Best 7+ Alternative Apps Like Crocs


Best 7 Alternative Apps Like Crocs

You’ll want to add the Crocs app to your home screen. That’s everything you love about Crocs – plus a lot – all in one place. Think: Exciting new products, great sales, and insider content for influencers including style tips and how-to videos. Plus, an exciting try-before-you-buy VR feature allows you to try out popular styles without leaving home. Highlights: • Shop new products, plus time-limited collaborations • Get impactful content like style tips and videos • Try Crocs styles with VR • Use the store locator to find Crocs near you
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Teacher Aide Pro

    Designed by a teacher, for teachers! Key Features • Attendance and Gradebook (6 terms / 20 terms) • Seating chart and progress reports • Identification of at-risk students • Sync list from class • Scoring and criteria YouTube help videos: list = PLSK1n2fJv6r7bFzrgV50fKvSvYxLJQahHFacebook Tips: Tips: The

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  3. Entrepreneur Business Ideas – Tools & Tutorials

    This app contains articles about getting business ideas, protecting business ideas, and how to generally think about business ideas. In addition to the articles, there is a list of 100 business ideas. Plus, there’s a tool to help you start planning your own business –

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  5. V1 Baseball

    The leading baseball and softball swing and pitch analysis app that enables players to improve their baseball swing with swing analysis, video drills and tips – now with a new, more modern interface and improved workflow! Easily capture and review your fluctuations in sessions that are automatically saved to the cloud.

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  7. Nike

    Shop the latest sports styles perfect for summer including golf shoes, Jordan apparel and more. Start the new season with the Nike community. Women’s clothing, men’s shoes or children’s clothing – discover your favorite styles this season with Nike. Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, training gear and more – Get exclusive

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  9. PlantSnap plant identification

    Instantly identify over 600,000 plant species: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more with PlantSnap! Learn how to care for plants: PlantSnap now teaches you how to grow and care for your plants. We’ve added gardening tips and advice for tens of thousands of plant species. With the

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  11. Words Story – Addictive Word Game

    This is a word game about a man’s escape from prison. The man is framed and imprisoned, but he never gives up and plots his own salvation. Persevere, day after day, year after year. Hope he can be released. Finally, he can take the

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  13. Web hero: all games, games app

    Web Hero Games is a game center app that gives you a variety of games from free human games in 15 categories as well as “all games”, new games, popular game, action, adventure, puzzles, arcade, car, girls, 3d games launch Fire and more than 1000 fun games.🎮 Winzo

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  15. Tips Shopping Wish made Fun

    Wish Shopping app allows you to buy anything that comes to your mind with a choice of clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc. at a huge discount. The Wish Shopping online app puts consumers in direct contact with sellers to buy clothes, electronics, household items and smart gadgets. More

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  17. Hyprr

    Currently, in Beta, Hyprr offers a new social experience, discover content, create your own content or follow friends in a new social app where you own your private data and can be rewarded if you share it. With the ability to receive tips about your content, monetizing your profile, Hyprr is the

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  19. Plynk: Investing for Beginners

    Plynk™ is an app designed to help you start investing and learn along the way. We’ve replaced confusing jargon and complicated charts with simple language and tips and guidelines. • Start investing with less than a dollar • The language is clear and easy to understand • Easy

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  21. Instant Financial

    Available only at employers who offer the Instant service. For certified employees who are paid by Instant, the instant financial app gives you daily access to your earned salary and/or tips for free. Your employer must offer an instant pay option as a payment option to receive your salary immediately.

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  23. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

    Identify plants immediately. Accurate, fast and rich in content! In addition to the description and plant care tips, enjoy beautiful pictures of plants around the world. This program helps more than 70,000,000 users to learn about, learn and enjoy all kinds of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, cacti

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  25. Stocks & Forex Trading Game

    You will learn how to predict trends and chart volatility with the latest market news and signals from our analysts twice a day. Complete a full trading course and practice winning strategies in a 100% real paper trading simulation. Fun illustrations, professional trading

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  27. ChargePoint

    ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging network with over 100,000 charging points. The ChargePoint app only allows you to find these stations, see if they are available, and start charging. You can also find stations from all the other major networks. Find a place to

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  29. Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

    Get paid to buy and deliver groceries Shipping company is looking for friendly and reliable shoppers to earn money to help Shipt members get the things they need from stores they trust. Apply at to become a shopper and earn money, set your own schedule, shop and

