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Best 30+ Alternative Apps Like Easy Area : Land Area Measure

Easy Area : Land Area Measure

Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

Easy Area is an area calculator app to measure land area, distance and perimeter on map or photos in easiest way. There is an inbuilt unit converter for measuring areas and distances in various Indian land units. There are two ways to generate measurements: 1) Using maps – you can search for the location of your land/field or you can find the current location and area boundaries of any area or distance to be calculated. – In the maps, you can find the area without knowing any previous measurements. 2) Import an image – You can import an image of a land, field, or other structure of a randomly shaped polygon. Then simply draw over the imported image to make the measurements. You need to provide the space for the first created line to set the scale ratio of the image. -…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. All in one tools-Smart toolbox

    All in one tools-Smart toolbox is an amazing smart toolbox app. All-in-one tools provide you multiple feature of mobile user in one toolbox. In this age, every person is looking to secure their time with Smart Kit 360 and wants to have everything in one frame like

  2. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  3. Land Rover Remote

    The Land Rover Remote app keeps you connected with your Land Rover when you’re not in your vehicle, providing greater control than ever before over safety and comfort settings. Enhanced app features, enhanced functionality and an intuitive interface provide peace of mind, more efficient trip planning, and greater well-being for

  4. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  5. swipejobs Worker

    Work flexibility with W2 benefits – swipejobs puts control in your hands! With swipejobs you can connect directly with companies in your area. swipejobs matches you for jobs based on your skills and preferences. Best of all, you can land a job from the comfort of your own home

  6. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  7. Security House – Horror Game

    Security House Horror is a pixelated horror game where you play a security guard and work as a security guard in a secret laboratory where experiments are conducted and more than one soul has died. , your task is to protect the entrance to the laboratory area, you

  8. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  9. Soul Land – Douluo Continent

    Soul Land is a unique RPG that offers exciting adventures and epic real-time battles where players can show their strategic thinking, tactical skills, and fighting styles. Start your adventure now and explore a wonderful world like no other! Tang San is one of the most talented disciples

  10. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  11. Mergical-Fun Match Island Game

    Welcome to the wonderful Mergical Island! This is a mysterious land full of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world, as well as build and design the island based on your preference! The perfect merging and building game! Because of a spell cast by

  12. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  13. Harvest Land

    Welcome to Harvest Land, the charming farm! Create a new village, build many wonderful houses, discover hidden puzzles and beautiful islands, tame cute animals and fight with monsters to protect your lands, trade with friends, and lead your crew to prosperity. Download HarvestLand for fun and exciting gameplay. Grow

  14. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  15. Rise of the Kings

    When darkness falls, a new war breaks out upon us, as evil threatens the innocent and the meek. Cries of pain resound throughout the land, as various powerful factions battle for power and domination. The fate of this land is now in your hands. The dark fantasy

  16. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  17. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

    When the zombie apocalypse approaches, what kind of walking dead survivor are you? Find out in the new and updated official zombie survival RPG, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, both editor’s pick and rated 4.5+ ⭐! what’s new? ★ New heroes! Long-wanted heroes

  18. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  19. Tales of Grimm

    This is not the common fairy tale you’ve ever read. Enjoy the additional mobile game from Dark Fairy Tales! You, the dreamer, start your own story in the Land of Oz. Go on an adventure with the heroes who live in the Land of Oz and explore the

  20. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  21. Sokoban Land

    The original version of Sokoban Land is now completely free and without ads. Solve puzzles from 100 levels across 5 different and colorful worlds. To solve the puzzles, you will need to push the chests to the correct places on the levels. as XBOX 360 consoles) More: Tumblr:

  22. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  23. Horror Squad

    Horror Squad is a cooperative 1-4 player online horror game. Assemble your team to clear the areas cursed by horrific creatures. Your job is to get into the areas where no one wants to step in and where everyone is looking for chills. After finding the right job for

  24. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  25. Night Sky Star Finder

