to see how amazing you would look in a witch’s hat or a queen’s tiara? Maybe you are just looking for a beautiful frame for your photos for a special occasion, put your own stamp on the sand or write text on the walls…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Candy House Cleaning

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to clean a house made entirely of candy? Well, we give you the opportunity to do so. First, press the button that says “Level 1” and start by choosing the garbage lying on the floor. Pick up the toys

  2. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  3. RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War

    Full-featured old school fantasy RTS. There are no boosters. No timers. Don’t pay to win. The fights are from 10 to 20 minutes. Campaign of 26 missions, PvP and PvE online. Wi-Fi multiplayer support and mods. Open “Community” to play online,

  4. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  5. Drop The Walls Boutique

    We are a family owned boutique located in sunny Tampa Florida. We love to wear sassy clothes and share them with the world. Our goal is to provide you with affordable, high quality clothing with the best shopping experience around us Features: – Browse all our latest products

  6. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  7. Trigono – geometric brain boil

    Avoid red, or explode. The good thing is that you have unlimited number of lives in this game. If you make a mistake – just restart the level. Trigono cannot stand still and always move because he is afraid. do not worry; The first

  8. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  9. Yeah Bunny!

    This awesome platform game takes you on an adventure to the magical ancient pixel world of bunny. Touch control has never been so easy and precise! Run, jump and climb walls just by tapping anywhere on the 8-bit screen. Collect cute carrots and mini keys and run to complete

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  11. Pack the Ball

    Take the target to the chests and shoot! You will fill balls into colorful boxes across 100 challenging levels and become a professional filler! Target chests and shoot balls through elevators, walls, turnstiles, conveyor belts, and more! Use the machines wisely to unlock your way to the right

  12. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  13. Spaceflight Simulator

    Space simulator: This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space! • Use parts to create any rocket you want! • Totally accurate rocket physics! • Realistically graded planets! • An open universe, if you see something in the distance,

  14. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  15. Peggle Blast

    POPCAP PEGGLE BLAST presents PopCap, the legendary game studio that made Bejeweled and Plants vs.Zombies, presents Peggle Blast – a magical game full of character, magic and fun. Clear the orange pegs while collecting bonus points and hitting pinball style shots that will leave you with bubbles of joy.

  16. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  17. Animals Car Salon Cleaning

    3 cool animal themed cars will be your customers in this car game. Your car wash shop has high standards and your services are the best. So, the main objective of this cleaning game is to find out how bad the cars look after some races and why

  18. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  19. 2112TD: Tower Defense Survival

    Get ready for the ultimate tower defense attack. Build, deploy, research and upgrade your defenses in this epic sci-fi adventure. Set 100 years in the future, the multidimensional body battle spawns across the solar system and defends Earth’s colonies from complete annihilation. The pace is steady, but

  20. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  21. Island Empire – Turn Strategy

    Island Empire is a turn-based strategy game that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. Fight in the campaign with a single and unique level challenge. Develop a strategy, expand your empire, ensure a stable economy, defend your lands with walls and buy units for war.

  22. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  23. The Walking Dead: Survivors

    Do you have what it takes to not only survive but thrive in a world full of Pokers? Experience the world of The Walking Dead by crossing paths with popular comic book characters like Rick, Michonne, Negan, Ezekiel and Glenn. Fight hordes of infantry and fight the living.

  24. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  25. Backrooms Descent: Horror Game

    If you’re not careful enough, you could end up in that place, the place some call the back rooms. Someone finds the exit? Go deeper into the backroom terrors as you descend into fear. In this horror game, explore the multiple levels of Backrooms, perhaps the only way

  26. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  27. The Room: Old Sins

    The fourth entry in the multi-award winning “The Room” puzzle game series. “The fake room touch puzzle boxes are better than ever in Old Sins; Fireproof has made what might be the best release yet.” — Edge “The creative puzzles, combined with the haunting ambiance, occupy your entire mind.

