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Best 8+ Alternative Apps Like Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

Combining Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, Focus To-Do is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done. It brings pomodoro technology and to-do list in one place, you can record and organize tasks into your to-do lists, start focus timer and focus on work and study, set reminders for important tasks and tasks, and check how much time you spend on work. It’s the ultimate app for managing tasks, reminders, lists, calendar events, grocery lists and checklist, helping you focus on work, studying, and keeping track of your working hours. from which place. How it works: 1. Choose a task you want to accomplish. 2. Set the timer for 25 minutes, stay focused and start working. 3. When…
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Dote Timer – time management

    *Notice* First, you need to tap on the task list and create a category to use this app. Report translation errors -> skyktc75@gmail.com Your review can help a lot for your developer. Thank you, when we try to focus on something, there are a lot of distractions,

  2. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  3. Pomodoro Timer Lite

    This simple and beautiful Pomodoro Timer will help you do more in less time and regain lost focus. Some features of Pomodoro Timer Lite: Simple, distraction-free design ★ Ad-free (100% focus) ★ Support for short and long breaks ★ Customizable interval lengths ★ Simple Pomodoro Timer The Pomodoro Technique® is

  4. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  5. Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music

    Automatically pause all music and videos with Sleep Timer for Spotify and Music. All music and video players will be turned off when the timer expires, so you can sleep well. This app is compatible with every music and video player on your phone. Various

  6. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  7. Engross: Focus Timer & To-Do

    Engross is a combination of a Pomodoro-inspired timer with a Todo List and Day Planner. It helps keep your work/studies more organized, makes you more efficient and get tasks done faster. How does Engross help you? Be more focused while working or studying. – Continue

  8. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  9. Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

    Add more fun to your daily cleansing routine with the Disney Magic Timer from Oral-B! Now featuring twenty-three of your favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters, use this app to seamlessly encourage your kids to brush for longer. Brushing longer and happier teeth for your child

  10. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  11. Flipd: Focus & Study Timer

    Keep track of all your productive activities with Flipd. Join millions of students and productivity enthusiasts to reach your daily goals! Record all your studying, focus, reading, learning, working time and more, analyze your progress, and join communities for free! Whether you are studying for final

  12. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  13. Minimalist Pomodoro Timer – Goodtime Productivity

    Goodtime is designed to keep you focused and free of distractions, you can switch between focused sessions and short breaks that the app handles. Get rid of procrastination and improve your time management! Break your work into focus sessions followed by short breaks ☕ after a

  14. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  15. PomoDone App – Timer for your Task List and ToDo

    A productivity countdown timer to apply the time-allocation methodology for Todoist™, Trello™, Wunderlist™, Asana™, Evernote™, Slack, Microsoft™ To-Do, Microsoft™ Outlook Tasks, Google Calendar, etc. Create a PomoDoneApp account, connect The current tool, sync your tasks, focus and get work done. PomoDoneApp enhances your

  16. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  17. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

    Brain Focus is a time management app that helps you get things done! Based on a technique like Pomodoro or 52/17, but you can adjust the session duration to suit your needs. How • Start a session • At the end of the session, reward yourself with a

  18. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  19. Productivity Challenge Timer

    Productivity Challenge Timer is a pomodoro timer that aims to help you be more productive, more focused, waste less time, etc. You already know all these things. What this app is all about is to challenge you to work and study harder and keep track of your work habits.

  20. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  21. Hotlap – Community Driven GPS Lap Timer

    Hotlap is the new motorsports community for track day enthusiasts. It takes a more social approach to the typical GPS lap timer and data logger. You can follow your favorite drivers, create followings, easily compare and provide performance feedback, and pick up a new personal

  22. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  23. Clockify Time Tracker

    Clockify is the only 100% free time tracker app for teams. It allows you to track the time you spend on projects and analyze your productivity. Unlimited number of users and projects. If you have any feedback, send us an email at support@clockify.meFEATURES » Very simple, start the

  24. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  25. Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser

    Use Firefox Focus for whatever you want to keep separate from your main browser – for all those who go out and forget the moments. No tabs, no fuss, no clutter. Block online trackers as well. With one click, your browsing history is completely destroyed.

