Best 25+ Alternative Apps Like Falou – Speak Spanish, French, German…

Falou – Speak Spanish, French, German…

Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

Practice 17 languages ​​on Valo and speak faster with practical exercises! Achieve your goals! Go travel, take a course abroad, get a job in a major company! Falou will help you get there! KEY BENEFITS: + Start speaking from Lesson 1 + Falou uses AI to help you master the pronunciation + Hear the exact pronunciations of native speakers + Using the “hands-on” Falou method you enter a variety of everyday situations so you can quickly start using a new language in REAL LIFE ! More than 100 real life situations: • Introducing yourself • Ordering food • At the airport • At the hotel • Shopping • Taking a taxi • Taking a bus • At the museum • At work • At school • On the beach • … and much more +17 languages ​​to learn: • English • French • Spanish • Italian • …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Dr French, French grammar

    Dr French is the ultimate app to learn and review French grammar. In this easy to use and intuitive app, the content is organized by topic and level. You will find simple, straightforward lessons with translated examples, as well as exercises to practice what you learn and strengthen

  2. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  3. Langster: Learn French Faster

    Langster is an immersive new concept and a fun French language learning app that contains over 500 French news and stories to quickly improve your language skills. Download it for free and start learning French today! 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 Easily read and listen to French anytime, anywhere –

  4. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  5. Learn French. Speak French

    Start learning French 🇫🇷 quickly and effectively with Mondly’s free daily lessons! In just minutes you will begin to memorize basic French words, form sentences, learn to speak French phrases and participate in conversations. You will feel as if you have your own French language teacher in your

  6. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  7. Learn French – 11,000 Words

    Learn French from 61 native languages, free and offline, with FunEasyLearn. Learn to Read 📖 Write ✍ and Speak French Discover the easy and fun way to learn all the reading rules, all the words you’ll ever need and all the useful phrases in French. CONTENTS •

  8. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  9. Studycat: Learn French for Kids

    Learning French is fun with Studycat! Our educational language learning games will entertain your children while they are learning French. • kidSAFE Seal Program Certified – Our app is designed with your child’s privacy in mind! • Educational Experience – Curriculum developed by teachers and language

  10. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  11. Busuu: Learn Languages

    We are Busuu, the Chegg service and language learning app. Over 120 million people choose us to learn Spanish, pick some French phrases, try Japanese, or one of the 10 other different languages ​​we have – now it’s your turn! País, for a course to help you live your

  12. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  13. Exploratio: puzzle et mots

    An adventure in space Thousands of years ago, the civilization of the ancients expected a reversal of linguistic harmony. Which is why hidden in space artifacts called tesseracts, containing invaluable knowledge of words. and expressions from the French-speaking world. A dictatorial society, forbidding the use of books,

  14. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  15. Busuu: Learn French

    Join the 120 million Busuu users waiting to help you learn French! Become a member of the Busuu community and correct speaking and writing exercises by native speakers. Plus, you can help others in your native language! FEATURES ★ Learn the basics of the French language through vocabulary

  16. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  17. French for Beginners: LinDuo

    Features of our app: * Pronunciation by a native speaker * 2375 words divided into 180 subject lessons * Does not require a permanent internet connection * Beautiful illustrations for each word * Phonetic transcription of each word * Dark interface for studying at night * Choose between male and

  18. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  19. Exoty Tarot online at 3, 4, 5

    Tarot Exoty is the reference free tarot app for fans of the French Tarot and card game. It is the best free online tarot game dedicated to competing against the popular card game! Every day, offers thousands of French Tarot players to compete for

  20. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  21. Drops: Learn French Language

    What if learning French vocabulary was a crazy fun game instead of a boring memorization exercise? Drops makes language learning easy. Practical vocabulary connects to your memories through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games. The crazy part? You only have 5 minutes a day. It may