    Name someone’s star and find it in the night sky with an interactive Star Finder. Star Finder by allows to locate the locations of registered stars by registry numbers with the help of many wonderful night sky views. The app understands your current location and will provide

  26. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  27. Bloons Monkey City

    Create and customize your own Monkey City in this groundbreaking blend of city building and tower defense! UNIQUE SIMULATION + STRATEGY GAMES Reclaim the wildlife from the invading bloon hordes and go from a humble settlement to a thriving city. Attack the weapon infested area adjacent to your city,

  28. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  29. Bay Wheels

    Bay Wheels is the number one bike-sharing system in the Bay Area, and one of the largest in the country. Access thousands of bikes and see public transportation schedules around you in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and San Jose. Best of all, it’s available 24/7. Bay Wheels consists

  30. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  31. Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120

    Eliminate paper clutter with Stack. Stack is a PDF scanner, document organizer, and detail finder. All in one. Scan with your phone Stack can be used as a bill scanner, receipt scanner, bill scanner, and much more. High-quality PDFsStack converts scanned documents into

  32. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  33. Baby Panda Car Racing

    Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip while staying in your comfort zone? 【Little Panda’s Car Race】 We’ll be starting one soon! Sophisticated truck, valiant armored vehicle, beautiful banana car…. Find a car that expresses you! Choose the car you want and start

  34. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  35. Build Master: Open Fire

    Could it be a second habitable planet? Everyone is waiting for you to explore it! As the Earth’s resources are running out, humans have turned their eyes to the vast space, where they think a new home planet can be discovered! To be the first to occupy

  36. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  37. Land of Empires: Immortal

    Demons are attacking! The war between the forces of light and darkness lasted a thousand years and extended to the human world, and demons returned to wreak havoc on humanity. Cities were falling with many lives earning a living. Earth is in dire need of a savior,

  38. Best 30 Alternative Apps Like Easy Area Land Area Measure

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  39. Gunship Battle Total Warfare

    ** This game officially supports English.A military masterpiece with over a hundred million downloads globally!The era of high-end war games begins now!Join in on the military action that takes place on land, air, and sea!✔ Realistic war experience that happens on land, air, and sea✔ Control the battlefield with modern

  40. Screenshot image

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    Take advantage of the Metaverse with Tap Fantasy! Play alone, create or join one of the many teams and take a journey into a vast open world where you can freely explore and challenge yourself daily, trade, chat and make friends with other players in our bustling market! Bosses

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  43. WORLD Builder build your world

    Do you like building sandbox games? World Builder is the building game for you! In this construction world simulation sandbox game, you are a powerful world builder. You will build your own world with the awesome magic power in your hands. As the god and

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  45. MathLand: Math games for kids

    Math games for kids: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All in one! With Math Land learning games, kids will learn math while enjoying a real action-packed adventure and educational arithmetic games. Math Land is an educational video game for kids and adults. Using it they

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  47. Utopia: Origin

    When I woke up, I found that I could no longer stay in the familiar room, a world as beautiful as the sky greeted my eyes. “where am I?” “Welcome to the land of utopia, the land of Biya,” said a voice. “I am your guide, Xiaxia.” We

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  49. Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys

    Welcome to Jigsaw land – kids puzzle game for girls, boys, teens and adults, a free puzzle app for all ages. Each relaxing puzzle features a beautiful scene drawn by a professional artist. Beautiful pictures include images of unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, cute animals, fairy land,

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  51. Top War: Battle Game

    Commander, the Dark Legion is coming! These tyrants rule the world! Continuous war, refugees spread across the land and a world hungry for hope. Who will free us? Be the most powerful and brave commander in the struggle against the Legion, together with the Freedom League!