  26. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  27. Belion: Time tracker

    • Works without an internet connection! • 100% FREE • THE BEST TIME TRACKER IN THE STORE • BATTERY EFFICIENT: Belion is the easiest way to track your time with a smoother interface and stats. + An unofficial time tracker for anything you can think of + Add context

  28. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  29. Multi Home

    Multi Home | One app to control all your smart devices 1. Remote: Control home appliances from anywhere 2. Simultaneous control: Control multiple devices with one app 3. Timer: Set the timer to perform multiple functions 4. Device sharing: a tap One for sharing devices between family members 5. Easy connection:

  30. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  31. Mozart for Babies Brain Development Lullabies

    Lullabies Baby Mozart app is a free offline app that helps your baby fall asleep faster. The application contains the most famous and popular Mozart’s lullabies collection: Why download the free Baby Lullabies Sleep Music app: – High quality sound – The application can be played offline

  32. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  33. Holein eating games io offline

    Holein – No free wifi games! Bright and colorful game with smooth io control. games . This new io games 2021 – io games offline for free! Play black hole games without a timer! Blackhole io games feed the world, puncture games swallow city

  34. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  35. Countdown to Anything

    Choose from the built-in countdown timer or create your own, to countdown to absolutely anything! You can customize your countdown with over 170 cute icons, so you can always find the perfect match for your countdown. Countdown has anything including icons for birthdays, 🏖️ holidays, 💒 weddings, 👶 dates

  36. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  37. Custom Bullet Journal, Prompts

    Custom Journal: Prompts, Bullet Journal, Diary app is a customizable journal where you can create templates with customizable journal prompts of your choice. This helps focus your thinking, making sure you ask yourself the right questions every day. And focus on what you want. Custom Journal: Prompts,

  38. Best 8 Alternative Apps Like Focus To Do Pomodoro Timer 038 To Do List

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  39. Panda Sports Games – For Kids

    Welcome to the panda sporting events! We have four games designed for Kiki Panda. Come and help Kiki to win the last gold cup! Shoot the hoops and be the best pitcher! Run on the track and run like the wind! Dive with

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  41. Smarter Time – Time Management – Productivity

    Update: In addition to the Windows and Mac PC clients, we have now added a Linux client for our open software users! Enhance your time management. Get the right work-life balance. Control your phone time, improve your focus and productivity. Effective time tracking

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  43. minimalist phone: Productivity

    Turn your phone into a simple phone. Reduce screen time on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Increase productivity and focus Start your digital detox journey now Try to use the simple phone for at least 3 days to feel better alertness, happiness, focus and peace of

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  45. UpNote – notes, diary, journal

    UpNote is a stylish and powerful notes app that works seamlessly across platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. UpNote is designed to help you take notes easily and keep the focus on what’s most important. UpNote has beautiful fonts and stylish themes that you can tweak to

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  47. AppBlock – Block Apps & Sites

    AppBlock – Block Websites and Apps: The productivity app is a mobile phone tracker manager that helps you block annoying apps and websites, track your phone screen time, and set personal reminders to manage your productivity and focus on what’s important. Reminders to block apps and websites,

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  49. Fitness for Kids: Kids Workout

    Kids Fitness – Kids Workout at Home Yes, this is the best fitness app for kids. Reach your goal faster, and have fun while doing it. Kids Workout at Home 🤸 For the baby you love, a perfect gift to enhance his happiness and well-being. If

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  51. Differences: find a difference

    Find the differences between the two pictures! Focus on different details, improve your powers of observation, and enjoy this free game that shows the difference! Explore more than 20,000 different free images and have fun trying to spot the differences between them. Challenge your brain by finding

