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Best 7+ Alternative Apps Like Compass


Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

Easy to use compass and spirit level app with magnetic north, coordinates, exact address and offline off road navigation. Choose between magnetic north and true north, see your current address and coordinates, navigate to specific coordinates offline, or use the high precision spirit level function to measure relative angles. Compass is also available on Wear OS devices. ATTENTION: • Please wave your device several times in eight (∞) to calibrate it!
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Alternative Apps :

  1. North Tower

    North Tower is a high quality 3D tower defense game, which combines fusion and clicker with idle game features. Classic idle tower defense game, clear all the enemies and guard the central tower with surrounded towers and heroes. All in one! 💥 Merge – Merge your weapons of the

  2. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  3. Tool Box

    It is a toolkit application that implements useful tools in everyday life using the phone’s hardware and sensors. The toolbox consists of a total of 27 basic tools, and each tool is not only made up of features that can be placed anywhere, but you can also download each tool separately.

  4. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  5. ASX Sports: Fantasy Sports

    Enjoy a mixture of daily fantasy sports betting and realistic trading! Prove your sports knowledge against fans around the world on ASX’s next-generation fantasy sports platform. We are the world’s first sports trading game. Combine the fun of sports betting apps like Fanduel or Draftkings with the

  6. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  7. Compass Steel

    Compass Steel is an ad-free and easy-to-use compass app. With Compass Steel you get: • No ads. • No Trackers – We do not collect any data. This app supports donations. • Multiple color themes to choose from. • Two compass modes to choose from – true

  8. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  9. TrackMyTour – Travel Tracking

    TrackMyTour lets you track, share and relive your travel adventures. Each blog entry (or “waypoint”) consists of a date, time, and location. Waypoints can also include text and images, as the app creates an interactive map of your coordinates, which you can share with your family and friends.

  10. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  11. OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline

    OsmAnd is an offline world map application based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), which allows you to navigate taking into account the dimensions of the preferred roads and vehicle. Slope-based track planning and offline GPX track recording. OsmAnd is an open source application. We do not collect user

  12. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  13. Bloody Roads, California

    Play Bloody Roads, California, a classic multiplayer online social strategy game. Enter the world of outlaw drivers and organized crime. Fight with thousands of other players in an epic war for power. Raise your criminal empire and become a living legend! I’ve been on the road for

  14. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  15. SkEye | Astronomy

    SkEye is a planetarium that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes. Learn about the sky by identifying stars, planets and constellations. For dedicated sky watchers, there are meteor showers, bright comets, and deep sky objects from the Messier and NGC catalogs. If you have

  16. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  17. Anglers’ Log – Fishing Journal

    Anglers’ Log is a handy customizable app that allows users to track, analyze and share their catch in sport fishing. Manage your catches, species, locations, bait, and more! Share your souvenir harvest using your favorite social networking site, and analyze your success with the detailed stats feature.

  18. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  19. ArcGIS Field Maps

    ArcGIS Field Maps is Esri’s premier mobile mapping application. Use Field Maps to explore the maps you create in ArcGIS, collect and update your trusted data, and log where you’ve gone, all within one location-aware app. Key Features: – View high-quality maps created with ArcGIS. – Download maps to

  20. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  21. Ultimate Clicker – Auto Click

    Ultimate Clicker is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you to perform any tap, swipe, zoom in and zoom out gestures repeatedly. It is completely free. You can also customize the delay time, loops and duration for each gesture to perform more complex tasks

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  23. Fishing Spots – Local Fishing Maps & Forecast

    Hunting areas application – the ultimate fishing guide! Discover local fishing locations, get 7-day fishing forecasts, and track all your catches with a solid fishing log. Connect with anglers, get tips and share what has been caught. 100% free to use with no

  24. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  25. Auto Clicker pro – Tapping

    Best 2022 Auto Clicker Tapping No rooting on any app you can set any position to click or swipe at any time. Recording gestures – You can easily record your gestures – press [Record] To start recording gestures! Click or drag frequency settings You can adjust the

  26. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  27. Game master – Auto Clicker

    Best 2022 Auto Clicker Tapping No rooting on any app you can set any position to click or swipe at any time. Recording gestures – You can easily record your gestures – press [Record] To start recording gestures! Click or drag frequency settings You can adjust the