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  31. PopJam

    Join the PopJam creative community! Create and share art, play games, watch videos, take quizzes and find and follow everything you love, including aesthetic art, slime, unicorns, fandoms, drawing tips, epic memes and puzzles! Why you’ll love PopJam: Join the community Find your tribe and share what you love Are you

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  33. Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting

    Bring real change in your life with the easiest goal setting app. Set your goals automatically and customize them based on your interests. Create powerful habits that will change your life and improve your productivity! Plan for the long haul, as goal setting is simple and beautiful

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  35. Mythic Seduction: Texting Tips for Tinder & Bumble

    Most people just text “Hey, you’re so beautiful” or do a Google search like “Best Tinder Openers” and send these generic text messages they get no response from girls. . On average, a girl receives hundreds of text messages and most of them are

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  37. Para – Gig Drivers Earn More

    PARA – Greater Driver Tracking Software to Increase Profits Are you a food delivery driver looking to earn more? Do you want to be able to see hidden tips and track earnings from all delivery driver apps? Do you also need additional useful information such as

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  39. IPSY: Makeup, Beauty, and Tips

    We’re reinventing the way you discover beauty, making it 100% about you. As the premier source for beauty discovery and inspiration, IPSY combines personalized products, content and shopping (with over 20,000 products!) to create the ultimate beauty experience from well-known and beloved brands such as TARTE, BENEFIT COSMETICS,

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  41. Glassdoor – Job search, company reviews & salaries

    Find jobs, find companies hiring now, and get useful interview tips. We have comprehensive job search tools and tips to help you get to where you want to be in your career. You can see company reviews, compare salaries, and find jobs that match

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  43. Jump!

    The entire game can be played without buying anything with real money. With some stamina, you can ride, earn enough points and buy all horses and colors. You can also buy more points for real money to get the horse of your dreams faster. Get points for jumps and levels

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  45. Safety for Kid 1 – Emergency E

    You never know when an emergency will happen. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and the solution to avoid unpleasant surprises is prevention. Discover an innovative children’s game that teaches children to improve their safety by preventing accidents and learn the basics of first aid.

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  47. Bubble Shooter

    Bubble Shooter – We are the coolest Bubble Shooter game! The world’s most popular bubble pop game! Our game contains classic aiming, shooting and blasting all above balls, we promise to bring you a totally different, new and awesome experience of Bubble Shooter. 💥 Once you pop up, you

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  49. Aqua Dragons

    The dragon is real! They live in an underwater cave system! Come and explore the world of AQUA DRAGONS! They need your help! In this story-rich game, you will nurture and grow your own Aqua Dragons. It will take them on adventures! Their world is a

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  51. Shift Calendar (since 2013)

    This app is designed for all hard working shift workers. You can add custom shifts easily. The main feature of this app is “easy to use”. When modifying your shifts, you can select a range of days (instead of one) to set. Thus, you can set

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  53. Meganoid

    Support, tips and tricks: –About the game Meganoid is a challenging platformer, that generates new levels in every game session. Find tons of items to enhance your character and his abilities as you descend into the Meganoid spaceship. Do you rush to get out, or do you take your time

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  55. Foxy- Beauty & Makeup Shopping

    Foxy is the newest way to shop online. Meet your skin care, makeup and hair care needs with personalized recommendations. Your one-stop shop for free beauty tips, makeup looks, hairstyles, honest reviews, skincare routines, and original products (aka the complete shopping experience). Don’t juggle low BORING

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  57. Wondergrade

    Teach your children how to regulate big emotions, build resilience, practice empathy, and find their calm. Wondergrade is an indispensable tool for helping parents teach calmness and emotional skills to their 3- to 8-year-olds at home. With fun age-appropriate activities for kids paired with app tips, education, and tools for parents,

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  59. Locationscout – Photo Spots

    ** 174,000+ entries shared worldwide by a community of over 83.000 photographers and travelers ** was founded in 2014 and has become one of the world’s largest platforms for photographers and travelers, sharing all these beautiful places with precise geo-location and tips Photography, travel information and more. Stop

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  61. Calculator

    Simple calculator, made with practicality in mind, Calculator is a simple and easy calculator app, perfect for everyday use, easy to use with big buttons, sleek and elegant design, and provides basic functions that most people need for daily calculations. For example, a calculator is ideal for situations like adding receipts, calculating

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  63. School girls mall shopping

    It is very important to have some meetings with our friends, we all want to relax and at the same time see all our friends. We can choose to go to a party, go to the park, go to the cinema, sing or read some interesting books, but today