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  53. SLIME – ISEKAI Memories

    Enter the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime in a new 3D battle RPG! You won’t want to miss this new and exciting adventure that brings together your favorite series characters – Rimuru, Great Sage, Gobta, Shion, Shuna, Benimaru, Gabiru and more – and offers

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  55. Elona Mobile

    Welcome to this strange land! Unleash your imagination and explore! Elona Mobile is a Roguelike RPG. The nature and complex system of the open world may confuse you at first, but they will surely keep you intrigued sooner or later! There are no automatic controls, and no recurring

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  57. Regrid Parcels & Property Maps

    Regrid – Shaping Location Intelligence – Easily search property and location context data (APN, property, land use codes, vacancy indexes, property details and a host of associated tax assessment information) for over 150 million plots covering over 99% of the US using the Regrid app : You can survey,

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  59. Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game

    Are you looking for a ninja shadow fighting battle game with a mixture of ninja warrior and samurai fighting game? Ryuko Rpg is a Shadow ninja game packed with five damaged Kurome areas, addictive gameplay, epic boss battles, offline battles and open world adventure gameplay experience. The

  60. Screen image

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    ◈ Survive! Be the hero! ◈- Explore different maps including ancient temple, solitude land, downtown and more! – Enjoy the thrill of fighting and find the enclosed play area! – Use anything necessary to survive including recovery devices, sprains, shrubs, shopping and more! ◈ Defeat your opponents wisely!

  62. Screen image

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  63. MIR4

    From My Battle to Our War Join MIR 4, the unique K-Fantasy MMORPG world, train your characters in MIR4 and help them grow stronger. Win countless battles. Those who win the war become kings, and that clan will gain absolute power and honor. MIR4 contains diverse growth systems so anyone

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  65. Western Sniper: Wild West FPS

    Do you like western style shooting games? Like shooting, chases and wars with criminal gangs and their dangerous bosses? Then this survival sniper action game is for you. Take the guns and fight for justice! Slay all the ragdoll bandits in an epic shooting game

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  67. Homesnap – Find Homes for Sale and Rent

    Find your next home with our all-new home search interface! Homesnap is powered by the same real-time data used by REALTORS®. Take a picture of any home to reveal hidden details including: home value estimates, interior photos, beds, bathrooms, taxes, land boundaries, related schools,

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  69. Cat Game Purland offline games

    This is a funny, sweet, and relaxed casual game about cats! If you love cats and one of the clickers games then we have the perfect cat simulator game for you about kitties! Everyone knows that cats are amazing: they are cute, they love cozy places, they

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  71. FlyLadyPlus

    FlyLadyPlus divides the home into zones and gives you cleaning lists and a fun daily task for one area we focus on each week. Plus, daily meditations from FlyLady to help you get motivated and prepared every morning! De-clutter and clean your home the way millions of other ladies have, with

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  73. We3 – Meet New People in Groups, Make Friends App

    Welcome to We3, the smartest way to meet new people and make new friends. First of all, We3 is not a dating app. It is a place where you can safely and privately meet people in your area who are genuinely looking

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  75. Swingers & Threesomes by SDC

    SDC swingers, Erotic Hookups & Threesome app offers the following functions: – 5-day trial membership (full access) – See who’s online around you – Instant messaging (member to member) – Group Messenger with push notification on/off – Video Messenger with push notifications Send photos directly from your device Read

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  77. MyTeams by NBC Sports

    Watch your favorite local teams play on all your devices! Get expert analysis, highlights, access exclusive content and more for all Bay Area teams, Boston, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL Pick the teams that mean the most to you and access information only local fans know

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  79. Rhinoplasty

    Want to have a small and beautiful nose without the intervention of plastic surgeons? Our app is an excellent and professional tool to reduce nose and ears, enlarge lips, cheekbones and other parts of the body. With the help of our photo editor, you can make yourself slimmer and lose extra

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  81. Hyer Job Search

    Hyer is a simple and straightforward app that connects businesses with on-demand workers and individuals with instant and flexible work in real time. HYER JOB SEARCH FOR TASKERS Looking for a flexible local job? Hyer is a simple job search app that connects you to multiple types of jobs

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  83. Vintage – Sell & Buy Stuff, Clothes, Furniture

    The Vintage app is a virtual flea market where you can buy and sell beautiful second-hand clothes, furniture and old-fashioned things from other people. Easily shop for a variety of items, from vintage T-shirts, dresses, and shoes to vintage toys, home goods and used electronics.