  22. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  23. Motaku

    How many words can you find in a grid of 16 letters, in a limited time, in English or French, practice finding more words. Compare your words with the full list of solutions and discover new ways to advance. Check word definitions and enrich your vocabulary (What is LISLE? What is

  24. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  25. Learn Spanish, more with songs

    Learn languages: Spanish, English, French and more languages ​​for free! Learning language with music is easy and fun, our method is perfect for you, no matter the language level. With our free online course (Spanish, English, French, etc.) based on your favorite songs, you will notice how

  26. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  27. Dictionary : Word Definitions & Examples – Erudite

    Get the most useful bilingual dictionaries, thesaurus, translator, flashcards, phrasebook and widget! If you want to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Finnish, Swedish, Croatian The most effective Serbian way,

  28. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  29. Translate now Photo translator

    “Translate Now” is a translation app with voice and voice translator, camera and photo translator and text and word translator. It works offline, and you can translate images offline within seconds. Just use the camera to translate into Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and many other languages.

  30. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  31. Chatterbug: Language Learning

    Are you looking for a language learning app that allows you to learn Spanish, German, English and French at no cost? Chatterbug is definitely the right solution for you! No matter if you want to broaden your horizon and learn languages ​​or if you just want to improve your

  32. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  33. Babbel – Learn Languages

    Millions of people are learning languages ​​with Babbel – the app designed by language learning experts. Our short interactive lessons rethink old school language education to make you speak a new language with confidence. Learn Spanish or 13 other languages ​​in 15 minutes/day We are not just a Spanish

  34. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  35. LingoDeer – Learn Languages

    Do you want to learn a new language, such as Japanese, French, Spanish or Korean on your own? Try LingoDeer! Courses offered for English speakers: Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Vietnamese. What can LingoDeer do for you? Learn to read and

  36. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  37. Learn Languages – FunEasyLearn

    Learn English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Russian or 28 other languages ​​offline with FunEasyLearn. Learn how to read 📖 write ✍ speak 🗣 language in a fun and easy way. DISCOVER THE BIGGEST LANGUAGE LEARNING COURSE EVER SO YOU CAN EASILY LEARN ALL READING RULES, ALL NECESSARY WORDS

  38. Best 25 Alternative Apps Like Falou 8211 Speak Spanish French German 8230

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  39. Video Downloader for Tumblr

    Download Tumblr videos quickly with just one click. Unlimited Download HD video, photos and GIFs. It’s 100% free! Use the Tumblr mobile app or the Tumblr website on your favorite browser. Automatic synchronization of videos, photos, and GIFs with your GallerySD card is supported. Download

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  41. Baby Puzzles – Animals, Fruits

    These puzzles are designed for kids and babies with lots of pictures from the children’s world: Animals: wild animals and farm animals ✔ Tools: working tools for different professions ✔ Vehicles: cars, planes, trains, ships and more ✔ Games: different cars and toys from the world of young children

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  43. War Troops 1917:Trench Warfare

    War Troops 1917 – Trench Warfare: WW1 Strategy GameWar Troops 1917 is a fast-paced World War I military strategy game, a perfectly designed pixel game presented to the war game War Troops. Be the commander of the forces and attack the enemies in the trenches in the first world

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  45. LingoDeer Plus: Language quiz

    LingoDeer Plus is a popular training app for learners of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese and German, developed by the same team behind the popular language course app LingoDeer. It currently features up to 10 games that help you improve specific language skills, such as using constant expressions or

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  47. Talkao Translate – Translator

    📧 You can have a conversation in any language, with the help of voice translator, translate different texts and use the button to speak in the app. – Learn languages ​​quickly and easily, speak your language to translate from written or spoken to the language of your choice, more

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  49. Educational Puzzles for Kids

    This game is for preschoolers and kids who want to learn the basics of 11 languages. Through this fun educational puzzles for kids (preschoolers) your child gets an extra piece of educational puzzles. There are +60 puzzles available in 6 different categories (alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes) in

