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Best 28+ Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

Pixel Quest RPG

Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

Welcome to the first indie RPG with no forced ads and no pay to win. As independent developers, we strive to give you the best that classic role-playing has to offer in a fantasy-themed pixel art world! Enter endless dungeons alone or in multiplayer battles to defeat fearsome pixel art monsters. Choose your initial path from among the classic RPG trio Rogue – Warrior – Mage, then craft your strategy in the fully customizable skill tree. From the first dungeons to the final tracks, you will have endless possibilities to customize your RPG journey. Once you’ve designed your best gear, head to the Dragons Arena to test yourself in strategic PVP multiplayer battles to see who’s the best at Pixel Quest. Key Features: – Completely free indie game…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Pixel Art Coloring Games

    Pixel art coloring game is a tool to learn and have fun. Pixel art is a variety of activities including color by number, pixel by number and paint by numbers, which makes it a good mix of coloring games and drawing games. Drawing and coloring with pixel art

  2. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  3. Pixel Brush – Pixel art gif animation sprite maker

    Pixel Brush is a sprite maker and pixel art creation studio for artists. Designed for aspiring artists, pixel professionals, or even the general doodler, Pixel Brush is the pixel art maker for everyone. Features: • Powerful Tools • GIF Animation: Frame- Animated frames,

  4. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  5. Pixel Tap: Color by Number

    Relax and say goodbye to stress with Pixel Tap, the all-new coloring app. Fill the blocks with colors to create beautiful artwork, it’s so simple and fun! Thousands of stunning artwork to choose from, from simple Pixel Art animations to huge and detailed scenes – Pixel Tap

  6. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  7. The Sandbox Evolution – Craft a 2D Pixel Universe!

    Create a pixel paradise or destroy the world with your Godly 8-bit touch in Sandbox Evolution, the premier pixel art world building game. Build a world designed for fun, with advanced physics, and over 170 fully controllable items and heroes. Create a dungeon, puzzle,

  8. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  9. Divoom: pixel art editor

    This is a pixel art editor app with an integrated online pixel art gallery and community. Create and share your own pixel art animation, and interact with other pixel art fans around the world. We support layers and animations and have a lot of useful tools. [Pixel Art

  10. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  11. Pixel Art: color by number

    Color by numbers to take your stress away from coloring games from one of the prominent developers! Discover over 15,000 free 2D and 3D artwork or create your own pixel art. Paint by numbers, relax and enjoy the colorful Pixel Art game! Designed by game experts

  12. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  13. Adventure Academy

    Welcome to the Adventure Academy’s 8- to 13-year-old education program, start your free 30-day trial of Adventure Academy now! Monthly payments are available, or get 49% off with an annual subscription. You can cancel at any time. Works best with: Android Google: Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL, Pixel

  14. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  15. Pixel Launcher

    Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Google personal information at your fingertips. Key Features: • Swipe from your home screen to see personalized Google Cards that bring you news and personal information, at just the right time. • Quick access to

  16. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  17. DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

    DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition: Pocket Pixel Horror is a 2D psychological horror adventure game. DISTRAINT was originally developed for PC and released on Steam 2015 in DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror, stepping into the shoes of an ambitious young man named Price. In order to form a partnership from

  18. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  19. Pixel Starships™

    Join millions of players around the world. Build your starship, explore the galaxy, create a fleet, and compete in epic battles! From the humble Kickstarter campaign comes Pixel Starships! Pixel Starships is a partial spaceship management game set in a massive 8-bit online world. In Pixel Starships, you

  20. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  21. Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox

    Award-winning indie game studio Kukouri welcomes you to the multi-platform MMo: Pixel Worlds! (“Best Independent Game Developer” Global Mobile Game Awards 2019) Pixel Worlds is a free to play online MMO sandbox indie game that lets you create, play, craft and build. Enjoy unique adventures, get gems, play

  22. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  23. CyberChase Shape Quest!