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  85. Real Estate sale & rent Trovit

    Trovit Homes finds homes and apartments for rent and sale on thousands of different websites and brings them to you in one place. This way, you can be sure that you will find your dream home, no matter how hidden it is. Easy, convenient and fast.

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  87. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

    AR Ruler app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to measure the real world tape of your smartphone camera. Aim the target at the detected level and start using the tape measure tool. iPhone and iPad version: mt = 81) AR

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  89. iDates – Chat, Flirt, Singles

    Want to connect with new interesting people 👩‍💼 near you and find new friends who share your personal interests? With the iDates app, you will be able to find cute singles nearby just waiting to connect with you. Chatting, flirting, dating and making new acquaintances has never

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  91. RE/MAX® Real Estate

    Get the latest home listings and find homes for sale in your area using the updated RE/MAX® Real Estate Search app. Home properties from MLS panels are pulled and updated frequently, so you can access nationwide market inventory. In addition, the new technology allows fast search returns with increased

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  93. Granny Smith

    From the makers of Sprinkle! Granny Smith loves her apples, but the wheeled thief is stealing from her precious garden! Help Mrs. Smith skate quickly across farmland and cityscapes, navigating through everything from barns to offices in search of fruit. Get the apples before the thief does! Granny

  94. Screen image

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  95. GolfLogix Golf GPS + 3D Putts

    GolfLogix For the past 22 years, more than 5 million golfers from around the world have continually trusted our leading technology to guide them on the course. 3D Flyovers from every hole using your own custom club distances Accurate GPS distances with slope adjustments Full-color 3D course

  96. Icon image

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  97. War Crush: Empires Saga

    In a fallen empire controlled by an ambitious duke, you are a sting in the eye. Raise your power and create your own territory as quickly as possible to defeat the Duke and build your own empire! – Game Features – Aim your enemies – Slide into the

  98. Screen image

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  99. March of Empires: War of Lords

    Get ready for an era filled with massive medieval warfare, where you will set out on the burning remnants of your opponents on an all-out mission to conquer your castle! But as your civilization grows, you will clash with ambitious forces, and only one king will be

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  101. Mafia Origin

    With the family murdered and the mafia invading the land, The Godfather is forced to leave Liberty City. 10 years of hiding, recruiting heroes and reorganizing the force, the godfather returns to Liberty City today, swearing to take back everything the Mafia has seized even as his life remains hanging by

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  103. War & Wonders

    – Top Defense – tower defense games full of fun, strategy and challenges! Whether you are a beginner or an expert in tower defense, Top Defense will give you a great experience! – Merge to upgrade – Whether it’s a building or a tower, just combine them to upgrade!

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  105. Among Gods! RPG Adventure

    Command your own arena to fight against gods and evils in a fantasy RPG adventure with over 100 heroes throughout the legend. As the protector of humans, the God of Light fell into decadence while the God of Darkness began to appear, and darkness spread throughout the land, tempting

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  107. Dr. Panda Airport

    Do you have a travel bug?! Then it’s time to fly into Dr. Panda’s airport! Take a journey through 10 airport-themed activities that will get you involved in every part of the process! Stamp passports at customs, make sure luggage gets to the correct plane and even control

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  109. Spaceflight Simulator

    Space simulator: This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space! • Use parts to create any rocket you want! • Totally accurate rocket physics! • Realistically graded planets! • An open universe, if you see something in the distance,

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  111. Street Diver

    Play the latest Flip game! Jump from an amazing variety of locations, from your usual everyday city to the tension of the Wild West or the amazing sci-fi world, there are plenty of levels to explore! Land on specific targets, perform amazing forward jumps and amazing backflips to get more