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  29. Jungle Heat: War of Clans

    Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game that you can play on any device or social network. Tropics full of oil and gold are under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task is to liberate the riches of the aborigines, snatch them from the hands of

  30. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  31. ELOH

    A great puzzle game to help you relax and find your groove. From the creators of the award-winning Google Play Old Man’s Journey, a new musical puzzle game all about feeling the beat to finding the solution. ======= “I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone” – TouchArcade “a charming, exhilarating

  32. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  33. Ariosea – 3D Open-World RPG

    From the maker of “Pirates of Zeonium” we bring you Lands of Ariosea: an all-new medieval RPG where you play as the jarl of a small city-state called Ariosea, and turn into one of the most powerful cities ever to be built. You have complete control over your

  34. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  35. A Stranger Place: Stealth Scary Escape Adventure

    Confused and dizzy, you find yourself alone in a dark, dreary, desolate place, overwhelmed by terror and confusion, strange paintings adorn the walls and savage abominations lurking in the rooms, avoid it, run away and don’t let it catch you, unravel. The secrets behind you, the

  36. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  37. Game of Warriors

    Game of Warriors is a TD (Tower Defense) strategy game with a unique style. Set in a magical world, you will have to upgrade your defenses and powerful soldiers to survive and besiege enemy lands to conquer them, the rival alliance of evil kingdoms has pushed what is left of

  38. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  39. Alto’s Odyssey

    Behind the horizon, there is a majestic desert, vast and unexplored. Join Alto and his friends and embark on an endless sand boarding journey to discover their secrets, soar over windswept sand dunes, traverse exciting canyons, and explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical location away from home. Vines, bounce over

  40. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  41. Lamar – Idle Vlogger

    The man driving a rust bucket can’t pay off a debt to his friend and decides to become a blogger. He is denied a mobile phone loan and borrows it from a friend. This is his last chance to get out of the slums. – Get your

  42. Best 24 Alternative Apps Like PhotoFunia

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  43. Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games

    Storyngton Hall: Match Three & Decorate a House is a game designed for fans of casual games, romance, exciting tales of lords and ladies, addictive puzzles and challenges. Interior Design Skills: Build your dream home and surround it with stunning lush gardens. – BUILD AND DISCOVER: Unlock

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  45. Eternium

    Eternium is a beautifully designed Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classics. Eternium is unique among mobile RPGs with its “tap to move”, innovative “swipe to send” controls, and “no paid walls, never pay” winning philosophy. Except for some online-only features, it can also be played The game is offline after the

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  47. Dread The Horror Game

    After moving into your new home, you started noticing strange, inexplicable things. The doors opened on their own, terrible sounds and rustle from the dark rooms. Terrible shadows appeared on the walls. The fear was increasing day by day. To survive, you must: • Fight the

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  49. Grow Empire: Rome

    The glory of Rome awaits you in this tower defense and war strategy game. Play Grow Empire: Rome and turn your small town into the largest and most powerful empire in history, upgrade your walls, towers and warriors strategically and protect your city from attacking elephants, siege weapons and waves

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  51. Tomb of the Mask

    Tomb of the Mask is an arcade game with a procedurally unlimited vertical maze. In search of adventure, you enter a tomb where you find a strange mask. You put it on and suddenly realize that you can now climb walls – easily and quickly. That’s when

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  53. FreePrints Photo Tiles

    FreePrints Photo Tiles® – Custom murals at an affordable price. Now it’s easy to get your favorite photos from your phone to your wall. Mix and match as many photo tiles as you want to create a custom collage for any space. FreePrints Photo Tiles are lightweight photo tiles It sticks

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  55. High Risers

    How to get at work without actually trying: Bounce off the walls. Get as high as possible. Always bring a golden umbrella. Permissions Note: High Risers use “Read contents of USB storage” and “Modify or delete contents from your USB storage” permissions. These permissions are used to save screenshots

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  57. is created exclusively for an online wine community that supports independent winemakers around the world, and instead of creating an app version of our website, we’ve created something to improve the experience of being a truly angel customer. The app is for: ► Scan the label to find out more

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