  28. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  29. Windy Maps

    Windy maps from Seznam.cz paint the whole world in detail. Whether you like hiking, biking or skiing, you will enjoy this app. Plan your route and reach the destination thanks to the operation of tourist voice navigation that also works offline. Get out of town and start seeing the

  30. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  31. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write

    The digital version of the popular board game – Imperial Settlers Roll & Write from Portal Games. The app contains settlements from the competition collection and 14 collections of classic adventure games. More will be added soon! Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is the newest member

  32. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  33. March of Empires: War of Lords

    Get ready for an era filled with massive medieval warfare, where you will set out on the burning remnants of your opponents on an all-out mission to conquer your castle! But as your civilization grows, you will clash with ambitious forces, and only one king will be

  34. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  35. Climate Trail Game & eBook

    Will you survive the climate apocalypse? (Bronze Medal Winner – Serious Play 2020) Survive the climate apocalypse by traveling north to Canada. In the Oregon Trail tradition, you’ll lead a group of survivors facing horrific heat waves, piercing storms, thirst, famine and yes…even dysentery. Your decisions

  36. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  37. Ruu: Genshin Assistant

    Feature: • No ads • Indonesian and English available • Server time display (Asia, North America, Europe, TW/HK/MO) • Pity counter • Farming talent book reminder for your character • Light and dark mode. • Resin Recharge and World Tracker • Parametric Transformer Tracker • Daily and Weekly Activity Tracker

  38. Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Compass

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  39. Cribbage Royale

    Now with online multiplayer! Connect and play with friends and family or simply choose a random opponent. Play the all-new Cribbage from North Sky Games. Reach the winning score before your opponent by racing around the dashboard! With a range of unique game variants, including Five Cards, Muggins

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  41. Vikings: War of Clans – empire

    Lead your civilization in an MMO that features the best game building elements. Be the victor in one of the deepest multiplayer games out there. An era of giant wars is at hand! Vikings: War of Clans blends MMORPG elements with the best aspects of

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  43. Native American Music & Songs

    Top 20 breathtaking Indian tribal songs for better meditation and relaxation. If you listen to this spiritual music in the evening, your sleep will definitely improve. If you listen to it in the morning, you will be more alert and focused throughout the day. and drums

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  45. PickJobs – 100% job

    PickJobs is a free app where you will find your dream job or ideal employee in just a few clicks. Our goal is to become a leader in the labor market, with our portal present in up to 11 countries: Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro,

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  47. Mobizen Screen Recorder for LG

    The screen recorder you were looking for! Recipient of the Google ‘Best of 2016 Apps’ award. Screen recorder has been chosen by 100 million users around the world. USA, Europe, Japan, North America, South America, etc. Over 5,300 times Mobizen has added features our users

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  49. RVezy – RV & Trailer Rental

    ** NOW AVAILABLE IN THE USA ** RVezy is a North American recreational vehicle rental app, bringing together trailer and private mobile trailer owners and aspiring vacationers across Canada and the United States. At RVezy, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the outdoors the

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  51. Vacasa – Vacation Rentals

    With the Vacasa app, instantly call thousands of vacation homes across North America to book your next vacation. Filter results by home size and desired amenities, or use your device’s location services to see what’s near you to discover. See property photos, take a trip through 3D home

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  53. Sago Mini Planes Adventure

    Try it before you buy! Choose a plane, carry your passengers and go! Catch some sun on the beach and then relax at the North Pole, pop balloons as you hike in the mountains. Fly high to reach outer space! Does flying make you hungry?

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  55. Dinosaur Ocean Explorer

    Travel the polar seas, dormant volcanoes, mangroves and plateaus to discover wonderful animal habitats! This game combines adventure and scientific knowledge to educate children in a fun learning environment. Lets kids experience the exciting world of exploration and fall in love with the natural sciences! Kids choose from

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    * RECOMMENDED GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS * • Android OS 9.0 or higher • At least 4GB RAM or more • At least Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU or better • Stable internet connection We cannot guarantee that GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE will work optimally If the above Android device requirements are

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  59. Rummy 500

    Now with a brand new online multiplayer mode! Compete for weekly prizes and enjoy all your favorite game modes with players from all over the world! Rummy 500 is the best Rummy game made for Android. Rummy 500 offers four levels of difficulty, 6 unique game modes as well

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    Return to the wild in the most amazing FPS hunting simulation game on Android! Travel from the Pacific Northwest of North America to the Savannah of Central Africa on an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals! BRAND NEW CLUB HUNTS! Join your friends in global

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  63. Dire Wolf Game Room

    Free Dire Wolf Game Room combines award-winning apps and board games into a central hub that helps you find games, connect with friends, and expand your collection. Inside the Game Room, you’ll find: * Game Lobby – Find a game on the fly in the cross-title game lobby!