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  113. Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War

    A hundred years ago, on the Land of Sunset, a war broke out between the high-tech country of Höner and the magical country of the Paz Kings Union. War still rages today, stealing countless lives and destroying the world as we know it. A group of

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  115. Transport Tycoon Empire: City

    Collect vehicles, deliver goods, finish contracts and even master city building to become the ultimate transport tycoon! Find the best strategy and your cargo will flood every train station, airport and pier in every coastal city in the world. On land, sea and air, your transport empire will

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  117. Ark of War: Aim for the cosmos

    – Enter your country’s guild and compete with players from all over the world to become the ruler of the universe! – When you download the game now, you’ll be the first to get $10 of new player boosts while supplies last! Built, sailed, conquered!

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  119. Vikingard

    The worlds of the Vikingard and the popular TV series Vikings collide in a one-of-a-kind crossover game! Experience the story of legendary Ragnar Lothbrok as he rises from a humble farmer to a legendary Norse hero. Relive important moments from Vikings during special occasions. Loot lands along with fan favorites

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  121. Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide

    Pajama Sam: No need to hide when it’s dark outside, Sam is ready to face his fear of the dark, following his favorite comic book Superhero Pajama Man, taking on Pajama Sam’s identity as he travels in his imagination to the land of darkness. Along the way,

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  123. MiniGame

    Castles have spread all over this magical world and are now involved in endless battles. The outcome of the battle was heavy for the armies of Human Lords and they were forced to recruit soldiers from other races to replenish their ranks, and units of the same race and level could be

  124. Screen image

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  125. Invasion: Aerial Warefare

    Hot sale here! Google Play Halloween Campaign – Scary Updates You Can’t Resist. New gameplay, special events, special chest, you name it. Invasion is a war MMO that challenges you to conquer your way to world domination in the midst of the apocalypse. Features: ✔ Battle enemies

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  127. Evolution Galaxy: Mutant Merge

    You have helped countless mutant creatures evolve in water, land, and space. Now, it’s time to go GALACTIC and use the power of Monster Maker 2.9! This is Evolution like you’ve never seen in a space simulation game! From the start, send your creativity into space in

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  129. ESAKids

    The ESA Kids app features a range of games carefully designed for children to learn about space while having fun. The application is simple and attractive, which is suitable for a variety of age groups. Introduce little explorers to space and Paxi with coloring, matching and memory games. Challenge the

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  131. Baby Panda’s Car World

    In baby panda’s car world, you can drive bus and navigate through city streets, operate trucks to build a city, drive farming vehicles, or even drive a police car and keep the city safe, are you ready? Let’s move to Baby Panda’s world of cars! Car customization In

  132. Screen image

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  133. Solitaire – My Farm Friends

    Solitaire – My Farm Friends is a classic card game (also known as Klondike or Patience) with an amazing farm theme. With dozens of cute animal friends to play with, you can not only enjoy the classic solitaire game to keep your brain sharp, but also collect dozens

  134. Screen image

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  135. Merge Miracle 2022

    Welcome to the Merge Miracle, a world full of amazing stories! You can see a variety of animal partners through Mergeing, as well as a variety of ornate buildings. Merge Miracle Features: – A Magical Island – The island is filled with nearly 1000 different objects just waiting to

  136. Screen image

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  137. Mighty Heroes: Multiplayer PvP Card Battles

    Mighty Heroes is an original fantasy card game built from the ground up for mobile. Collect cool cards, create your deck and duel other players online in exciting 1on1 battles! Features: – More than 180 cards – Collect and learn to use them all – 10

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  139. Bloody West: Infamous Legends

    Dust, sand and burrs that sparkle in the sun. Twelve men standing opposite each other in the scorching noon sun. It is completely silent … until the first shot is fired and a fatal duel begins outside the salon. In the end, six men lie dead in