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  53. Smash Hit

    Take a surreal journey through another dimension, move in unison with sound and music and smash everything in your path! This experience requires focus, focus and timing to not only travel as far as you can, but also smash beautiful glass objects that stand in your way. Experience the best

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  55. Workstreams.ai – Organize tasks and to-do lists

    Workstreams.ai is a free productivity app and kanban board. Turn ideas into action! Create tasks directly in your communication channels and empower your team to focus on what matters now! Your Kanban board is created automatically, ensuring that you have an instant overview of

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  57. Priority Matrix

    If you like Priority Matrix, please take the time to give us a nice review: it really helps. Priority Matrix is ​​an award-winning prioritization system that helps teams improve their productivity, accountability, and transparency. Prioritize – Focus on the Right Things Our intuitive planning provides a framework for prioritizing Communicate

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  59. Unfollowers for Instagram

    Insta custom follower management apps for users all over the world Fan data can be analyzed at any time ◆Functional introduction Basic functions of focus management (functions are free to use) 1. People who care about me (do not care about each other, but care about me)

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  61. ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )

    ProCam X will turn your phone into the professional camera you want it to be, with full control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and other features like a professional camera, that can take your mobile photography to the next level. Take the best picture of

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  63. Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

    Welcome to a wonderful world. Unleash the power of habits and routines. Prioritize your mental health, build healthy habits, and improve your life step by step. Fabulous started as a habit tracker, but has evolved into a platform for self-improvement, coaching, and mental health. Our goal

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  65. NeuroNation – Brain Training

    With NeuroNation Scientific Brain Training, you’ll be putting your brain on a trot day in and day out. Whether it’s a weaker memory, diminished focus or very slow thinking – just 15 minutes of training a day can make problems go away and give your brain new impetus.

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  67. OurTime Dating for Singles 50+

    Our Time Dating Made Easy Our Time is the #1 dating app for mature men and women, with a simple mission: to help singles in their 50s, 60s and beyond to spark meaningful bonds. Our unique focus is on celebrating this time in your life, and helping you

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  69. Habit Tracker – Proddy

    Sticking to a good daily habit and tracking your habit has never been easier. Build a healthy lifestyle with powerful routines and focus on the most important thing, consistency. By planting a small seed today and letting it grow for a while, you will create a wonderful future.

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  71. Ratio: Productivity Homescreen

    6 percent available now, the ultimate smartphone experience. Improve your focus and increase your productivity. “One of the best apps released in 2020.” – Android Police☑️ “This premium Android launcher makes your smartphone less addictive.” – Yanko Design🆒 “It feels like the opposite of most launchers, kind

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  73. Smart Timetable – Schedule

    Smart Timetable is the perfect app for school, college or university. Track classes and add assignments to your week schedule with ease. Features: No boring ads. Multiple tables simultaneously. Support rotating schedule. Schedules for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Today’s widget with countdown

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  75. Swell

    Start a Swellcast and share your voice with the world. Swell is a simple and social alternative to podcasts. Each Swell post has up to 5 minutes of audio and can include images and links. All responses are also in audio and the conversation grows. There is no need

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  77. Personal Safety

    Personal Safety is a Pixel app that helps you prepare and react in an emergency by quickly connecting you to the help and information you need. Features • Emergency SOS – Get help in an emergency by pressing the power button quickly 5 or more times. Your phone can automatically:

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  79. MLB Home Run Derby

    Step up to the board! Featuring Home Run Derby Champion Pete Alonso, the MLB Home Run Derby brings you the non-stop action in the Home Run Derby. Do you have the skill to be the home derby champion? With three distinct game modes, over 100 players to

  80. Screen image

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  81. Solitaire

    Solitaire is a beautifully designed mobile card game based on the classic solitaire gameplay. It’s true to the spirit of classic solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) and helps keep your mind smart and sharp. Combined with beautiful themes and exciting daily challenges, you will experience a solitaire card game

  82. Screen image

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  83. Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game

    Get ready for the new, authentic and challenging Mahjong Solitaire game. The goal in Mahjong Club is to match identical tiles to remove them from the board. When all the tiles are removed, you have solved the majong puzzle! Can you complete all 5000+ levels?

