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Best 9+ Alternative Apps Like Dr. Panda World

Dr. Panda World

Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

More than 20 Doctor Panda games, all in one app! Welcome to the world of Dr.Panda, where kids can have unlimited fun! Do you want to manage a cafe? Take care of a turtle? Driving a racing car? building a city? Are you going into space?! Kids can do all this and more in Dr. Panda’s world! They will never be bored as they explore, create and learn in hundreds of engaging and exciting experiences. It’s designed so little kids can play on their own, and they’ll be able to help out at the supermarket, give someone a makeover at the salon, take care of the kids at the nursery, build a racetrack, and more! With dozens of different settings and situations, there is something for everyone at Dr. Panda World. Key Features – Download and try select games for free – 20+ full games from Dr. Panda for subscribers – hundreds of things to do in order to …
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Alternative Apps :

  1. Dr. Panda – Learn & Play

    Start your curious child’s education with a whole new world of discovery, learning and exploration with this award-winning educational app from Dr. Panda. Designed to encourage early education through play, it helps children in kindergarten and preschool learn math, English, communication skills, logic and more.

  2. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  3. Kids Game – Kids Learning Game

    Kids toy is very useful in kids games that develop cognitive or mental skills of your kids. This kids game is a collection of different kids games for toddlers and it has kids game that will increase your kids games skills in kids game to learn new

  4. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  5. Bubble Shooter 8 – Panda

    In this Bubble Shooter game, Panda Mom has to save the baby from bubbles by shooting the bubble with the same color. Bubble Shooter 8: Panda has many levels and each level is very fun, so what are you waiting for? Let’s play the game and help

  6. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  7. Kids Drawing & Art Board

    Kids art drawing and coloring app is the easiest drawing games app for kids. This kids coloring app is specially designed for kids who love drawing games for kids and coloring games for kids. Baby will learn all the basics of kids drawing app in this kids

  8. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  9. Little Panda’s Jewel Adventure

    Hey kids, welcome to this new and challenging adventure of your summer vacation! In this jewel adventure you will need your courage and brains! Baby Panda’s Jewel Adventure is a ‘gem hunt’ puzzle game that helps you train your logical thinking. From triangles, squares, trapezoids… Select the

  10. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  11. Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

    Enjoy playing free bubble shooters? Get ready to pop bubbles and beat level after level in Panda Pop – a fun bubble popping game that will challenge you at every turn. Match 3 to pop bubbles of the same color and rescue baby pandas in an addictive bubble

  12. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  13. Baby Panda World

    Baby Panda’s World is a collection of all the popular BabyBus apps! All your favorite content can be found here! Can’t wait to explore a world of your own? Let’s create your own story! EXPLORE 100 AREAS There are 100 fun zones in Baby Panda’s World!

  14. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  15. Dr. Panda Airport

    Do you have a travel bug?! Then it’s time to fly into Dr. Panda’s airport! Take a journey through 10 airport-themed activities that will get you involved in every part of the process! Stamp passports at customs, make sure luggage gets to the correct plane and even control

  16. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  17. Dr. Panda Town: Pet World

    Grab your ticket and start the fun as you enter the gates of Dr. Panda Town: Pet World! Go on amusement park rides, explore the enchanted café, discover adorable pets and more! Discover the theme park! Panda Town now has the perfect theme park to

  18. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  19. Panda Sports Games – For Kids

    Welcome to the panda sporting events! We have four games designed for Kiki Panda. Come and help Kiki to win the last gold cup! Shoot the hoops and be the best pitcher! Run on the track and run like the wind! Dive with

  20. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  21. Little Panda’s Space Kitchen

    Have you ever imagined that you are cooking delicious food in a space capsule? Ever wanted to be a space chef? This summer BabyBus brings you a special little panda’s space kitchen cooking game, where kids will learn about multiple recipes and cool space kitchen machines. Join

  22. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  23. Baby Panda’s Airport

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Baby Panda’s Airport! MiuMiu and her friends are going on vacation and you can join them! Traveling is fun and exciting in Baby Panda’s Airport! Come join us for a great flying fun! Everything Airplane: You love airplanes, and

  24. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  25. Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck 2

    Dr. Panda’s ice cream truck has now arrived in the warm Caribbean paradise of Banana Island. Time to beat the heat with some delicious ice cream! Scoop, twist and mix different flavors ranging from delicious vanilla, cola and chocolate to totally exotic soap and cheese!!