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  65. The Container Store

    Make organizing simpler with tools to shop, organize, custom lockers, check prices, make purchases, and track receipt status from your store. Plus, you’ll find inspiration for the project and everything you need to get started. Projects & Inspiration We’ve made it easy with Projects & Inspiration – showcasing tips,

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  67. Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar

    Learn to play guitar at your own pace with our step-by-step tutorials, prepared by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while learning to play your favorite songs! No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar — Make your musical

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  69. Timo – Chat Near & Real Friend

    You don’t have anyone to chat with in real life? Want to make friends but don’t know how and where to start? Timo’s got you covered! Meet everyone anywhere, anytime with everyone online! It’s a great way to get rid of social phobia and understand

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  71. Universo SCCP

    Do you want to have Timão in the palm of your hand? How about finding everything about Corinthians in one app? News, games, official products, tips area, videos, programs and even exclusive broadcasts… Everything about Coringão is in the SCCP Universe. Download, register and access the main projects of

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  73. Resume Builder: PDF Resume App

    A strong resume is the key to getting a good job, if you want that job, start with a great resume. Use our professional resume builder and templates to craft that perfect resume. While other free apps may make you pay to export your resume or resume,

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  75. Resume Builder App Free – PDF Templates & CV Maker

    The secret to getting a job interview is to make a great first impression on your resume. Stand out from the crowd with our professionally designed CV. – 100+ professionally tested and tried templates – Writing tips to help you write the

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  77. MyShake

    Earthquake early warning alerts are now issued in California, Oregon and Washington Key benefits: – Prepare, survive, and recover with alerts for major devastating earthquakes – Set a default alert location with HomeBase – Set up personalized notifications to know when you like people affected by an earthquake – Be a citizen scientist

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  79. Osmo Parent

    Osmo Parent provides insight for adults into their children’s daily activity and progress in Osmo games, as well as activity ideas and conversation topics for use outside of screen time. Osmo Parent allows you to: – Track the time played in each Osmo game – Follow along with learning progress, and

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  81. Play ABC, Alfie Atkins

    Play with letters, sounds and words with Alfie Atkins. Children love to learn new things through play. This app, Play ABC, Alfie Atkins, stimulates children’s language learning skills by clearly relating the function and purpose of letters in an experimental and playful way. Alfie has some unusual

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  83. DUOTONE Kiteboarding Academy

    The Duotone Academy app is designed for aspiring kite surfers who want to take it to the next level. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Duotone Academy app will show you what’s next in your progression. From beginner lessons to advanced freestyle moves, surfing

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  85. Simple Calculator: Math, Units

    Welcome to use this handy calculator, a simple and practical tool for your daily life with a clean interface! The calculator can perfectly meet all your needs, such as: Basic and Scientific Calculations Currency and Common Units Converter Tips and Discounts and Tax Calculation Key Functions you can get:

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  87. Niya Beauty Makeup Tutorial‬‬‬

    Are you looking for the easiest way to book makeup artists on demand for makeup lessons and makeup making? Meet Niya, the makeup tutorial platform, get a live interactive tutorial with our top vetted makeup artist. Learn how to apply makeup and do it yourself with the best

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  89. Carv

    Main season release for 2021/22 * Completely redesigned homepage * Track your new high score with achievements * Discover your own custom focus area * New Skate: IQ for 2021/22 with new and improved metrics * Skate: IQ now detects when you cross or avoid people and eliminate those sections to give your

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  91. Word Search 365 – Puzzle Game

    Welcome to Word Search 365. Free word games for everyone ~ Relax and train your brain with Word Search 365, easy and fun! Download the best word search puzzle games for free! Word search features: – Classic word search game – More than 500 levels –

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  93. Hidden Settings For Android

    Android Hidden Settings Introduction: This app was tools that allow you to open some practical android settings which some phone vendors hide to users. Want to go to hidden settings for Android features: 1. Simple and useful 2. Powerful 3. Easy to operate.4. Include all visible android

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  95. Kaspersky SafeKids with GPS

    Parental Controls and GPS for Kids Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you more than standard parental controls to make parenting easier. Besides letting you block bad content on websites and in YouTube, manage device and app usage, and instantly find out suspicious online behavior, it also lets you locate your

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  97. SkEye | Astronomy

    SkEye is a planetarium that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes. Learn about the sky by identifying stars, planets and constellations. For dedicated sky watchers, there are meteor showers, bright comets, and deep sky objects from the Messier and NGC catalogs. If you have