  84. Screen image

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  85. Solitaire TriPeaks – Card Game

    Still playing Spider Solitaire or Klondike? Try some different solitaire puzzles – TriPeaks Solitaire for free! This is a free solitaire card game applicable to any age. If you love to play and win a game of Klondike, FreeCell or Pyramid, Tripeaks Solitaire is the card

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  87. Timesheet – Time Card – Work Hours – Work Log

    Timesheet is easy to keep track of working time and keep as work log. The timesheet is perfect for self-employed, self-employed workers, contractors, hourly workers and employees to use as a time card, see your working hours, calculate earnings automatically, send time sheet

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  89. Dry Practice Drill

    The dry practice drill is a timer for pistol training and practice. If you are planning a trip to FrontSight, this app is for you. The app is easy to use and comes preloaded with FrontSight-recommended workouts and times. Select an exercise, then press “Start.” After a

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  91. Timecap: Habit tracker & To-do

    Timecap is a free and simple daily habit tracker that motivates you to organize your life, reach your goals, and improve your routine. Use Timecap to build new habits or to curb bad ones. Its powerful and easy-to-use interface allows you to build your own habits with

  92. Icon image

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  93. Alphabear: Words Across Time

    “Alphabear: Words Across Time” is an English word puzzle game and is the grand sequel to the 2016 “Standout Indie” winner from Google Play! You can spell English words by choosing letters on the puzzle grid. When you spell words from letters next to each other, bears appear!

  94. Screen image

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  95. Word Wow Around the World

    Word Wow The Worm is back with a fun new word game! Blaze your way around the world with your word making skills. Word Wow word games have been downloaded over 5 million times! – Thank you! New double-sized boards, fun boosters, and wormholes will

  96. Screen image

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  97. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

    Recording is a beautiful screen recording app, which provides unrestricted, flexible and fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device; Meticulously packed into an easy-to-use user interface. (Pro) Notable features include: ▪ No need to connect to your computer during registration. Longer screen recording, with audio recording

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  99. Word Cube – Find Words

    Learn new words and train your brain Swipe to reveal hidden words in the correct order Easy to play with a new and modern look Play offline, whenever and wherever you want No timer, no stress ⭐ Special rewards: the more words you find, the more coins – Unlock

  100. Screen image

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  101. Word Search 600 PRO

    Will you complete all 600 levels in this relaxing word search game Word Search 600? Play offline as a single player or try to challenge other people from all over the world! Will you reach the top 20 points? Word Search 600 is a full version with

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  103. Puzzword

    Simple but addictive word guessing game, inspired by Wordle / Jotto / Word Mastermind with lots of new features on top and absolutely no ads, purchases or data. *** Game Features *** – No ads, purchases or data whatsoever. – Play offline anytime, as often as you like. – 3700

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  105. Mother Bird Horror Story

    In the game, you will be a man who communicates with her by messages, and now the monster named Mother Bird will be chasing after her. You will have to complete some missions before you will be rescued, like turning on the generator, finding some keys, closing windows etc…

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  107. Dropwords 2 (Free)

    Note: Dropwords 2 is a rewrite of my old Dropwords game. It includes the same gameplay and game modes, but has some technical improvements, including running more smoothly on modern devices, using much less battery power, and more agile handling of different screen sizes! Dropwords 2 is a word

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  109. Super Auto Pets

    Fight against other players at your own pace in this cool free auto fighter. In Super Auto Pets, you build a team of lovable animals that will fight for you. Each of them has unique abilities, so choose wisely who will join your team! It features two modes

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  111. Mobile Football

    Come and play this fun free kick game against players from all over the world in less than three minutes. Upgrade your stadium, unlock unique gear and power-ups, and make your name in the Star Hall of Fame. Fast-paced attack and defense. • Simple, fun and strategic gameplay, each

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  113. Heads Up!