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  51. DeepL Translate

    DeepL Translate is the go-to translation app for translating text, speech, images and files in 28 languages. Millions of people use it every day to communicate across language barriers. Start using it today to get free, fast and highly accurate translations. * Text translation: Translate between 28 languages ​​by

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  53. EWA: Learn English & Spanish

    Improve your English, Spanish, French, German or Italian language skills with EWA! Our unique teaching methodology consists of topic-based online courses to enhance grammar excerpts, movies and TV shows to improve speaking and reading abilities, and bestselling books with audio to dramatically increase vocabulary. Why is learning

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  55. Domestika – Online courses

    Join Domestika, one of the fastest growing creative communities, where top experts and creators share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced courses. Join 8 million creatives to get started or specialize in your favorite creative discipline or hobby, explore all the different creative categories and find the perfect

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  57. Colors learning games for kids

    Coloring games – educational app and kindergarten game for kids aged 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old. In this drawing game your kids learn colors in different languages ​​for free and build bonds with different things like fruits, animals, etc. Children also learn to draw and

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  59. Papa’s Pancakeria To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – While searching for your missing pet, you suddenly receive a call from Papa Louie with some good news: Your pet has been found at Papa’s Pancakeria in Maple Mountain, and since your pet loves the restaurant very much, Papa Louie has decided to let you

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  61. Papa’s Cheeseria To Go!

    – ABOUT THE GAME – Papa Cheeseria kicks off its grand opening with a special performance from the high-energy band, Scarlett and the Shakers! Unfortunately, the concert was canceled when all the musical equipment was stolen, and you’ll need to get a job to buy new instruments for the

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  63. The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores

    The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is an award-winning survival simulation game and the sequel to the hugely popular The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. Offline play is available once ads are removed via in-app purchase * Supported language: English, French, Vietnamese, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese,

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  65. Disney Story Realms

    You can now unlock all the worlds, books and activities! Upgrade today to get full access for everyone. Experience the magic of Disney at your fingertips or on the go with the official Disney Story Realms app! This unique adventure and storybook app is perfect for 4-9 year

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  67. Naver Papago – AI Translator

    Whenever you need translation during your travels, business trips or while studying a language, just bring Papago, an intelligent parrot that can translate multiple languages ​​for you. ▶ What does “Papago” mean? In Esperanto, papago refers to a parrot, a bird with language abilities. Papago supports

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  69. LingQ – Learn 42 languages

    Learn languages ​​by immersing yourself in a world of original and interesting content! Learn with LingQ, the smart language app with SRS that can teach you: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Finnish,

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  71. Defense Zone 2 HD

    Attractive new levels are more cool and impressive. New weapons have been added along with new opponents and more actions and tactics. The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German, and the game settings are balanced to achieve the goals of different players. If you

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  73. All Language Translate App

    All Language Translate app is very simple for language learning and word translator converter for all languages ​​that have world language translation package. Translate all languages, live voice text translator app is a hallmark of exchanging speech and written content. Universal language translator is perfect for all language

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  75. Caillou Check Up – Doctor

    Budge Studios presents the Caillou Examination! Go to the doctor’s office with Caillou and solve fun mini games that teach kids all about the human body. Check his height and weight, test his eyesight, play with cool doctor tools like a stethoscope, and much more! Features

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  77. Learn Languages with Pimsleur

    Is your goal to actually speak a new language? Millions of people have learned to speak a new language with Pimsleur – the language learning app that’s scientifically proven to work for the language learner who wants to have a conversation. Have you always wanted to learn how

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  79. Nighty Night – Bedtime Story

    “Nighty night!” It is a beautiful app for daily bedtime rituals with cute animals, gentle lullaby music and wonderful narration. All around the house the lights go out, and in the barn even the animals are tired. But who puts them to bed? Who turns