  26. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  27. Little Panda: Star Restaurants

    Baby Panda’s Town Food Street is open! Many star restaurants from all over the world are available here: Japanese restaurant, Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant and more! Kids, let’s visit star restaurants and enjoy international cuisine with baby panda! First stop: Japanese restaurant Japanese restaurant is a paradise

  28. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  29. Baby Panda’s Ice Cream Shop

    Summer is the most popular and hottest season. Kids really love the ice cream, lollipops, smoothies…in the summer – especially at the beach. Baby Panda’s Ice Cream Shop is now open in a beautiful seaside resort. Spend the summer at the beach with baby panda Miumiu

  30. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  31. Baby Panda’s Party Fun

    Panda Party is coming soon! Help Kiki prepare and host various parties! Come join the baby panda theme party! Kids play as the party host, and take part in the festivities! Go shopping for party decorations, food and drinks, and get ready for fun activities! BEACH PARTY

  32. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  33. Dr. Panda Firefighters

    Fight the flames and save the day! Work with Dr. Panda and the firefighting team to rescue his trapped friends! Race through the burning building, put out the flames and use the right tools to clear the way! Drive a fire engine! Make your way to the

  34. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  35. Baby Panda’s Home Stories

    Welcome to baby panda’s home. Here, you will work with Baby Panda to help each family member and create a harmonious family environment. Prepare breakfast for dad, make cake for mom, clean the aquarium… Create beautiful home stories together! In Baby Panda’s House, you can play freely

  36. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  37. Baby Panda’s Summer: Café

    Have you ever dreamed of being a cafe host? Have you ever wanted to be a chef and prepare coffee, flower tea, delicious ice cream, delicious cake and more by yourself? Bring your imagination to life with delicious coffee at Baby Panda’s Café! Baby Panda’s Café will

  38. Best 9 Alternative Apps Like Dr Panda World

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  39. Baby Panda Home Safety

    Home is a special place. It is a place for exploration and adventure and also the most common place for young children to be hit. We never know when an injury will occur. But most infections are predictable and preventable. Worried that your child will touch

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  41. Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Town! Here, you can experience the life of your dreams with fun city buildings, delicious food, fun games, friendly neighbors and friends… My Dream 8 has provided you with different jobs: flight attendant, chef, teacher, archaeologist, astronaut, policeman, firefighter and doctor. My dears,

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  43. Little Panda’s Restaurant

    Chocolate crunchy cookies have attracted many diners to Baby Panda’s Restaurant. One bite they will never forget! Do you want to be a world class chef? Start here! Be creative and cook the most delicious desserts and dishes that you don’t usually see every day! International

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  45. Kidzooly – Kids Rhymes & Games

    ★★★★★ Preschool Kids & Kindergarten Learning Games & Toddlers Songs – All in One – ★★★★★ Preschool Kids Learning Games & Kids Songs includes preschool learning activities, nursery rhymes, kids learning games , children’s stories, nursery rhymes and nursery videos for kids. **** Download for the first

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  47. Baby Panda Care

    Do you want to know how to take care of a child? Try baby panda care to learn! Take care of babies in different stages (swaddling – crawling – learning to walk) and help them grow up healthy. Feeding children What types of baby food are available?