    It’s the game the New York Times called “sense,” and Cosmopolitan said “it’s going to be the best dollar you ever spend.” attention! It’s the fun and hilarious game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on The Ellen Show, and it’s one of the best fun games to play with friends!

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  115. WorkingHours: Time Tracking

    Easily track your working hours – organize, analyze and export them. Perfect for freelancers, hourly workers, employees, or anyone else who wants to keep track of their work time. • Available for computers and smartphones (Android, Windows, iOS, macOS) incl. Cloud sync (OneDrive / Google Drive / Dropbox

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  117. Pinkfong Bedtime Songs

    It’s bedtime with Pinkfong Bedtime. Play the games of your dreams, listen to their favorite lullabies all the time, and turn on the night light with music to calm your little ones and help them fall asleep easily. Features: 1. 12 animated lullabies – Relaxing lullabies with beautifully illustrated

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  119. Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

    Do more by improving your productivity with the Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker app. Understand your habits with insightful reports and improve your productivity and time management with various productivity tools such as the Pomodoro timer and simple time tracking. Understanding is the first step

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  121. Pomodoro

    ***** There are six steps in the original method ***** 1. Select the task to be performed. 2. Set the pomodoro timer (traditionally 25 minutes). 3. Work on the task. 4. Finish the work when the counter rings and put a check mark on a piece of paper. 5.

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  123. LINE Camera – Photo editor

    LINE Camera smartphone camera app gives you everything you need to take and edit photos. Whether you are taking professional selfies or photos, the powerful editing tools in this app allow you to unleash your inner creativity. Create high-quality collages, add cool personal touches, and do more

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  125. Xero Projects

    Quote, track, invoice, and get paid for jobs, all within Xero, with Xero Projects – an all-in-one tool for tracking profitability on every job. Great Features: – Estimate labor costs – Split projects by tasks – Quotes and invoices faster and more accurately – Track time in multiple ways – Track

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  127. MediaMonkey

    MediaMonkey helps you navigate, manage, and sync large music collections. Key Features: ❖ Sync (wireless *) with MediaMonkey for Windows. It keeps playlists, tracks and videos including file information, ratings, lyrics, playback history, etc. synchronously. Manage music, classical music, audiobooks, podcasts, and video. ) with support for multiple themes

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  129. renshuu – personalized Japanese learning

    A fun, ad-free learning experience awaits you in the Renshuu community! UNLIMITED FREE VERSION: No timer before you have to pay! ★ A path for every learning style and every goal ★ Whether you’re starting with the alphabets or have been studying for years, go exactly where

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  131. G clicker – Auto touch, click

    ・ It is an application that helps you touch automatically by determining the location and screen time interval. If you need to do the same action over and over, try this app.・Rooting is not required There are two main types of this service 1. Simple touch function

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  133. Auto clicker

    Auto Clicker helps you to do repeated clicks anywhere with any period of time you specify. Auto Clicker does not require root access. You have a floating dashboard to start/stop the auto click. It’s great for clicking games. Feature: – User friendly interface Easy to use – Support

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  135. Auto Clicker app for games

    Auto Clicker helps you to do repeated clicks anywhere with any period of time you specify. Auto Clicker does not require root access. Super fast automatic clicker. Download Auto Clicker to save your time, it is free for you Product Features 1. Button handler without scripting2.

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  137. Click Assistant – Auto Clicker : Gesture Recorder

    This auto clicker includes flicks, curve swipes, and pinch gestures. They help you do repetitive work so you have extra time to do other things! 💯Any tap point can be added to the screen via the floating control panel. Features: Easy to use

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  139. Auto Clicker – Automatic tap

    Auto Clicker helps you to do repeated clicks anywhere with any period of time you specify. Auto Clicker does not require root access. You have a floating dashboard to start/stop the auto click. It’s great for clicking games. Feature: – User friendly interface Easy to

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  141. Deezer: Music & Podcast Player