    From PBS KIDS and Cyberchase comes Shape Quest, a captivating app that combines games, puzzles, and 3D augmented reality! Shape Quest challenges children ages 6-9 to use geometry and spatial reasoning to hone their problem-solving skills. Features – Notice: Only works with tablets with rear cameras. – 3

  24. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  25. Puzzle Quest 3 – Match 3 RPG

    Game description – Master the strategic match-3 combat in Puzzle Quest 3, the all-new installment of the world-famous Puzzle-RPG series. Prepare yourself for an epic journey through Etheria, a dangerous fantasy world full of enemies to outsmart loyal allies to recruit. Explore legendary dungeons, discover

  26. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  27. Magnum Quest

    Start your adventure from zero to hero! Battle your way across the awesome and massive world map by summoning and upgrading your legendary heroes, rallying with allies to hunt down the legendary BOSS, conquer the towers, and become the strongest! Magnum Quest is: a mixture of easy and fun IDLE

  28. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  29. Bit Heroes Quest: Pixel RPG

    This Bit Heroes embodies the magic and nostalgia of your favorite RPG! Explore and fight your way through a vast open world inspired by your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit dungeon heroes and monsters. Collect and craft endless loot from exploring dungeons to increase your strength and build

  30. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  31. Fantasy Craft: Kingdom Builder

    Build and craft a fantasy kingdom! An exploration adventure full of magic in a blocky cube world! An epic quest for survival! Exploration sandbox experience Be a prince, princess, king or queen! Mage or legendary warrior! Embark on this epic sword and sorcery exploration adventure

  32. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  33. Color Island: Pixel Art

    Coloring welcomes alertness and reduces stress. Choose from the wide range of gorgeous artwork in our gallery and color by number with pleasure! Pixel Art: Color Island is a perfect art therapy app for adults because it is a relaxing exercise that can distract your mind from other

  34. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  35. Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale

    Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. Download the game and enjoy the full-blown graphics, competitive gameplay and much more: 800+ weapons 40 useful gadgets and gadgets 10 different game modes 10 exciting mini-games over 100 beautiful maps that rotate through the year Zombie survival

  36. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  37. Psychic Dust – Pixel Sandbox

    Psychic Dust – DIY Sandbox SimulatorPsychic Dust is one of the best creative DIY sandbox simulator game in pixel art style. Unlike other simulation games, in Psychic Dust you can not only experience different reactions among the dust but also test and predict your fortune or future.

  38. Best 28 Alternative Apps Like Pixel Quest RPG

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  39. Pixel Car Racer

    Pixel Car Racer is the best retro arcade racer, featuring a fully customizable experience! Build the garage of your dreams with limitless car customization! Take your ride to the streets and race your way to the top. FEATURES • Drag and Street modes • Over 100 cars!

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  41. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

    Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a Turn-based Strategy, dungeon crawler game set in Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. Battle your way through hundreds of stages in this unique challenge of tactics, using your favorite heroes from Warhammer. Fight through the silver tower. The hideous summoner’s lair.

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  43. Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG

    Are you ready for a real Fantasy RPG with a great story? Crimson Warden is an open world fantasy RPG set in a fantastic environment. Your hero is The Crimson Warden, an elite king warrior who must secure the people in the cursed worlds until the

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  45. Violas Quest: Marble Blast

    Are you ready for a magical marble shooter adventure like never before? Embark on a bubble shooter journey and become a hero on a challenging mission! Violas Quest is a match-3 marble shooting game with hundreds of levels of marble arcade games. Download the new addictive mission

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  47. MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

    MARVEL Puzzle Quest is the original Match 3 Super Hero game! Compete with a community of over 20 million players worldwide as your favorite Marvel Comics Super Heroes appear in this unique Match 3 puzzle RPG! We need your help! SHIELD agents mishandle a powerful new

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  49. Beast Quest

    Evil sorcerer and Avantia magical beasts – only the true hero can free the monsters and prevent them from destroying the earth. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for? Embark on an epic adventure in a massive open world. Battle hordes of dangerous enemies and battle giant

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  51. My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

    Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. This app takes your child on a magical adventure to spread the spirit of friendship across Equestria. Collect all six ponies, use their special powers together and save the Tree of Harmony. Hunt down evil minions, solve puzzles