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  81. Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Town! Here, you can experience the life of your dreams with fun city buildings, delicious food, fun games, friendly neighbors and friends… My Dream 8 has provided you with different jobs: flight attendant, chef, teacher, archaeologist, astronaut, policeman, firefighter and doctor. My dears,

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  83. Fishing Championship

    * Catch legendary fish and “Challenge the King of Fishing” – a variety of beautiful tropical fish – Meet the unknown big fish living in the deep sea * Various achievement systems! – Everything in the theatrical game remains an achievement! – Diverse rich items to achieve! * Are

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  85. Notebloc Scanner – Scan to PDF

    Notebloc is a 100% free document scanner app that helps you scan paper and de-clutter: scan receipts, tickets, notes, drawings, and other documents. You can create PDF documents or JPEG files. • Notebloc Scanner is a 100% free scanner app that supports unlimited use, developed by

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  87. Puzzword

    Simple but addictive word guessing game, inspired by Wordle / Jotto / Word Mastermind with lots of new features on top and absolutely no ads, purchases or data. *** Game Features *** – No ads, purchases or data whatsoever. – Play offline anytime, as often as you like. – 3700

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  89. Vehicle Sounds

    Vehicle sounds (Kids Learning Vehicles) app is specially developed for kids and toddlers. Learn Vehicles is a very simple and funny program. Car sound app aims to entertain kids while teaching vehicle sounds. Kids will have fun by learning the sounds of different vehicles. (car, bus, plane, bike,

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  91. mozaik3D – Animations, Quizzes and Games

    Let’s make learning fun, if you liked our previous 3D educational apps, you will love this app! Download mozaik3D educational app to explore over 1200 3D educational scenes on your smartphone or tablet. Please note that this educational app requires a persistent internet connection, and our

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  93. Grand War: War Strategy Games

    “I should have conquered the world.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Your Excellency the Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the era of Napoleon. Grand War is the latest big sandbox strategy games and fast paced army tactical war games set during the turbulent

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  95. Mobile Soccer League

    Cups – World Cup – European Cup – Copa America Leagues – Major League – La Liga – English Premier League – Italian League – French League – Turkish League – Brasileira League Enjoy…
    #Mobile #Soccer #League
    Category : Rasu Games,Sports

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  97. Racing Calendar 2022

    Racing Calendar 2022 provides an overview of all F1™ races, teams, drivers (test) and tires in 2022. Without any ads or background processes besides date, location and distance, Race Calendar also includes graphics for all tracks and information about drivers, team, cars and tyres. Optimized for tablets and smartphones.

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  99. Rummy – offline card game

    Rummy Free Card from LITE Games – one of the most popular mobile card games worldwide finally comes to Android! The game is also known in other countries around the world, for example as Remi (Turkish), Romme (German) and Rami (French). Rummy has an excellent design and

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  101. Bimi Boo Baby Phone for Kids

    Baby phone is an educational game for toddlers from 1-5 years old that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. Boys and girls will be able to learn numbers with correct pronunciation and enjoy different sounds. Call cute animals and talk to them in

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  103. Solitaire Card Games, Klondike

    The most relaxing and addictive classic solitaire card games, Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is just for you! Enjoy the world’s best free and popular solitaire card games for free anytime and anywhere! It’s time to train your brain, challenge yourself and be a master of Solitaire Klondike or

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  105. HelloWords Vocab Learning Game

    100% visual learning, only 5 minutes a day, with 22+ free languages ​​to choose from, HelloWords fast and interactive word games make learning a new language, here are the main features that make HelloWords right for you: 【22 Languages ​​Available】 We offer the following languages ​​that You want to learn

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  107. Human body (male) educational VR 3D

    Human body (male) This animation presents the most important organ systems in the human body. Our 3D scenes are designed for students between the ages of 8-18 but can be fun for everyone. Available languages: English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Русский, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, Italian,

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  109. Swingers & Threesomes by SDC