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  49. Fruits Memory Game for kids

    * Fruits memory game for kids is the classic kids board game, which helps improve memory skills of kids. * Playing this game with your kids will help them improve their recognition while having fun. * Kids memory game contains very cute pictures of fruits and vegetables

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  51. Kids Jigsaw puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles for kids – free puzzle game for kids from 3 years old. Jigsaw Puzzles for kids is a great game for girls, boys, toddlers of any age, preschool, kindergarten and older kids. We have created the best jigsaw puzzle game for kids as realistic as that can

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  53. Animal Puzzle & Games for Kids

    Free kids puzzles. Puzzle for Kids Games & Animal Jigsaw Puzzles is a collection of fun and educational educational games for preschoolers and toddlers with animal puzzles, matching puzzles, letter puzzles, number puzzles, shape puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles for kids stimulate them to build vocabulary,

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  55. PBS KIDS ScratchJr

    PBS KIDS ScratchJr allows children to create their own interactive stories and games. Learn coding through coding games and activities featuring characters from popular PBS KIDS shows like Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, WordGirl, and Peg + Cat! Designed for kids aged 5-8, this creative coding app offers endless storytelling

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  57. Baby Panda Car Racing

    Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip while staying in your comfort zone? 【Little Panda’s Car Race】 We’ll be starting one soon! Sophisticated truck, valiant armored vehicle, beautiful banana car…. Find a car that expresses you! Choose the car you want and start

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  59. Hoopa City 2

    Build the city of your dreams with Doctor Panda! Dr. Panda’s city is bigger and better than ever! Create a thriving city with high-rise apartments and shopping malls, or a paradise beach getaway with harbors over the sparkling waters! Build the city of your dreams! Build and

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  61. Dr. Panda in Space

    EXPLORE SPACE: Once you customize your spaceship and set off, set your path the way you want! Explore space and discover new asteroids, planets and maybe even a black hole! Where should you and Dr. Panda go next? It is up to you! As you explore

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  63. Baby Panda: Dental Care

    Is being a dentist your dream job? Then you should not miss this game! Come play in Baby Panda’s Dental Salon! Try a dentist job, run a dental salon to clean and take care of little animals’ teeth! Be an excellent dentist! Content: Teeth Cleaning

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  65. Dr. Panda Bath Time

    Make bath time useful and educational! in Dr. Go on bathtub dip adventures, give the animals a colorful beard with soap or dry them with a magical hair dryer! Dr.Panda Bath Time has been designed with children aged 3-5 years in mind, with the goal of supporting

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  67. Baby Panda’s Car World

    In baby panda’s car world, you can drive bus and navigate through city streets, operate trucks to build a city, drive farming vehicles, or even drive a police car and keep the city safe, are you ready? Let’s move to Baby Panda’s world of cars! Car customization In

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  69. Tag with Ryan

    The official certified Ryan’s World app. Do you have what it takes to get past Combo Panda? Tag with Ryan is the coolest endless runner game for all ages! Combo Panda, the ultimate player, challenged his friend Ryan to an endless tag game! Combo Panda has hidden

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  71. Little Panda’s Bakery Story

    Baby Panda’s Bread Shop is now open! Come and create your own bakery story, a variety of ingredients including dough, milk and chocolate spreads are at your disposal. Bake what you want! Baby Panda’s Baking Shop has a great experience of baking equipment and utensils, where you

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  73. Little Panda Green Guard

    The panda robot is here to teach you to protect the environment! Work with him to clean up the city! You’ll need some work! Fun features: – running a working water treatment plant; – Clean the windows of the BabyBus building so that they shine again;

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  75. Taichi Panda

    The atmosphere of Thanksgiving also spreads in Avazar! To celebrate the day, we have prepared many special gifts for you! The new solo challenge in Team Instance is ready for the challenge, the tale of pets is waiting for you to try it, also immunizing the mountain desires. Besides,

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  77. Little Panda’s Ice Cream Bars

    Summer is here, and that means one thing: Ice cream season is coming! This summer, Baby Panda’s Ice Cream Parlor offers some special flavors to embrace the season. Put on the apron, and make your own ice cream molds! The most abundant flavors and most exciting

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  79. Vehicles Puzzle for Kids

    Do your kids love vehicles and puzzles and are looking for puzzle games for kids? Search no further. Car Puzzle Game for Kids is a fun mobile puzzle game for young children including autistics, preschoolers and children from 1 to 6 years old. Puzzle games for kids

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  81. Animals Puzzle for Kids

    Do your kids love animals and puzzles and are looking for puzzle games for kids? Search no further. Animal Puzzle Game for Kids is a fun mobile puzzle game for young children including autistic, preschoolers and children from 1 to 6 years old. These puzzle games are

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  83. ABC kids – Alphabet learning!