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  141. Career Karma

    Career Karma is a community of peers, mentors, and coaches that will help you land your dream job in technology. You never pay a penny. The only cost is to help the people who support you, in our app you will meet people who are just starting out and people

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  143. World of Asterra: Dragons Rise

    The gods have abandoned us… they have abandoned us in the face of evil monsters who enjoy their absence. Now our world is nothing but affliction and misfortune, one after another, day in and day out. And yet, against all odds, we go on, and on, in

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  145. Resume Builder: PDF Resume App

    A strong resume is the key to getting a good job, if you want that job, start with a great resume. Use our professional resume builder and templates to craft that perfect resume. While other free apps may make you pay to export your resume or resume,

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  147. Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG

    Welcome to the world of Valentia! Build your deck and prepare for strategic CCG battles against monsters and Guardians of Chaos. Download *Card Guardians: Deck Builder for free and embark on a great adventure game to save Valentia from the magic of chaos. The land of

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  149. City of Crime: Gang Wars

    Innovative gangster strategy mobile game! Summon your brothers and experience the thrill of fighting players from all over the world! Fight in real time and use strategies to gain the upper hand! Clash with enemies for their land and settle differences between rivals! One servant

  150. Screen image

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  151. West Game

    Do you have what it takes to be the culmination of the Wild West! Build your own city, recruit your own gangs and get ready to fight against players from all over the world. Wild West game with an SLG theme. You will find everything a true western fan

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  153. The Lord of the Rings: War

    After fighting valiant battles and forging alliances, the War of the Ring temporarily came to an end. Dol Guldur has been conquered and the One Ring has been found. All achievements will fade at the end of the season to make way for more glory, but

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  155. Pixie the Pony – Virtual Pet

    Seize the opportunity to get a virtual pony that you have always dreamed of. Your pony loves to run, swim, garden, watch beautiful butterflies, and for the most part, be a part of your life! Adopt the world’s cutest pony, make your dreams come true, and

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  157. Farm City: Farming & Building

    Farm City is a new breath of fresh air in the world of city building and farm games! Build the city you’ve always dreamed of! Grow your crops, feed your livestock and trade the produce to further improve your farming games. Bring happiness and prosperity to

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  159. Anno Primitive

    In the Paleolithic, the caves in which the first humans lived were destroyed by large-scale volcanic eruptions, and the primitive survivors were forced to leave their native habitat, made a long journey and finally reached this continent of hope, where they will build an ancient village out of nothing and gradually develop

  160. Screen image

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  161. Craft of Survival – Immortal

    Craft of Survival – Immortal & Last Grim Adventure is a new free roguelike game in the dark fantasy simulation world. Survive in a wild world full of dangers in this 3D RPG! It’s the right day to set yourself on the path of war against ferocious

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  163. Nations of Darkness

    Born in the dark and shrouded in mystery. Vampire. werewolf. Fisher man. pond. They have long been dormant in this modern world of technology. Choose your faction and become its leader. Rally the survivors and fight across the land to claim your throne of power.

  164. Screen image

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  165. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

    Escape to the countryside where your farm awaits! Clear the land to grow crops and trees and take care of adorable animals. Collect rare ingredients to create classic recipes and powerful crafts in exotic workshops, explore the courtyard, pond, mine and other secret places hidden in the brush,

  166. Screen image

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  167. Extreme Golf

    Enough with boring golf games! It’s time for some exciting action without waiting! Enjoy the fast and easy golf battle of up to 8 players! Are you ready to hit the green in EXTREME GOLF? ● REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER GOLF BATTLE – A quick real-time round of golf where

  168. Screen image

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  169. Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

    Choose your favorite country during World War I and take the highest position in your desired empire. Balance the production of materials, troops, and weapons with the scarce resources your land provides. Forge alliances with your rivals, make important business deals or fight yourself during your challenging

  170. Screen image

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  171. Color Island: Pixel Art