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  53. Crossword Quest

    Unleash your vocabulary and play Crossword, the #1 crossword puzzle game in the world! Crossword Quest is a fun and relaxing word game in crossword puzzle designed for the smartest minds! This game is a cross between all aspects of word games that you love to make you addictive and

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  55. Survival RPG: Open World Pixel

    Survival RPG: Unlock World Pixel
    #Survival #RPG #Open #World #Pixel
    Category :

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  57. Xenophobia: Pixel Horror Game

    XENOPHOBIA: PIXEL HORROR GAME is a terrifying and challenging 2D horror game where you need to complete your objective, while being followed by different beginnings, hiding in the dark. Metal spurs are approaching. Red eyes shine from the dark corners. Will you survive this unpleasant adventure?

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  59. Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Pixel RPG, Retro Game

    The 10-story dungeon features a campaign in which a ghostly character appears inside and reveals its secrets. A boss fight of crazy proportions awaits at the end. How long can you survive? Get ready to join the Knights of Pen &

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  61. Mad GunS battle royale game

    Battle Royale games and online shooting games are your favorite genres? So here is Mad GunS – Online Shooting Games! Learn about online shooter games with great graphics and a variety of modes including battle royale. Imagine this: you wake up, you feed your cat, and

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  63. Sandbox – Pixel Art Coloring

    Welcome to the Sandbox Coloring Universe and get ready to become a fan of coloring little pixel art. Four facts about Sandbox: Kids can feel how cool, beautiful and fun Sandbox is, and that it’s just designed for them. It’s like a cartoon, but they can participate

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  65. Bigfoot Quest

    Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and explore the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of the elusive famous Bigfoot. Many books have been written, many blurry photos taken, but has anyone really found Bigfoot? Explore beautiful landscapes, find clues, and solve puzzles along the way in this

  66. Screen image

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  67. Bricks Breaker Quest

    How to play – The ball flies to wherever it touches. – Clear the stages by removing bricks from the board. – Break bricks and never let them reach the bottom. – Find the best positions and angles to hit each brick. – Feature – Free to

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  69. Pocket Quest: Merge RPG

    A whole new adventure awaits you in this idle RPG! Collect and loot as many coins as possible and compete for the highest score! Build your own world by placing buildings, terrain and enemies to master the episode! Collect powerful artifacts and talents to grow permanently stronger

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  71. Mighty Quest For Epic Loot – Action RPG

    Loot too much or die trying! Let the great mission begin! Enter the magical lands of Opulencia: defeat the craziest foes, find epic loot and take the king’s throne! Fight epic battles and become the strongest hero ever in this intense RPG adventure!

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  73. Arcane Quest Legends – Offline RPG

    Dark forces have spread in the Real of Auria, you must forge your destiny with this action packed RPG Hack & Slash and fight your way through endless hordes of orcs, strings, demons and all kinds of terrifying creatures. Peace savior? Build your own legend, level

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  75. Crusaders Quest

    Play a classic RPG that will bring back childhood memories! A world with a captivating story: adventure through and defend the land of Hasla and its gods from the forces trying to destroy it! Among more than 1,000 heroes in an endless number of team formations, turn the tide of

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  77. CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.)

    Get the CHRONO TRIGGER at 50% off the regular price! A journey into the forgotten past, into the distant future, and into the end of time. Now begins a great adventure to save the planet… CHRONO TRIGGER is the classic role-playing game developed by “Dream Team” creator of

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  79. Pokémon Quest

    • The pokemon you know and love turned into .. cubes?! Go on a treasure hunt with your buddy cube-shaped Pokémon on Tumblecube Island – a land where everything is a cube! Your goal is to find the cool goodies that are said to be hidden on the island!

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  81. Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

    Evil Hack, Cut the Darkness! Dark Nemesis guarantees a great MMORPG combat experience! Make your way through a multidimensional world where good and evil collide! 3D Journey through the Multiverse – Enjoy the immersive dark fantasy world with stunning graphics, epic 3D effects and awesome characters!