    Educational alphabet games for toddlers to learn alphabet for kids! Try our toddler coloring book with a great opportunity to awaken interest in learning the alphabet for kids at a very young age! Baby will play this fun drawing games for kids with great joy. These

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  85. Tap Tap Kids: Funny Kids Games

    Tap Tap Kids is a completely free game for kids. Tap Tap Kids is a simple yet addictive and challenging game that will give you loads of excitement. Tap Tap Kids is a simple and engaging game suitable for all ages and fun to play in

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  87. Fitness for Kids: Kids Workout

    Kids Fitness – Kids Workout at Home Yes, this is the best fitness app for kids. Reach your goal faster, and have fun while doing it. Kids Workout at Home 🤸 For the baby you love, a perfect gift to enhance his happiness and well-being. If

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  89. Math games for kids learning

    Math games for kids learning Let 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 years old boys and girls enjoy this fun math learning games for kids. This educational games app provides 1st grade math with 1st grade learning games for 6 to 5 year old kids. 2nd grade math through 2nd grade math

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  91. Baby shapes & colors for kids

    Are you looking for an easy kids game to learn shapes and colors? If so, this is the perfect app for kids education. Kids Shapes and Colors for Kids is an educational game for young children by playing with fun games. This educational kids game

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  93. Kids Car Wash Service Auto Workshop: Fun Game

    Use all modern repair tools, car wash tools, showers and paint guns in car workshop garage to do a complete cleaning of dirty kids cars and planes. Kids car wash service workshop is a fun kids game to learn car detailing tools and accessories.

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  95. Easy games for kids 2,3,4 year old

    15 easy games for toddlers and kids aged 1-5, Kids today start playing with phones and tablets early. Especially when they are not in kindergarten but at home. Therefore, it is very important for them to spend time in children’s games, which not only bring

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  97. Minno – Kids Bible TV Shows

    Instantly stream Christian TV shows for kids that are so much fun! Minno Kids has thousands of handpicked episodes that will help your family experience Jesus every day. We offer instant streaming of endless hours of popular shows including over 50 episodes of VeggieTales, What in

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  99. Kids Art & Drawing Game

    This kids app is very easy drawing game for kids. This sketchbook is a good blend of drawing games and drawing games that will help your child to improve their art and creativity. Take it as a coloring book or an open canvas, where your child can

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  101. PBS KIDS Video

    Watch live TV, stream and download episodes with PBS KIDS Video! Safely stream videos from shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Sesame Street, Curious George, Odd Squad, Alma’s Way and more! Download free episodes of safe entertainment for your kids wherever you are! Bring the joy of

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  103. Baby Panda Kindergarten

    Let your kids experience the fun activities in the kindergarten. They will play with their friends and participate in learning and sharing. Fun Features: – Play tons of interactive games – Join activities and exercises – Learn to take care of friends! Get your kids started with My

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  105. Baby Piano and Sounds for Kids

    Baby Piano for Kids & Toddlers is a great fun music box created especially for kids and parents to learn to play musical instruments, great songs and develop musical skills. It is a great educational activity for kids piano for kids to help them with their music

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  107. Kids Game – Educational Game

    The children’s toy is very useful in developing your child’s cognitive or intellectual skills. This kids game is a collection of different kids games for toddlers and it has kids games that will increase your kid’s game skills to learn new things. Your child can get very

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  109. Kids Preschool Learning Games

    Preschool Kids Learning Free Kids Educational Game No Wifi/Offline All Kids Learning Activities and Kids Games Offline Available ——————- ——- ☀ UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES – Includes 15+ educational games for kids with interactive, colorful pictures and animations. ☀ Positive Reinforcement Learning – Positive reward and encouragement for the learning

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  111. Star Walk Kids – Explore Space

    Can a complex discipline like astronomy be simple and exciting for children? Star Walk Kids ⭐️ Explore Space was created for parents to explain the basics of astronomy to their curious children in a fun and accessible way. Kids will learn a lot of new facts,

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  113. Kids coloring book: Princess

    Start drawing coloring pages for kids now! Enjoy pictures of princesses, mermaids, unicorns and other fantasy creatures. Coloring book for toddlers helps your kids relax and feel better. Your child does not need an internet connection to start drawing and painting. What is a coloring game?