    Just press play. With 90 million tracks, playlists and podcasts plus personalized recommendations for you, Deezer is your free music companion. Listen to the songs and podcasts you love and discover your new favorites with the music player. Your life deserves its own soundtrack. Enjoy

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  143. Video Player All Format

    The best all-format video player for Android with subtitle support.Listen to music in high quality. Browse and play music songs by genres, albums, artists, songs and folders. Video Player Features – Select multiple files by long press. Hardware acceleration. – Video player supports all video formats,

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  145. showbox

    Creating your own holiday light display is as simple as a flick of your finger. Choose from a selection of the following pre-programmed functions that are synchronized to show the tree. Features: Music, Lighting Features, Timer,
    Category : donald nie,Entertainment

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  147. YAKARI

    Have you always wanted to create your own world with famous characters from YAKARI…? Come then! This app contains two powerful Indian games: Spiel-1 Build your own YAKARI world with Little Thunder, Rainbow, Big Eagle, Little Badger and much more.Lots of different scenes and characters to design. Special extras: Take

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  149. Word Piles – Stacks Word Games

    Download the latest word puzzle game for free ! Word Piles is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses! Focus to find all the hidden words! It starts as an easy word game and becomes challenging! Play and exercise your brain! how do

  150. Screen image

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  151. Africa Animals Games for Kids

    Attention to detail and focus on younger players makes Africa a relaxing and educational app for your kids. Designed for children ages 3 and up, it is easy to use. Features: – 4 games: matching game, stickers, colors and music for kids- Compatible with all devices- HD

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  153. Baby Piano and Sounds for Kids

    Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs and develop musical skills. It is a great educational activity for kids piano for kids to help them with their music

  154. Screen image

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  155. DNA Play – Create Monsters

    Create your own amazing monsters and transform them in real time with DNA Play! Over 200 billion unique life forms at your fingertips! • BBC Focus Magazine ‘App of the Week’ • The Guardian – Featured in Apps of the Month • ‘Beautifully realized, breed monsters capable

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  157. Puzzle Play: Building Blocks

    Create vehicles, animals and buildings using blocks • • Children learn to distinguish between shapes, colors and sizes • Includes many different shapes and blocks. Creative and educational game for children from 2 to 5 years old. This app can help children in particular to: ▶ Improve their

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  159. Princess Memory Card Game

    Let’s play our game to test your brain! – ‘Memory Game – Princess Memory Card Game’ is the classic board game, which helps develop children’s memory skills. Playing this princess matching game with your kids will help them improve their recognition while they are having fun. –

  160. Screen image

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  161. MySchool – Learning Game

    With over a million users, MySchool is a classroom game where you can play the role of a teacher! If you are tired of boring learning apps that don’t give you any freedom to choose your own educational journey, MySchool is for you! Unlike other learning apps, with

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  163. Memory

    🐶 Memory – a classic card game, an educational game that involves matching pictures in pairs. Now in a beautiful version with an added dog that you need to take care of and many more worlds to visit during the game. Also known as focus, match, match, memory, pelmanes, shinki-suigaku, pixisu

  164. Screen image

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    Assemble your own MARVEL dream team from an impressive roster of your favorite heroes and villains – then take your steps. MARVEL SNAP is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping strategy card fighting game that puts you in control of everything. Each game only takes about three minutes. We cut out the

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  167. Logic Puzzles – Brain Fun

    Logic grid puzzles like the ones in Dell magazines. Decipher the written clues and fill in the grid to solve them. 50 grid-based logic puzzles ranging from intermediate to expert solvers from Puzzle Baron. This modern solution has a multi-level undo, and Auto-X features make it

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  169. Grundschule Deutsch

    With Grundschule Deutsch, children practice the contents of their German lessons in a playful way! The app offers 11 – 12 exciting games in a collection every year with changing themes. With loads of great games in the areas of spelling, grammar, reading and listening, the app provides children with

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  171. HARD Penny Dell Logic Problems