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  99. Egg Wars

    Egg War is a multiplayer PvP game that has brought together a large number of players in Blockman GO. Players protect their base ——————— and use all the resources they have to destroy other people’s eggs for the ultimate victory. Here are the rules of this game: – You will

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  101. SEO Check

    Optimize Your Websites SEO and Get Better Rankings SEO Check allows you to quickly audit and review your website from a site SEO perspective. You will get valuable insights to improve your search engine. Compliance with search engine guidelines is very important to success in search engine rankings. SEO

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  103. Draw Talent

    Learn the art of drawing through simple videos. Learn drawing app for beginners offers simple step-by-step drawing lessons. Draw and draw with simple and quick drawing lessons. Draw videos with quick drawing ideas and lessons. The application improves your skills in cartoons and comics. Sketch has a

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  105. Daily Beauty Care – Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes

    “Daily Beauty Care – Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes” is an application that serves as a beauty guide for both men and women around the world. Here you will find a large number of natural tips that can help solve their day to say beauty related

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  107. Advanced Tools Pro

    A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools Pro are: file manager, task manager, application manager, system manager and much more with device related tools (sensors, gps, cpu, display, flashlight). Available for root users. Pro version is the premium option, all features are unlocked and there

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  109. Brain Boom: Word Brain Games

    Are you a fan of puzzle games? 🌱 BrainBoom is one of the perfect word games for you! 😉 Exercise your brain with word search. 🤓 From easy to very difficult, these awesome words will surely crush your hours, increase your vocabulary and train your brain

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  111. Blind – Workplace Community

    Blind is a safe and trusted community where 5 million professionals worldwide share salaries, company reviews and interview experiences anonymously. ** Salaries? Salary negotiation tips? interviews? Functional referrals? Do you need professional advice? ** Communicate and have honest conversations about workplace topics such as

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  113. XING – Your career companion

    At XING – the leading business network in German-speaking countries – there are over 20 million members looking to find what really helps them move forward in their working lives. Here’s what works for you: The right job for you We’ll show you personalized job recommendations based on

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  115. Nav: Business Credit & Finance

    Nav is the free and simple way for business owners to manage and benefit from their financial data. Start by checking your personal and business credit reports to see where you stand. Next, we will analyze your business bank account data to help you improve your cash

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  117. Oriflame Business

    Oriflame Business app makes it easy for you to run your business from anywhere at any time, and you have access to powerful and easy-to-understand real-time data that helps you make the right decisions to grow your business. With tips at your fingertips: View stats in real time, engage and motivate

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  119. Play and Learn Science

    With Play and Learn Science, kids have science and problem-solving games at their fingertips anywhere they go! Play science games, control the weather, roll and slide objects down a slope, and choose the best materials for a parachute – all while building science investigation skills and learning basic science

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  121. IRS2Go

    Check the status of your refund, make a payment, find free tax preparation help, sign up for helpful tax tips, create a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS – all in the latest version of IRS2Go. Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever and wherever you

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  123. UNIQLO US

    New entrants get a $10 voucher! UNIQLO App Features: 1. Skip the waiting period + get free shipping when you pick up your order at the store – save shipping time and skip the wait when you select “ship to store” during online checkout. Get your new styles from any

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  125. Simple Fax-Send Fax from Phone

    Free front page tips. You need to register and login. Then go to the buy credit page to get a free $15 credit. No account registration and login. The first page can’t be sent for free, Simple Fax turns your phone into a fax machine for

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  127. Flip: Beauty Shopping

    Makeup shopping has never been easier with Flip! Shop the world’s best beauty and cosmetic products. From Too Faced, Youth To The People, Pacifica, Living Proof, Philosophy, Supergoop, Dr. Plus, you can enjoy free shipping with no minimum spam orders and free returns on all orders with our

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  129. Beauty And Health

    Dear user, my app only creates your beauty and health related bast Video collection and Bast Beauty tips.
    Category : #Beauty #Health

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  131. KrackWins

    Inside sports betting picks, tips and odds from the legendary sports bettor Bill Krackomberger. Get picks made by “Krackman” himself as he makes them with KrackWins.Krackman has been making his living as a professional sports gambler for nearly three decades. His connections in the sports gambling industry extend to the top.