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  115. YouTube Kids

    A video app made just for kids, YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more inclusive environment filled with family-friendly videos on all different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and fun. Parents and caregivers can guide the journey as your children discover new and exciting interests along the way.

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  117. Learn Forest Animals for Kids

    Teach your little one to recognize jungle animals with this amazing educational app for kids? Interactive learning experience for kids with educational video animations and more With this amazing memory puzzle kids can not only learn new words in the form of animal names but also learn to

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  119. ABC Preschool Kids Tracing

    ABC Preschool Kids Tracing Letters and Word Learning Games is an educational app to help your kids learn basic alphabet tracing and alphabet tracing, letters, words and numbers from 1 to 10. Toddlers and kids. Complete preschool games for kids and educational games by tracing and drawing alphabets, kids

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  121. LooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes

    • Works Offline • No Ads • Free Trial • Watch on TV • Safe for Kids • Weekly Updates LoLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Rhymes is the app where you can find the best nursery rhymes, hottest nursery rhymes, children’s cartoons and children’s shows. Johny

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  123. BabyBus TV:Kids Videos & Games

    Super JoJo: Kids Songs & Videos is an app specially designed for 0-6 years old kids, it contains lots of kids songs and popular animations. Kids love it for its fun content! Lots of nursery rhymes and cartoons Our app is a collection of many children’s favorite

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  125. I Spy with Lola

    I Spy with Lola is a Word Puzzle game where the player’s task is to find objects on the screen, based on hints that vary between levels. This game also allows the player to learn about the world map and some details of the local cultures around the world.

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  127. Baby Panda Learns Numbers

    Show your knowledge of numbers! You will catch a lot of cute fish and even strange sea creatures! Help Kiki and his friends learn numbers in new scenarios and join the fun! Easy to play and fun to learn! Fun Features: – Giant fish to catch

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  129. Baby Panda’s Playhouse

    Welcome to Baby Panda’s Playhouse! Explore The Playhouse for endless surprises! Try role-playing, cooking, surfing, and creative crafts and make your dreams come true! Role playing What do you want to be? Chef, babysitter, farm owner… As a farm owner, you will grow crops and run your

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  131. codeSpark – Coding for Kids

    CodeSpark Academy is the #1 app for learning programming for kids aged 5-10. With hundreds of games, activities and kids learning games designed to teach the basics of computer science. Introduce them to the world of children’s programming and STEM. The LEGO Corporation – Pioneer Reimagining

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  133. Animal Puzzles for Kids

    There are a number of great puzzle games for kids, but Animal Puzzles for Kids might be your perfect choice! why? Well, because farm animal puzzle games for toddlers are educational brain games that can do wonders for your child’s mental development. Also because farm animals are

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  135. Animal Coloring Book for Kids

    Are you looking for a fun and easy to use animal coloring book for kids? Do you want a coloring book for kids with cute animals, birds and insects? Our animal coloring apps have a variety of cute animal drawings that kids can learn to color and

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  137. CandyBots Puzzle Matching Kids

    🧩 JIGSAW PUZZLES KIDS – A fun pairs matching card game! 🧩Welcome to the colorful, magical world of jigsaw puzzles! Have fun putting together bright new magical jigsaw puzzles. Candybots Puzzle Matching Kids is a fun jigsaw puzzle game for babies, toddlers and preschool kids! Let

  138. Screen image

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  139. Cosmo Shapes Puzzles for kids

    Cosmic Shapes game for kids is a puzzle game for kids and toddlers that helps them to enhance their logical and analytical thinking as well as their memory, and also helps kids improve their ability to deal with puzzle shapes through a series of puzzles that they must perform.