    Penny Dell Logic Puzzles Journal of the True Fanatic Logic Problem. Try before you buy with the included top 10 puzzles for free with all features enabled and no ads, beacons or spyware. If you wish, there are thirteen other volumes available for purchase, each containing thirty

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  173. ezClocker: Employee Time Tracking and Scheduling

    ezClocker is an easy to use employee time tracking and shift scheduling tool with a GPS map to check entry and exit locations. Ideal for any business with remote employees or those looking to replace the traditional time card system with something more modern and streamlined, ezClocker

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  175. Dino Puzzles: Jigsaw, Slide & Sudoku

    Dinosaur puzzles is a great puzzle game for adults and kids alike, a lot has been invested in making this game educational and entertaining at the same time, the game offers several key features:✔ All puzzle pieces have the same shape (square), which helps the player to focus

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  177. Mosaic Puzzles Art Game Kids

    Mosaic Puzzles Art Game is the most creative, new, free and addictive game among children, adults and families. Choose from over 500 super fun photos and images and follow the patterns to bring them to life. Get creative with the combination of artistic design, hexagon puzzle, circular

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  179. Forward SMS

    Cross Device Sync or Transfer SMS – Application that enables user to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (eg between phone and laptop). * This is a free SMS forwarding app that automatically forwards SMS messages received on your phone to an email, phone number or Telegram. * It only

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  181. Educational game for children – Smashing Monsters

    Smashing monsters for kids, games for children from 3 years in which we learn the geometric shapes of monsters and colors! Download games for kids for free! For girls and boys games in Russian, who want to get acquainted with the world from around the

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  183. Freedom | Block Distractions

    Freedom is an app and website blocker used by more than two million people around the world. Use Freedom to temporarily block time-wasting apps and websites so you can be more focused and productive. Take control of your screen time! If you work from home and want

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  185. Animals Memory Game

    Animal memory game is an animation game with great sound effects. Helps develop memory skills. Playing this animal matching game with your kids will help them improve their memory while having fun. Animal memory game contains very cute pictures of animals like lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which

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  187. Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean

    The traditional home screen we know was made over a decade ago, with phone screens smaller than your credit card. Smartphones keep growing, but not your fingers. The simple Niagara Launcher gives you one-handed access to everything and lets you focus on what matters. Featured on XDA

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  189. Educational Games. Memory

    Educational memory games for kids consists of 12 games to develop memory and retention ability, targeting children from 3 to 10 years old, and each of these games will help your children to process information and practice recognition memory through easy and fun exercises. Children show remarkable development in their

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  191. Random Defense : All star TD

    Build battle strategies, clash with enemies, and test your limits in each random star defense! Game Features: 🔥 Dozens of cute heroes and powerful magic! 🔥 Unique themes for strategic use! Hero Nicole: Changes his weapon and increases attack speed at certain intervals Reverse Magic:

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  193. Carv

    Main season release for 2021/22 * Completely redesigned homepage * Track your new high score with achievements * Discover your own custom focus area * New Skate: IQ for 2021/22 with new and improved metrics * Skate: IQ now detects when you cross or avoid people and eliminate those sections to give your

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  195. Word Connect – Fun Word Game

    Welcome to Word Connect, the most addictive word game. Word Connect is a simple crossword puzzle game to train your brain and learn new words. Play this free puzzle game while inspiring your word level. EAST TO PLAY: – Focus to find all the hidden

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  197. Dream Hopper

    Calm your mind and enter the world of dreams. Hop along the groove of hypnotic tunes to reveal dream-like Technicolor visions. Bring the true meaning of whimsical shapes into focus as you discover a dazzling dreamscape of memories. Dream Hopper is an experience akin to flow and discovery.

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    Realistic Rush Rally RALLYING! Rush Rally Origins combines the classic top-down racing action of the original Rush Rally with the highly acclaimed graphics and physics of Rush Rally 3. Take on 36 new and unique stages around the world with select time of day and weather conditions. Drive over

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