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  83. Robin Hood Legends – A Merge 3 Puzzle Game

    Merge the pieces to solve the puzzles and save the city. It’s a fun new way to combine! Why does it match the possibility of merging? Join Robin Hood on her quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and save the

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  85. Kakele Online – MMORPG

    Kakele is a brand new game! It is a retro style multiplayer open world nostalgic game and classic 2D pixel real time role playing game. PLAY ON MOBILE AND PC ✔︎ Don’t Pay to Win! No ads! Play for free! Play to win! ✔︎

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  87. Yeah Bunny!

    This awesome platform game takes you on an adventure to the magical ancient pixel world of bunny. Touch control has never been so easy and precise! Run, jump and climb walls just by tapping anywhere on the 8-bit screen. Collect cute carrots and mini keys and run to complete

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  89. War Troops 1917:Trench Warfare

    War Troops 1917 – Trench Warfare: WW1 Strategy GameWar Troops 1917 is a fast-paced World War I military strategy game, a perfectly designed pixel game presented to the war game War Troops. Be the commander of the forces and attack the enemies in the trenches in the first world

  90. Screen image

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    A new story unfolds in the world of Orsterra! Enjoy high-quality graphics, combat action, and OCTOPATH TRAVELER-style storytelling in this preset optimized for mobile devices. HD-2D Features: Advanced Pixel Art 2D pixel art, enhanced with 3D-CG effects, brings the wonderful world of Orsterra to life with beautifully stylized environments

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  93. Pixel Ambient Services

    When music is playing nearby, it will automatically appear on the lock screen. With one click, save the song to your playlist or open it in your favorite apps. This works in real time. Knowledge of thousands of songs is included in your phone. This means that

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  95. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

    Action Launcher’s success secrets: 1️⃣ Take this fast and smooth Android launcher 📱2️⃣ Add textures to extract colors in your style from your wallpaper (or choose your own!) 🎨3️⃣ Add all the customizations and time-saving innovations you can think of! ⚙️ Notable features include: • Quicktheme: Material-style design for

  96. Screen image

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  97. World Soccer Challenge

    Inspired by classic soccer games of the 90s, World Soccer Challenge provides an exciting opportunity to re-play and participate in the history of international soccer. Qualify your national team and try to win the World Cup in Russia 2018. You can even go back to Mexico 86 and play as

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  99. Crush Them All – PVP Idle RPG

    Crush Them All is a TAP TAP RPG Pixel game mixed with Idle heroes game. Recruit heroes and build an invincible army to crush the forces of evil. Explore a fantasy world full of demons, monsters and giant bosses and make your way through magical

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  101. SandBox: Sand Pixel Simulator

    Enjoy a complete particle sandbox with spin. You can use different elements, observe the interactions between the component unit and see the result. Features: • Professionals know a sandbox is a great opportunity to work on your creativity. • Teachers know sandbox is a great way to

  102. Similar Apps


    WHAT IS THE LATEST CLOUDIA? A fantasy role-playing game that weaves a sprawling tale with quirky characters and cinematic effects. Its cool, fast-paced battles feature pixel art characters sweeping across 3D playing spaces. Download now! CINEMA EFFECTS & SOUEPING SOUNDTRACKA Thrilling story told with pixel art characters and

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  105. LastCraft Survival

    Last Craft – Free post-apocalyptic mobile MMO game. Make yourself a weapon and destroy hordes of zombies and raiders with one hit in stealth or start shooting them openly and killing everything you see. Do whatever you want to enjoy! The frustrating atmosphere of despondency will haunt you everywhere,

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  107. Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale

    5..4..3..2..1 .. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars, sniper duels and fun bandits fight at every turn! Look sharp, shooting is everywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discover tons of interesting missions about gangsters, cops, explosions, mafia and police.

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  109. Sketch Picsart – Photo Editor

    Sketch Picsart – Photo Editor is an automatic drawing app to automatically create a pencil sketch photo. It is also a great photo editor tool to turn your photos into pencil sketch. With Sketch Picsart – Photo Editor both colored pencil drawing and pencil drawing are supported.