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  141. Educational Games for Kids – Colors Numbers Shapes

    ★★★★★ Preschool & Kindergarten Kids Education in 6 Categories – All in One ★★★★★ An educational and fun app for toddlers and preschool (kindergarten) kids. It will help kids learn colors, numbers, shapes, animals, fruits and vehicles through fun animations! Your child will also

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  143. Toddler Flashcards for Kids

    Toddler Cards for Kids is the best preschool app for your child designed to learn first words. Kindergarten and preschool kids will enjoy this flash card game for kids. Flashcards for kids has many educational advantages, Flashcards for toddlers is an entertaining and educational game. This game

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  145. Kids A-Z

    Enjoy learning with Raz-Kids, Science AZ, and Headsprout on the Kids AZ app! With Kids AZ, students can complete various interactive activities from Raz-Kids, Science AZ and Headsprout products and upgrade their robot avatars on mobile devices. Students who use the app can: Access hundreds of books, exercises and other

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  147. Piano Game: Kids Music & Songs

    Piano Game for Kids is a full-featured app in the era of fun games specially designed for music game lovers. With the help of piano games, your kids will learn to play musical instruments and interesting sounds that will develop their musical skills. The intuitive interface

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  149. Kids Piano

    Kids Piano is a free app for kids. Kids can learn to play piano and musical instruments through this app. Including instruments suitable for children: piano, organ, xylophone, liking, teacher singer, cat, dog, animals, drum sounds and many more piano songs for kids… Features: – Complete piano keyboards, color keys

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  151. Coding Games For Kids

    Learn how to code and build strong coding logic in your kids for STEM with the award-winning Google Play Kids coding app. Coding Games for Kids Awarded as the Most Innovative Game: Best Games of 2017 by Google PlayCoding Games for Kids is a fun coding game that teaches

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  153. Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys

    Welcome to Jigsaw land – kids puzzle game for girls, boys, teens and adults, a free puzzle app for all ages. Each relaxing puzzle features a beautiful scene drawn by a professional artist. Beautiful pictures include images of unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, cute animals, fairy land,

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  155. Dominoes Kids

    Dominoes game for kids! Dominoes Pro is now available for kids in a fun and simple game. Match the animals and join the domino bones or tiles. Your kids will learn about matching pictures while having fun. Simply select a Domino tile and navigate to the mirror in

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  157. Bimi Boo Baby Games for Kids

    Baby Poo Kids Games includes 15 educational games for 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds with 4 free games for preschoolers! Kids games provide a fun educational and entertaining experience for boys and girls. Games for kids that are easy to play and learn. Young

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  159. Math Kids: Math Games For Kids

    It’s never too early to start educating your child. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and older kids are eager to learn their ABCs, counting, addition, subtraction, and more! The best way to encourage this is to share smart, well-made educational apps and games with them on a daily

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  161. JusTalk Kids Messenger

    JusTalk Kids is a secure video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with family and close friends from tablets or smartphones. 【Features】 ● Designed for kids with a simpler interface ● Provide a safe internet environment for kids ● Make voice and video calls without time limits

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  163. Puzzle for children – Kids game kids 1-3 years old

    – Free game for 1-3 year olds Welcome to Puzzle For Children – a fun game for 1-3 year olds! There are 34 different puzzles with more than 70 animals, cars and fun things to choose from. Puzzle For Children is a

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  165. Messenger Kids – The Messaging App for Kids

    Made for kids. Parents control it. Parental Dashboard: Parents can manage their children’s contact list and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified. Fun Filters: Kid-friendly filters, reactions and sound effects make video chats with

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  167. Spotify Kids

    Introduce your child to a playground full of sound with Spotify Kids. Filled with music songs, soundtracks and playlists made for younger listeners, the app is an easy way for kids of all ages to discover music in a fun environment. Included with a Spotify Premium Family subscription. Try

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  169. Kids racing game – fun game

    Simple game control allows kids to navigate the car easily. Explore multiple racing tracks in different countries of the world – make the car jump over the obstacles; Flip on the ramps. Climb the hills. Race along the track with acceleration, get ready for

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  171. Little Panda’s Snow Adventure