    SDC swingers, Erotic Hookups & Threesome app offers the following functions: – 5-day trial membership (full access) – See who’s online around you – Instant messaging (member to member) – Group Messenger with push notification on/off – Video Messenger with push notifications Send photos directly from your device Read

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  111. Busuu: Learn German

    We are Busuu, and we are an app that makes language learning easier for everyone. Over 120 million people love to learn a new language with us – it’s your turn now! Try Busuu now – download the app and try a free lesson =========== Why learn languages ​​with

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  113. Rocket Languages

    Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin (and more) anytime, anywhere with Rocket Languages. Our courses are designed to reduce your time to becoming a conversation while keeping it fun! Rocket System We use the main strategies that successful polyglots use to learn 5 or more languages. BEST USE

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  115. DROPS Visual Language Learning

    Pick up key words for these languages: Korean, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇨🇳 🇭🇰 Chinese (both Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese), 🇪🇸 🇲🇽 Spanish (both Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish), 🇺🇸 🇬 🇧 English (both American English and British English), 🇪🇪 Estonian, Farsi (Farsi), 🇫🇷 French, 🇫🇮 Finnish, 🇬🇷 Greek, 🇩🇪

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  117. Innovative Language Learning

    Do you want to speak a new language from the first lesson? With innovative language learning, you can quickly learn practical conversations with real lessons prepared by real teachers. If you are tired of learning random words, and want to learn everyday language from real native speakers… this is

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  119. Learn 33 Languages – Mondly

    Learn Spanish 🇪🇸🇲🇽, English 🇬🇧, French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, Portuguese 🇵🇹🇧🇷, Italian 🇮🇹, Russian 🇷🇺, American English 🇺🇸, Norwegian 🇳🇴, Danish 🇩🇰, Dutch 🇳🇱, Swedish 🇸🇪, Korean 🇰🇷, Japanese 🇯🇵, Chinese 🇨🇳, Arabic, Greek 🇬🇷, Romanian 🇷🇴, Vietnamese 🇻🇳, Indonesian 🇮🇩, Hindi 🇮🇳, Hebrew 🇮🇱, Polish 🇵🇱, Bulgarian 🇧🇬

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  121. Wondrium – Learning & Courses

    Wondrium is a place where you can free your mind. Wondrium provides a wide range of educational videos to help you learn about new topics. Learning new topics has never been easier. Wondrium offers thousands of new online learning experiences, providing videos, documentaries, lessons, series, and

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  123. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

    Play engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, home and work, create your own kahoots and learn something new! Kahut! Brings the magic of learning to students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia enthusiasts and lifelong learners. Here’s what you can do with Kahoot! The app, now available

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  125. Speekoo – Learn a new language

    Speekoo is the new language learning app that challenges you to learn a new language! We’ve tried to make it ten times faster, ten times more intuitive, and ten times more motivating than anything else out there today. And it’s completely free, 6 languages ​​are offered

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  127. Robert Half: Job Search & More

    Manage your entire job search in one place with the Robert Half app, winner of three w3 awards (including Best in Show) and Stevie Gold from the International Business Awards (2021). Get personalized job recommendations and access thousands of exclusive new opportunities every week. Our recruitment

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  129. Simpan – Note various needs

    Don’t forget, Simpan is a text saver app that meets your diverse needs, it’s easy to use, secure and has a simple modern look you might like, and it’s equipped with fingerprint and password security, as well as data backup, to ensure the security of the data you store.