    Coloring welcomes alertness and reduces stress. Choose from the wide range of gorgeous artwork in our gallery and color by number with pleasure! Pixel Art: Color Island is a perfect art therapy app for adults because it is a relaxing exercise that can distract your mind from other

  172. Screen image

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  173. Juvo Jobs: Where Jobs Find You

    Are you done looking for temporary or part-time jobs? Juvo Redefines Job Search! Easily find work with Juvo Jobs. Find a job now with all the features you need, part time or full time jobs for professionals and teens. Apply without a resume and

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  175. Trailhead GO

    Learn the skills needed to land a top job in the Salesforce ecosystem for free. Whether you’re new to technology, interested in a Salesforce career, or looking to expand your skill set, Trailhead GO has content for you across a range of topics including Salesforce, business, technology, and soft skills.

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  177. Mobile Royale – War & Strategy

    Join the ongoing medieval war in this MMORPG! Lords are fighting to conquer and rule all kingdoms. Use your best strategy and tactics, attack your opponent relentlessly and be a real warrior! Fight for glory! Mobile Royale is a real-time 3D global game for

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  179. Crexi Real Estate

    Your next commercial property or space is available on Crexi. Search, filter and browse hundreds of thousands of commercial listings for sale and rent. Our precise search filters help you find the exact listings that match your criteria with just a few clicks. – Quickly search commercial real

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  181. NASA Visualization Explorer

    NASA Science: Revealed! This is NASA’s Visualization Explorer, the coolest way to get stories about advanced space research delivered straight to your Android device. Directly connected to NASA’s exceptional fleet of research spacecraft, this app presents the latest research stories in an engaging and exciting format. See the

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  183. Celestia

    Celestia – Real-time 3D visualization of a 3D space simulator | Celestia lets you explore our universe in three dimensions, as Celestia simulates many different types of celestial bodies. From planets and moons to star clusters and galaxies, you can visit every object in the expandable database and view it from

  184. Screen image

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  185. TE Offroad

    The most powerful off-road experience on mobile. – No ads – No microtransactions – Free off-road roaming over a huge desert. – Race for gold in fast-paced time trials. – Explore a vast desert full of unique areas. – Beat your high score in the fuel race as

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    Scroll, match and find the missing pieces to solve puzzles and activate space technology. Immerse yourself in a post-space invasion land as one of the last survivors, and explore an alien spacecraft that may be your key to rebuilding humanity. The ultimate space puzzle game is waiting for you!

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  189. Empire: Four Kingdoms

    Build a powerful empire and fight epic battles against millions of players! As king and lord, you are invited to build a mighty fortress and control the fate of your kingdom in this award-winning MMO strategy and adventure medieval game. Weapons, raise their ranks, and send them into battle

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  191. EverMerge: Merge 3 Puzzle

    EverMerge is a magical world that gets bigger with every discovery. Come and play this part and merging part of the world building puzzle game, as seen on TV! EverMerge sandbox gameplay offers endless possibilities and combinations! Find new combinable items – and meet classic characters and

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  193. Dragon Craft

    The best Android building game that you can download for free. Dragon Craft is a city building game that is the best on the block. Play one of the best free simulation games full of dragons! Start building now and before you know it you will be the first

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  195. Hidden Object : Quiet Place

    If you are interested in “hidden objects game puzzle” and “adventure mission” then you are in the right place. Welcome to Hidden Objects: Quiet Place, Trapped in the Woods! We are sure that you love hidden object games and you are ready to discover mystery game, ghost

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  197. Garage Master – games for kids

    A unique kids game that will help your child develop creativity! A car game for young children, with amazing heroes for boys and girls. It is designed for children and toddlers over two years old. Key Features: Easy and smooth tap controls Choose your hero

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  199. Perfect World Mobile

    The PC-exclusive racing team Earthguards returns, along with a new class, Blade Souls! Also, a new city, Tellus City, has been added to the map – a huge and impregnable fortress built by the Guardians of the Earth as part of their long struggle to fend off the Wraiths.

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