    If you are an adventure lover, come to the Ice and Snow Wonderland to explore with Baby Panda! Drive bumper car and compete against seal brothers; drive out snowmen and snow monsters; Explore the mysterious rainbow tower…you will love it here! Content: Defeat the Seal Brothers

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  173. Main Street Pets Village Town

    Welcome to a new adventure on Main Street! Meet your new friends including Bubbles Bunny the Mayor and Chibi the Panda Bear. Use your imagination and creativity in this Dollhouse game which is full of all kinds of exciting places to visit. Bring your story to

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  175. Little Panda’s Restaurant Chef

    Do you want to be a professional chef? Do you want your own kitchen? Then come to Baby Panda’s Restaurant where you will have a big open kitchen to cook delicious international cuisine. Improve your culinary skills, and you will have the opportunity to compete with chefs

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  177. My Baby Panda Chef

    The kitchen can be an unsafe place for young children, but that will not stop them from exploring all the things in this cunning place. Have them play in BabyBus kitchen and try all the fun activities like food preparation, cooking and juice in a less dangerous way Fun

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  179. Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop

    Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop is open this hot summer! What kind of refreshing desserts are available here? How are these sweets made? Let’s check that fruit smoothie what do you prefer, blueberry smoothie, mango smoothie or strawberry smoothie? You can also mix and match. Simply

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  181. Baby Panda’s Carnival

    Baby Panda’s Theme Park has reopened! There are many interesting attractions in the amusement park. Join baby pandas Kiki and Miumiu in the amusement park and have a nice day! Gravity experience What would you like to try? In addition to the classic whack-a-mole and claw machine,

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  183. Baby Panda’s Town: Life

    Hello! Here’s the good news: Baby Panda’s Town has taken a new look! Come and visit the new city. Play 6 different roles and test different professions! Do you want to be a fashion designer? Come into town and make your dreams come true!

  184. Screen image

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  185. Dr. Panda Restaurant 3

    Be the best chef in the world! Get cooking and serving delicious dishes! Show your culinary creativity to impress your hungry customers, get rewards and progress to become a real master chef! Unleash your culinary flair! Put on your apron and start cooking when you get

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  187. Little Panda’s Farm

    Baby Panda’s Farm Available! You can cook, raise animals, grow fruits and vegetables, and enjoy nature. what are you waiting for? Join the busy farm life! Growing Fruits and Vegetables There are many kinds of fruit and vegetable seeds in the farmland: apples, oranges, corn, tomatoes, etc.

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  189. Baby Panda’s Juice Shop

    Looking for some fresh juice to quench your thirst during the long, hot summer days? Come to Baby Panda’s juice shop to enjoy the fun juice. The delicious and cold fruit juice will make you feel happy and refreshed during the summer season! Endless Fruits Choose from

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  191. Baby Panda’s Town: Supermarket

    From now on, you are the supermarket manager in Baby Panda’s Town! You can run your own supermarket, sell all kinds of products, serve customers and upgrade the supermarket! Selling 36 kinds of products A busy day has begun! Let’s start by replenishing the stock: snacks, fruits,

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  193. Little Panda: Shark Family

    In a crisis-ridden sea world, animals may get into trouble at any time! The cute shark family is always ready to help the animals. Come join them now! Meet the Shark Family All family members have their own experiences: Grandma shark is good at cooking, Grandpa shark

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  195. Alphabets Coloring book Glitte

    English Alphabet Coloring and Drawing Game for Kids is an educational game for kids and toddlers to learn alphabets from A to Z, learn colors and fireworks and help our kids to write the ABC English alphabet more easily and correctly. Simple screen, just touch and drag, large ABC

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  197. Memory game for kids: Unicorns

    * Unicorn Memory Game for Kids is a classic board game, which helps develop memory skills for kids. * Playing Little Pony matching game with your kids will help them improve their recognition while having fun. * Kids memory game contains very cute pictures of ponies like

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  199. Baby Coloring Games

    ⛱️ Baby Coloring Games is fun educational games for kids, Toddlers love fun educational and coloring games and this Baby Coloring game is one of the best free coloring games for kids! This is a free coloring game 🦄 that will develop your child’s creativity, imagination and drawing skills.

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