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  133. Pool Time ClearPool Expert™

    The Pool Time ClearPool Expert Water Testing app helps you keep your pool ready for swimming all season long! Features include: • Free quick water analysis on – Test with ClearPool Expert 6-way test strips – Test with any liquid reagent or DPD test kit – Troubleshoot common water

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  135. The Smurfs Bakery

    Budge Studios™ presents Smurfs Bakery! Join Smurfette in the kitchen and drink delicious sweets. Would you like to have a Smurfberry Ice Pop? Choose a flavor, try different chocolate dips and get creative with the toppings. Once you make the most amazing dessert, test the recipe at

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  137. Gameram

    Gameram is a social network for everyone who plays games! Mobile phone, PC, consoles or tablet games – everyone is welcome. Share feelings from playing with your friends – post screenshots and videos; Find new friends and colleagues – post your game IDs to play together, discuss the games you

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  139. SkyVPN – Fast Secure VPN

    SkyVPN is a super fast VPN proxy server that gives you free access to unblock websites and bypass school Wi-Fi in just one click. Optimized for Android, SkyVPN helps protect Wi-Fi hotspot security and protects the privacy of your online history. With our strict no-logs policy, you

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  141. Work Log

    Work History is a fast, easy and free way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid during your pay period. ★ A quick, simple and straightforward way to keep track of hours worked, expenses, tips, mileage and more ★ Save time with

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  143. CREX – Cricket Exchange

    Are you looking for a comprehensive app for all cricket activities? . From live score updates and commentary to fictional analysis and cricket research, everything you need to know about your favorite sport is covered here in the most unique and engaging way. CREX covers: – Fantasy

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  145. OctoPie – a GAME SHAKERS App

    How fast can you slingshot pizza-pies to a diva, a bear, and a sumo wrestler? Can you avoid a jetpack wiener dog, a lobster on a high wire, and a crazy cat lady throwing water balloons at you? Great, you’re hired! Just pull your finger

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  147. NerdWallet: Personal Finance

    Discover the ideas you need to make the most of your money. Start with the big picture and see all your financial accounts on one screen. Or zoom in on cash flow details, expenses, credit score, and net worth. Plus, get nerd-approved tips for building it all.

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  149. Resume Builder – CV Engineer

    If you are looking for a free resume builder app, CV Engineer is a simple way to create a PDF resume for your business applications. Featuring helpful examples, tips, and resume templates – all written by a professional recruiter – we guarantee you’ll have the perfect resume to

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  151. 3D Pool Ball

    This is an authentic 3D pool experience like you’ve never seen before on mobile. Unlike other pool games, 3D Pool Ball offers playing pool (also known as pocket pool) in 3D as it should be played in the real world. Capture the lights in bars and pool halls and

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  153. Utopia: Origin

    When I woke up, I found that I could no longer stay in the familiar room, a world as beautiful as the sky greeted my eyes. “where am I?” “Welcome to the land of utopia, the land of Biya,” said a voice. “I am your guide, Xiaxia.” We

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  155. Extreme Football:3on3 Multiplayer Soccer

    [Game Characteristics]- Play 3 on 3 soccer in real time with your friends against players from all over the world! – A fast-paced multiplayer soccer game on mobile! – Unlock and collect players: All players individually have their own special skills! – Offer 1 vs 1, 2

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  157. Chess

    Do not take prisoners and protect your king at any cost! This 3D chess game is the best way to play the classic chess board game on Android! Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a square board of 64 squares arranged in an 8 x 8 grid. Each

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  159. Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop

    Budge Shop Bakery offers strawberry shortcake! Strawberry Short Cake is so excited to bake it with you! Create the dessert of your dreams with delicious ingredients, food colouring, sundaes, toppings, and decorations! You can also make your own berry recipes to prepare at home! FEATURES •

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  161. Dragon Island Race blaze Mission

    Who will reach the top of the Dragon Mountain first? Blaze and AJ need help to overcome Crusher’s obstacles to win the Dragon Island Duel duel! This game is going to outsmart you boys and we say boys because it is a car racing game Well let’s

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  163. Branch: No Wait Pay.

    Your money – faster. With the branch, you get instant access to the money you’ve already earned – whether it’s wages, tips, mileage, or more. How it works: A branch is a free digital wallet that your company uses to pay you. They can pay you money

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  165. Body Language | Psychology

    This app provides a guide with over 50 gestures and expressions, along with nearly 100 test questions. By learning body language you will understand yourself better and also improve your ability to read people. All content provided in the app is based on psychology books, academic papers and

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  167. CityMaps2Go Offline Maps for Travel and Outdoors

    CityMaps2Go is the perfect offline map for travelers, mountain bikers, and hiking enthusiasts who want to be prepared wherever they go. What others are saying about CityMaps2Go: “An essential app for travelers”, TIME magazine “one of the best offline map apps”, WSJ “No-charged maps for