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  111. Vamp – Lord of Blood

    It’s been 100 years since the legendary and fierce Asgard battle between dragons and heroes! The heroes managed to protect Asgard, but not all the people were saved… Because of the heroes and the dragon, the poor vampire’s brother and sister became homeless at once. The bloody

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  113. Bloxels

    Anyone can create a video game with Bloxels.Creat CHARACTERS Build your own heroes and villains – and give them superpowers in Character Lab. Create art and animation Create pixel art and animation to bring your worlds to life. Transform your games, tell stories, make puzzles, and share them with the world.

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  115. 8Bit Photo Lab, Retro Effects

    8Bit Photo Lab converts any image on your phone or directly from your camera into an 8-bit pixel image! Choose an image, scroll through a selection of pre-set 8-bit filters and instantly view the retro effect. Save or share the result with just one click! Features

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  117. Hero Bump:Real-time PvP Battle

    Hero Bump is now available! Compete with players from all over the world! Easy to play and release your hero with power control to defeat your enemies. Arena Mechanisms – Many interactable Arena Mechanisms for you to discover and use. Earn Great Rewards ◆ New Quest

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  119. CHUCHEL

    CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game. Join hairy hero Chuchel and rival Kekel on their quest to get back the precious cherries and face tons of puzzles and challenges! reward? Delightful situational humour, wild music, the sounds of a DVA band, and dozens of hilarious gags that warm even the

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  121. Yourland: Bowlers Run

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Yourland full of adventures. Meet Emma and Ricky on their quest to save Yourland from mass destruction. Help them explore the exotic tropical island, home of archers – cute little creatures with cute hair. Save the trapped shooters from the collapsed island!

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  123. My Little Pony: The Movie

    The official storybook app for MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE is here! In Hasbro’s My LITTLE PONY, a new dark force threatens Ponyville, Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey outside of Equestria where they meet

  124. Screen image

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  125. Mini Racing Adventures

    Mini Racing Adventures challenges you to unlock our collection of 51 unique vehicles, each with their own feel, to travel through up to 18 adventure stages. Race in action as you choose your favorite Buggy Cars, ATV, Trial Motor Bike and even truck to climb the highest hill, dirt tracks,

  126. Screen image

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  127. Bingo Journey – Lucky Casino

    Bingo Journey is a free classic bingo game with tons of free cash and boosters to claim every day! Take a Bingo Journey tour with your friends and family to join the world of free bingo and enjoy a trip to interesting places around the world. #

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  129. Path of Immortals

    Do you dare to walk the path of immortals? Control the mighty Berserker, the evil Ranger, and the other priest – each child of angels born to defend the world from demonic hordes! Slash, fighter, dungeon celebration. Kill your way to fame and fortune on many levels of

  130. Screen image

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  131. Farm Heroes Super Saga

    The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with bigger Cropsies and more fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga! Help the farm heroes defeat Rancid and win the country show in this amazing match 3 adventure. The farm heroes know that Rancid Raccoon is

  132. Screen image

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  133. Play Disney Parks

    Explore Disney theme parks like never before with the Play Disney Parks app – enjoy interactive adventures, Disney themed games and trivia, unique achievements and other fun experiences that bring the environments around you to life! Use the Play Disney Parks app to join the Disney Fab 50 Quest and

  134. Screen image

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  135. Dice Dreams™️

    Welcome to Dice Dreams! Join your friends and Facebook players around the world – roll the dice on the magic board, steal coins, attack your friends, build your own epic kingdom and set off on an adventurous journey! The Legend Behind The Dice🍿🍿Bob, the first to be named, returns to

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  137. Fishing Master 3D

    It’s time to go fishing! Journey to the most beautiful destinations and fish in the world for real in Fishing Master, the great fishing simulation game everyone is talking about! Enjoy 1v1 duels in real time, join PvP hunting tournaments and become a master of hunting! Fishing Master

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  139. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

    Pyramid Solitaire Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! Magic and mystery await in this Solitaire strategy puzzle game. Join Helena and her loyal friend Kingsley gerbil on their journey to uncover the wonders of the ancient world. Clues by picking up the