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  65. HonkMobile: Find & Pay for Parking

    The #1 Trusted Parking App in North America: Save up to 50% on parking with Honk. Forget waiting at pay stations, look for a change and drive around the block trying to find an empty parking spot – use the HonkMobile app the next time you park

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  67. Compass Maps

    Compass Maps – Directional Compass & Digital is a free app to support classic compass, fengshui compass and map compass. With GPS technology, the app will auto-direct you. This app with sensor support. Here is a request with any application that supports a digital compass. Compass app depends

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  69. Topic: Watch TV & Movies

    Theme is a streaming service that brings the latest crime, thriller, drama, and documentaries from around the world to a North American audience. Taking you to more than 40 countries, our exclusive TV series, award-winning films, and critically acclaimed documentaries offer a unique window into the unseen.

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  71. NV Charts GPS Navigation AIS

    A clearly organized navigation app with easy-to-use and comprehensive tools for navigating on the plane. All boat charts or charts from NV Verlag / NV Charts can be easily downloaded and used for offline navigation using the NV Charts app. All NV Verlag / NV charts marine

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  73. Supreme Golf

    Supreme Golf offers the world’s largest tee time booking site. We offer more tee times for sale on more golf courses in more countries than anyone else. Find the best rate and time for you and your playing partners on Supreme Golf All you need is the Supreme Golf app

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  75. Newegg – Tech Shopping Online

    Upgrade your online shopping with Newegg! We are the largest electronics retailer in North America and sell millions of products in 50 countries including the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Kingdom and others. Browse our wide range of product categories including laptops, desktops, graphics card,

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  77. Payanywhere – Point of Sale

    Payanywhere’s free Point of Sale (POS) app accepts payments in any way your customer wants to pay. You have everything you need to accept credit card payments, sell more to your customers, and keep your employees organized. With point-of-sale software, hardware, and business management tools, Payanywhere is

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  79. The Luxury Closet – Buy & Sell Authentic Luxury

    When it comes to luxury, we offer spades! The Luxury Closet is a marketplace to delve into the world of high-end products from top designers around the world. With a deep understanding of the already beloved luxury industry since 2011, The Luxury Closet

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  81. OwnersBox Fantasy Sports

    Introducing OwnersBox, the new way to do fantasy sports! Play now in any of our two game formats for real cash prizes across four major North American sports: NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. SuperFlex DFS Tournament: One-Day Contests – New competitions start every day Big prize pools – More

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  83. Mobizen Screen Recorder

    The screen recorder you were looking for “Best Apps 2016” selected by Google. Screen recorder selected by 200 million global users. Featured on Google Play. —– Featured in many countries such as Korea, USA, Europe, Japan, North and South America, Screen recording, capturing and editing functions are free.

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  85. Citi Bike

    The official app for Citi Bike, New York City’s bike-sharing system. Citi Bike consists of a fleet of specially designed, durable and durable bikes installed at a network of docking stations throughout the city. Our bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the

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  87. ShowingTime

    ShowTime provides residential, office, societies and MLSs real estate agents with tools for managing offers and feedback, as well as analysis and reporting tools to gain valuable market insights. A market and technology leader in real estate, Time Offers products – accessible via its mobile app – are used by more than

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  89. Ice Queen – Dress Up & Makeup

    The beautiful ice queen is waiting for you in her palace to change her appearance! Be creative and try on ice makeup and fashion Features: ❄️ 3 dolls of different races to choose from: Victoria, Aurora and Seraphina❄️ 3 game levels: spa, makeup salon and dress

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  91. TQL Carrier Dashboard

    When your office is behind the wheel of a truck, finding your next load should be easy and convenient. why? Because your time is money and pulling loads is your business, choose to rely on a provider that lets you focus on the road and run your business, all

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  93. Wrike – Project Management

    The most versatile work management platform Wrike™ (https://www.wrike.com) is a powerful cloud software tool for project management, planning, and team collaboration. Trust an app used by more than 15,000 organizations – including small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Wrike has been listed as one of the fastest

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