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  169. eScoot – Electric scooters app

    Find scooters, bikes and scooters around you. eScoot is the application that brings together all urban mobility applications, you can see on one map all the vehicles available around you, you will find scooters (Lime, Bird, VOI, Flash, Wind, Hive, Tier, UFO, JUMP, Bolt) 12 bikes (Vélib and

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  171. Grid App

    monetary. Builds. spent. Do you need extra cash? Want to build credit? You’ve covered the net. Stop using your existing debit card for your daily purchases. Use BoostCard to get paid while building credit. Get CashBoost between paychecks or get your taxes refunded early

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  173. Long Game Rewards

    Reach your financial goals and earn cash while doing it! Long Game Rewards partner with leading financial institutions to offer daily saving rewards: win coins every day, play games with coins to win cash, save more to earn more coins, safe, secure, and free custom goals and tips. Try

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  175. SA Stock Market Analysis, Data

    Make smarter investment decisions with Alpha Search. Be the first to know the moving market news and analysis for the stocks you follow. The Alpha app gives you: • Concise, real-time financial news, created for quick reading • Market movement Analytics and opinions of investors and industry

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  177. CBS Sports Fantasy

    Manage, track and get the best tips for your fantasy teams in one place. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey, the CBS Sports Fantasy app has you covered. Accepting deals. – League chat to talk opponents to talk trash all week. League standings. – Player

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  179. Credit Sesame

    Get your free credit score, monitor your credit, get personalized tips to build your score, and enjoy zero-fee mobile banking with Credit Sesame. Our mission is to enable you to achieve your financial goals. With our credit monitoring app, we’ve helped millions of people walk the path to better credit.

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  181. Trubify: Live Music Streaming

    Welcome to TRUBIFYTrubify is a completely free community-based live music app built around the streaming revolution. Artists – Earn 2 per viewer on your live stream. Earn 1 per viewer on uploaded and archived videos. Receive tips, schedule parties, and build your loyal following. Earn money

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  183. YOOX – Fashion, Design and Art

    YOOX is the world’s leading online lifestyle store: fashion, design and art. Now keep it at your fingertips with a new app that provides a personalized shopping experience with faster and easier navigation. Discover new arrivals from the best designers every day. Many benefits, all

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  185. The New York Times

    Understand the world around you with original reporting from The New York Times. You can download The Times app for free, and it allows you to benefit from expert coverage from 1,700 journalists in 160 countries around the world. From breaking news to opinion, business, technology and the

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  187. Favor Runner

    MAKE CASHFavor seriously believes in giving runners what they deserve, starting with a percentage of each delivery fee and 100% of their tips. Plus, you can make running extra rewarding with weekly offers that help you stay occupied and earn more. From when and where you run to how often

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  189. Senior Match: Mature Dating

    ❤ Google Play Editor’s Choice❤ – Trusted Mature Dating App for 50+ Silver Singles Senior Match is the #1 dating and networking app for older women and mature men looking for like-minded elite singles of the same age. aims to create a comprehensive and friendly online dating app

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  191. Pinterest Lite

    Pinterest Lite saves space on your phone so you can discover billions of possibilities for your life faster. Create extra home storage, find your new favorite recipe, or get tattoo inspiration on Pinterest. Find your new favorite recipe, creative home design ideas, or get tattoo inspiration on Pinterest. On

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  193. Forex Trading School & Game

    Do you want to learn how to trade forex Would you like to learn not only candlestick strategies and chart patterns but also uncover the problems and limitations of these patterns? This is probably the best app for this. You will learn the essence of both fundamental

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  195. Grocery Shopping List Listonic

    Family grocery list app that improves the quality of grocery shopping by making it easier, faster and most of all smarter. Everything you want from a grocery shopping list and more It’s best for shared shopping lists, and perfect for families. Create a shopping list in seconds, share

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  197. Investmate — Learn to trade

    Do you have friends in finance? no? Well, now you do. Get to know Investmate: a reliable and useful educational app with comprehensive knowledge of CFD trading. Investmate has a lot to offer for beginners: courses, tips, quizzes, glossary, and thought-provoking financial content. With

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  199. Letterboxd

    Letterboxd app for Android puts the popular social network for movie lovers at your finger tips, sign in with your existing account to enjoy the all new mobile interface. This web experience features are supported, with more to come: – Browse popular, highly rated, and most anticipated movies, including trailers, member ratings,

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