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  141. Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

    [Brought to you by SQUARE ENIX and Akatsuki with over 25 million downloads worldwide!]Romancing SaGa Re celebrated; univerSe (now known as SaGaRS) 2nd Anniversary! SaGaRS is the mobile title of the beloved SaGa series, a classic Japanese RPG series that shines alongside FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST! It

  142. Screen image

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  143. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

    An amazing anime RPG full of imagination, laughter and explosions! KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is here to transport you to another world. Brave traveler, you have been summoned to a world threatened by the Devil King army in the world’s first KonoSuba mobile game. The journey can be long

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  145. Zebra ABC educational games for kids

    The first introduction to the English language! An educational game for kids from 2 to 6 years old, this quest game will lead your child through 26 wonderlands of the English alphabet, just like in ABC games! Just imagine: a game that your child will play

  146. Screen image

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  147. Golf Clash

    The sun is shining and it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer golf game everyone’s been talking about! Take on great tournaments against players from all over the world, as you compete in tournaments and 1v1 golf games and challenge your Facebook friends! Upgrade your clubs and unlock rounds as

  148. Screen image

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  149. The Slayer Open World

    The Slayer Open World is a continuation of the Slayer RPG. This time the game is set in Open-World style. There are large maps with different themes, a complex quest system with time-based events, as well as dungeons with a story in which you can play. The

  150. Screen image

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  151. Diablo Immortal

    The great DIABLO experience is an all-new mobile game from Blizzard Entertainment. Role-playing game series that sets the genre between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo III®. Clash with armies of demons, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power.Explore the dark world of Sanctuary like never

  152. Screen image

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  153. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

    It’s time to experience the magic and mystery of Harry Potter like never before! Get ready to cast spells, smash challenges, and celebrate the whims of the magical world while fascinated by this amazing free puzzle game for your mobile device! Combine gems and prove your Match

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  155. Earth Rangers

    Earth Rangers app is where kids go to save animals! Joining is free and you’ll have access to realistic tasks like building backyard habitats, making forest friendly crafts, and protecting marine animals from pollution. In addition, with animal adoptions, you will also learn about conservation projects of many species such

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  157. Path of Giants

    Path of Giants puts you in control of three explorers on their quest to find hidden treasure on top of an iceberg. In this relaxing puzzle adventure game, each level will require you to use teamwork among explorers to help them solve puzzles! ** Official Selection for Seattle Indies

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  159. Words of Wonders: Guru

    – An elegant approach to classic crossword puzzles- An all-new word game from the developers of Words of Wonders: Crossword and Words of Wonders: Search- A true quest game with challenges as you connect letters and progress through levels- Test your knowledge skills against dictionaries and encyclopedias- Relax your mind

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  161. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    Inspired by the classic console greats, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a wild adventure that features deep dungeon diving, turn-based combat presented in the classic JRPG format, and a rich story driven by world exploration. Help young Gully in her quest to find her missing father Aramus – the famous hero,

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  163. Treasure hunter

    We would like to bring to your attention a unique free quest simulator for hunting treasures with an open world and an exciting story based on real events. Treasure Hunter is a free metal detector simulator, with a lot of funny missions and an exciting story based on a real event.

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  165. Scary Nun Horror School Escape

    Get ready for a new adventure of super scary games because the new scary adventure to escape from the scary nun school is about to release. Be a survival hero in this scary granny games. Solve the mysterious puzzles of this haunted house school escape game and

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  167. Kuma Sushi Bar

    These paws are made for… slicing sushi! A refreshing new adventure awaits! No customer can resist the delicious menu at your sushi bar as you help lovable bear chef Komaki on his quest to take on his family’s legacy! New to management? Things will definitely go smoothly

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  169. Horror Hunt: Until Daylight

    Horror Hunt is a multiplayer online horror game. The world is doomed and cursed by creatures from another reality – the Nightmare Realm. The Nightmare opens portals to our world and sends his servants to conquer Earth! Fight them and banish these monsters and killers from our

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  171. Jurassic Dig – Games for kids

    Kids, get ready to enjoy this great ride as you go high and low on a great adventure. Choose your vehicle and then go on a mission. Earn fuel along the way, travel through many scenes and dangers, using super tools to achieve your goal.