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  131. TOMTOP Online Shopping

    Do you want to shop at TOMTOP anytime, anywhere? Yes, we created the app just for you! With the TOMTOP app, you can take anything you love about TOMTOP with you everywhere you go. You can shop from the brands and millions of products you love right from

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  133. Sago Mini Pet Cafe Surprise

    Try before you buy! * Play Pet Cafe Surprise for free 6 times, without restrictions. Help feed your friends while learning about shapes, numbers and colors. This fun new app is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Pet Café includes three educational activities. Your little

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  135. Learn 33 languages with Mondly Free games for kids

    Are you looking for a fun and free educational app to help your child learn a new language in record time? Look no further! Mondly for Kids is a free educational game that teaches toddlers and kids in kindergarten, preschool or early school

  136. Similar Apps

  137. Speechling – Learn to Speak Any Language

    Get free pronunciation training with spelling, flashcards, closing tests, quizzes and listening comprehension for Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Portuguese and English. Speech goes beyond vocabulary lists and grammar rules. Immerse yourself in the speech: speech coaches, daily feedback, advanced algorithms, and

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  139. DailyArt – Daily Dose of Art

    Get inspired every day by classic, modern and contemporary masterpieces and read short stories about them. Join a community of over 1,000,000 art lovers, for whom DailyArt is something to lighten their day, every day. Free! Now available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic,

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  141. Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe

    Want to see caller ID, spam indicators, and block spammers right from the call screen? Doroob is your app. Trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide, drupe replaces your boring call screen with a new look, designed and configured just for you! Forget

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  143. getAbstract: Book Summaries

    Get the main ideas from over 22,000 best non-fiction books, articles and video talks summarized in 10-minute summaries. Millions of readers around the world use getAbstract to get all the benefits of reading in just a few minutes a day. Learn more in less time • Get over 22,000

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  145. Learn a Language watching TV

    Lingopie is the easiest and most entertaining way to learn a new language. Learn a new language today by enjoying over 1,000 hours of movies and TV shows ranging from comedy, action, action, musicals and kids shows in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and more… High quality content

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  147. Fluent Forever

    “I’ve never before seen a method that is so consistent with our current scientific understanding of how memory works.” – Scientific American Mind ………………. Languages ​​Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, & Dutch ……………….. What is flant forever? A revolutionary language learning

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  149. Cursive Letters Writing Wizard

    **Editor’s Choice Award (96/100) – Children’s Technology Review** Cursive Writing Wizard is the perfect app to help every child learn how to keep track of ABC’s, 123’s, and custom words (like their names) through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation. Features: • Display and enforce how to

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  151. 1DM+: Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader

    1DM+: One Plus Download Manager [formerly IDM+] It is the fastest and most advanced download manager (with Torrent download support) available on Android. It is up to 500% faster than a normal download. And background services don’t run if there’s nothing to download and the smart

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  153. SayHi Translate

    Speak another language instantly, for free, with SayHi Translate on Android! Have a bilingual conversation and hear your own voice instantly translated. The app featured by: NBC Today Show, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW, TechCrunchSayHi Translate is 100% free with no ads or premium features. ************************************************ + With SayHi Translate for

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  155. Four-stroke Otto engine educational VR 3D

    Otto 4-Stroke Engine This animation shows the type of engine most used in cars. Explore technology through interactive 3D animations! Actively participate in learning about technology by following the latest results of 3D animation. Our 3D scenes are designed for students between the ages of 8-18

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  157. Polaris Office – Edit,View,PDF

    Already 100 million users worldwide, get the latest Android Office app for free. Experience a complete new all-in-one Office suite compatible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. “Editors’ Choice”, “Best App of 2015” and “Best Developer” awards from Google Play. ■ Features ■ • Supported

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  159. ArriveCAN

    As part of Canada’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent importation, use ArriveCAN to comply with the Canadian government’s mandatory travel requirements before and after you enter Canada. Traveler contact information, vaccination status, and potential quarantine location may be collected through this application. Use ArriveCAN to comply with mandatory

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  161. Duolingo: language lessons

    Learn a new language with the world’s most downloaded educational app! Duolingo is the fun and free app for learning over 35 languages ​​with quick, small lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds

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  163. Solar System Scope

    The Solar System Scope is a fun way to explore, discover and play with the solar system and outer space. It is far from our world and lets you experience so many wonderful views of space. It aspires to be the most straightforward, easy-to-understand and simple to use aerospace

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