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  173. Space Cats Pop: Bubble Shooter

    😻Space Cats Pop: Bubble Shooter is a space shooting cat adventure from the maker of Frozen Pop, Toys and Princess Pop. Shoot, match and smash all the balls in this relaxing classic color matching puzzle game. This Bubble Pop & Bubble Buster can be the perfect killer

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  175. Hero Tale – Idle RPG

    Boy’s adventure in medieval fantasy island. Defeat enemies to become stronger, loot items from them and customize your equipment to suit your strategy. When you attack enemies, you are training at a range or close combat. Quest, gain experience and spend skill points in the huge

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  177. Mirrors of Albion

    Get ready for a Lewis Carroll-inspired hidden object game that takes you to the mysterious Victorian London known as Albion, full of intrigue, crime and danger. Just like Alice on her quest to Wonderland, you will have to solve challenging puzzles and face unexplained puzzles. Experience the unique game

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  179. Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise

    Free Fire is the ultimate shooting game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you compete against 49 other players, all on a quest to survive. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the

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  181. Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games

    Download the best trivia games for free! Trivia Puzzle Fortune contains free exciting quiz games for trivia addicts and quiz bosses! Trivia Puzzle Fortune starts as an easy free quest game and gets more difficult as you level up! ENJOY THE TRIVIA GAMEPLAY CHALLENGE! – Train

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  183. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG

    Arcane Legends is the best fantasy RPG and MMORPG on mobile, perfect for both tablets and phones! Venture through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses, find loot, join guilds and collect pets. Explore a breathtaking 3D world with friends in this award-winning mega game from Spacetime Studios.

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  185. Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game

    🔥Tap Dungeon Hero: Idle Infinity RPG Game The best idle RPG adventure game of 2021. – You need a hero to bring peace to the earth, and that hero is you! As our leader, you must grab your blade and conquer the terror. With the help

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  187. Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

    From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes the ultimate evolution of the Puzzle-RPG-Strategy mix, Gems of War! Immerse yourself in a world of adventure as you collect heroes from all over the world and battle enemies with the power of a puzzle board. Unlock new

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  189. Endless Nightmare 1: Home

    Test your courage, overcome your fear, the excitement begins, scream! You’re James, a police officer, your wife and daughter murdered at home. While on your quest for the truth at home, something scary happened. What will happen next in this scary house will be an endless nightmare

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  191. Jetpack Joyride

    bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that release money! From the makers of Fruit Ninja comes this crazy high-flying endless runner that will keep you on the edge of your seat! It’s time to join Barry Steakfries and pack awesome jetpacks, dress up in stylish costumes and ride

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  193. Evil Nun: Horror at School

    ★★★★★ Over 50 Million Players Already Horrified ★★★★★★ After receiving a mysterious invitation to a summer camp, you are captured by Sister Madeleine inside Eagle High Junior High School. Now, your mission is to escape from the school before Sister Madeline can complete her evil plan. Explore

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  195. Crash of Cars

    Welcome to Crash of Cars, the REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER game where your goal is to collect as many crowns as possible before destroying them. Collect reinforcements, destroy other players, steal their crowns, and climb the leaderboards! Key Features: – 8 maps to enjoy real-time multiplayer battles – Over 70 unlockable

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  197. Let’s Survive – Survival game

    Let’s Survive is the new offline survival game, full of ashes, fear, zombies, mutants and thugs. A world of shooting, survival, building, crafting, and action, where only the strongest and fittest survive. When you seem to be the only one during the zombie invasion, your main base

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  199. G-Star RAW – Official app

    G-Star RAW App Shop for Fashion • Shop from G-Star RAW collections and get the first access to new arrivals. • Get early access to sale and special offers. • Create a wish list of your favorite products • Find your nearest store where your product is

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